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we care to stay ah, germany bars, unvaccinated people from most public places to avert another wave of coven 19 infections. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera la you from dells that coming up. the u. s. warrens, russia, of serious consequences if it invades ukraine. but moscow denies allegations is planning on attack, the bike, the ministration reinstates a trump. here a policy requiring asylum seekers to remain in mexico and the sky is the limit. china is impressive, tall buildings are expected to dominate the world architecture. ah,
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rising corona, virus infections and the arrival of a new variant job pushing several countries to look at strict measures to contain the spread in germany, unvaccinated people be banned from much of public life. the outgoing chance langler merkle calls restrictions, an act of national solidarity. germany's parliaments also considering imposing a vaccine mandate al jazeera was andrew simmons reports on the situation right across europe. in less than a week, the army chrome variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about cove. it in many countries, especially in europe, new restrictions were being introduced anyway with the winter surgeon delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures. signs like these vaccinate immunized is the way this country and others are now heading the unvaccinated on our bod from access to all but essential businesses such as grocery
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stores and pharmacies. angler merkel says new stricter measures are essential in a situation she finds depressing. as it was got anything at the internet and to be quite honest, the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong 4th wave does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions and via in france, where the health services struggling with record numbers of cov, it infections, the government, scientific advisor believes the amik wrong, variance will be dominant within a matter of weeks. lorayne me said, as i can brag a regular volume, the real enemy is the 5th wave with the dell to variant. there will be some time before the army con variant establishes itself in france and in europe. in general, we estimated to be at the beginning of 2022 of at the end of january to mid one in the u. k, where booster jobs will be available to anyone over 18. the arrival of the amr
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chrome variant has led to a clamor for vaccinations. we're starting to see people who i think probably anxious about the various been come across in the 2000 people coming for their 1st and 2nd jazz that they couldn't possibly had months ago. you case prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday in germany. the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations and as people put their hopes and jabs, being able to ward off on the chrome, something that scientists sister unsure about. there's a chilling prediction from the european union's public health agency. it says that within a few months the on the chrome variant could be causing more than half of cova infections in the u. and from the norwegian, capital alls low enough a warning more than 50 people have been infected with the aba crone variant. at a christmas party in a restaurant, the government says they were all vaccinated. andrew symonds al jazeera,
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meanwhile, of africa has reported more than 11 and a half 1000 new curb in 19 cases and 24 hours. that's 5 times the number reported just a week ago. when said african scientist alerted the world about the new variant. health experts say ami crohn is driving up infections in the country, but deaths and hospitalization so far arising at a much lower rate. which of the selves than infectious diseases specialist at university of causal in natal. he says, research, i still need at least another week to get a clear picture of the new varied it spreading very rapidly through our community again. and i think you know, that it, this bread is time started very much in how tang providence and is more generalized in that province now. but really what we're seeing across the country now is, is the exponential rise in cases. and that's when the numbers get scary
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each day, you're going up by quite a substantial amount and, and what we're seeing still is that this piece of research came out today from some colleagues, giving us a little another piece of the puzzle, really that, that there clearly is an increased risk of re infection, so that's people who have had coverage before. and now testing positive again. and we have teams who've been tracking that over the course of the pandemic can they can show just in the past few weeks that the, the number of people testing positive again, has gone up quite substantially. and that gives us this clue again that this, that this baby and had significant kind of immune evasion properties that it can get right. and some of the protection still most of the spread up till very recently has been in the younger age groups. and so, so a lot of what, what doctors are seeing it's still mild, but we need time for,
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for the older age groups to be affected to, to start to really see and get a clear picture of the severity of illness. i mean, all the world health organization has addressed the spread of micron cases across parts of asia. several countries in the region, the band flights from what they call high risk nations, india, south korea, japan, hong kong and australia. a bull report of cases of a new varied. now, we have car me about only grown, suggest we need to change the direction of our response. our experience of the last 2 years, especially in dealing with the variance like build up, provides a guide about what to do now, as well as how to be the future in a more sustainable way. by calibrating response measure to each country context using 5 key tools in combination, we can avoid the red line and meet my health impacts as well as social and economy
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option's. well, tony chang is live for us in the tie capital, bangkok, tony, so that there are increasing concerns around the world about on the crime. what more do the w h? i have to say well they said there does appears to be an increased risk of transmission or from the new on the chrome variant and that there is an increased risk of re infection for those people who have or had a coveted previously. or nonetheless, they said at this stage, there is no information on the performance of vaccines when trying to deal with omni crohn. and there's no information yet about treatment. the message from the w h o overall was that the current strategies are working or that we need to keep vaccination programs in place that the unvaccinated need to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. and the boost to programs should be put in place. that's going to be an issue for some of the countries in this region who is still trying to get
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people there 1st. and 2nd, vaccinations are. but i think overall, the message seems to be as you heard there from the, from the head of the w. h. o, in the region that sir, that things are heading in the right direction. they said that they, that they understood why countries were closing their borders, but there was only going to buy them a certain amount of time. and i think as we've seen in europe, there is an acceptance to a certain extent that you won't be able to keep these variance out. and, and they are suggesting that countries or should continue to open up. but they should use risk based approaches. and of course vaccination programs are at the very heart of that. yeah, tony, it's worth noting that australia now has a growing number of on the chron case as, what's the broader picture now across the region. well, the w a children fight asked about spikes infections that have been seen in singapore and south korea, countries where there are very wide vaccination programs. those don't appear to be
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down to the new variance. however, the w h o suggested that was because of increased opening our policies into increased social interaction. after the, the coven measures the been put in place for the last 18 months. they said that was likely, but they did note that serious infections and death are remaining very steady and relatively low at the moment. and they said that's a sign that current policies are working. we've also seen countries like the philippines who have had a relatively low vaccination rates, trying to push vaccination drives, or they were aiming for a 9000000 people vaccinated in 3 days. they only managed to get 7.6, but i think it's a sign in this region that in many countries where the omni cron variant hasn't yet been detected, they are acutely aware of the fact that the one thing that's really going to stop this or it they probably won't be able to stop it at the borders, but the one thing from stopping at spreading as delta has in this region,
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or will be widespread vaccinations and boost to programs that however, is going to be a complication because many countries here had problems getting a vaccinations they, they were looking for supplies from developed nations. they are getting those 1st supplies now. but booster supplies will really strain the supply chains or they are trying to increase vaccination production in this region. but there's going to be a program that takes some time to come through. all right, i tony chant life as they're in the tie capital bank attorney. thank mean all the u . s. is reported on the crown in 5 states, including one person in hawaii who had no history of travel. president biden has announced tighter restrictions for international travelers. he's also appealed all eligible americans to get booster shots. she had a chance to have more from washington d. c. a president biden had been due to outline a winter plan for dealing with covered before the discovery of the on the chrome variance. but the president appeared hopeful that even those reluctant to get
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vaccinated were changing their minds. now there's some evidence in one poll, i won't mention that because i'm not positive of the number was told this is i was leaving the white house that there is an expectation that 30 percent of the non vaccine center. no circumstances would i get a vaccination because of the new variant are now saying i'm going to get them activations. biden is filing an approach based on what he calls science and speed, and not chaos and confusion, the underlying principle of his winter plan to make resources available to prevent another lockdown. it doesn't include shutdowns or lock downs, but widespread vaccinations and boosters and testing a lot more in order to ensure the 100000000 eligible americans who have yet to get a booster shot do so they will be contacted and availability ensure hundreds of family vaccination clinics will be opened, where all eligible age groups can be vaccinated out the same time. and lobo
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vaccination clinics will be sent to underserved areas to prevent school pleasures. the centers for disease control will release the findings on whether it's possible to test or students on site. instead of sending them home after a covert case is reported, home testing kits will be covered by health insurance or provided free for those without insurance. the number of surge response teams, medical staff can be deployed into areas where medical resources being strained by the virus will be increased by displeasure to speed up delivery of the vaccines. it has promised to the developing world and travelers to the us will require to be tested within a day before departure. instead of 3 days the mosque mandate on public transportation will be extended into much. some scientists and the world health organization have argued that the case for boosters for the entire adult population and not just slaves, particularly at risk, simply hasn't been made, nor is the evidence as yet the boost is increased protection against on the chrome, the w h. i use it to prevent further variance. the priority should be to get the vaccines to the developing world. i call on all member states to choose to achieve
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our targets of vaccinating 40 percent of the population of every country. by the end of this year. and 70 percent by middle next year, something button didn't announce was requirements for vaccination for domestic ad travel and measure that some of you will further nudge the u. s. as unvaccinated eligible adults to get the short. but at a time of nationwide legal wrangling of a vaccination mandates in the workplace, that would clearly be a hard sell for some shape or time. see al jazeera washington for a short break here, down to 0. when we come back signs of progress as iran submits to draft proposal to european powers that talks to revise in 2015, you can add an all new experience. the visually impaired football fans. a fee for our cut, martin that has been a and
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away we go with your weather forecasts for the americas. hello everyone. her reprieve for bc's west coast. the west coast of canada. the pacific northwest is while we look at the 3 day forecasts in vancouver next batch of rain, we'll move in late sunday into mondays. we've got to prepare for that off toward the east straight now vigorous system sliding up the atlantic into mainland at nova scotia. cape breton island and newfoundland blasted with winds for newfoundland. saint john's. we could see got set to a 100 kilometers per hour. also rainfall warnings around these parts is bomb to the southeast. the u. s. gulf states stains looking good safer. a few showers of brown, texas, we could get a spurts of rain for houston with the high of 25 degrees. wow. temperature is coming down in kansas city in denver. but still, while above, where he should be for this time of the year, off to central africa right now. and rain being steered in to nicaragua,
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costa rica, and panama, also some showers around the yucatan peninsula. our usual bursts of rain through the top and of south america. and you know that stormy weather we had in the southeast of brazil must that action his pulled out toward the south atlantic, but still a few lingering showers. rio de janeiro coming in with a high of 26 on friday. that's it. that's all see again soon. ah, with a mass pro democracy movement, violent crackdowns assassinations, and you impose sanctions, old tactics in the struggle to consume the 2020 by the routine presidential elections that show the country self proclaimed dictators seat of power. and now new tactics, migrants, people empower, investigates the humanitarian disaster unraveling on europe's borders and asks what's next and the battle for bella. bruce on a jazz eda. ah
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ah! welcome back and remind about top stories here at this hour. germany plans to ban on the vaccinated people from much of public life to stop a 4th wave of code 19 infections. the u. s. is pacing title restrictions for international travelers as the on the chrome bear and continues to spread. and south africa has confirmed more than 11 and a half 1000 new cases. that's 5 times the number reported just a week ago when south africans, scientists alert the world about the new varied l. t. experts i, a micron is driving up infections. you effective state anthony, blinking as met his russian counterpart as the divide between moscow and washington
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widens over ukraine. lincoln says he remains concerned of what he called russia's aggressive policy towards give. but russia's foreign minister sergey lab rob as adamant the kremlin will protect its interests. bene, smith has more from moscow. this was the 1st face to face meeting between antony, blinking, and circ, a laugh rav since joe biden became u. s. president. the u. s. secretary of state, used the encounter to warn russia of the serious consequences, including sanctions, if it invades ukraine. it's now on russia to deescalate the current tensions by reversing the recent truth. build up. returning forces to normal peace, time positions, and refraining from further intimidation. an attempt to destabilize ukraine were watching the situation very closely, were in close contact and coordination with our allies, russian back separatists in easton. ukraine have been patrolling these trenches for more than 7 years after russia annexed crimea. now,
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a build up of russian troops along the border. more than 90000 says the government in kiev is fueling fears of a russian invasion across the field ukrainian forces holding exercises. russia says ukraine is being provocative, deploying more than half its army, 125000 people to the east. russia dismisses as inflammatory. any suggestions? it's preparing to attack. the kremlin is also floating the idea of a new, your appeal security packed to try to stop nato from expanding further east. we, as president putin stated, do not want any conflicts, but if i may to partners have stated that no one has a right to dictate to a country that would like to join nato. whether it can do or not, we can say to every country is able to find its own interest to guarantee dare security. in the spring, there was a similar show of russian strength along the ukraine. border tension eased after a 1st summit meeting between the russian and us presidents. russia's deputy foreign
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minister says he's hoping for confirmation that there'll be some sort of contact between vladimir putin on joe biden. in the coming days, could be a phone call or a virtual meeting. if it does happen, then, just as in earlier this year, go a long way to calming tensions on the ukraine. russia border, bernard smith, al jazeera, moscow. the u. s. government will restart. a trompe or a border program that forces asylum seekers to wait in mexico for u. s. immigration hearings. the biden administration had originally scrapped the controversial remain in mexico program. but a court order in august forced them to reinstate it. migrants are expected to be sent back as early as next week. my camera has more from washington dc. well, that texas court ruling was upheld by the supreme court, which agreed that the biden had ministration had not investigated fully enough before removing this particular law. biden had described the lo,
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entered use by president trump as in humane and his administration got rid of it immediately. however, now in the light of the supreme court judgement, the administration is we introducing this remain in mexico protocol. it has spent the last few months at discussing with the mexican government ways in which this could be imposed in a far more humane manner than it was in the past. this includes, for example, providing transport for individuals. a 2 encampments within mexico where they can stay while they are waiting the court cases to proceed within the united states. a significant matter as well was that the us agreed to mexico demand for a time limit on the legal process, a maximum of 6 months to be taken to decide the case of each particular individual . but this is, of course, going to have a massive impact on tens of thousands of people, the bite and administration. one understands is looking at its immigration
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protocols to see how it can rewrite its immigration policies in a way that would satisfy the courts and conservative politicians. iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers, negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. it's the 7th round of talks to be held in vienna and that bringing iran and the u. s. back into the field. i mentioned limited runs nuclear program in exchange for sanctions release on thursday, israel by minister natalie bennett, called for an end to talk. so choosing iran of nuclear blackmail, the hash m has more and iran drop proposals from vienna. there are 2 lines one on the sanctions. relieve the 2nd is on iran, rolling back, it's measures the post 2018 measures. and from that, the rangers will now be waiting to hear from the wall power. read that this is acceptable or not, as we had, as you understood from an iranian diplomatic source. these proposals are built up
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and what was agreed on during the past 6 rounds of talk. know some of the points contradict with the j. c, p. o or the nuclear deal that was struck in 2015 omitted, and additional elements and points that the iranians to see as crucial to go ahead with the talk. where did today, the iranian top negotiator to the bucket. he met with the european, with the russians on the chinese, and is, is believed to be meeting also later today with mr. grossey, the head of the i a e, a ton of libya. former liter mcgaffey has been given the go ahead to run in the presidential race safe. and the slum gadhafi was disqualified last week by the election commission because he was convicted of crime in 2015, but appeal porters of gadhafi gavin to celebrate the court ruling vote in 3 weeks
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time. outgoing german liter angler merkel has been treated to a traditional send off to motley. and a for 16 years was chancellor. she chose some personal favorites for the military band to play. ah, well that was a 1974 pop song by instrument. as nina hogan relate to the punk singer, michael opted not to stand in september's election but she stayed miss chancellor until polish and tools confirmed left schultz as her successor is expected to take office next week. jeffrey epstein's former house manager has told the delane maxwell trial, he remembers driving an alleged victim of the late financier. one less he said, he took the woman to epstein on maxwell, when she was about 14. the woman now 41, testified early in the week that maxwell watched obscene sexually assault her as a teenager. the butcher socialite has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges
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. now the world's largest annual event celebrating the best in architecture is underway in lisbon. hundreds of projects are competing for titles such as world building and future project of the year. about a 3rd of all shortlisted sites are in china, but as katrina, you reports from beijing, the country has always had the best reputation in the industry. there are millions of office buildings in china, but the liter skyscraper in southwest bay, jake is unlike any other straddling a major subway station. 2 structures are connected by a soaring atrium that twists towards the sky. here we were face with her and as you were to build an office tower, 200 meters tall, with the subway tunnel underneath. how do we create something very elegant? that really will be part of the city. we critter, we call an urban window. so the atrium that's created because of straddling the,
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the tunnel creates a tower that's creates the tallest atrium in the world. straight lines are hard to find here, but the unseen is equally impressive. integrated smart systems manage the buildings, temperature and air quality. energy use is minimized. every office is connected with 5 g. these are just some of the reasons it was highly commended at the prestigious world architecture festival taking place this week in portugal. of about $500.00 international projects nominated for awards one 3rd a chinese young cluster. mon isn't surprised by the country strong showing. he spent a decade working here before founding his sperm in 2015. even though china is a place that has actually the largest. traditionally, you can possibly imagine it's still very young at heart. so it's actually always very interested in innovation. but innovation has been interpreted widely. for years, china was known for poor quality, gaudy constructions, president sheet,
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and paying has called for an end to so called weird architecture. a government ban on ugly buildings was issued earlier this year. there's now focus on sustainability, simplicity and preserving history. themes seen at show gong number 3, blast furnace. another shortlisted project completed in 1959 and closed due to environmental concerns and 2010 designers chose to refurbish rather than demolish the site. with this land has historical memory and the owners have a deep affection for it. we focus on transformation and renewal to give the enterprise new vitality with these blue skies. it's hard to imagine that this area was once choked by heavy air pollution for decades. shogun was beijing's industrial hub and main source of smoke. these trains used to transport iron or coal and other materials. the area now houses the offices of the beating winter olympics and has
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become popular with tourists. with an estimated half of the world's construction taking place in china, buildings here will continue drawing global attention and designers hope for the better and not the worst. katrina, you al jazeera beijing. now the 3rd of december is the international day of persons with disabilities date dedicated to promoting the rights of disabled people in all parts of society. a fee for arab comp being staged here in doha, is rolling out a new service for visually impaired funds on the richest report. the pfizer has loved football all his life losing his sight at the age of 12 has done nothing to dim that passion or reduce his desire to attend matches in person between a 60000 prison. and he is very actions of every person's don't you. that's something
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that you can discover 20 are watching football much in the television audio here to canada. so this is one of the most excited points of it. at this, our cup final has an added tool to increases enjoyments of the game using an app on his phone. fine. who can listen to audio descriptive commentary, especially was full of commentary. the blind and visually impaired fans providing details which, which is the, give us exactly how the players move. how was the ball move? not only seeing, for example, that's a specific dance pulled. right. that was done putting some experience, explaining how that needs to support audio. descriptive comments refers to paid at a fee for tournament to the 2014 world cup in brazil. animated the women's world cup in 2019. but this is the 1st time that a faith or event that an arabic service has been available into stadiums at this hour of cup and is set to be available at all 8 venues by the time of next year as
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finals. a lot of the time that's where i'm in preparation for the arab cup and next year's world cup, castles had been kelly for university, has been organizing training programs in both arabic and english. the would be commentators, the blogs tell us they want to follow the bull constant and they want to fall even when it's around the back doing very little policy that's being played back between the dependent. but it allows them to keep building the picture of what's about to happen. you're allowed to switch off watching the tv you're allowed to kind of ignore what's being said by the companies. because the images a doing their job for those who are blind and envisioning paid, they don't have ability to have the images do the work for them. so this is about learning how to describe what's happening in front of you, so that you can give back. the images that you see in to the listeners is this is kind of her something very rewarding to be able to the something that matters to society and you don't, our always get to though that i sometimes i feel i can't do that in my normal life
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. maybe this is ally, a little thing that skin can help me fulfill that feeling. this is a project, it's heightening the match. they football experience for all involved. andy richardson, al jazeera, doha ah, time for a quick check of the top stories here. this our germany plans to ban vaccinated people from most public places to stop a 4th wave of cobit 19 infections. outgoing chancellor anglo merkel describes the reactions as an act of national solidarity. south africa has confirmed more than 11 and a half 1000 new coded 19 cases. that's 5 times the number reported just a week ago when the africa.


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