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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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it's been 5 years since the former long term leader. ja janice, 22 we are rain was brought on and here what political divisions remit and the gummy deliver on its prost democratic transition, crystal coverage on al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan and joe i with the top stories here on al jazeera, rising corona, virus infections, and the arrival of a new variant, a pushing countries to look at strict and measures to contain the spread in germany, unvaccinated people will be banned from much of public life, the are going chancellor, anglo merkel described their restrictions as an act of national solidarity under simmons reports and the situation across europe. in less than a week, the army chrome variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about coverage. in many countries, especially in europe, new restrictions were being introduced any way with the winter surgeon,
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delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures. signs like these vaccinate immunized is the way this country and others are now heading the unvaccinated on our bod from access to all but essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies. angler merkel says new stricter measures are essential in a situation she finds depressing. as it was, got anything with it, and it has to be quite honest, the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong 4th wife does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions when via in france, where the health services struggling with record numbers of covey infections. the government, scientific advisor believes the on the chrome variant will be dominant within a matter of weeks divine me. soon as i can brag, are equal value or the real enemy is the 5th wave with the delta variant. there
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will be some time before the army con variant establishes itself in france and in europe. in general, we estimated to be at the beginning of 2022 of at the end of january, you do need one in the u. k, where booster jobs will be available to anyone over 18. the arrival of the on the chrome variant has led to a clamor for vaccinations. we're starting to see people who i think probably anxious about the knee. very miss been come across in class to get people come in for their 1st and 2nd jazz. that they couldn't possibly had months ago. you case prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday in germany. the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations and those people put their hopes in jobs being able to ward off or ma chrome, something that scientists are still unsure about. there's a chilling prediction from the european union's public health agency. it says that within a few months the omicron variant could be causing more than half of cov,
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it infections in the e u. and from the norwegian, capital all's low, one of a warning, more than 50 people have been infected with the over crown variant. at a christmas party in a restaurant, the government says they were all vaccinated. andrew simmons al jazeera minerals of africa, has reported more than 11 and a half 1000 new coven 19 cases. that's 5 times the number reported just a week ago when sat african scientists alerted the world about. the new variant health expert say on the crohn is driving up infections, but deaths on the hospitalization so far arising at a much lower rate. and the world health organization has addressed the spread of on the kron across parts of asia, india, south korea, japan, hong kong in australia have all reported cases, governments of imposed travel bands and what they call high risk countries. the double h o says vaccines. now the measures can help contain the spread the by the ministrations
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been forced to resurrect donald trump's controversial remain in mexico policy following a court order. it requires asylum seekers to stay outside the us while they wait for their hearings. the program is due to resume next week. your 2nd est anthony, blinking has met russia's fun secretary. you said the lab rob is the divide between moscow and washington widens of a ukraine blink and says, he remains concerned that what he called russia's aggressive policy towards kids. lab work is adamant. russia will protect interests and chinese right. handling giant dd global says it will d list from the new york stock exchange and pursuer listing in hong kong. instead, a company pushed ahead with its 4000000000 dollar initial public offering and july . despite warnings on beijing about data security. for those were the headlines and continues here now to 0. after hours they were world stage, and thanks for watching bye for now. ah
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and he sat in bed and don't think michael she, isabella, cuz you see julian don't when marcellus moley when murat sent us, didn't he? as you 1st solicit under tennis, julio, all of the birth, maria fish, m, manage. who had she any, is she may in was to me, i am your cost what, what are your to? can the marina's been any hail? and when it's going to, jamie alex's was here, katie g aren't answered any thought, lose them at day from skin. they as you do when you menu menu, if for no fee no matter what are we normally from here, from missouri almost lost land limbs. and i know not any of the answers. grandma, you were living with core, where it ruins at noon. not your case. nest drive in manhattan from earnest money for me and you said could, who's fit on one meal for over from miner's year? oh,
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through source of it and i city from you need them. she was sort of her hustle. where there are, these are under virtual door man man, i've been out with the a little under my watch are due to the driver and helper and no. and no, you know, combustion as needed and excited to hear from z m. s. and she and nick, i'm at home and we never did any good recovery while the now then the city love, paula said, you know, key fields to, to, to alene and yesterday. lord, bah, we area he was say in the lead on as usual girl. when was it sooner, mortimer? sooner more wet we're looking for her and, and she was killer. what we're had at the ada for the so call senior countless achieve upon when a party will an a. and again, my conception that i shall, tony, it's ne odeon not good enough in that. and in the close and ins only,
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and you can polish, could columns, will you call them the action integer deal? and you have rooms. will you be able to come to school? let's cook, i just was, pharmacy was chimney, and the organ will faith a hassle. fertile death, we all maria mo, calendar my la header, and then with my own soda at the club, m, as in yellow, civil and observe. observe. does have any com. i think more dick nick catalytic. can you see fit to tell him truly how i did that? it's out somewhat or doesn't. and willow and supers will come out from the radio luncheon to be out and read the book, an artist, indian mission, whiskey and fish we are going to present had an interest in the real thing. we left dana bullock going today. do mama, you know it, is it on? did our guardians and fish? i didn't, i didn't look, i did and i didn't even know was done. how did
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a hedge i didn't door to push a button in shape in sugar because not as long as i've eaten. well col color, no doubt, for instance, i know coney cuz you millions min studio out of an attic offend nika. how sunday company. well, to the kid, her name is shan shim, sam, z torn zacalo. wow. sham. 2 machines
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with and it was in the, at the emily we did it, and many, keith, he said must help saudi up a month ago. what can symbol county and they said, i just want to lock it with a lot of a come night that that event fee because of the hell did he know the supply fee? if you much for a few months that he'd be makia getting a helmet,
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medical in common members in the new company had the home i will be, she had the ability to discipline him. she can walk out of him. so home at home, i'm only going to quit cold at home this year. more than i can do. i'm 5050. have you had any issues with wash? i don't need to do. she is an amateur michel, my son. good up man. man. yet we have somebody in the doublet hammer or whatever other than that, and we had led him to them be tiny,
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a car he will not have given him. i can see amos get lost and more lid. we'll hunt financing. mueller. the city. yeah, we would, i wish we should alice animals or we're going to michelle and the may cause aside from some of the in the world. yeah. you mean in the south? i'm sorry, i didn't know. so i thought i had a kind of she how does south so i can sarah. so i said, well in a low south marsh, my did decide to sell by the b service. i hope you had a limited time and have a lot. a lot of that has shown for fox can be read, then can we have any head in a material under a 100? i mean we can, we know that and i'm gonna, i think man limits. i'm not gonna let that sell much court within the cyber. the
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make when i'm the caught up, but then methodical and i should eat, eat, eat if it will lead to hold the what on. what in cards, any know what the, what they want to go on had to hold. you are the subway. what else could we do and just sort of a mission, a note here on to my boss. like how you feel what it did not include the local people. but i'm in here a seizure, myrtle sonia. and he concluded that, obviously, i didn't, i cool bundles today. well, not a shot. the new iraq. ha, ha, no mighty monarchical. we'll talk about it at all. we'll see one article. yeah. see how much i doubt to one of my family's side that will gemini and it is my and i need medic is we need to read
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a a, a a a how the non school last much a lot. i was not give a 5 me human and we've been here in the middle of good then no i thought i had the most oh. busy they bad them, we're still having a fight about how our initial, how did the ged she had much luck with
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a, [000:00:00;00] with, with a medina talk. not the model. a lot of anatomy with a model in san orange will for a banjo issue as yet you wish to handle. keith woke and one moment to that even now had done side, should i? how did
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a when fall into the full name of the instead of them, i said it a leave of fashion as you know, and i'm in the attic of insure for social into don't have that. if she would have to deal with the lobby, it's going to need to generate the credit for her can usually don't over a diverse we can use them within me. man who didn't know enough can it didn't show that. hello mary. how is shadley?
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how and. 1 1 2 i me me, bethany,
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is there any members here and you'll see if you were cited with the sub ledger fluid work, any corn if mean a cause the the water handler was all in the feet of a new machine mom. if he had until the end of april, i mean yes, the me
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have some middle of the mom has some head to head to work if you will help me. i did sit here monday hunter took a lot of us. jim gave him a gun with the debates. 90 percent of the walls, refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not a lock,
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concrete is completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to get back with all this green on al jazeera, a guess with a mm. mm. mother nature's kiss. cultural landscapes,
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a strong infrastructure governance for rising. we're investors are willing to flourish with even supplied by tradition. we're fossil fuels are offered ah, ah, ah, hello, i'm dan jordan dough. with a quick reminder, the top stories here and al jazeera germany plans to ban on the vaccinated people from most public places. to stop a 4th wave of cobit 19 infections. the outgoing chancellor angler merkel describe the restrictions as an act of national solidarity. so africa has confirmed more than 11 and a half 1000 new cobit 19 cases. that's 5 times the number reported just a week ago when some african scientist alerted the world about all micro will the


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