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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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even slide bytes with beautiful ah hello, i'm down jordan dough. with a quick reminder, the top stories here in al jazeera germany plans to ban on the vaccinated people from most public places. to stop a 4th wave of cobit 19 infections. the outgoing chancellor, anglo merkel describe the restrictions as an act of national solidarity. so africa has confirmed more than 11 and a half 1000 new coping. 900 cases. that's 5 times the number reported just a week ago, when some african scientist alerted the world about on the car. well, the new covered 19 baron to spreading across asia. the world health organization says vaccines and other measures can help contain the spread. and the u. s. as
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reported on the chrome in 5 states, president biden has announced tied to restrictions for international travelers. we're going to fight this variance with science and speed. not chaos and confusion . just like we beat back over 19 in the spring, a more powerful variant deliver in the summer and fall as result. we enter this winter from a position of strength compared to where america was last winter. and the last christmas you're the one percent of american adults were fully vaccinated. this christmas, that number will be 7772 percent, including more than 86 percent of seniors the most vulnerable population. the biden administration's been forced to resurrect donald trump's controversial remain in mexico policy following a court order requires asylum seekers to stay outside the us while they wait for the hearings. you are a sect of state anthony blinking has met russia's one minutes to study love as they
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divide between moscow and washington widens of ukraine. lincoln says he remains concerned of what he called russia's aggressive policy towards. kit loves, adamant. russia will protect its interests. jeffrey epstein's former house manager has told the delane maxwell sinks trafficking trial, he remembers driving an image victim of the late finance, yet one, unless he said he took the woman to epstein and maxwell, and she was about 14 the woman. now 41 testified earlier that maxwell watched epstein sexually assault her as a teenager and tonya's right. handling giant dd global says it will deliver on the new york stock exchange and pursuer listing and hong kong. instead, the company pushed ahead with its 4000000000 dollar initial public offering in july, despite warnings from beijing about data security. so those were the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera. after hours in a world statement, thanks a lot bye for now. sediment and development have altered the course of the revenge . it no longer flows to the sea. and around 10 years ago it became more susceptible
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to red tights. the boom of l k calls as discoloration in the water. i'm going to scoop some of his water out and you can see there's a rust colored tinge to it, checked by the fisheries department, show the l. he in the getting river is of the alexandria species, which produces toxins, grossly been brought him is a fisherman for malicious, don't, but district in collect that. in the 1990s the giddy river was clear. you could see the said, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. fisheries officials have issued notices, banning people from selling or eating malice, found along the getting river. the area affected by the red tide is small, but news of the algae blue has affected seafood traders in the area. ah,
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committee amanda ah ah ah, i had been a little more than i was in the 400. you
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know, i'm looking to move to some some some so a lot of well i think it was a lesson and they're going to come in the resort critical is then the son of cuckoo hale, blue hale, missouri model. oh my move and i see that last year
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a sort of the a see how about the sort of yes, equal now, marshall. i any cause though, even though it's been ha, it's actually done a lot of thought wise and those if any of that even has a fun agenda, the solomon with the multiply still quite a few and i'll dial about the number. so i have even a few women, there's not much of blood in missouri. elliana looks quite
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a few time slot and that's after fled the librium of them, but that the over mrs. bottle aziz fuel for any of them. i kind of conway. i chose the flu shot on them just mac and have them contact properly. daniel, individual and i tried this on me. them might be a high level of the had i have been called down. it must be allowed with them. bob name, a level of the level what the the last 2 months left on his policy at wiley because you know into a half but i will beloved over hello still a community can shayla had come on after she got a new job and possible costs with you have a long, i'm good to show where you live here on the head of the know by sure. just
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look and my job the booth natural, the next week. but salvage my had schafer and this one a letter, how 101 list on the lot we love one another one. when you got to a phase though, what i do have a lot allow, hama, ah, says that would that be a millionaire amendment. abilene high husband. they have all of us, but they're not that big of an advantage. she'd o nannie balaban, melinda. yes, he come on us to shame on being him being stoba. thank you. but lots of somebody out, i'll be a mil burnett's a flood though i let mom good luck. have the law count is law bought on a on a sa,
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fournier bus gun high. it's up to up what she is. a shall leave bullock county someplace. martha mon huh. alicia physical been. i'm would you infeasible height law? so as daily, half caliah, it live that i live. i will and samuel for the film a harold, i'm not lazy a fatal hold on with. c with with, with. c uh huh. one home with me, one moment i'm gonna check with
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you see her you if even if he showed me dr. lisa melissa and with the form, i sure be sure, lillian, but i needed to look at it. okay. the eyes of has i will. okay. i have with hello. hello for any movie. uh huh m. as in nancy, m as in. uh huh. i'll tell you how much for a whole number. huh. gifted sandy, from the bulk of. com. a t. t for tv has aaliyah loudon. becky. madam. i'm not going to walk through that under the militia. how to sit there with anybody that i'm with a little coconut, blue,
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kathy with custodial tactless water. yeah. yeah. any big fan? saudi other stuff? lennox said i had a you know the forces chavez. saudi level up above was she in the, in a demo, so off he couldn't little wi fi. so after the one that i did off, i'll be able to cut off. i remember mobile will ignore who if i could, i would, i can put a block in melma, louise, leave you her. they'll either be they thought of talia, my buddy, a math in philosophy, lendozy. and so the guy does you, is that a? hi steven mad you her as for the time that he'll either the j u middle of a. but believe the feel of god let danny rabo heidi. he let my heart out of the you . how the quote for b, like in boy gabby gabby, her, the o'clock you,
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if he in or you g saw the nurse with all what a nurse, he saw the 5th or the last last year or law. he lasha you a hug my mother in law, and the fact that will be here. shoppers will be here for a minute while a man was talking like a 100 last year the can them the mfc let? no, i want to who will come daddy? then in murphy, sure the insurance when he has an old enemy and should have a medical. yeah, i had him with jim have agree with my head up south. it is man in the right, dana brad marianna, hellena to see if you want for watkins man at $1230.00. i'm afraid that him welcome
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to clack, and i'm sure mister camp fiscal year. we couldn't, we couldn't see it. i wish me luck. when is your initial freddy? that was the most of the costume. see an american computer has him jewish within the field? one irish. everybody will know. he has a careless meaning the mer. feet can even increase. does she do? he not. even in the interview. we buy horner, be so for him is a lie, only was like a lock in missouri eagle and along with other gal who can handle along with it in the and the women becky had to hagi. but what and hannibal as a man, is he
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a fitness? fitness lol. adam. yeah. fitness and death to facilities yet from afar to like move ma'am have a machine with him. makia and the quinn. lemme is out of he, sophia, what, why did make a judy that, that if i had a b t a laughable letter ban and having money, the little money i philosophers ready in am a bad enough lord am and pen our head missing a certain, a phone book fair for i mean algola, jennifer fitzgerald, i've left famine. hummus wouldn't come. moderation maddie fell community out of short for saddle. or my dad is a problem where maneuver yet had been a colleen, homely been doing lamina with liberty, farmers, market virginia up there any other time, any key to one by the way, duct facility name that are sick to me if come enough or when mother,
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after that you can, and even that meant that i said, we own if significant the talent tom sawyer and it dr. m. m into for most of my my wife need the letter, the 1st one need the letter. notice 60 percent says helen, her 1st name the letter to the 1st day. 13 denny. i'm asked it is we see a man who is a visually stop any still. why shouldn't i hadn't received one scene from me and he now almost lost me and had
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gone. we know we had the short, nana b. yeah. looks only ok 1000000 elysa map. i sit in lisa, my mechanic, unless done any, had any like sitting visiting, leading me a lot. i mean, i didn't, i didn't either. i mean, i know that i was a hello keith and let me see. oh yeah, we had a complex and as long as it would have been had been something
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in i lay low mother to be a no a b is not a 100. it is. and if you know either one of them out with a little star, come on the official a y a r a b, e man
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e u b a r a k, a k, a dollar loan a was a like a. yeah, a lot of that was not an interview with linda with as long as he and that hadn't been of us in you know, how you to and t m. and you can kind of certainly one must allow you to sort out in shahida. it's a full b, l, and i'm about to leave a bet
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. and you've been amador, i'm an assassin, maybe a 10 year old editors away. and i would say how sad i've been to the it is and the lady at the sat in he does the insert and nothing can envision you. she and kitty lay when this as always dead, yet as a way desolate in south florida getting concerned lead by what he did. we'll see that i would also that will can yep, it's otherwise give you a buzz. i should have it in. oh, when the phoenix doesn't from to the does work and daemon had then wolf happy and i'm stuck with the diamonds. you fools. you see? no, i'm in a nurse. no mouth, daughter, mackenzie, the nurse who is a venus. leather stuckey. i'm suggestion late label. now my, my fish has,
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i'm the fishing my fish hammer, the aimen animal. a lease with with
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the fee will be now she ah $3.00 with
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a with him. if you have with
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you to view a lot of money. i ask when i had the admitted that it's a yes just for lisa. see why dental wait a why dental? so luckily, so when i'm done, what i did, i had a mom dot and you know say need to come in, jazz and shut off. was stuck and yes, i think that was regina's and you must have to up to bassetti alicia and william g and the letter quote. and then what he did. yeah. yeah. and then it rocked equal to had that's anything but it became minute m o m a
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whole ah nurse at the in miss eliza new food and i'm looking for a year. but then i got a laugh color with me with a new the me had with
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ah, someone will go ahead and get a blow. say, oh, some little what? to believe what he said. the city settled and he had that he said, ned cassie del america, which agile man, but gita with a facility in the you ladies. ah wish
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a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland. i became the 1st woman here to speak about human rifle in at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands. nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, all desire to worldly 2 are of women who become successful away from cold arabs abroad, the activist of the ultra bruno on all josie with hello, thanks for joining in your world. weather report begins in the middle east, and with that disturbance it swept through. we draw on. we've got cooler air for tate on a high of 11 degrees. and look at this. we get her shamal go and on. so that gas steed north way coming down the golf and for the gulf states, we'll see those when gets on friday up to 50 kilometers per hour. meantime cool air sling in into play here is to watch what happens on friday. q 8 goes from $25.00 to
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$20.00 doe hodge as a hive. 23 degrees in riyadh. we've got yen for hive. 20 next we're going to pakistan, but not much to report here. plenty of sun toward the north and south is wal karachi, a hive? 32 degrees after turkey and temperatures are bouncing back a bit. after that cold front swept through on cra 13 degrees. look at all this activity toward the west. impacting is here with a high of 19 central africa. downpours of rain to be expected through gap on an cameroon, to allah has a height of $32.00 degrees. further toward the south, we've got rain across angola, through swath of namibia. southern sections are botswana and really toward that eastern portion of south africa. so i think we're gonna power up some thunderstorms in johannesburg with a high of 28 degrees on friday. that's it. see again soon. ah,
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informed opinions there is a need for avi, our lead federal government to take action to really facilitate a pig right. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah, the army kron very, and drives up cove 19 cases in south africa infections 5 times higher than the number of pools and a week ago. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, the u. s. springs back, had trompe or a border policy forcing asylum seekers to weighs in mexico while their applications are decided. uganda and troops continue their security oper.


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