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to name the aim, this is to raise 1000000 much of it for conservation initiatives. oh, the only con varian drives on cobra. 19 cases in south africa, the health minister says the search can be managed without a strict lockdown. ah, i'm sammy's a band. this is just the live from the hall. so coming up ukraine's defense minister claims russia is likely to escalate the crisis by the end of january. both sides say they don't want to war. uganda and troops continue their security
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operation against the non group in the democratic republic of congo and refugees living on the greek mainland. faith, hunger of the support has withdrawn rights, organizations blame the government. ah, south africa health minister says his nation can manage a 4th wave of corona virus without imposing a strict lock down. nearly all its provinces are experiencing a rapid rise in cases. the newly discovered on the con, variant has been detected that more than 11 and a half 1000, the infections have been confirmed in the day. that's 5 times the number of 4 that a week ago on the crown is driving up the infections. but hospitalized ations and i see you capacity remain stable. dr. angelie could see is the chair of the south african medical association and the practicing general practitioner. she says,
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while microns driving infections up, the symptoms do not yet appear to be severe. once we are seeing a parameter house get enable and again, we see the bulk with the faces. for now, or as you today, doesn't seem more deadly. it seems just very foss, pretty is the sometimes we are seeing the facts and i just and backs united. i threw infections, re infections or mile. we're not saying that they will not be severe. severe questions. we still need to see the 1st, the placid and vaccine i did was go more, but these were chronic disease coming into the parameter l space. we don't really see them so they might be much more m. c and suffering from severe disease, but totally the sanity the picture, the so much do we need to be worried because we never know which patients will
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get severe disease. for now, that doctor will only be available going forward and even increase in our hearts we don't. but it's more in the public sector hospitals where they are seeing an increase in the patients. we have tried to ask, what is the clinical sometimes we don't have that clinical. sometimes the u. s. has reported army kron in 5 states, including one person in hawaii who have no history of travel. president joe biden has announced title restrictions for international travelers is also appealing to all eligible americans to get boost to vaccine shots. she returns the reports from washington dc. the president biden had been due to outline a winter plan for dealing with covered before the discovery of the on the chrome variance. but the president appeared hopeful that even those reluctant to get vaccinated were changing their minds. now there's some evidence in one poll,
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i won't mention that because i'm not positive of the number was told us as i was leaving the white house, that there is an expectation that 30 percent of the non vaccine center. no circumstances would. i get a vaccination because of the new variant are now saying i'm going to get them acceleration. vitamins veiling an approach based on what he calls science and speed and not chaos and confusion. the underlying principle of his winter plan to make resources available to prevent another lockdown. it doesn't include shutdowns or locked downs, but widespread vaccinations and boosters and testing a lot more in order to ensure the 100000000 eligible americans who have yet to get a booster shot do so they will be contacted and availability ensure hundreds of family vaccination clinics will be opened, where all eligible age groups can be vaccinated out the same time. and mobile vaccination connects will be sent to underserved areas to prevent school pleasures
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. the centers for disease control will release the findings on whether it's possible to test or students on site. instead of sending them home after a coven case is reported to home, testing kits will be covered by health insurance or provided free for those without insurance. the number of surge response teams, medical staff can be deployed into areas where medical resources being streamed by . the virus will be increased by this pledging to speed up delivery of the vaccines that has promised to the developing world and travelers to the us. we require to be tested within a day before departure. instead of 3 days. the mosque mandate on public transportation will be extended into march. some scientists and the world health organization have argued that the case for boosters for the entire adult population and not just a particularly at risk simply hasn't been made, nor is the evidence as yet the booth is increased protection against on the chrome, the w h. i use it to prevent further variance. the priority should be to get vaccines to the developing world. i call on all member states to choose to achieve our targets of vaccinating 40 percent of the population of every country by the end
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of this year, and 70 percent by middle next year. something button didn't announce was requirements for vaccination for domestic ad travel and measure that somebody will further nudge the u. s. as unvaccinated eligible adults to get the shot. but at a time of nationwide legal wrangling over vaccination mandates in the workplace, that would clearly be a hard sell for some chevrolet, nancy al jazeera washington in germany, unvaccinated people will be banned from taking part in most public activities. outgoing chance langler merkel coles. the restrictions an act of national solidarity. germany's parliament is also considering imposing a vaccine mandate. anderson's reports on the situation across europe. in less than a week, the only chrome variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about cove. it in many countries, especially in europe,
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new restrictions were being introduced anyway with the winter surgeon delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures. signs like these vaccinate immunized is the way this country and others are now heading the unvaccinated on our bod from access to all but essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies. angler merkel says new stricter measures are essential in a situation she finds depressing. as it was got anything on the internet and to be quite honest, the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong 4th wave does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions and via in france, where the health services struggling with record numbers of cove infections. the government scientific advisor believes the on the chrome variant will be dominant within a matter of weeks divine me. soon as i can brag a regular volume,
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the real enemy is the 5th wave with the dell to variant. there will be some time before the army con variant establishes itself in france and in europe. in general, we estimated to be at the beginning of 2020 total of at the end of january, you do need one in the u. k, where booster jobs will be available to anyone over 18. the arrival of the on the chrome variant has led to a clamor for vaccinations. we're starting to st. pete. oh, i think probably anxious about any very anything come across in classical people come in for their 1st and 2nd jazz that they couldn't possibly had monsak i you case? prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday in germany. the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations and those people put their hopes in jobs. being able to ward off or ma chrome, something that scientists sister unsure about. there's a chilling prediction from the european union's public health agency. it says that
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within a few months the omicron variant could be causing more than half of cov, it infections in the e u. and from the norwegian capital oslo. another warning, more than 50 people have been infected with the on the chrome variant at a christmas party in a restaurant. the government says they were all vaccinated. and re simmons al jazeera. 12 people are reported have been killed in an attack on a village near a b l in northern iraq. the kurdish regional government is blaming iso. it says most of those killed with security for members in 2017. the wrong declared victory of i. so off to reclaiming old trees, the group held for several years. but the group has continued to launch. sporadic attacks, ukraine's defense minister says russia is planning a large scale escalation along their shared border. or like sarah, as nichol told parliament, 94000 russian soldiers mobilizing and that moscow will probably make
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a move in january. the kremlin has repeatedly dismiss suggestions. it's preparing for an attack. russia denies supporting separatists in ukraine's east, in the conflict that killed thousands of people since 2014 high level talks to de escalate attention took place in stockholm. on 1st day. the secretary of state anthony blanket met his russian count. so gay lover of lincoln said he was concerned about what he called an aggressive russian policy towards kiev lab roadside and the presence of nato troops and weapons in ukraine represents a red line. on charl stratford is live for us in nova tried ski in ukraine. so charles has started the latest statement by ukrainian did the kind of defense minister officials explaining why they think things will escalate at the end of january, especially after the expectations that meeting between blinking and,
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and leverage might lead to some kind of diplomatic de escalation was very difficult to tell sammy, certainly the defense minister, citing intelligent sources, both ukrainian, monty described as ukraine's partners and with that information. and it is being speculated that one of the reasons maybe because we haven't seen any snow any solid snow on the ground yet in this region. and of course, when there is snow and the temperature dropped, the ground is a lot harder which makes it a lot easier to move heavy machinery and weaponry around. but as i say, that is speculation. and some of the other things, the defense minister said, also very interesting. he said that so that we know provocations on the ukranian side, but we are ready for war. and he said that making a decision on ukraine's entry into nato will be a political, one of a political nature. there is no consensus in the alliance yet. and so one could
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argue tentatively that this is the beginnings possibly of a little bit more of a conciliatory tone by the ukrainians. considering the very kind of bellicose and confrontational language that we've heard in recent weeks. and the culminated realistically, yesterday, after that, o. s. c, meeting, when a statement was put out by the russian foreign ministry, following those meetings between laboratory blinks to take a retaliatory measures to level the military and strategic balance. if it's legitimate concerns about nato forces being deployed along its borders and ukraine's involvement in us. geopolitical gains are not taken into consideration. so as i say, the beginnings possibly of a more conciliatory tone by the defense minister, we wait and see what is said in the discussions that we're expecting in the coming days. that's what we've been told. and the discussions between the us presidents
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and the russian president vladimir putin and as the weight and see goes on charles, how's it affecting people's lives in places like where you are at the crossing well, yeah, this is one of 2 crossings along the more than 400 kilometer a front line where people can cross from both sides. and we, we've been speaking to people here this morning. this crossing is open twice a week. some people very emotional people that are coming to ukraine to visit families, to get medical procedures done to pick up their pensions. they minuscule pensions, considering the price of living here is going off as it is in other areas around the world. they don't get around $100.00 a months, some people describing the situation and on it because being very difficult. others very nervous about being on camera as well, and very nervous about speaking. the security situation here certainly is calm at
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the moment, but we've been speaking to the military here as well. they say that they hear shelling every night in an area that they estimate to be around 5 kilometers from here. we understand according to sources in the separatists controlled area, which interestingly enough, is only about 2 kilometres. be on that final checkpoint, the people are taken from here. they loaded onto a bus on the other side and then taken to that 1st checkpoint, control by the separatist about to kill, which is behind me. but yes, the, yeah. the situation is that say is, is calm here. but a lot of very obviously on, on the questions as the diplomatic stalemate continues, all eyes now on those discussions between the us and the russian president. all right, thanks so much shall strive for their from number 3. still had an al jazeera, the skies to limit china is impressive. toll buildings expected to dominate next
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week's world architecture festival. and an all new experience full visually impaired football fans at the feet. fat arab com ah hey there. here's her weather forecasts for australia. we'll get asia one second. first we're going to talk about precipitation. still seen some showers toward that south coast of new south wales and thunderstorms. really cool the atmosphere and melbourne just the other day. we were in the thirty's. now down to the teen speaking of temperatures, we've got a dangerous multi day heat waves through the interior of the northwest, we'll see temperatures climb to about 4647 degrees doesn't look like the heat will break, at least in alice, until as we get toward monday we go from 38 down to 32 degrees, lot of wet weather for the west coast of new zealand through the southern alps of
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the potential. we could see half a meter of rain over the next few days, so rainfall warning in play here. excel take you towards se asia, we're talking about the ne bond soon. it's steering a lot of rain toward that western side of borneo, blanketed in rain across sumatra, and also java. but we're getting dry spells for indo china where we have seen flooding into southern areas of thailand and also central and southern vietnam. now for japan, here's the situation some see and do snow for that western side of hon. shoes. same goes for hope. kado still cool. air hear support has got a high of 2 degrees on saturday. that's it. that's all too soon. ah, in the country with an abundance of resolve. all in one moment we move to grow and fraud with balance really, economy,
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blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, invest, let people in his growth and progress in here. now, lou ah, come back here watching al jazeera time to recap, our headlines, south africans, health minister says the country can manage a 4th wave of cove in 19 infections without strict log downs. more than 11 and a half 1000 cases fuel by the on the kron variant had been confirmed in a day president joe biden,
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as announced site restrictions for international travelers. the u. s. is reported. army kron in 5 states, including one person in hawaii who had no history of travel. ukraine's defense minister says russia is planning a large scale escalation along. they shared border alexia. as nicole told parliament and attack is likely in january. russia has repeatedly dismissed his conserves reinforcements from uganda are arriving in the democratic republic of congo on the 4th day of a joint operation against rebel forces. air and artillery strikes have been launched against the allied democratic forces. uganda blamed the adf for 3 suicide bombings in its camp thought last month. laura burton manley reports people barely walk in the deployment of troops and tanks. many want an end to file, and it's beset ethan democratic republic of congo. the decade of joint forces
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operation by the u. camden and complete governments ain't to root out the allied democratic forces. the rebel group is accused of massacring thousands of people with we support this operation and the collaboration between our 2 presidents to put an end to the adf killers. we're expecting a lot from this operation because we want to resume with our normal life. this is a ribbon, it's a real joy for us to see the u. p. d. f. soldiers, finally conducting military operation and darcy, mainland benny regional. it was our demand to enter the suffering of the people in banyon did treated eagans, who have long been massacred by the adf. you can, the government plainfield, adhere for november suicide bombings in kampala. the comalies army have been fighting rebels for years and introduce martial law in the region. 6 months ago. we decide to bring to get our own diligence services. and now we bring together asper
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shirt forces to walk in the grant to make sure we are ready to sing. if we can reduce it, reduce 100 percent off. there are procedure we will do so by this in year, is that dearly we want 1st to destroy. we're the i look at these thick forest surrounding benny, have provided a shelter and strategic base for the adf. originally from uganda and the rebel group has been active for nearly 3 decades in the 19 ninety's it fought against you, gun as president you are, he must have any but was defeated in 2001, and relocated the d i. c o. molten group say attacks had become more widespread, brazen and bloody after the adf aligned with i full 2 years ago. and for the past few days, the 24th of these artillery in air raids against the rebels and said there dave and numbered. but they have made clear how long this will take, nor that
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a manly out to sara. more than half the refugees living in camps on the greek mainland are in danger of going hungry after authorities restricted aid. the government has tightened rules and is only giving food money to those in the process of applying for asylum. john srp willis reports from a refugee camp near chuck. either asylum seekers served lunch at it's on a camp. 90 kilometers north of athens on today's menu. burgers, with mashed potatoes or pasta with polonaise sauce, there's a choice of salad, fresh tomatoes or beat. some people take the food home, others just take the salads and throw the cooked meals away. but of anna a, mary, an afghan who's lived at this camp for 2 years, explains why they don't want to take the food because they don't eat it. they don't want it because it is not eligible for most of them. and it is getting a bit, a decision for the children such food waste seems incomprehensible. especially
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considering that of the 18000 refugees living in camps on the mainland. 60 percent are in danger of going hungry. that's because state aid is given only to those in the process of applying for asylum. and most camp presidents have already been accepted or rejected. they're now expected to fend for themselves or leave the country. but excluding these people from state aid, say, refugee charities, undermines what the government achieved by putting them in camps in the 1st place. few months ago when people working, but not the same. you saw them in the inventory as well. and it was the same government with homeless people on the squares and with them on those stamps in san mckesson. and i was the same time i was asking them to lead because they need to lament along and many here say the government has just made the problem. worse. governments have typically taken over tasks, aid groups developed in times of crisis. earlier this year the government took over
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management of mainland camps from the united nations on october 1st, it further shrank the u. n. 's role, assuming responsibility for cash handouts. these transitions haven't always gone smoothly. the 40 percent of camp presidents eligible for cash hasn't received any for 2 months, starving a fledgling economy inside the camps and leading to hunger crisis. many like the american, emily has been granted asylum, a living off savings. others rely on cash from relatives. this age group say is a manufactured crisis, resulting from greece is lack of integration policy for refugees. all of them are external, overseer, the resource for and they're not the burden. they just need some support, real support and the plan that will look at their needs from reception point the gratian and then that will just be an asset for us. and not the burden greece says it is merely implementing the law supporting those deemed in need of protection and
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asking everyone else to go away. but they have nowhere to go. jobs are hopeless at the malika under itala refugee camps. a 3rd of december is the international day of persons with disabilities a day dedicated to promoting the rights of disabled people in all parts of society . the fee for arab cup being staged here in dow her is playing it's past and rolling out a new service for visually impaired fans. handy richardson reports ah, fossil has loved football all his life. losing his sight at the age of 12 has done nothing to dim that passion or reduce his desire to attend matches in person to get him between a 60000 persons and heal daddy actions of every person. so all you that something that you can discover between your watching guy a foot will much in the television or you hear it in oregon. so this is one of the
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most excited parts of it. at this era, cup final has an added tool to increase his enjoyment of the game using an app on his phone. final can listen to audio descriptive comment tree: a specialist form of commentary. the blind and visually impaired fans providing get neat is which, which is her. give us exactly how the players is moved. how was the ball not only seeing, for example, that some a specific dance pulled goals that was done, putting some experience, explaining how that needs to support. audio. descriptive comments refers to paid at a fee for tournament to the 2014 world cup in brazil. animated the women's world cup in 2019, but this is the 1st time that a faith or event that an arabic service has been available into stadiums at this hour of cup and is sent to be available at all. 8 venues by the time of next year as finals. a lot of the time, that's where i'm in preparation for the arab cup and next year's world cup. castles
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had been kelly for university, has been organizing training programs in both arabic and english. the would be commentators, the blogs tell us they want to follow the ball constant and they want to follow even when it's around the back doing very little policy that's being played back between the defendant. but it allows them to keep building the picture of what's about to happen. you're allowed to switch off watching the tv you're allowed to kind of ignore what's being said by the companies. because the images a doing their job for those who are blind and envisioning paid, they don't have the ability to have the images do the work for them. so this is about learning how to describe what's happening in front of you, so that you can give back the image that you see into the list as is. this is kind of something very rewarding to be able to do something that matters to society. and you don't always get to do that. i sometimes i feel i can't do that in my normal life. maybe this is a little thing that's can,
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can help me fulfill that feeling. this is a project that's heightening the much day football experience for all involved. andy richardson, al jazeera, doha, the world's largest annual event, celebrating the best in architecture is underway in lisbon. about a 3rd of all shorts listed sites are in china, but as katrina, you reports from beijing, the country hasn't always had the best reputation in the industry. there are millions of office buildings in china, but the liter skyscraper in southwest bay, jang is unlike any other straddling a major subway station. 2 structures are connected by a soaring atrium that twists towards the sky. here we were face with her and as you were to build an office tower, 200 meters tall, with the subway tunnel underneath. how do we create something very elegant? that really will be part of the city. we critter,
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we call an urban window. so the atrium that's created because of straddling the, the tunnel creates a tower that's creates the tallest atrium in the world. straight lines are hard to find here, but the unseen is equally impressive. integrated smart systems manage the buildings, temperature and air quality. energy use is minimized. every office is connected with 5 g. these are just some of the reasons it was highly commended at the prestigious world architecture festival taking place this week in portugal. of about $500.00 international projects nominated for awards. one 3rd, a chinese young costume and isn't surprised by the country strong showing. he spent a decade working here before founding his firm in 2015. even though china as a place that has actually the largest, traditionally, you can possibly imagine it's still very young at heart. so it's actually always
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very interested in innovation. but innovation has been interpreted widely. for years, china was known for poor quality, gaudy constructions, president she didn't ping has called for an end to so called weird architecture. a government ban on ugly buildings was issued earlier this year. there's now focus on sustainability, simplicity and preserving history. themes seen at show gong number 3, blast furnace. another short listed project completed in 1959 and closed due to environmental concerns and 2010 designers chose to refurbish rather than demolish the site. with this land has historical memory and the owners have a deep affection for it. we focus on transformation and renewal to give the enterprise new vitality with these blue skies. it's hard to imagine that this area was once choked by heavy air pollution for decades. shogun was beijing's industrial
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hard and main source of smoke. these trains used to transport iron or coal and other materials. the area now houses the offices of the beating winter olympics and has become popular with tourists. with an estimated half of the world's construction taking place in china, buildings here will continue drawing global attention and designers hope for the better and not the worst katrina you are the 0 teaching. ah, and let's take a look at some of those headlines down. south africa's health minister says the country can manage a 4th wave of covey. 19 infections without imposing strict log sounds. more than 11 and a half 1000 cases have been confirmed in one day 5 times. the number of halted a week ago. the w h o says.


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