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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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for decades show gong was aging industrial hub and main source of smoke. these trains used to transport iron or coal and other materials, the area. now how does the offices the beijing winter olympics and has become popular with tourists? with an estimated half of the world's construction taking place in china, buildings here will continue drawing global attention and designers hope for the better and not the worse. katrina you are the 0 aging. ah, let's take a look at some of those headlines down. south africa, health minister says the country can manage a full wave of cove at 19 infections without imposing strict locked downs. more than 11 and a half 1000 cases have been confirmed in one day 5 times. the number of halted a week ago. the w h o says asia pacific countries should expect the surgeon cases
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driven by the army kron variance official, say the region is prepared to deal with the rise and infections. none of the information we have currently about on the grounds, we need to change the direction of our response. our experience of the last 2 years, especially in dealing with the various like build up, provides a guide about what to do now. as well as how to be the future in a more sustainable way. by collaborating response measures to each country context using 5 key tools in combination. we can avoid the red line and minimize healthy back as well as social and economic options. 12 people are reported to have been killed in an attack on a village near beale in northern iraq. the kurdish regional government is blaming i saw, it says most of those killed were security 4th members. the 7th round of talks in
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vienna to revive the iran nuclear deal will end on friday. the day after rain, the negotiators submitted to draft proposals. iran one sanctions relief in return for limits on its nuclear program. ukraine's defense minister says russia is planning a large scale escalation along the shared border. lexia, as nicola told parliament and attack is likely in january. russia has repeatedly dismissed concerns. uganda send more troops and equipment into the democratic republic of congo to find the allied democratic forces group. it's part of an ongoing operation which began on tuesday with the backing of the congress. these government, those i headlines. the news continues here now just 0 after 101 east, philippines, vaccine scandal. a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as
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possible, no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue or the smell of death is overpowering. as i'll just say correspondence, that's what we strive to do. ah, it was a world 1st vaccine meant to fight a devastating disease. ah. instead it inspired terra london, belong thorpe tour. i know norman, muddled alone when you get up. no, not adam de manila. now the philippines is trying to encourage coven 19 vaccinations, but it's government faces an uphill battle, convincing people to take it. the impact on public health we'll be reversible. maybe for the next 5 or 10 years. one i one east investigates how the philippines
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lost faith vaccine. mm oh. ready ha, it's a long and difficult journey to work this morning for all fell mariano. but nothing will deter her from her mission. for fail is the red cross administrator in the remote rugged province of carina in the northern philippines. i . this is one of the final days of the polio and measles immunization. dr.
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good girl in them. no one said little about on the panama, yet on our main objective is making sure that no children is left behind. and so i like thinking that would put the health systemic into it because it might be one of the course of an outbreak. thank you very much. so he had a little boy the lad. thank you mommy. but awful has noticed that parents are increasingly wary of vaccines in recent years. public trust and vaccines in the philippines has plummeted from 93 percent to 32 percent more than anywhere else in the world
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today or fell, entertain travel to the village of judd, all with a major group is concerned parents. so i will double by your despite math able your mind that the next i been, i own you, but when i humana it turns out they've all got the same thing on their minds. think of us to be some of them. so i'm on my by law handbook, i was told with a bidding but so that they got a deal with
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them as the forum goes on. the name dang baksha comes up again and again. dave, but i need for global being at macon. did i give me a call about my money pay up? i will get a chance. 80 at that in. but dang bacteria is the world's only licensed vaccine for the danger virus? me. sorry. i know high in 2016, it was rolled out for the 1st time by the philippines government. the 1st time i heard about an anger back seen as a health advocate, as a health profession and i go for it. it's really important for me as a mother let my child be protected from this kind of maxine the philippines has long been plagued by dingey
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a mosquito borne disease for which there is no cure. ready half the world's population is at risk from the virus. here it infects up to 800000 people a year, killing around 750 mostly children. they impact the bank in the philippines is still a lot, not only because it has no cure. but it congested some hospitals, it believes fair and sick grieving families who don't know what to do. with dr. janet garrett was the secretary of health when dang vex show was rolled out in the philippines. the vaccine, which reduced cases of severe dingey by about 93 percent, was developed by french pharmaceutical company sanofi. pastor la pressure to solve the problem was so huge that everybody was glimmering for you. it was
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a sense of bride for every filipino mary anne castilla remembers how excited and relieved every one was by this medical breakthrough. 2 of her children had already had dingey and all up all night in sending boxer there while anna monthly let them up on a do i lay what marianne didn't know was that concerns about the world 1st, vaccine had been raised before it was launched, a leading dingey expert warned that children who hadn't been infected with dingey could be at risk of a more severe form of the disease after receiving the vaccination. but the secretary of health decided to press ahead, after speaking to experts from sanofi and the world health organization, she says i reassured her, the vaccine was safe for those over 9 years old. so i came back to the philippines,
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confident that they have the experts behind me because i cannot just say cancel the program where in fact i'm not an infectious disease specialist. lou milan upon i suck sanding buckshot and they own 1st family picture nam ah, almost 900000 children in public schools in rural communities received the vaccine . if i see anything, see log in, i mean table, you know, be by chance. mm hm. an estimated 15 percent, including 11 year old renzo had never had dingey. that of i knew my i didn't wanna late the vehicle. bombing
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up turning. buck shall one week. they like not shy. cbre very ib, we're not obviously getting i needing i live around the same time in light. 2017. for my health secretary, jeanette grin heard about a bombshell announcement from the drug company sanofi. i was in taiwan and a reporter in the philippines was telling me a leg. ah, look. santa fe just came out with a breast statement saying that it can cause severe danger for those of not been infected with dan gay. but that was when media started calling me. then when i arrived home, i didn't expect that it was spreading like wildfire. minutes after sanofi announcement, one of dang vexes chief critics,
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posted this on line. our heart bleeds for more than 600000 philippine the children who received the dang vaccine without the assessment of prior infection. what's happened to them now? the post was shared widely and social media fueled public outrage. just 2 days later, the government pulled the plug. in the light of this new analyses the deal which will blazed the den get vaccination program on hold. while dang, fact, she continued to be used elsewhere. with the warning attached in the philippines, angry parents began burning pictures of the former health secretary. i saw that, but that and nottingham, this thing down on this thing. but on the bottom high yield number net, this being on politicians jumped on the bandwagon, investigating the approval and procurement of dang,
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vaca research must do everything. was you all to he was a good drug. if he does have a drug, we do not want it. i cut the gaudy cali, deny any wrong doing. i am not involved in any corruption, and i am willing to be investigated. ah, by this stage doctor garrett was being described as the most vilified woman in the philippines. on one occasion, she was even attacked by angry parents inside congress implant crazy because scientific discussions that should have been confining in the 4 corners of a room was the instead this class in social media by well that many people who are not experts pretending to be experts, in fact, so nothing was partly to blame for alarming the public. it's definition of cynthia
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dingey includes a symptom that doesn't usually require hospitalization. none of the 30000 children and the clinical trials had died of dingey and all the cases of so called severe dingey were relatively mild. in other words, it wasn't as scary or severe as it sounded. i assure each and every one of you, but things like that is and continues to be a safe and efficient vexing. but the public imagination was gripped not by facts, but stories of dead children and their grieving parents. in the 2 years that followed sonata these announcement, mary ann castillo was told her son had pneumonia and hepatitis. but then there was even worse news in our bazaar had been. hello, alex allen. mommy,
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on an up more. may not it in a coming in the more than done donaldson dibner supple sonya no. but a sad mm. oh a problem and it was up also me all me have a home he may have a meal or not buy another bug. mcguckie was in rennes old, died of cardiac arrest in early 2020 more than 2 years after he was vaccinated. now elana must have another known barrel in the insist melissa south in 90 daily sending berkshire. but there was also on a home in, on the only thing i look way grieving and angry. mary anne turned to the one place she knew she could get help. so no, me born unto london, sir. i will ha autopsy on the whole barrow man a month and a day,
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but on the island and a gum. athena, unable ah, these videos of parents being taken to see their dead children will live streamed on facebook by supporters of the public attorney's office, which provides free legal services to poor filipinos. it's lead the charge against staying vac shot. conducting its own autopsies on children whose deaths it blames on the vaccine. i will give them up. i only thought about coming. so i, you my only got gordon than on god being. both of them will be blue for the thought . you know what my old at the i know he's up on me before. nope. he fell on department of him and above been another one. been buffy me for
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not a whole lot. bellanca bought a mom of a, a mother who in fact medical experts say that there is no evidence to suggest dang, baksha caused these children's deaths. that the public attorney's office isn't even qualified to conduct autopsies. but no amount of criticism can dilute the impact of these videos. it's very visual, they would open, oregon, says it, oh my god, this is bleeding. the brain is bleeding the heart dismally. me. this is what happens because the child was vaccinated. this visual image, yes. though we know that they are wrong, we means implanted on the mothers of scenes in clue. the public attorney's office, which has not responded to our interview request, has investigated the deaths of
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a 160 children, the so called dang, baksha victims. renzo castilla was number, a 153. his mother, mary anne, along with the other parents won't let people forget the kids they last night before me live mama will on look the only daily news on what you're looking for. someone i mean, isn't gonna they load up so, but, oh man, i love provision in the bella. but, but they bulletin ago mom about the new boy. no, not a partner alone, but, but don't i in foreign see who do you blame for what happened to your son?
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cindy caesar? hotel. i'm gonna go see john got in there to say no more. no, no, no. what do you think should happen to her? but buy out a new castle and yeah, but buy out a new castle out on the go on. yeah. these are grieving they rinse was miles, have been conditioned. i don't want to tell them under faces that they're being used because he has to empathize with them. they are victims. i like their victims. so info demick their victims of politics and their victims of some people, some bishops. today, these parents are filing criminal cases with the depart is justice. ah, there are boxes of documents being submitted for each of the 100 cases filed thanks to the crew, citing chief attorney, the cedar rueda acosta. many criminal charges have already been light against those
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involved, and the dang, fax shall roll out. they include public health officials for my health secretary, jeanette grin, and sanofi employees among others. ha ha. ha ha. the public attorney's office became a vehicle for government funds to be used in building up cases against us in ambulance. chasing. why blame doctors? why blame sciences white call us murderers? oh, my god, jack black builder in congresswoman janet garrett and says she's outraged that along with 9 other public health officials, she's been charged with reckless imprudence, leading to homicide. when this all happened, my father's asking me,
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are you going to go to jail? and i told him no, because they didn't do anything wrong, or even a sams will be proven by science. but the dang, factual controversy effects far more than those directly involved. undermining public trust in the health system. as late to an even worse crisis, as allan carlos knows only to well, i know, but i, but that put a check up to 5, but push everything up. when i look something back, they dug up with them, but then i left my and that was 23 year old. allan makes a living peeling onions and factory like many other parents in this poor manila neighbourhood. she was alarmed when people started to blame. dang baksha for the deaths of their children in law. heck, quite gushed bro, i bought
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a black one lamp. lemme back up his book, but up was up. but if last month powell, i think i should get him. i am one of the one that he gets up pick up went up by one amp window and a couple by ship, all my foot sadly built that the when like when, when i put up, when i'm on my face in buckshot yapping pick up, put up a book on my left, on the back of this and lazarus hospital in manila, the secretary of health one. unfortunately for ireland, there was a deadly outbreak of measles here in 201962 little wonder across the philippines vaccination rights had fallen from 88 percent to 55 percent in just a few years. because ah, when islands daughter gentlemen developed a high fever and rash, he took her to
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a hospital. ah, jane. linda died a few days later. then islands, remaining child miss i fell ill. look for her. you know that one, i mean, but i had read the book. she jen claypole, michelle at bush bull mama. up acting up when the ad on how i didnt porsha i am out of we'll shut up that we know we on the bush i in less than 3 weeks, allan lost both of her children to a disease that many thought had been consigned to the past. and tragedy struck the family again. a few days later, this time it was her sister in law guesses 5 year old daughter who got measles in allowing up one on these as hospital. nina porsha. oh my god. my long
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along a purchase was okay, was it? but it is a medical policy mm. annabelle assumed looking. i agree there. i was able to vote for bush as a little when it was a handful and an existing market goal for shane. i am now now again on the market in the a shout when they come, when i go by my laptop and now that button that that on a 2nd i'm looking for. so my son be sappy 642 people died in the outbreak. public health, the experts like former health secretary, jeanette grin,
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were devastated. but not surprised. we were already saying may god fall, he'll will be back. japanese ends if alive, this will be happy. missiles will again, have an hour break name yet. we will have in polio, has indeed returned to the philippines. 19 years after it was eradicated, and a donkey outbreak in 2019 took more than 1100 lives. many health experts wished dang, baksha was still available. if i were to be asked to day, i still retained the view that it should be restored because by and we have a weapon that we're not using. now, professor charles, you has been leading clinical trials and vaccines in the philippines for more than a decade. like many public health experts around the world,
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the clinical epidemiologist welcomed its arrival partly for selfish reasons. as soon as it became available, we wanted it given to our child. but doctor, you was dismayed to see a medical breakthrough go off the rails. there was an explosion of hysteria fueled by the fact that no one was actually listening to the explanation that happened. if i were asked personally, one way of restoring vaccine confidence in the philippines immediately is if we could drop the unjust charges being hurled at many of the officers, particularly of the department of health. professor hughes learned some important lessons from dang, baksha. he says there's more than just social media and sensational reporting to blame. it's not just the media hype. it was also because the department of out sent signals mixed signals that said, oh, let's hope that that scene. oh,
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we removed the license for de vaccination. they did not really unequivocally say that that these vaccine, ah, as no evidence of causing death, and they became, and whipping partners in actually making the immunization programs drop. i and only now are we trying to do damage control? right now the philippines needs more people to be vaccinated. it's one of the countries in southeast asia, hardest hit by cove at 19, with millions of infections, and more than 40000 dead. but a recent study found the dang vaca controversy has led to a decline in vaccinations. my advice the galaxies, let the front liners have themselves laps any. if the doctors themselves are showing the way, then others will follow. i think there is the level. i think that we can always rise from the tragedy. if we were
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a bad example of or the world of what could go wrong. maybe we could be a good example of standing up and writing the rooms. ah, today, dang back. she has been approved in 20 countries and is on the w. i chose list of essential medicines. the philippines is now a leading example of what not to do when introducing a new vaccine. allan carlos to lost her 2 kids to a preventable disease, paid a tragic price for this lesson. papa will not, but what was it that and the present been put on without generally got to plug it back and let us hopefully it will push it up again up the whole metaphor for something that a
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a with african stories of resilience and courage. i get younger me and i write a tradition and dedication a short documentary by
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african filmmakers on the white 9 and the book maker africa direct on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello sir. hello robin. you're watching. the al jazeera usa life my headquarters here in dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. the alma crohn very and drives up cove 19 cases in south africa. the health minister says the surge can be managed without a strict to lockdown. also, india mobilizes scientists to trace the new varian to ally from new delhi, ukraine's defense minister claims russia is likely to escalate the crisis.


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