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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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this is inspired by tradition. ah, do. were beautiful, possibilities are offered. ah . the army kron varian drives up co with 19 cases in south africa. the health minister says the search can be managed without a stroke to lockdown. ah, hello, i am sammy's aid and this is al jazeera alive from dough hall. so coming up, iran's chief negotiator says, world powers candidates reject. the proposals are put forward during talks to revive and nuclear deal. ukraine's defense minister claims rusher is likely to
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escalate the crisis by the end of january. both sides say they don't want to wall though, and refugees living on the greek mainland face hunger after supporters withdrawn rights organizations are blaming the government with we begin with the race to further understand the new corona virus very and causing renewed restrictions around the world. it was 1st identified in south africa, the countries health minister says a 4th wave can be managed without tougher restrictions. more than 11 and a half 1000 cases filled by the only cron variance have been confirmed in one day. that's 5 times the number reported a week ago, but hospitalizations and intensive care capacity remain stable. in india,
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the government's working to increase genome sequencing to assess the prevalence of the kron. india is previously overwhelmed by the delta. various that calls rec, hold death and infections in april and may. and in germany, the government plans to ban on vaccinated people from most public places. parliament will also debate plans to make vaccines mandatory by february and the u . s. is imposing tied to restrictions on international travelers. that's off the omnia. crohn was detected in 5 states. for me, the minute joins us now live from johannesburg. so for me, the. busy start with what's happening in south africa and we know, sorry to say they're not going to impose a strict lockdown. what will they do then? in the last addressed by a prison in florida, poor saw when after this variant was detected to the surprise of minutes of africans, the restriction levels remain the same. any south africans,
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instead to be vigilant, use non pharmaceutical interventions to keep themselves safe. but most importantly go out and get vaccinated at this point, only 41 percent. but 42 percent in fact, of adults have had at least one job. and about 36 percent of adults have up to vaccinations at this point. so that's a good one to reach a target of about 70 percent by the end of the year. that's likely not going to happen. but again, the emphasis from the government is this is what will keep you safe because we just so uncertain. a about how the virus spreads its transmitted realty, how quickly it's just, how sick people will become. and so the hope is that vaccines will keep people from becoming severely ill and keep them out of hospitals. and you've touched on this regarding just health of africa trying to get prepared. they say they're ready for a 4th wave. the hospitals are prepared. there is enough oxygen at the moment, only 4 percent of hospital bills have been taken up by people who need that kind of
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medical intervention. so really they would what they're doing is waiting for more data to understand better how this particular variant works. and i suppose take it from there, but for the moment they're saying we're not going to heighten restrictions. we're really facing these travel bands. our economy is backward. we really need to look out for the south african. okay, confident message then. but what does the situation look like nationwide outside the rhetoric and the big cities the focus is on pictorial. and to hannah's book, the halting province. it's a apparently the a present of this latest outbreak and the beginning of the 4th wave outside of halting province. the numbers are lower, but they have gone up, at least to the notice of people watching what's happening. and so the concern really is just what is happening in the province of coating and how the spread will
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continue here. this really is the, the hot spot in the country. but scientists are also saying, what is very important to watch is just the upsurge in numbers. they've looked at the numbers they've compared to the 2nd, the 3rd waves. previously since the beginning of the, of the pent they make and they say this is the quickest search that has taken place . so far, the numbers are actually quite extraordinary. given that, at the end of november, there was an average of perhaps 300 people being infected by coven 19 a day, and a 7 day average. and now they're looking at over $9000.00 people in the 7 day period every day and again, concentrated in halting province, weirdly 70 to 80 percent of the cases are being depicted. all right, thanks so much from them. another has kept more on the situation in india now was 2 cases of the crown have been detected, including one person with no travel history. the government is off states to
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increase genome sequencing divine about how prevalent the variant is. india previously suffered recalled deaths and infections driven by the delta vibrant our india correspondence elizabeth for on them was given rare access to a lab in new delhi. this is one of 37 labs in india where scientists are using a process called genome sequencing to decode the genetic information and called the 19 to learn more about the virus, the samples of every positive case and north and central delhi, a kept in this freezer at navy minus 80 degrees celsius, all we're doing through scientists show us a device called the flow cell which collects the samples. it's then inserted into a machine that reveals their genetic code. the director of india's biggest cause at 19 hospital says they have their best minds, analyzing the results,
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to see how the virus changes and you variance, and understand how these changes affect his characteristics. how the b as the scholars have their researchers, we have the professors, doctors who are full time working rather data, working more than well, our body allan j. p hospitals, corona virus, was receiving international passengers who tested positive for the virus upon their arrival. the government has imposed tighter restrictions at international airports, including mandatory code 19 test full arrivals. it's also delayed the resumption of international commercial flights. as other governments go further and ban flights from countries which have cases of alma kron economists say the new variant is old . ready, having a global impact. uncertainty leads to slow down an investment. as investment is what leads to growth under employment is under should know any kind of uncertainty
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that increase it affects the financial markets. i saw the stock market immediately declined. the emitter covered, but as long as the uncertainty remains, the financial markets will get affected. an investment re good effect sociologist say, while many are anxious about another possible wave, government must keep the poor in mind as they decide next steps that are different kind of people in this country and in this world. and i think the impact of corporate has been fed and expedients very differently across different social categories of people. and i think that's something that we need to underline, not because for some kind of sociological reasons, but also for policy reasons. the 1st year of the pandemic pushed 230000000 indians into poverty in the recording its lowest number of daily cars 19 cases in 18 months, as scientists race against time to find out on the phone for the more severe symptoms. and just how much protection vaccines offer, again,
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serious illness. the government is urging the 100000000 indian who missed getting this 2nd dose to do so immediately. elizabeth for on al jazeera new delhi neurons chief negotiator tells al jazeera world powers cannot reject drop proposals that submitted during nuclear talks in vienna. in an exclusive interview about the economy says, all nuclear related sanctions from the u. s. should be removed immediately. the talks are aimed at bringing iran and the u. s. back into the deal spent limits runs nuclear program and exchange for sanctions relief. go live now to ali ha shimmies in vienna. so some tough woods there from reagan and officials. where does this leave the negotiating space at this point? well, i me saw us on this latest line who received the joint commission of the jesse po
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tuesday. ready and euclid dean is going to convene on in just one hour from now. and then they will decide whether this strand of talks is going to continue. or that the negotiators are going to go back to the capitals for more consultations. what we know that they are might, and it's most likely that they are going to leave that through the capitals anyway, with respect to our interview or exclusive interview with the ali bachardy gunny, iran's deputy foreign minister. well, he said clearly that they don't have the options the walk powers, the do not have the option to refuse iran's 1st 2 proposals, one on the sanctions lifting the sanctions and the 2nd on iran rollinback. it's a nuclear measures because us are lubricated county because they don't want to want to ruin the nuclear the. this is what he said. and then he added also that there are many destructors trying to destroy the nuclear, a negotiations,
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mainly external and foreign destructors and are trying to confront them. he also added that iran once all the sanctions to be lifted. and moreover, it's once this to be verified and it's once more guarantees that another sanctions, another set of sanctions would be imposed on iran. so this is what the alpha bucket can he told us during today's entity. when valley i understand them also been talking about a 3rd. he mentioned the 1st and 2nd propose about a 3rd proposal is on the way. what do we know about that? while, according to him, the said proposal is going to be submitted after the war powers accept the 1st 2 proposals. and a 3rd proposal is going to be mainly on the verification process. and the
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guarantees that are going to be given, or iran is requesting the world powers to give it in order to, to revive the nuclear deal. and i actually, we asked him on whether this deed, because it was, it was negotiated in 2015 between 2013, sorry, on 2015. so there are many geopolitical changes that took place whether this a nuclear be listed is still valid and could really be sustained. so he said whether the international community, the walk powers are ready to commit themselves in on is going to commit itself adding also that when we ask him about the accusation, accusations that iran is planning to enrich uranium up to 90 percent clarity that these were reports are from the israeli media, and that they were denied by the i e a, the united nations nuclear watchdog. and that the it on one take any, the steps or measures outside its commitments to the i 8. all right,
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thanks so much, allie. hush im 12 people are both and have been killed in an attack on a village near as beale in northern iraq. the kurdish regional government is blaming i saw it says most of those killed were security for the members trying to protect civilian in 2017. around declare victory of rights for the group has continued to launch. sporadic attacks, lebanon's information minister has just announced his resignation in an attempt to resolve a status with saudi arabia and other gulf states. the dispute was caused by comments made by george di it was appointed less than 3 months ago. about the comments were made concerning the war in yemen. for that he said the host, the rebels were defending themselves in their fight against the sally led coalition of band all lebanese imports and recalled it's a master the bring in xena,
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hers. she's like for us in by route, so we've have this resignation announced what reason is called the di officially give for why he's resigning. well, according to the information minister, he said after much thought, i do not want to be the reason why. there has been a deterioration and relations between lebanon and its traditional allies. saudi arabia, along with other arab gulf states, has comments really that were aired in october, triggered the latest crisis. but even before his comments relations work strain like you mentioned, he called the war in yemen, a saudi aggression. but saudi arabia housed repeatedly said that the crisis is not in his comments, but the crisis as much bigger than that. saudi arabia believe that this country is now under the control of iran, and that the rounds ally in lebanon has the law dominates decision making in this
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country. so productive actually saying that he is hoping that his resignation will open the door to negotiation to open the door to some mediation efforts. in order to resolve this questions, he does mentioned the french president in manuel macross, who is in the gulf and who will be visiting saudi arabia tomorrow. we understand that micro really has been pressuring authorities in lebanon to, to get this resignation done before he meets saudi officials, hoping really, to use this as a bargaining chip in efforts to resolve the crisis. now, why is it so important because of the timing lebanon economy is in free fall at the international community. if it is to help this country, it will need golf money. but saudi arabia making it very clear that you know, the resignation is not going to be enough. and they would like to see the authorities contain really has the law. something that is going to be very difficult to do. so we have to wait to see whether or not that his resignation, as
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a good will gesture, will open the door to stations. but of deal really to solve this crisis that will have to involve the regional tug of war between iran and saudi arabia. so how people there then taking in this resignation after what was quote quite some pressure from saudi arabia food batting imports. well, there's mixed reaction. there are those who believe that he did not do anything wrong. he was expressing his own personal opinion, especially since he made those comments when he was not minister. but of course, there are others here in lebanon, who believed that the runs control over the country through hezbollah and its allies have led to the isolation of, of the lebanese state from its traditional political and economic partners. you know, the cough, they're the main trading partners of lebanon, and when saudi arabia and other countries decide to, you know, band the import of lebanese goods, this is going to hurt businesses. and already this country is relaying to one of its worst economic crisis. the currency has crashed and,
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and those in power are failing to carry out the needed reforms. in order to unlock, international aids, france has been trying to play a role. in fact, it was a deal between france and the iranians that led to the formation of the government . now, the french need saudis on board for much needed money. all right, thanks so much jennifer. still ahead on al jazeera, the sky's the limit. china's impressive tall buildings expected to dominate next week's world architecture festival. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies with sponsored point cutoff airways. hello, thanks for joining in here. sure. whether it's story for asia pacific. nice as you some see effects. snow for the western side of honju and goes for hawkeye,
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though we still have low temperatures here, top end of japan, support o 2 degrees, bottom end of japan cag oshima coming in at a high of 6 on saturday. high pressure, carving out sunny skies across a huge swath of china. themes looking good way, lynn, with pencil d. n. 422 on saturday. in your flood stricken areas of southern thailand, through central and southern areas of vietnam, we are finally starting to get some relief. a very dry stretch of weather here. we can't say the same through borneo the ne monsoon steering some heavy rain here at blanket it in brain across says sumatra, and same goes for java as well. so the potential to see some flooding also got to talk about flooding for india. psychologic storm. just steering in to the eastern a coast of india. so we've got red weather alerts out in play for entrepreneurship . no dish or that's on saturday. press place where this goes on sunday moves up that east coast. and this will now plague west bengal at calcutta has
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a hive 26 degrees, but all 3 of these indians states could see some flooding over the next few days. that sure weather update. we'll see again soon for the weather, sponsored by catera always in the country with an abundance of resource. lauren was easier terms for me. we move to grow and fraud. we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let me pa going to lose his growth and progress in here now. ah
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oh, you're watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. south africa's health minister says the country can manage a 4th wave of covey. 19 infections without imposing strength to lock downs. more than 11 and a half 1000 cases fuel by the omni cron variance had been confirmed in one day. iran's chief negotiator is told al jazeera world powers cannot reject draft proposals that has submitted during nuclear talks in vienna. exclusive interview, alibaba, the economy says all nuclear related sanctions from the u. s. should be removed immediately. lebanon's information minister has just announced his resignation in an attempt to resolve a spat with saudi arabia and other gulf states. george quoted that he said, the whole the rebels in yemen were defending themselves,
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re ard band lebanese imports. and recall that some bassa, ukraine's defense minister says russia is planning a large scale escalation along their shared border. he said 94000 russian soldiers a mobilizing and moscow will probably make a move in january. the kremlin has repeatedly dismissed suggestions. it's preparing for an attack. russia denies supporting separatists in ukraine's east, in a conflict that killed thousands of people since 2014. russia is trying to put things upside down, insisting that it's, it is a victim and it requires some security guarantees. like, but for the last, at least 7 years. and if we take into con, georgia, the aggression against georgia, it's even more, it's russia who has been aggressive. it's russia who has been pushing boundaries and it's russia who was violating international law. so i reject this idea that we have to guarantee anything to russia. i insist that it's russia who has to
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guarantee that it will not continue its aggression against any country. child stratford has the latest from never tried ski in ukraine. the defense minister, citing intelligent sources, both ukrainian, multi described as ukraine's partners with that information. it is being speculated that one of the reasons maybe because we haven't seen any snow any solid snow on the ground yet in this region. and of course, when there is snow and the temperature dropped, the ground is a lot harder, which makes it a lot easier to move heavy machinery and weaponry around. but as i say, that is speculation. some of the other things, the defense minister said, also very interesting. he said that there be no provocation on the ukrainian side, but we are ready for war. and he said that making a decision on ukraine's entry into nato will be a political, one of
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a political nature. there is no consensus in the alliance yet. so one could argue tentatively that this is the beginnings possibly of a little bit more of a conciliatory tone. by the ukrainians, considering the very kind of bellicose and compensation language that we've heard in recent weeks. the culminated realistically, yesterday, after that o. s. c meeting. when a statement was put out by the russian foreign ministry, following those meetings between laboratory blinkin, which said that moscow will be forced to take it. it's highly a 3 measures to level the military and strategic balance. if it's legitimate concerns about nato falls, he's been deployed along its borders and ukraine's involvement in us. geo political gains are not taken into consideration. so as i say, the beginnings possibly of a more conciliatory tone by the defense minister, we wait and see what is said in the discussions that we're expecting in the coming
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days. that's what we've been told. and the discussions between the us presidents and the russian president vladimir putin. more than half the refugees living and camps on the greek mainland are in danger of going hungry after authorities restricted aid. the government is tightened rules and is only giving food and money to those in the process of applying for asylum. john threw up his reports from a refugee camp near check. hilda. asylum seekers served lunch at it's on a camp. 90 kilometers north of athens. on today's menu, burger's with mashed potatoes or pasta with polonaise sauce. there's a choice of salad, fresh, tomatoes or beat. some people take the food home, others just take the salads and throw the cooked meals away. brovana, mary, an afghan, who's lived this camp for 2 years, explains why they don't want to take the food because they don't need it. they
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don't want it because it is not eligible for most of them. and it is getting repeated, especially for the children. such food waste seems incomprehensible. especially considering that of the 18000 refugees living in camps on the mainland. 60 percent are in danger of going hungry. that's because state aid is given only to those in the process of applying for asylum. and most camp presidents have already been accepted or rejected. they're now expected to fend for themselves or leave the country. but excluding these people from state aid, say, refugee charities, undermines what the government achieved by putting them in camps in the 1st place. few months ago when people working, but not the same. you saw them in the inventory, this plan and it was the same government to publish the squares and with them and those stamps in its own and my cousin and i was the same government was asking them to lead because they need to lament along and many here say the government has just made the problem worse. governments have typically taken over tasks,
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aid groups developed in times of crisis. earlier this year, the government took over management of mainland camps from the united nations on october 1st, it further shrank the u. n. 's role, assuming responsibility for cash handouts. these transitions haven't always gone smoothly. the 40 percent of camp presidents eligible for cash hasn't received any for 2 months, starving a fledgling economy inside the camps and leading to hunger crisis. many like the immediate emily has been granted asylum, a living off savings, others rely on cash from relatives. this age group say is a manufactured crisis, resulting from greece is lack of integration policy for refugees. all of them are external, overseer, the resource for and they're not there. then they just need some support. real support. and the plan that we look at their needs from reception point the gratian
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and then that will just be an assaye for us. and not the burden greece says it is merely implementing the law supporting those deemed in need of protection and asking every one else to go away, but they have nowhere to go. jobs are hopeless at the malak asa entered itala refugee camps. the world's largest annual event, celebrating the best in architecture is on the way in lisbon. about a half a 3rd rather of all short listed sites are in china. this katrina, you reports from beijing. the country hasn't always had the best reputation in the industry. down millions of office buildings in china. but the liter skyscraper in southwest bay, jang is unlike any other straddling a major subway station. 2 structures are connected by a soaring atrium, that twists towards the sky. here we were face with her, and as you were, to build an office tower, 200 meters tall, with the subway tunnel underneath. how do we create something very elegant?
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that really will be part of the city we critter, we call an urban window. so the atrium that's created because of straddling the, the tunnel creates a tower that's creates the tallest atrium in the world. straight lines are hard to find here, but the unseen is equally impressive. integrated smart systems manage the buildings, temperature and air quality. energy use is minimized. every office is connected with 5 g. these are just some of the reasons it was highly commended at the prestigious world architecture festival taking place this week in portugal of about 500 international projects nominated for awards one 3rd a chinese young costume and isn't surprised by the country strong showing. he spent a decade working here before founding his firm in 2015, even though china as a place that has actually the largest,
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traditionally you can possibly imagine it's still very young at heart. so it's actually always very interested in innovation. but innovation has been interpreted widely. for years, china was known for poor quality, gaudy constructions, president she didn't ping has called for an end to so called weird architecture. a government ban on ugly buildings was issued earlier this year. there's now focus on sustainability, simplicity and preserving history. themes seen at show gong number 3, blast furnace. another short listed project completed in 1959 and closed due to environmental concerns and 2010 designers chose to refurbish rather than demolish the site. with this land has historical memory and the owners have a deep affection for it. we focus on transformation and renewal to give the enterprise new vitality with these blue skies. it's hard to imagine that this area
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was once choked by heavy air pollution for decades. shogun was ladings industrial hub and main source of smoke. these trains used to transport iron or coal and other materials. the area now houses the offices of the beating winter olympics and has become popular with tourists. with an estimated half of the world's construction taking place in china, buildings here will continue drawing global attention and designers hope for the better and not the worst. katrina you out as irritating. ah, and let's take you through some of the headlines now. south africa's health minister says the country can manage a 4th wave of covey. 19 infections without imposing strict to lock downs. more than 11 and a half 1000 cases fueled by the omnia kron variant have been confirmed in one day.
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for me, the miller has more from to harrisburg, they say they're ready for a 4th wave. the hospitals are prepared. there is enough oxygen.


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