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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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with an abundance of results, red byron walk, indonesia whose firms forming we move full to grow and fraud, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia now got one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, the customer needed to open and develop it. school, international shipping company to become a p, middle east and trade and wanting skillfully, mcdonald 3 key areas of development co filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, wanting cato, cortez gateway to whoa trade. oh,
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a a look about what channels are there with lisa romney, reminder of our top stories, romans chief negotiator has told us that world powers cannot reject drug proposals . it's submitted jury duty, it will be an exclusive entity. bahati, connie says, all nuclear related sanctions from the us should be removed immediately. levins information minister has announced his resignation in an attempt to resolve a fat between saudi arabia and other states, georgia core dice that the whose the rebels and yemen were defending themselves in response, react band lebanese import. and recall that some bastard of south africa health ministers of the countries entering in full play the primitive virus infection
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fuels by the newly discovered alma con baron. more than 11 and a half 1000 infections have been in time to one day. by the time for them to report it a week ago, now the w h o says asia pacific country should expect to search in cases driven by the omi called variant. but officials say the region is prepared to deal with arise and infections. none of the information we have currently about only wrong suggest we need to change the direction of our response. our experience of the last 2 years, especially in dealing with the variance like build up, provides a guide about what to do now. as well as how to be the future in a more sustainable way. by making this one's measure to each country context using 5 key tools in combination, we can avoid the red line and minimize the impact as well as social and economic
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options. well, tiny chang has more on the spread of the variance in asia. the w 2 are inside asked about spikes infections that have been seen in singapore, in south korea, countries where they're all very wide vaccination programs. those don't appear to be down to the new barons. however, the w h o suggested that was because of increased opening policies and increased social interaction. after the coven measures the been put in place for the last 18 months, they said that was likely, but they didn't nodes the serious infections and death remaining very steady and relatively low at the moment. and they said, that's a sign that current policy is working. we've also seen countries like the philippines who have had relatively low vaccination rates, trying to push vaccination drives. they were aiming for 9000000 people vaccinated in 3 days. they had managed to get 7.6, but i think it's
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a sign in this region that in many countries were the omni chrome very and hasn't yet been detected. the cutely aware of the fact that the one thing that's really going to stop this or they probably won't be able to stop it at the borders. but the one thing from stuffing is spreading as delta has in this region will be widespread vaccinations and boost a program that however, is going to be a complication because many countries here had problems getting vaccinations they. they were looking for supplies from developed nations. they are getting those 1st supplies now, but boost the supplies will really strain the supply chains. they are trying to increase the vaccination production in this region. but there's going to be a program that takes some time to come through the white houses, reinstating a trumpet or a border policy that false is asylum seekers to wait in mexico for us immigration hearings. the biden administration has scraps the remain in mexico program, but was ordered by
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a court in august to restart it. now the program will begin at one border crossing, located location on monday. pardon me, mike. hannah has moved washington d. c. well, that texas court ruling was upheld by the supreme court which agreed that the vital had ministration had not investigated fully enough before removing this particular law biden had described the lo, introduced by president trump as in humane and his administration. got rid of it immediately. however, now, in the light of the supreme court judgment, the administration is we introducing this remain in mexico protocol. it has been the last few months at discussing with the mexican government ways in which this could be imposed in a far more humane manner than it was in the past. this includes, for example, providing transport for individuals, a to encampments within mexico, where they can stay while they are waiting the court cases to proceed within the
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united states. a significant matter as well was that the us agreed to make because demand for a time limit on the legal process, a maximum of 6 months to be taken to decide the case of each particular individual . but this is, of course, going to have a massive impact on tens of thousands of people, the bite and administration. one understands is looking at its immigration protocols to see how it can rewrite its immigration policies in a way that would satisfy the courts and conservative politicians. the special reporter on slavery is in sri lanka, where he's assessing the government's efforts to improve working conditions and eradicate child labor. when l fernandez has more on what he had to say from colombo, he's been visiting essentially tea factories are looking into the plight the working conditions of. she'll anchors great labor force in the t industry. and he did see that some of his experiences where he had gone into some of the line rooms
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where these people, the he said he came out distressed. so he did say that there was room for improvement of these people who essentially he was saying, i still have a pretty dismal lot. now on the other hand, he also visited the garmin sector, spoke to stakeholder, talk to essentially workers in a puddle factories. he dropped orders, he drove to the government and they're in told there are report that there are some not across the industry, but there are some of the sort of operators that do exploit workers. there are people who are not given the necessary remuneration. they have some pretty dismal working conditions, and these are issues of concern. obviously child labor is something he looked at. but if you look at priyanka as a whole, the issue of child labor, we don't have a huge number of children who are employed of underage children and used for labor
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. but however, he did say that any form, even during the a corona virus pandemic, he said that some children had been forced to take up work. and he said that some action was required. but overall he did. so to commend the government in terms of some of the progress they had made. but he did say that our society should be inclusive, that discriminatory practices based on gender, race, age, and, and all of that should be done away with, in order to get to the core of force labor and eradicating it. more than half the refugees living in come suddenly, greek mainland are in danger of getting hungry. after authorities restricted age, the government has tightened rules and is only giving food money to those in the process of applying for silent trans romulus reports not from a refugee camp near cheerleader. asylum seekers served
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lunch at it's on a camp. 90 kilometers north of athens on today's menu burgers with mashed potatoes or pasta with polonaise sauce, there's a choice of salad, fresh tomatoes or beat. some people take the food home. others just take the salads and throw the cooked meals away. but of anna a, mary, an afghan, who's lived this camp for 2 years, explains why they don't want to take the food because they don't eat it. they don't want it because it is not eligible for most of them. and it is getting repeated, especially for the children. such food waste seems incomprehensible. especially considering that of the 18000 refugees living in camps on the mainland. 60 percent are in danger of going hungry. that's because state aid is given only to those in the process of applying for asylum. and most camp presidents have already been accepted or rejected. they're now expected to fend for themselves or leave the country. but excluding these people from state aid, say, refugee charities,
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undermines what the government achieved by putting them in camps in the 1st place. few months ago when people were but not the same. you saw them in doris plan and it was the same government with of the squares and with them on those stamps on my cousin. and i was the same time i was asking them to lead because they need to lament along and many here say the government has just made the problem. worse. governments have typically taken over tasks age groups developed in times of crisis . earlier this year the government took over management of mainland camps from the united nations on october. first, it further strength, the u. n. 's role, assuming responsibility for cash handouts. these transitions haven't always gone smoothly. the 40 percent of camp presidents eligible for cash hasn't received any for 2 months, starving a fledgling economy inside the camps and leading to hunger crisis. many like the amine family has been granted asylum,
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a living off savings. others rely on cash from relatives. this age group say is a manufactured crisis, resulting from greece's lack of integration policy for refugees. also them are extra zia, they're resourceful. and they're not there. then they just need more real support. and the plan that we look at their needs from reception point. the gratian and then that will just be for us and not the burden. greece says it is merely implementing the law, supporting those deemed in need of protection and asking every one else to go away . but they have nowhere to go. jobs are alkalis at the malak asa and itala refugee camps. voters in the gambia are heading to the poles on saturday to elect our next president. the electoral commission says that it's made all the preparations for free and fair election. i would address reports now from the capital ban jewel election staff examined voting kit. i had of saturday's presidential election
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more than 7000 of them will be used in more than 1500 bowling stations across the gambia. we could look isn't really where it and when i'm comes into ethical distance, what will you when you who it is, it's an squarely in the middle of all but is to make sure that the loses lacy, nearly a 1000000 people have registered to vote in this election, but also sees a record number 6 presidential candidates. the gambia has a unique system of voting that predates its independence over here. are ballard boxes called the ballot drums. they're made out in different colors for each candidate in this election. and in these boxes are election materials that include marble, given to each verified voter,
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the voter takes the marble and then drops through this all inside the ballard drum . the moment the marble gets in there, it hits about and makes a sound to the voter election. officials and party representatives present and finally the ballots. i counted on this wooden plate. oh, the ambient police won't say how many officers they're deploying, but say they aren't leaving anything to charles. and nobody can tell what exactly my biddy glasses situation that my are up and so police of his us ought to be in to be able to deal with this address. and even though we are anticipating that we are going to walk into a peaceful election, but you may not know what might be this is thanks that all the challenges overcome vote. enthusiasm is high, but many people don't trust the politicians would deliver what they promise. i believe every politician is there for that interest. well, it isn't like, sorry to say when will it isn't, i se, the,
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i guess after that interest i would because as i mentioned earlier on, i am a concerned citizen and, and i have to what it is my right of way of vicious hope. this enthusiasm will translate into a high voter turnout which could be possible as gambia, save out the freedom to vote and express themselves without fear of intimidation. degrees al jazeera bundle, the gambia, a group of artists is bringing life and a bygone era back to a neighborhood in baghdad. and as judy will reports, it's drawing a lot of attention from all across rog. the story that this one's vibrant district in baghdad were only shared by word of mouth and in history books. now they're written on the walls with a splash of color, this dilapidated neighborhood is enjoying a revival. and it's the talk of the town. oh, smith. we did not expect that this would get so much attention. it spread all over
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social media in baghdad within a day. and at the same time, different people got in touch so that we now paint houses. here. we are happy and see that people encourage our ideas. alley khalifa leads to collective, formed mainly of painters from the construction industry. they use their skills artistically to create these murals month. jonathan csr the area used to be his story. but with the passage of time it got neglected. these guys painted the traditional windows with famous personality. they brought back the soul and life to this area, which now has caught the attention of people. now more people come, the youth come to take pictures and families come to look at the beautiful paintings and mark on the stories behind these faces seek to inspire audiences, both young and old, and the starter lamp. up. in this historic area, we paint traditional motifs and famous personalities. and we reflect the life of people who are living here in the beautiful times that they were living in. and we
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also reflect the simple baghdad life body. a simple life from history now restored in brilliant color, one brush stroke at a time. gillian wolf, al jazeera, the world's largest annual event, celebrating the best in architecture is underway in lisbon. about a 3rd of all short mr. sites are actually in china. but as katrina, you reports beijing, the country hasn't always had the best reputation in the industry. there are millions of office buildings in china, but the liter skyscraper in southwest bay, jang is unlike any other straddling and later subway station. 2 structures are connected by a soaring atrium, that twists towards the sky. here we were faced with her and as you were, to build an office tower, 200 meters tall, with the subway tunnel underneath. how do we create something very elegant?
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that really will be part of the city we critter, we call an urban window. so the atrium that's created because of straddling the, the tunnel creates a tower that's creates the tallest atrium in the world. straight lines are hard to find here, but the unseen is equally impressive. integrated smite systems, manage the buildings, temperature and air quality. energy use is minimized. every office is connected with 5 g. these are just some of the reasons it was highly commended at the prestigious world architecture festival taking place this week in portugal. at about 500 international projects nominated for awards one 3rd our chinese young cluster. men isn't surprised by the country strong showing. he spent a decade working here before founding his sperm in 2015. even though china is a place that has actually the largest, traditionally you can possibly imagine it's still very young at heart. so it's
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ashley, always very interested in innovation. but innovation has been interpreted widely. for years, china was known for poor quality, gaudy constructions, president she didn't ping has called for an end to so called weird architecture. a government ban on ugly buildings was issued earlier this year. there is now focus on sustainability, simplicity and preserving history. themes seen that show gong number 3, blast furnace. another shortlisted project completed in 1959 and closed due to environmental concerns and 2010 designers chose to refurbish rather than demolish the site for you. this land has historical memory and the owners have a deep affection for it. we focus on transformation and renewal to give the enterprise new vitality with these blue skies. it's hard to imagine that this area was once choked by heavy air pollution. for decades,
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shogun was beijing's industrial hub and main source of smoke. these trains used to transport iron or coal and other materials. the area now houses the offices of the beating winter olympics and has become popular with tourists. with an estimated half of the world's construction taking place in china, buildings here will continue drawing global attention and designers hope for the better and not the worst. katrina you out a 0. they chain. well, still head on out there all bring you special coverage on the theda arab up here in canada. his son moved with more a thank you so how yes, alive from our our top studio here in doha. coming up in a few moments the latest accident from the dawn and asshole cut, i love to make it to and from to ah.
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mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance . arising were investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition knew where beautiful possibilities are. offered frank assessments. this crisis continue to weaken a look a shanker, even though they're cap cbd, of the beginning. they're able to put an informed opinion. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most types of things to come out of these critical debate. do you think they should be facilitated? not choke it, right? it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story on al jazeera
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lou. ah welcome. so is there a special coverage of the fee for our cup torment doubling up as a major warm up event for the kata woke up next to it had on santa ha most. plenty of sports news for you, including host katara currency and action to give amanda with the asian champions looking to make it to and from to and the way from the ab cup christiano and all the puts in a massive performance. if the gloom for man to see united fans ah,
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that goes is straight to the latest action from be our cup. host cuts are currently playing at education city stadium. one of the newly built venues for next year as well. cup the asian champions are up against oman, and they're looking to follow up there when they're opening with another victory. cuts are currently leading one mill or to one. i got all this guy is that the education city stadium. joe, tell us what's the atmosphere like in the stadium hall that excitement is there for well center. there's a great atmosphere. hey, to around 24000 fans in 840000 seater education city stadium here. and as you mentioned that kathy have taken the lead one nell from east of bog. and this is an important game because if catherine beat or mon in this match, then they will go through to the courts of finals, but make no mistake, that this is not one of those bits of rivalries that we like to report on now. and again, these teens are very close. the 2 countries in fact, have
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a very special relationship, were speaking to one of the monte classes he was going in. and he said it's 2 countries, one nation. and that's because the emani fans were the ones who were cheering per capita in the 2019 age. how when i went on to win that title match because the country friends weren't able to go to the united arab emirates at the time. because of the cats are located so special relationship and i think why we have to pick it up at the patient. so how important is this competition for the house? when your son, every time somebody posts a football match that presto post, what kind of speed? sure, thank you. have a nice to little bit alien is very critical of the missing. so if in the game against rain, even though they went on to that, because the pressure off,
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one of the world cup is pointing the international pressure that the core of not having that has changed since that. i mean, i don't think it comes to like go away and surprised everybody else young tape and they are even in the process of the autopsy well, they didn't know well covered before you think well here at the arab, it proved to companies and it is uncomfortable joe, thank you very much for that. enjoy the lights and we'll hear from you later on. well, cut us 1st when it came against bahrain who faced iraq earlier, because his 1st well of bahrain, both teams, a fired blanket with the game ending nil nil still ahead. on friday, 2 more matches more tanya, face the u. e and syria take on sanisha. early i was joined in the studio by far
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miami, the communications executive director for the cutoff. welcome organizing committee . she explained to us just how the our cop is helping preparations for caught up 2022. it is really a great opportunity will always have said that this tournament, it's for the abroad and actually having all the main nations to be testing all of our venues for the 1st time and to actually live the tournaments. experience as if it would be like during the world cup, this would be a actually a good opportunity for us from just all of our operations. we have all of our students actually ready, one year ahead of the tournament for us now. with, with hosting this tournament, it's the opportunity to fine tune all of these plans for one year to the work of itself from i read one of your interviews are expecting what more than 1000000 fans for the cut out 2022. how do you think? do you think it's going to be ready for that many people we are ready. i was been ready actually for a quite long time. all of the infrastructure has been completed. all of our
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stakeholders, like the, there's an upgrade to our expressways. the metro is up and running fully. we have an expansion and how much international efforts. and also like when it comes to the accommodations and we have come up with an innovative solutions and variety, we always have said that this world cup will be an affordable workup for everyone. so there will be the availability for $2.00 to $5.00 stars hotel. and we also didn't want to leave a white elephant, so we made sure to have an innovative solutions when it comes to accommodation. we're going to be having to cruise ship like a floating hotels where fan actually can stay through ot. we're also going to be having an, an experiential or accommodation for people who would actually wants to have an experience deserts experience where they can actually located there. and this is actually one of the project that we're testing as well. and the upcoming away from the ab cup roth rodney get says he couldn't turn down the chance to become interior manager at manchester. united aren't this,
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they. he was in the stance to watch united fight from behind to be arsenal in the, in the family. christiane, are not those called twice as they sank. the london is 32 at old trafford, result lift united to 7 and table in the end to be honest, if a club like majesty united contact you for such a role, you cannot possibly turn it on the major target for me in the next couple of weeks days, weeks is just to to bring more balance into the team. um, even yesterday we conceded 2 goals. we needed 3 goals in yet to win the game was exciting for to friends. but even for myself as the future coach, those are not the kind of games that you need every day. so that's oh for now remind of our top schools foyce. post an action at the fee for our cup. they're looking to make it to and from to i say face of mine will be back in a few hours time for another school. it's up day that $1545.00 pm to
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ah december on and just either guitar hose, the fever, arab cup, a momentous event for the region, and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 wildcat. people in power invest the gates, the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace. lori is recognized by safeguarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy, and lasting peace from shore. documentaries to in depth explain his portal. showcase is the best voucher. zero's digital content. as the year draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on a jesse europe killing the debate,
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90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. it's now. it's not a lock can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all the patient. this theme on al jazeera, the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, markham, on hill, on out 0, compelling journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the explosion, inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your bro?
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in deliverance i made that al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. oh, are they on the chrome? barian drives up to 900 cases in south africa. the health minister says the surge can be managed without a stricter lockdown. ah, that whole room and you're watching. i was there like my headquarters here in the hall. coming up around chief negotiator says world powers cannot reject the proposal that put forward during talks to revise the nuclear deal. also lebanon's installation minister resigns in the attempt to resolve a.


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