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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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ah, ah, ah, we have reports of over 38 countries in all 6 w h o regions. and we do see increasing trending on the current in south africa. the army kron variance of corona virus fuels a 4th wave in south africa, the world health organization. since the strain appears to be more infectious, but there's no need to panic, awe alone. welcome on pete, adobe. you're watching al jazeera life from the also coming up. iran's chief negotiator tells our to 0 that world powers must accept its proposals during talks in vienna. if it wants to revive the nuclear deal,
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ukraine warns russia could launch a military offensive by the end of next month. moscow says that's nonsense. also, i had more desperate times to come. for many refugees in greece, stuck in the bitter cold was the government restricts food and money. ah, south africa has entered a 4th wave of corona virus driven largely by the army cron variance of corona virus . the government says it has the resources to deal with the search in cases, but infections are growing. officials are concerned about the number of children on to 5 who are being at mr. hospital for me to miller reports. now from johannesburg . experts in south africa say the surgeon called at 19 infections, is the highest as seen since the start of the pandemic. and they blame the latest and possibly most contagious variant. ami kron. they want us,
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that the variance would generally be in want transmissible. but most of the time they would be less up to date as we enter the 4th wave with a new environment, we can see confirmation of this one. while people from this and other countries in southern africa, a facing international travel bands, lockdown restrictions in south africa at the lowest, the government is instead urging people to get vaccinated. so for 42 percent of adults have received a job with hospital admissions, mainly dominated by those who are not vaccinated. and young people below the age of 40, most of whom are not vaccinated. at this stage, we can say that even in how to which accounts for 72 to 80 percent of the new daily infections we have not yet reached rented in stages in terms of our
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hospital capacity and the new hospital admissions. the government says it has enough resources to deal with the outbreak, even in one of the worst hit provinces halting. the latest statistics show, there are more than 50000 active infections. and daily infections are growing. and health workers are also concerned about the high number of children under 5 years old who've been hospitalized a phenomenon of young children, younger age groups, as well as pregnant women. having increased infection is correcting him based a gated. we are hoping that in the coming weeks we'll be able to also give reasons for. busy why this particular cohorts of patient is having increased infection. but officials hope that while the new variant appears highly transmissible, it can be managed. the government says it will continue door to door campaigns and community awareness programs to try to convince people to get
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a job. how the experts say the number of people dying from coven 19 has remained low because of vaccinations. and right now, one and 4 people tested for coven 19 in south africa, a recording positive for me to mila. i'll just 0 johannesburg. well, the only cranberry and has also been detected in mexico and to nicea and 6 cases have been found in the us state of nebraska. however, the world health organization says it's still the dolts of variance is driving the number of cases globally. he have reports of over counted 38 countries in all 6 w h o regions and we do see increasing trends in on the con in south africa. so there is a suggestion that there is increased trends miss ability. what we need to understand is if it's more or less transmissible compared to delta, that delta vary is still dominant worldwide. that's important to keep in mind. so we need to see how oma con, compares with delta, when they're both circulating in the population. at the same time,
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europe continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic, as it heads towards the depths of winter. germany is battling a devastating 4th wave. it's imposing major restrictions, including banning unvaccinated people from most public places. he gets on anyone who still hesitant should realize what the situation is. more than one percent of germans are currently acutely infected. the air force is currently transferring many patients per week across the republic. i for one, i'm very concerned about these images from berlin. dominic cane explains why some germans are hesitant to get the vaccination. sas, easton state of saxony, an east german state, in the old east germany. the did the, did a our as angle america would refer to it because she is also a former east german. in that state you have the lowest uptake of the vaccine and the worst cove it stats at the same time. now one particularly interesting. other
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aspect of that particular state is that is the state which has the highest vote share for the extreme right wing party. the alternative for germany that matters because the alternative for germany party in its leaders have always said they believed that vaccine uptake was a matter of personal choice. and they have never called for and are not calling for a mandatory vaccine requirement. so there are some political scientists in germany who's theory is that the further a person is in the political spectrum to the right, or indeed to the left. because there is some evidence from a state near. now the borders saxony, which has earned extreme left government, that the further that one is to the extremes. politically, the more likely one is to reject a mainstream media and reject mainstream medicine. and that therefore means rejecting the idea of a wearing masks be having the vaccine. and c, submitting oneself to accepting a mandatory vaccine requirement. and it does stand out that in that state of saxony,
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you have the lowest uptake, the worst statistics in terms of cov it and the highest support for the extreme right wing party. the entity militia has detected its worst case of the army kron variance. it was owned in a fully vaccinated visitor, arriving from south africa via singapore. earlier this week, malaysia and singapore opened their border. one of the was busiest vaccinated travelers. malaise is also bad travelers from 8 african countries because of concerns over ami crop. so korea is making it mandatory to show evac seen possible public spaces, including cafes and restaurants. the past is already been used, but up until now, only for high risk venues such as jim's, south korea is ramping up restrictions after confirming 5 cases of the army kron variant india is to take to 2 cases of the variance, including a person with no travel history at all, the government has all the states to increase the genome. sequencing india did
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previously suffer record levels of death and infections driven by the delta. barry and elizabeth parent him was given rare access to a lab in new delhi. yeah, this is one of 37 labs in india where scientists are using a process called genome sequencing, to decode the genetic information and coded 19 to learn more about the virus, the samples of every positive case and north and central delhi, a kept in this freezer at navy minus 80 degrees celsius, all we're doing through scientists show as a device called the flow cell, which collects the samples. it's then inserted into a machine that reveals the genetic code, the director of india's biggest cause at 19 hospital says they have their best minds, analyzing the results, to see how the virus changes and you variance, and understand how these changes affect his characteristics. how the b as the
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scholars, we have their researchers, we have the professors, doctors who are full time working rather than working more than well, our body allan j. p. hospitals, corona virus. what is receiving international passengers who tested positive for the virus upon their arrival? the government has imposed tighter restrictions at international airport, including mandatory code 19 test for arrivals. it's also delayed the resumption of international commercial flights. as other governments go further and ban flights from countries which have cases of alma kron economists say the new variant is old . ready, having a global impact. uncertainty leads to slow down in investment, and investment is what leads to growth under employment is under should know any kind of uncertainty that increases affects the financial markets. i saw the stock
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market immediately decline. they made a color. but as long as the uncertainty remains, the financial markets will get affected. an investment re good effect. sociologists say, while many of anxious about another possible wave government must keep the poor in mind as they decide next set the different kind of people in this country and in this world. and i think the impact of coven has been fed it, and expedients very differently across different social categories of people. and i think that's something that we need to underline, not because for some kind of sociological reasons, but also for policy reasons. the 1st year of the pandemic pushed 230000000 indians into poverty in the recording its lowest number of daily code 19 cases in 18 months, as scientists race against time to find out on the phone for the more severe symptom. and just how much protection vaccines offer against serious illness, the government is urging the 100000000 indian miss getting this 2nd dose. to do so
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immediately, elizabeth, for on al jazeera deli, still to come here on out to 0 will the resignation of a senior minister help he'll lebanon's rift with saudi arabia. ah hello there. here's your weather forecasts in a minute. 15 will begin in the middle east where we've got cooler air filtering across northern areas of saudi through q weights and also doha. and then we've got this sham all when that said north swing, coming down from the rock. we could see gus in doha, on saturday. at to 50 kilometers per hour, that's enough to swirl around sand and dust and impact the visibility of to pakistan right now. not much to report plenty of sun karachi, a hiv, 30 degrees,
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get some rain moving across a central areas of afghanistan next to turkey. quite a bit of acts of weather going on toward the west, moving more inland as so this is hopped over the a g and, and just slamming into that west coast. it's going to plague is we're on saturday with the high of 18 degrees. central areas of africa right now, we've got our storms in and around kinshasa also through gab on in cameroon. and then we can trace lot of wet weather for southern areas of angola toward the northeast of namibia, south west of botswana, and really now a huge swath of south africa were seen this. so on saturday, i think both for johannesburg and cape town, we will get into the wet weather and we may even power up. some thunderstorms for places like durbin, for example, kit towns got a high of 22 on saturday. that's it. see again soon. ah, in the country with an abundance of resolve and wan indonesia,
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his terms, boom, we move to grow and fraud with balance for green economy, blue economy, and the it's all economy with the new job creation law, indonesia, these progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress. invest in indonesia. now, lou ah, approaching quote, past the are you watching l to 0 piece adobe. your top story so far today, south africa's health minister says the country has entered its 4th wave of corona virus infections. fueled by the new ami kron variant, more than 11 and
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a half 1000 infections have been confirmed in just one day. shanicea and mexico are the latest countries to announce they've detected the new variance almost 40 other countries in territories have reported. omicron infections so far. harry moultrie is a senior medical epidemiologist at south africa's national institute for communicable diseases. he says, the next couple of weeks will be more telling about the severity of my crop. we don't yet have a clear handle on the evolutionary process that led to the emergence of me crohn. it does appear that i may, con, was derived from infected beaten lineage there. so it is either the interesting in a small hidden population where we haven't had sight of, it's perhaps a sub population which doesn't have strong networks into, into the rest of the country. or other places, or perhaps it has been evolved within a single or
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a cup of small number of individuals or the long period of time. and during this time it is acquired a large number of mutations, both within the spiked mutation within the spike protein. but also with an other areas of the variance. and so it has emerged in how tang quite suddenly, but whether, whether it was circulating in other parts of the world before this, we don't, there has been a speculation. i love anecdotal reports from clinicians. you've seen patients who have been telling us that they are seeing less severe infections this time around in this way before and i presume to on the contrary, i think the 2 important things to remember that that 1st of all has to be 60 to 70 percent of the population have already had covered at some point before, and it's likely that they have a high level of immunity,
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possibly protecting against severe disease. so it is quite hard at this point to be sure about whether the disease severity profile that we are seeing in south africa would translate into other parts of the aaron's chief negotiator has sold al jazeera that the well powers can't reject dar draft proposals that submitted during talks in vienna, in an exclusive interview alley by getty county says, all nuclear related sanctions from the u. s. should be removed immediately. the talks are aimed or bringing iran and the u. s. back into the deal. now it's meant to limit iran's nuclear program. in exchange for sanctions relief and he hash him has more now for us from vienna after the 1st proposal, the 2nd proposal, the iranians are now talking of the 3rd proposal that they would submit just after the war powers except the 1st on the 2nd. let's just go into some details. the 1st is about the sanctions. the 2nd is about iran rollinback. it's
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a measure the following. trump for president trump's withdrawal from the j. c, p u a or the new care deal. and the said is going to be bucket. you can, you told us on the guarantees and the verification process, whereas this is going to allow iran to get back to its commitments. so this is, this is mainly what the ranges are asking for. right now. they want the united states to lift all the sanctions that were imposed and re imposed following the united states to throw away from the nuclear deal. and also they want to verify that this, these sanctions will not be every imposed once again on iran. and that they can deal with the whole world community and do business as they should. this is, this is what they think they should have guarantees one. anyway,
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this is what are the bucket county how to tell us earlier today, they're going to the proposal table by iran cannot be rejected, i told because they are based on the provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement. in principle, the countries which are still the participants of the j. c. away they do not want to ruins the nuclear document. all the sanctions which have been imposed or re imposed under the so called maximum pressure campaign of the united states. they should be removed immediately. so no, the talks came to an end to an end. this round box came to an end of birth, and rickie moore, or the official who told reporters dot the delegations would go back to the capital. the 4th to talk to the official. it's due to the governments that a try get new lines from that a new direction in order to come back to vietnam, maybe earlier, next, next week to rank now were 12 people i have been killed in an attack on
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a village near a bill, the kurdish regional government is blaming ice. sullen, says most of those killed were security force members who are trying to protect civilians in 2017. the route declared victory over the arm group, but it's fighters have continued to launch. sporadic attacks, lebanon's information minister has quits in an attempt to resolve a dispute with saudi arabia and other gulf states. george car, he called the war in yemen, quotes a saudi aggression triggering a diplomatic crisis. re add band all lebanese imports and recalled. it's ambassador in a harder reports now from beirut. it's an announcement that's supposed to help open the door for negotiations with saudi arabia and other gulf arab states shall be done. one of them's was he lebanon's information minister george credit, his comments calling the war and yemen. a saudi aggression triggered the worst deterioration in relations in years for weeks credit he rejected calls to resign.
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he now explains why he changed his mind or race. if i didn't see him, i do have a french president. manual mccall is heading to saudi arabia on an official visit. what i understood from the prime minister who i met 3 days ago, is it france wants to use my resignation to help open dialogue with saudi arabia. french president manuel macross has been urging gulf states not to isolate lebanon . it's believed he wants to use the resignation as a bargaining chip to convince saudi arabia and other states to restore economic and diplomatic ties with lebanon. the government invaded track now it's basically a corporation where the french and the iranians called the shots. and it seems that for the government in order to be able to, to succeed, to, in order to be able to ensure the implementation of the reforms that are being asked for by the international community. there must be some sort of in involvement of gulf money. there is no guarantee the resignation will be enough for saudi
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arabia, which has said, it won't engage with a government controlled by the iranian backed, has below. but it could help. and the political crisis in lebanon per day is backed by husband law, which, along with its allies, paralyzed with cabinets for weeks, they want the lead judge investigating the 2020 explosion api reports thought the tar removes for what they allege is political bias efforts. to limit his jurisdiction in the case are now underway, prime minister, and as you may add to who took office in september, promised to repair ties with arab gulf states. but it has been a difficult balancing act with political power in lebanon in the hands of his bala . and there was a problem that faced him mainly on the system and lebanon, and the political system. second, what have taken place between lebanon and the gulf and disputed offer, especially, we need the best scenarios in order to be a haley on, on,
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on the healing track. a saudi ban on all imports from lebanon is adding pressure to an economy already in free fall. a gesture of good will may reverse such measures that repairing a relationship with a traditional ally is part of a larger geopolitical struggle with iran than a for their else is. eda made it ukraine's defense minister, says rushes planning a large scale escalation along their shared border. he said 94000 russian soldiers a mobilizing and moscow will probably make a move in january. the kremlin has repeatedly dismissed suggestions. it's preparing for an attack. russia denies supporting separatists in eastern ukraine and a conflict as killed thousands of people since 2014. russia is trying to put things upside down, insisting that it is a victim, and it requires some security guarantees like but for the last, at least 7 years. and if we take into con, georgia, the aggression against georgia,
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it's even more, it's russia who has been aggressive, is russia, who has been pushing boundaries. and it's russia who was violating international law. so i reject this idea that we have to guarantee anything to russia. i insist that it's russia who has to guarantee that it will not continue its aggression against any country. the u. e has ordered $19000000000.00 worth of fighter jets from france as the french president. emanuel micron visits the gulf. the deal is the largest ever overseas sale the french warplanes. it was signed as macro and abby's crime prints held talks that comes as an order by the u. e for us by to chance is delayed. some concerns about his relationship with china. my chrome will arrive in catherine to meet the amir shortly before heading to saudi arabia. un representative has been in sri lanka, looking into the working conditions. many laborers are forced to enjoy every day. some make only $7.00 per day despite the long hours. and literally heavy lifting
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nelson and as reports not from colombo backbreaking work, long hours and minimum p. david has worked as a puerto or knocked on me for 30 years here in better. she long has busiest commercial hub. it's narrow streets and alleys. how's a large part of the wholesale commodity trade making the not tommy, indispensable, that david and hundreds like him have little to show for their efforts. aryana and i leave her alone. we aren't a daily wage. we only have this no extra benefits. but given the current situation, what we make is not enough. we're not blaming anyone but with everything increasing and price, it's very difficult to manage. and why are these men appeared between 5 and 10 u. s. sense for each item? they move and make an average of between $7.00 to $10.00 a day. and it's not only here exposed to the sun and the rain that walkers have to deal with harsh working conditions. tens of thousands of women walk in,
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crammed faces on production lines like this in factories throughout the country. those who work their stablished industry leaders enjoy better working conditions. but near angelie, a single mom who worked for a leading company had a different experience. marla decked in that among unpacked it, acted like they were, treat me differently because i'm sick. they told me not to come to work because i couldn't achieve the targets i was given. i couldn't because i had a heart attack and an operational the song detective of me at the opposite. walker's form, the back wall of the garment industry, which on $5300000000.00 us dollars in 2019 the u. n. special repertoire on modern forms of slavery has spent the last week in to lanka, looking into walker rights achieving target ease, who are serving as an enormous pressure on women in sector as garment. so they, many of these factors have target, you have to produce, produce this
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a 100 clothing an hour and if you dont air pops, you do not get bonus. labor minister in the monastery bothered da silva told al jazeera he will come criticism. oh, barbara, more rules and regulations, the buyers and the government and the international community. when they press these issues, i like the oppressed in these details because that didn't, they, employers are reluctant to break loose things. what the rights advocate c changes are being made, but more needs to be done. or the conversation about the law reform level or reform is geared towards how to make their work more flexible, how to increase productivity, which is fine, make increasing productivity. everybody wants that way, but days, nor talk about how to protect the vote on the cut on the present, his findings to the you in, in september 2022. and for workers like david,
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it's likely to make little difference to their daily battle for survival. when they're fernandez o g 0, colombo, more than half the refugees living in camps on the greek mainland are in danger of going hungry after you authorities restricted aid. john serrato lis reports now from a refugee camp near charl keeta. asylum seekers served lunch at it's on a camp. 90 kilometers north of athens on today's menu. burgers with mashed potatoes or pasta with polonaise sauce. there's a choice of salad, fresh tomatoes or beat. some people take the food home, others just take the salads and throw the cooked meals away. but of anna a, mary, an afghan, who's lived this camp for 2 years explains why they don't want to take the food because they don't eat it. they don't want it because it is not eligible for most of them. i think it is getting it because especially for the children such food waste seems incomprehensible. especially considering that of the 18000 refugees
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living in camps on the mainland. 60 percent are in danger of going hungry. that's because state aid is given only to those in the process of applying for asylum. and most camp presidents have already been accepted or rejected. they're now expected to fend for themselves or leave the country. but excluding these people from state aid, say, refugee charities, undermines what the government achieved by putting them in camps in the 1st place. few months ago when people were but not the state, you saw them in the inventory a square. and it was the same government of the squares and with zoning, manhattan and i was the same government was asking them to lead because and then each of them ended on me and many here say the government has just made the problem . worse. governments have typically taken over tasks age groups developed in times of crisis. earlier this year, the government took over management of mainland camps from the united nations on
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october 1st, it further shrank the u. n. 's role, assuming responsibility for cash handouts. these transitions haven't always gone smoothly. the 40 percent of camp presidents eligible for cash hasn't received any for 2 months, starving a fledgling economy inside the camps and leading to hunger crisis. many like the immediate emily has been granted asylum, a living off savings. others rely on cash from relatives. this age group say is a manufactured crisis, resulting from greece's lack of integration policy for refugees. all of them are extreme overseer, the resource or, and they're not there, then they just need more real support. and the plan that we look at their needs from recession please abrasion and then that will just be an asset for us. and not the burden greece says it is merely implementing the law supporting those deemed in need of protection and asking every one else to go away,
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but they have nowhere to go. jobs are hopeless at the malak asa under the toner refugee camps. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories, south africa's health minister since the country has entered its 4th wave of corona virus infections fueled by. the new army. kron variant, more than 11 and a half 1000 infections have been confirmed in one day. he has reports of overcoming 38 countries in all 6 w h o regions. and we do see increasing trending on the con in south africa. so there is a suggestion that there is increased trends miss ability. what we need to understand is if it's more or less transmissible compared to delta.


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