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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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lay from the west to the east and that cold air is going to knock the temperature down in places like paris for example. but there is still a lot of mild weather to be found to cross the north west for britain and island will have spells of sunshine and showers, but it does turn colder and frosty come sunday, the wet weather working its way in much of scandinavia. it's a wintry picture, we're going to see some heavy snow fall across denmark and into germany and poland as we go into sunday. and for the south, you can see across the out some heavy snow on the way. we still got that where the front bringing heavy rain to pots of greece and turkey, it clears out by the time we get into sunday. and once again, we've got some nasty weather affecting the adriatic sea, some heavy snow falling across the balkans. we've got some warnings out for rain, sleet, and snow, moving its way into france and northern parts of spain and heavy snow expected here . but the further south we get, the more funny it becomes we have got the temperature in madrid, slightly below average, but plenty of sunshine. ah,
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the bond counting, the cost all may drawn, puts oil and stock markets into a spin. and the global economy baffled through another. cobit set back with a green hydrogen hats, clean energy of the future. and the billionaires, broadcast isn't big bucks. india's i p l pretty counting the costs on al jazeera, the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to, and one that's boss from easy the situation to now, it's not clear all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes, everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from rats. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into the new reality.
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ah ah, main stories. now, iran's chief negotiator has told al jazeera that well power is working to revive the 2015 nuclear deal cannot reject his country's trough puzzles as they are based on the original agreement. lebanon's president says he hopes the resignation of the countries information minister will end a dispute with saudi arabia and other gulf states. and world health organization is saying the new corona virus. very ami kron is now been detected in 38 countries.
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it's been a week since either mutated strain was declared a variant of concern. but what is actually known about the owner con variant is still quite limited. awesome mind from the world health organization and the other medical experts is not to panic. that warning against any knee jerk responses there is preliminary date is suggesting the strain is highly transmissible, but we could be 2 weeks away from knowing how dangerous it actually is. most people, in fact, it in south africa experienced mild symptoms. that could be some slight differences compared to other variants. the w h o says there's not yet any evidence of that. they're sending what they call it, a technical surge team to the province surrounding johanna spoke to monitor the increases in caseload and the hospital admissions. or india's health ministry, seine, or mac, on very it might be less severe due to vaccination and high exposure to the delta strain. 2 cases of the variant were detected there on thursday group one person
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with no travel history. the government is, are states to increase genome sequencing to find out how prevalent on the chrome is . elizabeth per on him was given rare access to a lab in new delhi. ok. this is one of 37 labs in india, where scientists are using a process called genome sequencing, to decode the genetic information and call the 19 to learn more about the virus, the samples of every positive case and north and central delhi, a kept in this freezer at navy minus 80 degrees celsius, all we're doing through scientists show as a device called the flow cell, which collects the samples. it's then inserted into a machine that reveals the genetic code, the director of india's biggest cause at 19 hospital says they have their best minds, analyzing the results, to see how the virus changes and you variance,
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and understand how these changes affect his characteristics. how the p as the scholars have their researchers, we have the professors, doctors who are full time working rather than working more than well are barney and j. p. hospitals, corona virus. what is receiving international passengers who tested positive for the virus upon their arrival? the government has imposed tighter restrictions at international airport, including mandatory code 900 tests for arrival. it's also delayed the resumption of international commercial flights. as our government goes further and bad flights from countries which have cases of alma crohn, economists say the new variant is old. ready, having a global impact. uncertainty leads to slow down in investment. and investment is what leads to growth under employ. ones under should know any kind of uncertainty that included affects the financial markets. i saw the stock market immediately
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decline the emitter covered. but as long as the uncertainty remains, the financial markets will get affected. an investment re good effect. so she ologist say, while many of anxious about another possible wave government must keep the poor in mind if they decide that a different kind of people in this country and in this world. and i think the impact of food has been threatened expedients to read it differently across different social categories of people. and i think that something which we need to on the line, not because for some kind of sociological reasons, but also for policy reasons. the 1st year of the pandemic pushed 230000000 indians into poverty. india is recording is the lowest number of daily code 19 cases in 18 months, as scientists race against time to find out on the causes more severe symptoms. and just how much protection vaccines offer, again, serious illness. the government is urging the 100000000 indians have missed getting
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this 2nd dose. to do so immediately. elizabeth her on al jazeera new delhi. better news in new zealand though, where a strict current of our slow down has come to an end in the larger city. often more than a 100 days. some residence in oakland waited until midnight on friday to celebrate any freedoms at pubs and clubs which have been closed since the middle of august vaccinated people are now able to go to cafes, bars, gyms and cinemas. but severe restrictions still apply for those who have not had that jobs with dr. krishna today or tomorrow as the director of the duke global health innovation center. it joins us over skype from raleigh, north carolina. can i ask you how worried you are about the on the chrome varied to the crime virus? yeah, i think there certainly reason for concern as we think about what the coming month holds for us. we know that so many parts of the world have been devastated by the
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delta variant and the the implications of what that's done in terms of disease and death. the early findings from omicron would tell us that there is a potential increase in transmitter ability. we don't yet know in terms of immune evasion, whether that's quite broad or not. and we also don't know really whether it causes significantly more severe disease. so while there shouldn't be time for a panic, it is enough to caution us both to increase the measures that we're taking now. and also recognize that the only way we're going to keep variance like this from continuing to emerge is to vaccinate the whole world more effectively reporting from south africa earlier on in the program and, and how facials there's that they're very concerned about the increasing number of young people and pregnant women being admitted to into hospital. so perhaps they
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will be looking at more closely at whether some parts that population of more vulnerable and others. yes, we need to get more data from both the clinical as well as epidemiological perspective and in parallel. we're getting laboratory data day after day. and we need to really combine those 2 to get a better sense over the coming days and weeks. exactly what we're dealing with, but in the meantime, we know the precautions that we have to take. we have to increase vaccinations everywhere that it's possible. we have to make sure that we are doing stronger testing and surveillance, and being able to ensure that we also are taking other precautions, including masking, social distancing as they make sense. and the thing we keep hearing about is this unprecedented series of mutations in, on the chrome. that's the thing, it's weird, sort of genetic profile is, is causing a lot of that concern. now, how does that affect a current crop of vaccines?
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that's right. there seems to be a significant amount of mutations, especially in the spike protein, which is the basis of the development of a lot of our current vaccines. oh, why that's in into an issue is that it then might mean that our current vaccines are less effective. now we don't have any evidence to say that in clinical settings yet, but lots of testing is happening now. what we do know is that full vaccination and potentially a 3rd dose as a booster, it can be much more protective in terms of increasing at the levels of immunity. so vaccination is really something that we need to work on and in parallel we have governments and companies doing a significant about of research as well as development to see if there does need to be new types of vaccines developed that are specifically oriented to the omicron variant now we've been speaking about it, it's the,
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the number of mutations in, in the, in, on the chrome that has caused it to become a variant at does. but if we have vaccines that have already been developed, does that mean that that will be less time to try and create boosters that will target alma kron specifically yes. what we know is that lots of work is underway, both funded by governments, by multilateral institutions, as well as the companies themselves. we also have new technology like the m r, n, a platforms that will allow us in a matter of months to develop new vaccines if they're needed. but the main message right now is that we don't have any signs that are current vaccines are not effective, especially at protecting against severe disease hospitalizations and deaths. so if anybody's not vaccinated, we need to do everything we can to fully vaccinate those populations. and if it's
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also possible, we need to make sure that 3rd dose as are boosters are made available for further protection. thank you very much, dr. krishna adair, come are for joining us there. from raleigh, north carolina. thank you. people in the gambia will elect their next president on saturday. electro commission says it's made all the preparations for free and fair election. i'm going to address reports now, when the capital banjo election stove examined voting kids i had of sought to this presidential election more than 7000 of them will be used in more than 1500 boiling stations across the gambia. we could look isn't really deterrence when how comes it says this is conditions. what will you when you who it is your turns plainly, indigo of all but is to weeks so that the loses
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winnie lacy. nearly a 1000000 people have registered to vote in this election that also sees a record number 6 presidential candidates. the gambia has a unique system of voting that predates its independence over here. our ballot boxes called the ballot drums. they're made out in different colors for each candidate in this election. and in these boxes are election materials that include marble given to each verified voter. the water takes the marble and then drops through this all inside the ballard drum. the moment the marble gets in there, it hits a bell and makes a sound to the voter election. officials and party representatives present. and finally the ballots. i counted on this wooden plate, ah, the gambia police won't say how many officers they're deploying, but say they aren't leaving anything to charles. and nobody can tell what exactly
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my biddy classes situation that my are up. and so police officers ought to be in to be able to deal with this address. and even though we are anticipating that we are going to walk into a peaceful election, but you may not know what might be. this is done that already. challenges every vote. enthusiasm is high, but many people don't trust the politicians would deliver what they promise. i believe every politician is there for your interest will efficient like, sorry to say, but in reality sense, i se there just after that interest i would because as i mentioned earlier and i am a concerned citizen and, and i have to what it is my right of way of vicious hope, this enthusiasm will translate into a high voter turnout, which could be possible as can be and save are the freedom to vote and express themselves without fear of intimidation. ahmed degrees al jazeera bundle, the gambia, laos in china of opened up a $6000000000.00 high speed railway linking them. the line runs for more than
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a 1000 kilometers. china funded 70 percent of the project under his belt and rows initiative. the government allows borrow money from china to build it, and you line will cut a journey of at least $3.00 days to just 30 hours. it's going to be part of a much larger network if china gets its way though fast, like an ex, grooming in china with the laotian capital v and 10 from there, it will link with another line on the construction from non kai in thailand to bangkok, the central route will then extend through malaysia and singapore, while other lines to the west and east would connect me and my combo dia and vietnam, to the pan asian well wayne at work and he nelson is the senior director of the east asian pacific practice to all bright stonebridge group and says the high speed line will help china's ambitious transport plans. that's the theory is that you'll be able to reach the 601000000 people at least live in the association of
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a nation. i think there is a key distinction between the breaking ground of this project in laos and the other projects throughout the rest of the region where there are much more difficult situations in terms of completing projects. more pushback from local countries that are able to strike a harder bargaining allowances so that the prospect of this fully realized regional rail network that extend the old way through china is quite a bit farther off. whether i can do that fast enough to justify the cost put into it was already has an enormous debt problem. losses on the company about 30 percent of the cost is real, which was that's a $1000000000.00 and a half dollars, which is quite a bit. 1 for allow for where they are just as their overall death burden and makes it difficult for them in a time the already struggling to me for i think still ahead on al jazeera,
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we've got all your sports news with farrah in doha. yes, we'll hear from the new inter manager at manchester nodded and of course we've got . * all the goals for fridays action at the feet, the arab, all that and plenty more lie from our special studio encounter. ah
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a whole ah.
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fought in the quarter finals on homes for the soil at b. c for arab manchester, united new inter manager says he's open to keeping the job beyond the season. and in the n b a, the memphis grossly to record the biggest victory annually history. ah, cats are, is the 1st team to reach the quarter finals that they fee for arab cap. that was nation stock passed so long thanks. twin own goal. joanna gash, rosco reports on the late drama. when cancer was a wooded, the world cup, many of these young football fans were even born yet. but with the host country moving through to the quarter finals of their biggest test events, yet the arab cup, excitement and expectation is building the owner for us as the arab. i've got golf country raso cuz i'd like to invite you to visit us here in doha and
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2022. a very beautiful. yeah, amazing. i guess i went into that group a match against him on looking for back to back victories from their 1st 2 matches . and they took the lead around the half hour mark when a man gave way a penalty, a chrome, a thief, scoring from spot to put the host to one new up. and the education city stadium rejoices but among canada, how should he broke through kettles defence midway through the 2nd half to equalize it's the half time substitute. who schools a big goal? just look to be heading for drew in 7 minutes about a time zones to her mom, an own goal, giving counsel the to one. when you read side window holmes
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checked by b. o is no away, cass, i had hoped to finish this match. but mom's mistake ultimately owned the house to place in the quarter finals of the arab cup. joanna roscoe al jazeera, a dough house education, said he stadium when i left out of his results were furnished in the room, which is a amazing for us. but we have one more game we want tool to play, want to make the people out of the team stream from today to see that people have resorted ours. what they'll do is we'll showing it for free, but we are going to put a final dream. so wanted to put a vertical portable gainesville, united arab emirates also found a winner in stoppage time, a defensive error from martini. i gave cleo our commodity an opportunity and he pounced. that's 2 winds from 2 matches for the way you leaving them on the verge of the quarter finals. and a shock result in the same group, syria bounced back from their opening day loss and setting to this year to nail.
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the 2nd goal was the strike of the tournament so far. to find the gaps that done that i need to do. so she will bring with me time you school. it will have her damage with the girl of your dreams theory. i have never won the arab comp. walton izzy. i were champions in the 1st edition. back in 1963. 0, here's a look at the match is coming up on saturday. jordan faced morocco, african champions, algeria play lebanon, sudan versus egypt, and the late match is palestine, and you're right away from arab cox. and ralph redneck says he's open to staying on as mattress united manager. beyond this season, the 63 year old german was in the stands to watch his new team beat our so 3 to on thursday is been signed up as intern boss until the end of the current campaign and
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is set to take on a 2 year consultancy role with the club after that's the major target for me in the next couple of weeks, days weeks is just to to bring more balance into the team. and if you look at, look at the total goals, number of goals conceded, it's almost to 2 on average for a game. and this is just too much. so in football for me is to to minimize the coincidence fuck factor and to have control and gain control on the game. and this is in football. what it's about, this is my approach. i will try to help this outstanding talented players to, to try and get and keep the way away from their own goal. i. there was an incredible result in the n. b a. the memphis grizzlies beat oklahoma city founder by a record 73 points that shattered the previous biggest margin of 68 point set by cleveland in 1991. that's done tonight,
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not necessarily who we are. and i think we've definitely shown that from a competitive standpoint, you know, this isn't tom. this is an indicative of who our team is, how we've competed all season, you know, from training camp all the way through the games. ah, you know, so it's important. i think to keep that in mind internally for us and the controversial for me, i had a world athletics lemmings. jak has died at the age of 88. the senegalese was in charge for 16 years until 2015, but he was convicted of extorting money from athletes to cover up the doping cases . and also accused of taking bribes for an olympic hosting vote. the act died in his home country and today, december, the 3rd is the international day. are persons with disabilities a day dedicated to promoting the rights of disabled people in all parts of society . their cop is playing its part by rolling out a new service for visually impaired fans and richardson reports. the final
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has loved football all his life. losing his sight at the age of 12 has done nothing to dim that passion or reduce his desire to attend matches in person in between it all to prison. and he had very actions of every person. so that's something that you can discover 20 are watching football much and the television audio here to canada. so this is one of the most excited points of it. at this, our of cup finds on has an added tool to increase his enjoyment of the game using an app on his phone. final can listen to audio descriptive comment tree, a specialist full of commentary, the blind and visually impaired fans providing details which, which is give us exactly how the player, how was the ball move? not only thing, for example, that's a specific plans for the gold guides that again, for example,
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experience spinning the audio descriptive comments refers to paid at a fee for tournament to the 2014 world cup in brazil. animated w at the women's world cup in 2019, but this is the 1st time in a faith or event that an arabic service has been available into stadiums at this hour of cup and is set to be available at all. 8 venues by the time of next year as finals. a lot of the time that we're in preparation for the arab cup and next year's world cup, castles had been kelly for university, has been organizing training programs in both arabic and english. the would be commentators, the launch is tell us they want to follow the bull constant and they want little, even when it's around the back doing very little policy that's being played back between the defendants. but it allows them to keep building the picture of what's about to happen. you're allowed to switch off watching the tv you're allowed to kind of ignore what's being said by the comments. because the images a doing their job for those who are blind and envisioning pay, they don't have the ability to have the images to do the work for them. so this is
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about learning how to describe what's happening in front of you, so that you can give back the images that you see into the list. this is, this is kind of something very rewarding to be able to do something that matters to society. and you don't always get to do that. i sometimes i feel i can do that in my normal life. maybe this is a little thing that can, can help me fulfill that feeling. this is a project that's heightening the much day football experience for all involved. and the richardson al jazeera, doha. before we go, a reminder of our top story. how station catherine beat no mind to reach the quarter finals a b, c fat arab cut. that's all your support for now back to marion in london. thank you very much. fire. that's it for the news hour, but was back in a moment with a full bullet employee feeling
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ah ah. a less than a year. how will host the middle east 1st? well, in preparation the country is staging a major test on the 16 nations going head to head in thanks, porpoise bill, stadiums for 20. 22 will keep you across the action as council for pres, for the regions biggest ever sporting events that be for our cup on algebra.
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a gynecologist working as a volunteer in areas of conflict is not only a skillful doctor, but he's also known for his time delivering babies and treated women were medical services on limited. you're truly a doctor of humanity and hope out just the world. what was the doctor? medical mission? it's syria, him and, and so been turkey. doctor, hold on now to sierra from the al jazeera london broke our sentence to people in thoughtful conversation lard cannot be easily erased by the superpower with no host and no limitations. what matter the note was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical, the forsaken part, one of the highway and denise pool is not a bog and wanting to sell a lot of the messaging studio
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b unscripted on outs is era. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel to you. ah, so i'll make one maybe on the rise, and we may come to a point where it takes all birds will be the dominant marion a week after declaring it a variant of concern health x. but say all mc one will keep growing, but it's no reason to panic. will be reporting from south africa, where the government says it won't need to lock down to fight a case wise. blaine dominique variant ah, no, i, mariam, noisy. in london you watching al jazeera also coming.


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