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herman and own goal giving counsel the to one with 0 time widow. b o y v o is not the way catherine had heard to finish the match, but a man's mistake ultimately and the host to place in the quarter finals living arab cup. joanna raska, al jazeera doha education, said he stadium. ah, it is good everywhere this. hello adrian, for the get here in. so how the headlines and i was 0. the world health organization says that the only kron variant has been detected in 38 countries from so from 232 days ago. it's cooling on countries to focus on preparing health systems. instead of imposing travel restrictions. as we're talking about ami con, let, it's also not forget that the predominant variant right now still remains the delta
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variance. so i'll make one maybe on the rise, and we may come to a point where it takes all birds will be the dominant variance. but at this point, the very dominant variant remains delta, the top health officials in the us as the vaccine manufacturers are already working on contingency plans. including the possibility of an on the kong specific booster . variance has been confirmed in at least 9 states. they do have plans that have multiple contingency. one is to wrap up the production of the vaccines that they already have. the next is to make, for example, a buy valence where you have the vaccine against both the ancestral strain and the new variant. and the other is to make a variant specific boost, the degree to which they're going to be doing that they are now assuming they may have to do that and are being prepared for that. iran is chief negotiator,
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has told l 0 that well palace cannot reject draft proposals that submitted during talks in vienna. the negotiations are aimed at bringing the u. s. back into the pact and ensuring that iran is once again complying with it. the u. s. is again, water that is prepared to take action against russia. if it invades ukraine. number of russian troops has been rising along the border, but the criminal says it's nothing to worry about. ukraine though, believes that russia could mountain offensive. the sooners next month, libya's foreign minister has accused europe of pushing its migrant crisis on to the north african country. national english says that european leaders offer only superficial solutions. a decade of instability is made libya crossing points for people trying to reach europe on those bad lines. won't you fear on i was era after today's inside story coming up next. ah.
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a deal within reach if the west shows good will that is the message from iran authors submitted proposals to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement. but is good will enough and can you deal cold this time? this is inside ah lobo to program on can vanelle. iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers, negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear agreement. the 7th round of talks of the air is aimed at bringing iran and the u. s. back into the deal. they're
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expected to resume next week. but competing visions of the country is involved make success a very long shot. the talk, the man to limit iran's nuclear program and exchange for sanctions relief. your secretary of state, sadly blinkin says there is little cause for optimism to rock is doubt in washington's determination to revive the 2015 accord or on st negotiator had a bargain, a carney told sell dessert in an exclusive interview. that world powers cannot reject its draft proposals. alhashan has more from vienna. alibaba, the county on the 5040 minutes on top negotiator spoke to us as an exclusive interview. he explained his countries fostered with respect to the nuclear folks taking place here in vienna. they're going to be the proposal tape and by iran cannot be rejected, i told because they are based on the provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement. in principle, the countries which are still the participants of the j. c. away they do not want
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to ruins the nuclear document. all the sanctions which have been imposed or re imposed on the so called maximum pressure campaign of the united states. they should be removed immediately. according to bachardy county, there are 2 proposals that were submitted to the wall follows and they have no option to refuse them because they were built up and what was agreed open, agreed on, and the 2015 did ali. but could you can you also denied before stuff. yvonne is signing to enrich uranium up to 90 percent glossy, which is a weapon grade. and he said that these were reported by israeli media and the chief, the youth, denied them that you're on want take thoughts, measures that are outside its commitments to the international united nations. busy nuclear watchdog, so many issues are the bachardy tacos in his interview with, as he at all when asked whether, how,
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how iran is going to deal with an israeli. like on it's my said, it is, he said, is read one, read to do that because it will cease to exist. this was how she for inside story from vienna. well, let's rewind to how this all began around simon euclidean, 2015 with the so called p 5 plus one made up of france, the u. k. china, russia, the united states, germany, it was designed to limit toronto nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief . in 2018 for my president, donald trump, who the us out of nuclear course, calling at the worst deal ever negotiated and began to re imposing sanctions on rome to ron, responded by scaling back its commitments to the deal and enriching uranium beyond the agreed cap. but it says, ron must curb some of its nuclear activities before it's prepared to rejoin that iran insist that it's nuclear program is entirely peaceful ah, to any me now our guests in vienna where the talks are being held,
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says mohammed randi advised the to the iranian delegation in washington d. c. we have hillary man levers also and former white house national security official and diplomat. hillary is negotiated with iran and co author going to to round white america must accept the islamic republic over rome and berlin. we have hammered rizza as easy, a specialist on iran and foreign policy and a visiting fellow at the german institute for international and security affairs variable warm welcome to your thanks for joining us here on inside story. i speak with you. i'm and rhonda, you are obviously there in vienna advising the negotiating team. there was details . can you share any on the draft proposal which had been submitted to the europeans and i believe a 3rd one is, is waiting in the wings. has it? has it been any response to them so far? we're negotiating them, i suppose right now down the hall. so we'll know
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a bit more later on. what is important though, is that the 2 payments are based on the j. c pos, the nuclear deal. in other words, the iranians have not demanded anything more than what was given to them in accordance with the nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015. and the fact that the americans and europeans and their spin doctors are nagging and complaining is because they don't want to implement the nuclear deal in fall. their intention never was implement the deal. in fact, when obama agreed to the deal immediately afterwards, he while on paper side, one thing in reality, he told his treasury department to force bass to warn banks not to cooperate with
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iran. and that was a clear violation of the deal. so good from the very start, the united states had no intention of implementing the deal. and now the iranians are insisting that a framework has to be created where the americans, the europeans, are obliged to abide by their commitment info. and that it is verify. ok. and this makes them unhappy, but it's only way for i want to put that actually to hillary man lever it. when we spoke to you. during the last rounds of talks, you said there was a reluctance in the by did administration to go back to the j. c p. away at all. do you think that is still the case? i think i think it is. there are a lot of problems in the j. c, u, a for the, by an administration. first and foremost, if they went back into the j c. l way the by administration would have to go to congress by 2023 to get congress to lift our sanctions the by an administration. no . is that is not possible. i'm not sure why the obama administration committed to that, given the domestic politics here in the united states. it seems like it was
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a pipe dream that and it's certainly not a reality today. so in terms of some of the flaws in the, in the j. c, u a the by the ministration i think doesn't want to go back to it fully. but importantly, i think the fighting ministration does see some benefit to the j. c p. away. and i say there's not necessarily in a positive sense, but they see benefit in being phone members. the by the ministration sees benefit in being full members of the j. c, p. o, a. in order to use the j. c, p. u, a, for 2 reasons. one to invoke it, snap back sanctions clause, which means that the united states could go to the security council at any time and snap back sanctioned, not just from the united states, not just for the, for the europeans, but for china and russia as well. the other reason that the united states these, the j, c p o, a is useful, is that it's a useful platform to, they would say, discussed, but perhaps more accurately, to pressure iran on other issues like it's missiles,
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regional developments and the like, okay, i'd like to bring you in, i'm it was as easy. you're a specialist on or on foreign policy. these are the 1st talks in 5 months, the 1st sense around elected. it's new president. what, given everything we've heard from, from our contributors up to this point, what is it that go all the sides to the negotiating table to revive these talks? now actually, 1st of all, i should say that i'm not quite optimistic to this rhonda talks because as we just hear from from our colleagues and also we've been seeing, you know, in the form of the statements made by different sides during the talks. actually what i can see that both sides are demanding and find the j. c point for actually they are demanding some extra benefits from the types that they're not actually reading situated. because on the us side i just mentioned there is this
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desire to use. this talks to secure the platform for further negotiations and on the right hand side, it seems that there's this intention to keep at least parts august shipments they have made in the form of nuclear launches. so based on their so i think the strong of negotiations have been most about kind of testing the waters to see what extent these objectives are achievable. and for this reason, i'm saying that at this point, i'm not so optimistic unless the 2 sides move from the, you know, their, their current positions to this other. and that's the only way that the compromise can respond. otherwise, reduce, you know, as i said, j. c, 2 i plus life demands that they're both sides. i don't see any prospect for
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successful or revival of the very basic. mr. morality is that the case is iran demand thing at j. c p o way plus with extra benefits to keep some of its nuclear advantage. no, definitely not. the run into hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of the us foundations of the nuclear deal under biden. and trump and, and obama, as well. by the way, so the iranian only began restarting the element of the nuclear program that they stopped with if they slowed down that they limited a year after the united states and europeans effectively left the deal and tore up the deal. and only then did the run into gradually decrease their commitment. and by the way, they decreased those commitments within the framework of the nuclear deal itself. because articles 26 and 36, i'm out iran to decrease its commitment. when the other side does not abide by
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commitment. so if iran has achieved anything, it's because the other side, by the way, that the deal. and if you run, has cheated, is achieved anything. it was because the other side was harming the iranian economy. well, before you run, restarted these elements of the nuclear program. so there's no moral equivalence here. iran is clearly the victim. but if you run has achieved something as a result of the other side violation, which cause hundreds of millions of dollars for the run in people. then i don't think we can call that g c plus the americans want something more than what they get in the j c p. away. but in reality, if we want to be fair, iran to demand compensation for what the americans and europeans did to the running people, they, people died in hospitals. people died because of a lack of medicines, lives were broken, families were broken,
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jobs were lost. it affected communities dramatically drastically. but the problem is, is for europeans and americans, my son are part of the world. we don't mean that much. i want to come back to you in a moment. the 1st i'd like to put something that you said to hillary. man, leverett, is iran. clearly the victim is as far as the u. s. is concerned, i think there is, there is a lot of objective data in terms of, i mean just plainly, when president trump tore up the deal and we employed sanctioned plainly, there was harm from that. i think it's important to understand that it's not even just a question of what us governments do at this point, the atmosphere, the political culture has really become so distorted. that in fact, there was a pole release yesterday by the brookings institution. that shows that the majority of americans, both republicans and democrats, the majority of americans believe that iran has a nuclear weapons arsenault,
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the same majority of americans. again, both republicans and democrats do not believe that israel has a nuclear arsenals. so the whole, the whole situation has become so distorted and so poisonous that i think for the by name, ministration, regardless of where one sympathies may lie with the iranian people, the party in ministration. just looks at the politics here and doesn't see a when other than to try to hold. tried to put iran into some kind of position where the united states is their view holding iran accountable for, for whatever it is on that in terms of their nuclear program. how much was as easy the u. n. u k. wells talk says iran is expanding its uranium enrichment capabilities that there's been a scaling back in terms of i. e, i. e, a access to some nuclear sides. western diplomats have said that without a full sort of understanding of around capabilities, it's hard to reach an agreement. what is around calculation then?
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i think it's parts say, well, calculations but, and other parts are very important part in this, you know, development of nuclear activity. this kind of what we can call the reaction and it's a reaction not only to us maximum pressure, as mr. mandy just mention what's also and more importantly, i think, to the recent, very, very xander several times attacks against it's. so basically, i mean, honestly speaking, i think they can see the development on the ground at the more israel tries to kind of slow down your own smoking program, the more your renewals are determined to develop their new programs. so this has been one of the main issues behind what on the other hand, in terms of calculation, of course, a very important part,
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a calculation. it has been to use it as a leverage because just imagine assertion. after this whole maximum of british or angry, imposing sanctions against you, if you don't want it to concert in your shank table without any are actually in the, in the position that it was before with all of it's would be in a review position. so that was, i think, one of the main reason that it started in the 1st place to launch its nuclear activity. so the combination of useful factors have kind of led us to the situation that we are now. i'm a brandy everywhere you see. and his 1st public statement as president and lex said that his government's foreign policy would neither begin nor end with the j c, p, o, a sort of indicating that it wouldn't be quite the, the foreign policy. so focus that had that had been in the past has around position going into these talks this time, the 7th set of talks hasn't changed at all. no,
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not at all. in fact, i think one of the mistakes of former president ronnie was to constantly say, see if you a were or nuclear negotiations were his priority. and that came, americans leverage and constantly saying that we need a deal was like poison or iranian position. and the run in negotiating t, what present ratio saying is that, look, we will do a deal if they accept the j c, p, o, a n o. well sign up to we will, what will we signed up to it? we've been implementing it and we still are implementing it because our, as i said, the fact that we're not implementing the deal itself are right in the audience with the 2 articles that i mentioned earlier. but for the fact that the present res, using our priorities to develop pies with regional countries, to develop eyes with asian countries, this is sending
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a signal to the united states that we're going to be waiting for the j. c pos. we're not going to be waiting for if you want to commit yourself so that you're fine. but if you don't, we're going to be developing our economy based on the resources that we have at hand. we're not going to just sit there and hope that you're going to see the like, i know you talked a lot about the impact of us sanctions. what do you think? how much difference will it make for iran if the agreement is restored? because if the next us present just does the same thing that trump does, you know, could that not be a warning find happy or mean banks and businesses don't have the confidence that perhaps they want it? yes, and that's a major concern. the iranian negotiators have the united states, it has become an unreliable country. there are so much instability and us politics that we can't gauge what is going to happen tomorrow with us decision making process. but what is, what is
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a fact is that the united states today is much weaker than it was in 2015. it is a divided country, it has major economic, social, and political problems. it is confronting to rising powers, china and russia, and ukraine. and taiwan and over artificial intelligence and u. s. allies in west asia are foundering on the decline, whereas the runny program as your previous guess, right? the pointed out has developed the united states leaving the deal. and the running position is much stronger today than it wasn't to 2015. so time is not on the side of the americans. but the problem is, is that the americans, often i think they are looking at it from a position of arrogance. they don't see the reality that the reality on the ground is changing and if they do, they don't have to will to do something about it. ok, hillary man leverage. do you agree with that assessment of american strength or otherwise and and also from the u. s. perspective has anything changed given around
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new leadership. there this question about whether the us power in decline is of course, an important question. but the reality is as long as the world, the international community continues to trade and price everything, including oil in the dollar. the u. s. dominant over the international financial system is really what will determine many matters at the end of the day. and so it may be that other countries are rising, other countries are challenging. but even in china, there continues to be a reliance on the dollar. so as long as the united states continues to have what may be called dollar to germany, they will still have a powerful role whether it's in the middle east or elsewhere. and it may even be more dangerous because if the united states is in fact a power in decline, as professor mirandi said, riddled with all sorts of problems domestically. that could mean in america that is more willing to strike out overseas,
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as we saw during the trump administration. while many people didn't like president trump, many people ridiculed him. he was a dangerous figure and you know, has their wheel repercussions to that going to behavior in the middle east and in iran. so i think what, regardless of whether one likes the u. s. government life for the united states does. it is important to deal with the united states in a sense, constrain the worst aspect of us behavior by international agreements like the jcp away. so as long as it is, i think it is important to try to get back to either the g p, a or something that at least tries to buy bound not just united states, but all parties to some semblance of international standards and international law . hummer, is it as easy? is the window of opportunity closing? is there a time limit on these talks or can i just continue ad nauseum? of course there is no official or kind of formal time limits, but given that size,
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i mean, it seems that both sides are continuing to increase their level or is there can be a point when you know the talks would be kind of meaningless because i'm the one hand each round of negotiations and failing to kind of persuade united states to lift the sanctions. iran continues with its nuclear activity development, so it's not good. i think it is the same time. we have more tensions in the region in terms of iran, for example, or actually on backs. groups ensued on the rock increasing the activities against us targets and he's also acting against iran. but at the same time, you know, this, the elephant. i mean, there is a point, there is a final point to this development. so we don't program because, i mean imagine
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a situation where the iran, for example, reaches to 90 percent innovations capacity. so lots next. so that's what that means. and the sooner we get to deal the better, but the thing is that if, even if you decide to go for, for example, 90 percent or whatever, then there could be a backlash from even its partners from russia and china. and i'm sorry, we can go back to the un security council, so in that sense, even iran will be one of the lose there. so that's wouldn't build this, my understanding that's kind of situation. and just hoping that working with neighbors, i'm looking, china and russia can really help alleviate neurons. and how much time those rooms that you have suffered from over the past 2 years. i don't think it's going
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to be a result. you loosing the short ok. what coming to the end of the program mohammed randi, i want to come back to you around the chief negotiator in an interview with al jazeera said that world powers cannot reject a roms draft proposal. we know saying that is one thing. whether it turns out to be true is quite another. how much hope do you think there is really of a resolution that is satisfactory to all sides at this point? well, the fact is that iran has the moral high ground that is important in itself. no matter how you calculate, and in addition to that, the iranians have a stronger and on the americans. true the economy. iran is not doing well, but the maximum pressure campaign. as you know, there's no doubt about that unless the until the united states understands and comprehensive. we're not going to have a solution. i don't believe that the united states and iran are going to come to an
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agreement very soon, because i don't believe that the united states can come down from its high horse at least for the moment, but the time has turned against the united states. i'm not saying that the united states now is on the verge of collapse, but i'm, what i am saying is that things are increasingly difficult for the united states. and if the united states wants to cut costs in this region with all the problems that it's facing, the only same thing to do is to implement the nuclear deal. and all iran wants is the full implementation of the nuclear deal with verification. all right, thank you very much. we will have to leave it there for time. thank you to all of i guess mama bronte, henry, man, leverett and a z, and thank you too for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. just or dot com. and for the discussion, go to facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. can also join the conversation on twitter handle is as a inside story for me can vanelle. and the whole thing here in doha of ice now.
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ah ah, with this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television news. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still going to go to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on the call that isn't on the very real. it is coming. our way i was just over here god,
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by the police on purpose. ah, you have to do with 4 zeroes offices in garza, are housed in that building. and the cover has come down. little before in human history has the once per se team environment, the arctic it in such peril. a gynecologist working as a volunteer in areas of conflict is not only a skillful dr. dukes, also known for his time. delivering babies and treating women who medical services are limited. you're truly a doctor of humanity and hope out just the world. what was the doctor? medical mission piece, syria, yemen, southern turkey. doctor with hold on now to sierra
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ah, bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera ah, a flow. i'm adrian finnegan, in doha, with a summary of the news on al jazeera, the world health organization says that the new cove it 19 variant omicron has been detected in 38 countries. that's up from 232 days ago. it's calling on nations to focus on preparing health systems, instead of imposing travel restrictions. as we're talking about ami con, let, it's also not forget that the predominant variance right now still remains the delta variance. so i'll make one maybe on the rise and we may come to a point where it takes over.


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