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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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oh no ah, can be in the election for the 1st time since the formerly that was for the exile 4 years ago. ah. hello, hold on what y'all's is there like my headquarters here in also coming up south africa, the accelerated vaccination campaign i made a surging crow virus cases driven by the alma called buried us president joe biden says he is crafting a plan to prevent russia from invading ukraine, but moscow denies it's planning any, it's nearly 40 years after it was stolen from a temple in nepal. ancient hindu idol returns home.
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i welcome to the program. voting is underway in the gambia for the 1st presidential election since the shamay was ousted in 2017 incumbent dom a borrower is seeking re election despite a promise to step down after 3 years that he faces opposition from former vice president to santa deductible initial results of the voter expected on sunday and i'm address has more from the jewel can be of capital. there is great enthusiasm here and because for, for many, for many can be as voting in this particular election is significant. in many respects this we met some who insisted that this is one of the most for yes elections they have, they have ever participated in without having to worry about being intimidated during and after the vote. now, here with me to discuss more on the election across the gambia is a bus double
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a political and i was talk to us. we've seen record number of people coming for this election. why is it so significant for them? i think this is quite significant because been the 1st thing we're voting in quite a very free environment. if you understand is quite different from the elections we've had into in 16 clarification, the democracy works. and that's why people are more educated to come out and vote and actually exercise their constitutional rights. and this is the reason why we're seeing quite a tremendous know, basically looking at the situation, the election preparation. what are your thoughts about the way the election commission and of the preparation? are there gaps other problems and what happens? well, every system does have a godsend commission. the way they handle the process. i'm take, for instance, the disqualification of notice mfc and as well as my buddy of the you know, the more i congress, this is quite an indication that there are some gaps within the independent military commission. the case went to the court and the court. so i don't know why
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1000 australians have been on the street some showing the support for cobra vaccinations, but many against the demonstrations happened as a cluster of the mccomb buried was detected, it spread its threatening government plans to get the economy moving after covert locked downs as julian wolf reports, calling for their freedom in melbourne. large clusters of people on the streets of one of the shrilly is biggest cities waving the flags of many countries. demonstrators who now call us truly a home demand. a reopening of their communities, but oppose a mandatory vaccine for 30 years. and vaccination was always a voluntary thing for parents and kids to make it a compulsory piece of we have to just learn to live with this and get all the things like conscious locking us down. just because it's a new variance must be in your areas. you're kind of doesn't realize is the freedom,
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joseph social responsibility really, which largely clues of borders when the corona virus pandemic began is now dealing with an outbreak of the army chrome variant. the new emergency is further testing government efforts to boost the economy. following coven lockdown, i expect us to see further spread community spread within australia and other parts of the world, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing because it will give us a lot of opportunity to, to understand how this various works in highly vaccinated countries. in the state of victoria were full vaccination has become mandatory to access most things. it is the vaccinate and who make up the majority of people in hospital with cove id. but most of the trillions are in support of vaccine jobs with nearly 90 percent of everyone over 16 being fully vaccinated. at the moment there's lots of anger after this covert crisis and i think it's being directed at the wrong side.
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we're seeing, you know, health care workers being a talks bookshop, workers and it's really important. i think that we say actually the majority of us did support these health restrictions that saved millions of people's lives. and the majority of us actually do stand in social solidarity with each other. i for a country whose covert grades pale in comparison to other develop nations for these the st. louis and the time to return to normal is long overdue. gillian wolf, al jazeera, the u. s. is warning, is prepared to take action against russia. if it invades ukraine. the number of russian troops has been rising along the border, but the kremlin says it's nothing to worry about. you claim, please russia could mount and offensive. as soon as next month, us president joe biden was asked about the crisis by reporter a
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with ben at smith house bought from moscow. russia one's legally binding guarantee guarantees that nato will not expand eastwards and allow ukraine to accede, allow ukraine to join, nor will miss house be placed on ukrainian territory that could be pointed towards russia. russia's issue its concern. its problem is that after the end of the collapse of the soviet union, most eastern european countries joined nato for their own while they saw their own defensive purposes and needs. russia sees that as a problem and
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a threat. the problem for russia is that it's not up to a person to decide who does or does not join nato. it's up to nato member countries that said, ukraine's application for membership. the nate has been on the table since 2008. so there isn't any great rush to allow it to join may be one of the reasons being that when one nato member is attacked, it's john to says that others must come to its defense. there is no desire amongst the nato member countries for a full on military confrontation with russia. when that both ladies 1st met together as president back in the summer, that's the summit followed again a troop build up along the border with ukraine. and not summit managed to calm things down, but yes, the, by the ministration says it once a stable and predictable relationship with russia, that sort of best it can hope for. the french president says,
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efforts are on the way to open a joint european mission in the african capital, joining a visit to cancel and my cold side of the plan would allow several european ambassadors to share a building when they returned to cobble. but also thank council for its role in helping evacuate atkins during the taliban take over. the show will be here today or representation of canister is being done by our investors from paris. but we are thinking of an organization as you know, among several european countries. and so our approach would be in conditions that have yet to be identified with the idea of having a common location for several european. so where our investors and our administrators could be present, let me remind you, this is a different demarche from a political recognition or political dialogue with the taliban. from the bride has more from cobble we are still waiting for a response from the taliban administration here, but given the deteriorating situation,
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i think they would welcome any kind of diplomatic moves that would help them out at the, at the current time. it's not just recognition for recognition sake, but of course, what that would mean in allowing afghanistan to get the release of these funds that have been frozen to get access to financing really to help out at what is a deteriorating economic situation. i mean, we had a few days ago, this announcement that the world bank, for example, was pushing for hundreds of millions of dollars to finally be freed up to be sent to afghanistan to help out the situation here. but given the situation in dire predictions about the deteriorating humanitarian and economic situations, as we get into winter, really a lot more need to be done. it does fall short of recognition people here. we're not going to stand understand that. i think what is interesting is that as a member of your opinion, france seems to be not acting just on its own, but could well in setting up an office. here i bring other european nations with it,
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which is that they got a people here excited that they could lead to a why to why the diplomatic efforts from more european union countries should i'm, it is a political commentator and journalist. he says, not cold visit ames to improve diplomatic ties with gulf states. the ration between father and the 3 countries are generically the relational strategy partnership, operational political and economy interest. this relation between bar essentially measure players. paula energy suppliers claim, in terms of armament so, but also player security, very corporation again series and i believe that the micro who did it goes from friday to sunday. but don't forget the, the 3 days which be my call would be a visa to. busy should be an opportunity to discuss from diplomatic relationship position around this region. we've seen that the call proposed in the mediation
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between gibbon and job to in order to convince the kinks and mentor invest more in liberty. we've seen that now we emmanuel, my calls, he's more more with the in the rates. i've been dave of the middle of the month who can seeks to stabilize the me to live well, be how he's done and he's influenced, considering this watches him under michael. i think in his own choice with emmy reserves and we know that as well. busy france has a tree basis in the region, but what's important military base in the rates. police in the us arrested a couple whose son is accused of killing 4 of his school classmates. james and jennifer crumbly, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors in michigan say they bought a gun as a gift for their son, ethan. while still ahead here on al jazeera turkey analysis plans to cub spiraling inflation. but will it work?
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on in the heart of nazareth residents favorable recent historical legacy is of the threat. ah, hello there, let's have a look at the weather in south asia and we're watching a tropical cyclone as it pulls north out of the bay of bengal, bringing some very heavy rain and strong winds to northeastern areas of india. now we've had warnings out for under pradesh, as well as o d show by the time we get in to sunday, the remnants of that system are going to pull across into some we have got some warnings out the heavy rain here. we could see up to $200.00 millimeters fall in places, and that of course carries a flood risk. and by the time we get into monday, it's going to be bangladesh and me and mother sees a very heavy rains. we could also see some flooding here. now elsewhere across the south were seeing spotty showers,
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break out rain as well for western areas of sri lanka. but as we had further north, it is a rather dry picture. lots of fine enjoy weather as well. for pakistan, we are seeing rain pick up across those northern areas stretching into their pool. now it's been logic, finding why across much mainland china, thanks to high pressure, that's been in charge. but it is gonna change for the korean peninsula. we've got a bit of a wintry mix blowing across the northeast of china. that's gonna bring snow to north korea, but it does keep broad. com for south korea. lots of sunshine in. so the temperature sitting at 10 degrees celsius, that should weather update. ah, ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes, a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish with tv,
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even supplied by tradition. doing where beautiful possibilities are offered. move a book about you're watching all just over with me. so he'll robert, reminder of all the top stories, the gambia is holding its 1st presidential elections since ya was ounce did in 2017, but all of barrow is running full reelection despite a promise to step down to 3 years. he was president joe biden says he's developing initiatives to prevent russia from invading ukraine. he's expected to hold tools with his russian counterpart in the coming days. australia is funded to go ahead
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with reopening its economy despite the new baron spreading in the country. thousands of australians have been on the street some showing the support full caveat, vaccinations, and others against to south africa now where the army corps barian tis driving a sharp increase in caves. 19 cases. molden, $16000.00 credit virus infections have been confirmed to the last 24 hours. health official thought urging people to get vaccinated and have declared a week long push ahead of the holidays. so me, the miller chose me not a lie from johannesburg and to me, to the president had been urging the public to get banks and eat it or at least get the booster. are they heating his call? well, i suppose that depends on which part of the country you're looking at and just how people are responding to that call. certainly in halting the numbers have increased
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in terms of people coming out to get back and they said at least 50000 in the last 24 hours. still, they is only the only 42 percent of the country that's been vaccinated so far. that's just one job and that goes down to about 55 percent for people who have been fully vaccinated. so it continues to be a worry for the government, especially given the unknowns around the new variant that's being detected and just how people will be impacted. but they're still saying that the vaccine will keep you from being hospitalized and will keep you from severe illness. but to tell us more about this vaccination center where we are in johannesburg, we're speaking to, you know, silly mom. he's an organizer of the vaccination vaccination center here in janice book, given the pushed by the government to get people vaccinated. have you seen an uptake in the numbers of people coming through this particular center? let's look told we had about 5 in excess of 5000 people that were vaccinated
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november it slowed down, but essentially after the diagnosis of the army come back virus, there's been a significant increase, especially today. so i think it's going to continue increasing and we had slowed down the number of, let's call it days we were open. and so we're going to probably reconsider whether we should not open everyday rather than just on saturdays. but there's definitely been an increase. we are seeing an increase in demand certainly, and this is a community driven initiative. your supported by the government. do you feel that these community driven initiatives have greater impact perhaps reaching out to people in the different way? absolutely. i think we as the center, it's not make association felt that need to support the community and especially the department of health and it's worked fundamentally extremely well. so i think the sort of community based initiatives should be expanded and it reaches out to the community and people will come more freely and be vaccinated. i think that this can be a commitment to get more people to come in and stopping and vaccine. thanks very much for your time. we're speaking to eunice sicily. man,
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one of the organizers here at the facts in santa, in janice berg way. it's just about to close. but we've seen a steady stream of people come through through the course of the day. some other vaccination centers, we see no one at all. so the government really still trying to push that drive for people to come out to get back. and they said, especially given the numbers that from one week to another, we see they 300 percent increase in rates of infection. covert 19 for me to miller in janice, thank thanks very much. let's move on to turkey now, where the president has outlined government plans to salvage the economy, to the value of the turkish lira sang to a historic low russ update or the one says foreign exchange rates will soon stabilize high inflation is pushing up the cost of goods and making manufacturing more expensive to consider has more from its stumble. this is
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a new routine for ali who owns the score my market and assemble. he has the frequency update the prices on many goods as the turkish lira continues. it's free for its laws that these 40 percent of its value against the dollar since september . august says a suppliers increase the prices he has to do the same according to the timber of agriculture. the difference between producer selling prices and what people pay for goods and supermarkets. rows 9 fold in november. the government accuses supermarket chains, a stockpiling and manipulating prices. social medicine takes us juice, for example, it was 29 years before the latest price increase. now i have to sell it for 41.5. our customers are reacting, even some of them get that. it's not us, but the economy in the country present register for john argues high interest rates are behind all the countries economic problems. he says he asked the central bank
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to curb interest rates so that companies can borrow for less and buy boosting growth and exports. turkey can become europe's new china. the government says at assessing a new model for turkey is economy, but the experts warn it's may fail as the country is suffering chronicler. high inflation and relies on foreign funding and energy resources. economic like professor rush can say the policy is highly unusual and it's not working. how compute kiss me that did the chillers future? most citizens, a wage workers creating jobs by production is good by any means, but it needs a plan and priorities. inflation is pressure is rising, so turkey should switch to a conventional economic policy. the law says add on has re shuffled 3 treasury and finance ministers and fire to central link governors in a year. and that on earth investors took it to do full to us. despite the phone
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investors fund managers see a great tension here. the uncertain sees and other risk factors stop them from coming. we need to bring down both economic and geopolitical risk premiums by proving it's under control. presenters on vac party has govern turkey for 2 decades and ahead of an election scheduled for 2023. he has promised all economic problems who will be sold in the next 6 months. but right now, many people say they are biggest challenge is the rising price of food, fuel medicine and other essential goods. and they're waiting to see whether the government can en turkeys, currency crisis. because all the al jazeera stumble, floods have damage parts of northern through just 5 days after a major earthquake. an overflowing river called severe mud slides on already damage . roads have been solved. what's left of the property, the helicopters have helped to deliver aid to those in need. indonesia,
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most active volcano on east java province has erupt. it mound a set of rules. adoption displays. thousands of residents of smoke and ash covered the area. major road and bridge connecting the island with nearby cities has also been damaged the volcano last dropped it in january. a group of factory workers and eastern bunkers thought of tortured and burn the manager. they accused of blasphemy . focus on prime minister in one con, described the death of a 3 lank and man as a heroic attack. more than 150 people have been arrested. come, all hider has more from the capital, islam of a shock, waves and condemnation, a crushed august on even the religious right. leadership has criticize what did stage was indeed an act of injustice when factory worker in an industrial down in seattle called doug mattered into their own hands, killing a longer manager after he told them that day should clean up the factory. he
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apparently, according to the board, tried to remove some stick from the machinery, read an inspection what to do. and i thought it was a strong reaction from the factory worker to our tag, the manager, then a mob alleged him and his body was burned. soon other protested also came on the day and the police force, of course, were not able to control the situation. the country prime minister said that the nation head bowed in shame over this incident, have called for an inquiry and exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of this horrible act. and that industrial down pockets on foreign minister said that the incident will indeed be investigated. a 150 people have already been arrested. an investigation that under way, which of course are being overseen by the countries prime minister, mister brown han him says thousands of people in serbia are protesting against
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government plans to sell land to a mining company. they say the moves will have devastating effects on the environment. mining and joint ria tinto has been buying land after discovered lithium reserves in 2006 and plans to invest $2400000000.00 in the project. but as waiting for government approval, an idol that was stolen from nepal in 1984 has been returned from the us, where it was being held in a museum. a procession took the 12th century stone statue back to a temple in button. it's called a lunch meeting at iowa and to fix hindu gods. a tweet last november by us based art historian inform the dallas museum of all that the statute had on display was stolen. that led to an f. b. i investigation and the return of the idol. i'm at the limbo has more from the ceremony in the pole. wearing the town of boston, a national was in the dozens of valleys, rivers have disappeared from into private and museum collections abroad. but what
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may be objects of article many have deep cultural and spiritual significance for generations of napoleon today often residents last year to welcome home, the 12th century idol of luck to me not right. which disappeared from this wry and more than 30 years ago. while they nazareth is one of israel's most significant palestinian israeli towns, but a growing number of residents fare its historic legacy is under threat. how the faucet explains nazareth, the home of jesus christ, his long drawn till grims and visitors from around the world. the hundreds of years, its old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crafts people. this century though, though sounds have dwindled. a handful of businesses struggling on. but here and there, splashes of color show signs of a fight back. resent zombies at, annie decided to renovate an old warehouse with traditional nazareth colors and materials and to work and live in the old city with a mission. i'm telling you it's not easy,
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but if me and another person and another one opens their, their work there can years was taught here. and they also find a house and live here. so they will need service. it's. it's like organically, it will open by itself. but it will take time. there are signs it is beginning, young palestinian israeli designers and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier artists to let their mark a bedroom ceiling bears the work of one of many lebanese painters brought in to decorate fine homes in the 19th century. a few streets away, an 18th century treasure that is long been in decay, the sariah or palace built by local rule or die. her alma is now under the stewardship of the municipal government, but as being used informally, by local activists. shifflett enough, we saw there was a building like the sir, i are closed and neglected a new one, was doing anything with it. we had the chance to open it with
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a goal of turning it into a cultural center with a little money that we have something that will serve the community here. many here point to a restoration program 20 years ago is one of the reasons for the old cities emptying nazareth. 2000 with funding from the israeli tourism ministry was intended to prepare this biblical city for people visit. they say the project ripped up ancient cobblestones. remove the shops, wooden doors, replacing them with steel and modern stone. they say the disruption of all this removed trade from the old city from which it never recovered. its appointed nazareth municipality now accepts where once there were 450 business is operating in the old city. now there are just 50 this beautiful architecture. one of them, this painstakingly restored restaurant. it seen by many as a 1st step in the revival movement. it's owned by renaissance husband, who pines for the mattress of his childhood, and intellectual and cultural center. i am sure it will come back because the city
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still have very much power and much very good. the positive energies people like but then many coming back to the, to the origin and to the, to the identity extremely. the old cities always been the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. for said al jazeera nazareth, i'm using citizens in garza trying to qualify for palestine 1st of our busy football team. the 20 players who qualify will compete at the 2022 m p t football world cup. you want to fade as well. after journey fills with lots of 50 and lots of determination and coaches is still lead to leave. today, the curtains will be the 1st palestinian national team who will be participating in the atm mtv should football championship for the years 202200. all the
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way from i love, he does this, these young men find reason that takes me all around the world is because i want to see mtc football when all the country. what i'm really in or of here. and i think the old world can look at and learn here. the dreams can become a reality with all the restrictions and everything that's going on here. the life of change for the past 2 years. oh did see where has all of these young men in their journey ambitions are great and there are no boundaries for their persistence . and they can watch tv, and even with the hub myself and all the other players on the national team, how to dream to become football politically. so it's an amazing feeling that losing a lim, didn't stop us from pursuing, as i tell every person who has lost the lim not to give up. challenge yourself to overcome your injury and every other day the players are and to every garza lost the limits and they have proven the disability. it's just
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a term and they can be as normal as any person without disability. ah, you want to alter their lisa hill, robin, and reminder of all top news stories voting is underway and can be as 1st presidential election to job was answered in 2017 at all. a baron is running for reelection despite the promise to step down after 3 years and interests has more from the capital bundle. this is the opening of the vote in by july and what we hear from across the country, the turn out is massive and it's no surprise. this is the 1st election in nearly 30 years for gambia, where a voter will go and cast his balance without having to worry about being observed. be intimidated after voting or being arrested after boarding. i remember 5.


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