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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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in a comes to a call. okay. al jazeera correspondence. oh, be the hero. world niche, right? ah, washer. hello, i'm barbara sarah in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera in what's being seen as a test of the gang b as transition to democracy. polls have closed in the 1st election since former president thea john may fled the country after 22 years and power incumbent president adama barrow is seeking another term, but he faces 5 rivals, including his former political mentor, who so knew that boy, nearly a 1000000 people from a population of 2 and a half 1000000 are registered to vote with results expected on sunday. acquainted with his more now from the capital benjamin. the turn out was really,
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really important. talk to ben porter. he will tell you that this election is very important and significant in many respects. this was the 1st time they voted in close to 3030 years with lots of freedom of choice, lots of freedom of expression. they were in fact, peers of things going wrong during the campaigning period. nothing like that happened on election day. there was a few incidents not violent incident and wait, but we are waiting to see exactly what happens tomorrow when the election results i was expected to be announced if you missed the counting of the balance and seeing the models in practice. what is happening right behind me, in fact, police officers, election officials who after counting the balance and ceiling this boxes, initially this here is where the marble is placed or put into the box. it goes in there and rings a bell. and then at the end of the voting process,
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everything is counted here. now the process has been concluded. what's happening right now is that these officials are ceiling, they followed drums. the ballad boxes i called ballad drums. yes, talk to feeling them. they're taking them to coalition center, why they're going to meet up with the election of fishes who have, might have concluded their voting process. and then the results of all the sentence will be tied together. they have about 1500 centers and more than 7000 election officials have been used to run this particular election so far. what we hear is that the elections have been peaceful, largely peaceful in most parts of the gambia and voting has ended officially and counting its continuing, especially in those areas of started late security forces. in molly have been sent to the scene of an ambush in which at least 31 people were killed on friday. women and children were aboard a truck which gunman sprayed with bullets and then set on fire near the town of
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multi. the truck was then torched leaders of the transitional government are vowing to do everything necessary to catch the attackers in the rest of it. sa hand region, french president. manuel mac ron is in saudi arabia where he has joined the phone call that has been hailed as an important 1st step towards resolving a rift between saudi arabia and lebanon. micron met crown prince mohammed, the selman and the leader as it spoke with lebanon's prime minister. now g, but me, cathy, it's the 1st such communications in saudi arabia or the gulf countries and lemon, lebanon became locked in a diplomatic dispute. thousands of people have been marching through the dutch city of utrecht to protest against corona virus lockdown measures. the government introduced tight of restrictions a week ago on top of an existing partial lock down. the country has been reporting record cases of co with 90. the world health organization says no deaths from the on the con variant of the corona virus have been reported so far. governments
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around the world though, are stepping up at their inoculation efforts. a palestinian man has been shot and killed by his really forces after allegedly attempting to stab. and his railey, the attack took place just outside the mask escaped in occupied east jerusalem on saturday. clashes between palestinians and he's really police interrupted shortly afterwards. thousands of people in serbia are protesting against government plans to sell land to a mining company. they say it will have devastating effects on the environment. the mining giant, rio tinto discovered lithium reserves and 2006. it plans to invest $2400000000.00 and the project for is waiting for government of who. those are the top stories they with us al jazeera world is next. oh
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why the assume that he said you had him. and he said, no. mitchell, she is so brown on his heel. julianne. don't marcellus boley by murat sent us, didn't he? and i am at 1st solicit under tennis, julio, all of the back mac m, manage what she needs is she may in on with to maria. i am your cos. wanted to kinda move in area here and wanted to continue alex zia, cady, g art engine. and he thought it was them a headache and skin nation when you menu menu, the fair enough for now, mattel. com are free. nobody from here. fin, missouri almost lost land limbs. and why no, not yet. the answer luma lee were living with core. we're around said no, no, no, to your case, not the effort in manila to know from what is my need for me. a new circuit would
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for who's fit on wheel for over for minute. yeah. oh flew source of us and i city from you. liter. them she was source of her hustle, where there are any challenges to hold of a madman. how cabinet with daniel o'neil, my washington, you're very renee and i'm here for another, you know, kind of mischief. neither of them can excel here from here. and she and nick, i'm at point one and we know there was delicate because why the now and then the city of paula said, you know what? key fields to, to, to, to alene. and yesterday we bought our we eddie, a he was say in the i lead on the she'll, she'll do when was it solemn alton, that sort of more read it working for her and she was killer. where we're at with radar for the so call senior kantler's around one of the chief apartment when i put in particle. and i and again,
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my conception that i shut donnie. it's ne odeon not good enough. and in the close and ins only in the controllers could columns. will you call them the action integer deal? and you have rooms. will you be able to come to school? scott, i just was former. she was chimney in law and it will fade a hazel, fatal death. we okay. yeah. mikaela de la la in the middle of the head and then with the homes already clem is in your civil and observe. observe. does have any com. i think more dick nick catalytic, and he did tell him truly how it is that it's out a cell walker, some telemundo and supers will come out and did radio luncheon to be out and read the book. an artist indeed monsieur whiskey and fetch we are going to present had an interest in the real blotting. we will have panel bullets going today.
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sam z toward zach on. wow. shoot to michelle. and it was in the, in the we did it many keith, he said must have a saudi up a month ago. what kind of symbol county and they said, i just want to lock it with a lot of a come night that that event fee. because of that, how did you know the supply fee if you mess up a few messages that he'd be makia getting
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than that. and then that will lead them to them be either will not have given diamond can get lost and more need financing unit the city a we have with any other mission. alas, animals or we're going to check in the mail cause aside from some of the in the world. yeah. you mean in the south i'm subbing for low satellite the a kind of she how does south so i can set up. so i said, well it didn't allow south marsh my didn't decide to sell by the b service. i had to deal with the family that had to fuck, give me then can we have had you had the material on the head of, i mean have you can we know that i'm gonna, i'm gonna i think man limits. i mean,
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i school that's a much core within the cyber make one. i'm the caught up, but then methodical. and how do you eat if it will lead to hold the what on. what card jenny? know what the, what they want to go on had to hold as you are the black when you go to school with a note from the on to my school. like how you feel, what it did not in the writing is local pickup and i'm in hill not a c. shamar. sonia and he can even put it on his knee. i didn't i co, bonnie at austin aide will not attack the iraq. ha, ha, no mighty monarchical about it at all. we'll see one article. yeah. see how much i doubt to well, not the from my family side. that was yeah,
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the name of the city a leave of fashion. as you know, and i'm in the attic chauffeur sofa, not into dome how that is why she's out most most of us and it's going to look nice. jeremy left her can usually do august when almost 5 and we can use them within me. man. cool enough can it didn't show didn't well many and how to get it a shuttle hardly. 1 2
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to let you know, you know what the fuck mitchell knows what fluid does work any if mean a cause? yeah. the water handler was in the feet of a new machine. i'm if he had until the end of april. i mean yes. the no minute the show the minute
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a the made me enough. ah, me, me, i will move on now . hello it of course. ah
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. i just said that the amount of pulled up here that you sent me to one battle e m c, or is she by the she min and in any min minimum amount that a saba lateesha had a sub by her i little up at a more she and for she and suck had really had the sharon yeti. ah the hell the summit of money. but i'm of the mom would have to submit a handbag. hello him. anyway just
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a little it gave me your phone number to look up. your help with my name is michael mendoza. i did as him as city here. oh, okay. monday. honda hooker and oh, hey walter, this jim mm. gave him a gun with hulu. al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bags and discussion. tell her something about the impact on the climate change is having on the fall is that you work with voices from different corners. when the whales are empty,
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people fight for water programs that open your eyes to another tentative view. i them have collage people. i have my voice on al jazeera. can you hear it? anticipation these were lazy. excitements is growing as castaways brings your favorite teen to cats, off for the free for arab call. 2021. greatness is in the air lead sorres' one and to reach new heights joined us in cattle from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada, airways dot calm nation. yes as hell. what makes you happy? city dance. just look at them. ah, how stated the art director home capability means these guys get to feel like this? yet? it's cool, isn't it?
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they won't want to miss that. hey, let me watch. i want to see the reply as hale sat space to deliver your vision. lou. hello and barbara sarah in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera votes are being counted in the gambit presidential election. it's being seen as a test of the country's transition to democracy, the incumbent president for them a barrow seeking another term, but faces 5 rivals, ultimately dresses more now from the capital benjamin the turn out was really, really important. talk to, oh, going been porter. he will tell you that this election is very important. it's significant in many respect. this is


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