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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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hey, let me watch. ah, i want to see the reply. as hale sat space to deliver your vision. lou hello and barbara, sir in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera votes are being counted in the gambia as presidential election. it's being seen as a test of the country's transition to democracy, the incumbent president of them a barrow seeking another term, but faces 5 rifles at me. the address is more now from the capital benjamin. the tunnel was really a really important, talked to our gumby importer. he will tell you that this election is very important and significant in many respect. this is the 1st time they brought it in close to 30 or 30 years with lots of freedom of choice. lots of freedom of expression,
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they were in fact clears of things going wrong during the completing period. nothing like that happened on election day though. are few incidents not violent incident and away, but we are waiting to see exactly what happens to morrow when the election results are expected. security forces in marley have been sent to the scene of an ambush in which at least 31 people were killed on friday, women and children were aboard a truck which gunman sprayed with bullets and set on fire near the town of multi, the truck was then torched, french president, a man when macro is in saudi arabia where he is joined, a phone call that has been hailed as an important 1st step towards resolving a rift between saudi arabia and lebanon. a car met come, prince, muhammad, been some man and the leaders spoke with lebanon's prime minister, nigi, mcafee. at least one person has died and dozens have been injured in the eruption of mount scenario. it's the tallest volcano on the indonesian island of
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java, huge clouds of smoke and ash have covered areas in the east java province. authorities are carrying out evacuation efforts with some people reportedly trust. the world health organization says no that's from the on the con variant of the corona virus have so far been reported. governments around the world though are stepping up their inoculation efforts. thousands of people in serbia are protesting against government plans to sell land to a mining company. they say it will have a devastating effect on the environment. the mining giant real thing to discover lithium reserves in 2006. it plans to invest at $2400000000.00 in the country. those are the top stories. now it's back to our 0 world, dr of hope. and i'm going to have the news that we're for you in just under half an hour. ah
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thomas meet with flood mass after lead. decoy libby him up at the like them for that than over mrs. solve it. sure for sure. we have wolfy or any are good though. my kind of feeling can where i cheerfully. shadow then la. just look into them. can't i have fully daniel individual for next friday on board? mia? done my be good. what is your height off leaving that i held on call senate last but i will pull if he allowed with them for ob, name a global position level. what the, the last sent that stuff was last saturday. our policy the wiley because we only do a half, but i will beloved over shift. so the community can shayla had amanda, the she got a new job in cost will cost with the long i'm good to show very elevated. so on
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that that had that actually just look like a job. the booth natural been shaken, but salvage my had schafer and this one a letter how 101 list on multiple out love one another one. when you got to a phase, as you have a lot of hama, i said that was not the mill, but i mean, when i, when i hello hello, but then when i mean it's, you know, nanny bilateral, if you come on monday and be in the day but lots of somebody out, i'll be a melba. not a flood though it i let mom. good luck. have the law
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got this law bought on a on it a sophomore honey. i need a bus gun high. it's up to up what she is. a shall leap will accompany someplace martha, that men. huh. alicia physical been. i'm will. you can freeze that all high blood. so as dahlia ali it, i thought i'd live. i will and sam shall forward the bills. i haven't had a lazy a fatal following along with a plan. i haven't been living with. c my mom, i'm home with
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dad if he her you, if even if he's on the reduction lisa melissa and with the full my sure. sure. a when he in what i needed to will look at it. okay. the eyes of has, i was a kid. i had, we've had told me that it was in the door and the new movie has helped him have him on friday. i'm of it. uh huh. i'll tell you how much for a hole in the metal album gift to plunder from the book. com. i now give t v for keith has aaliyah let in becky model. how does it have, how can i move? that's around that if the publisher have sent anything, but when you find that i'm with a little can, oh
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god to with close. yeah, thickness or to yeah, yeah. so the other stuff, lennox, that i you know, the shower sewer, little up above where she and the demo. so if you can, little donnelly, off on monday it off. i'll be able to cut up a my mother will in law who are probably if i can, who have like a little muslim. mean with if you had the liner be day thought of a car math in philosophy. linda's. yeah. now, so the, the 0 is that i have 3 of them had you her as far as on the hill, i did the j unit up above believe the feel al cartler, danny rabo heard the hill, my heart out of the you have the quote of 4 b, but i can avoid gabby, gabby, her, the o'clock. but you be if he in all you g, so i didn't nurse with all this,
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he saw a 5th or the last last year or law. he lasha you a hug my mother in law, and the fact that will be here, shop us, will be here for a little with like a 100 last year with no i want to who will come with the head iep. then he in murphy, sure the insurance when it is in all then, i mean, should i mean a medical? yeah. i mean, i will go ahead. i had him with jim have agree with my head of south into it is man in the right it dana, right marianna, hellena. see if you are kind of watkins man at $1230.00. i'm afraid that him walk
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into the class and i'm gonna show mr. fiscal year, we couldn't, we couldn't see it. i wish i'm going up wednesday or friday. that was the most americans, cynthia, redemption for adolescence. you. she's in the field. one irish, everybody will know. he has a careless meaning the mer. feet can even increase. does she do he not even in. ringback the interview we barnabees of what an ally ally was saying. he had a man in a little missouri eagle and a gun. he hadn't long with money in the and the women becky had had you. but what and hannibal as a man?
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is he a fitness, fitness law out of ear? fitness and death differs alicia from afar. does it mother, ma'am hubbard, machine will him with tea? and the queen lamar is out of he, sophia, what had a little did he that, that if i had a b t a laugh. hello la. monica murray. the little mother and philosophers ready in am, am ready now for lord am and pen our heads missing. a sudden a fun knock, fur fur. i mean al movie for, for to zillow kind of, famine. they cumbersome. wooden commodity, madeline, so community out of short for saddle. her, my, there is a cover, were maneuver yet this had been a colleen, homely, been a doing lamina with the that eat. i missed marquez been headed up there any other time? any kinda one by the way, that facility mean that i'm sick to me if come enough along what that mean mother
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after that he can. and even that meant that a savvy when this is necessary, that i lived on sophia an id after a mentor for most of my, my wife needs a letter, if his wife needs a dot net as soon 60 cents as hell. yeah, the 1st need to let the 1st day that i think anyway, i missed it. if you see him who is a visually stuff any still were showing how to proceed with monica said from me and he now almost lost me and had
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gone. we had the short of an anna leah lee. okay. lillian, alyssa, math, dana city, a 16 lisa, mom i cannot get unless done any had any like sitting visiting, leading me a lot. i mean, i didn't, i didn't either one another. i was a hello. couldn't keep up with these. yeah. yeah, we had a couple do i need a little complex? i live. i would have been had them when somebody
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in oh nice when i lay love mother to be a leather. no kid brought it in. any of the it's like a 100 in sunny feel. i got one of them, i was on a little stuff. come out and inefficient. allow soft a, philistine y a r a, b, e man
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e u b a r a y one of the a k on a dollar loan number. they're going to show you why here a was all that a yeah, a while to have an interview with linda with as long as he emma hung in of us in how you and t m. and so you can kind of 21 must allow you to sort out and shahida a full b or a little and and adamant about members. let them nurse and they, it yet. can you hold on one of the i'm on a vehicle in. lemme lemme back
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and let me know what i'm going to start and maybe a 10 year old teachers away then. i would say how, how sad i've been to the it is. and they live for whole sat at the sat that menu lean and he does that matter. nothing sir. and nothing can envision you. she and kitty, for layman this way, dead yet away. this was an incident of somebody getting in san g battle, he did see that i would all sit that we're getting out of the let's give it another session. it in the, in landominium and seen as bella central to little slick and damon had enrolled happening almost in the daemon chauffeur was talk you see now who am in a nurse my home out the home door, him a consent he the nurse who has m venus that the, sucking on i'm suggestion of leg label. now my, my fish has on the fishing,
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to do a lot of money and then get a here when i had that a minute that it yet just for lisa fee, it could be why dental wait a otherwise that was a lucky. so we're going and, and what i did, i had him on that. and you know, i need to come in jazz and shut off was talk about and then he and adam, i think that was regina and influenced bassetti and apple edition and add more him to and the less. and then what he did yet. yeah. i'm right equal to had that's anything but it became the am ah a
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whole ah a nurse a miss lisa, new food and i'm looking for a year. but then i've got another one with me with a new them me a can
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somebody will come over some little what to believe what he said. he said he said with fellow america with the actual number i yes, the soviet union, the you ladies ah. a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland,
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i became the 1st woman here to speak about human rights or in american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands . nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, all does it a world meets to are of women who become successful away from home, arabs abroad, the activist on the all to pronounce on all disease. ah, with
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hello there. let's start in australia. we think stream heat affect northern western and central areas that heat waves, bringing temperatures up close to 40 degrees in land. now the heat is going to continue lots of hot and dry conditions for pass this week. but down in the south, it's a different story. we got a cold front bringing showers and some chilly mornings here. by the time we get into monday that will have cleared the showers and storms pick up once again for
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queensland and new south wales. so for sidney, we do get a break from the wet weather, but it is going to get rather stormy again from tuesday. if we look at the 3 day there, the temperature will recover, but those thunderstorms rolling on tuesday. now as we look to new zealand, it's very wet in the west and got that orange warning for heavy rain. for the south island, it's going to sweep further north, knocking a lot of the warmth out a christ church. look at that drop that he 15 degrees is going to feel rather cold by the time we get into monday and the rain picks up for the north island. now we had to se asia, the rain picks up once again for parts of indo china. you can see it pulling into vietnam and cambodia, so it's going to intensify some of those showers across bornea central pots of java and we'll be wet and windy for eastern areas of the philippines that you're update . ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense,
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race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our light from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes, a democratic transition put to the test, eager vote who is in the gambia joined the queue to elect their next president. the french president visits as saudi arabia, saying he will work with gulf states to end the diplomatic route with lebanon plus .


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