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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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is people are willing to spend more to try and bring some bright brightness and hope into the house and have like a happy holiday. so i think during this time people will spend, even if you know it's a bit difficult for them because they do not control their own borders. so they have to rely on what restrictions israel has in place. november. israel has allowed vaccinated tourists to come in and so people here were hopeful that tourism is going to be back. but soon after news of the new barrier has emerged, israel has shut down its borders again. people here are saying that while they're glad that there is some sense of normalcy coming back to town, especially during the christmas season, it's the tourism that's going to revive the economy. ah. type a quick check of the headlines here and al jazeera, early results are expected in the coming hours in the gumby as presidential election. people are deciding if president adam a borrow, deserves another term onto zeros. awkward address, as move from a capital banjo. the turner goes in really, really impressive. talk to ha,
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been boucher. he will tell you that this election is very important. it's significant in many respect. this is the 1st time they brought it in close to quote for 30 years with lots of freedom of choice. lots of freedom of expression, they were in fact peers of things going wrong during the competing period. nothing like that happened on election day. there are few incidents not violent incident and weight, but we are waiting to see exactly what happens when the election results are expected to be announced. the leaders of france and saudi arabia held a joint phone call with lebanon's prime minister in an attempt to resolve a diplomatic crisis. some gold states withdrew their ambassadors in beirut last month, after a minister criticized the southern at wall in yemen. the south african governments working to scale up cobit 19 vaccinations. the new army kron variant is driving another wave of infections with a number of new daily cases,
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many quadrupling in just 4 days. at least 13 people have been killed and many others injured after eruptions from mount summer rue, they told us volcano on the indonesian island of java, huge clouds of smoke and ash shoot against the atmosphere of also trigger heavy rain. indonesia is prone to volcanic activity and earthquakes because it sits on the circle. pacific ring of fire, a series of foot lines. sedans, military chief, says the army will leave politics of the election schedule for 2023. general abdel fatter albert han said this during one of several interviews he gave with international news agencies. on saturday. he led the military takeover in october for a dealer struck last month to reinstate the prime minister. for those were the headlines . it is continues here now to 0 after people empower state to invent so much bye for now. the can i watch the scene with the can to money?
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i fear the backlash ethnic somalis had long been the target of intimidation and persecution. in kenya, almost every woman was at a down trouble there, his homeland to reveal how his people and family have been subjected to years of brutal discrimination to typically the way we are treated in a close al jazeera correspondence, i use thousands of micro stranded in no man's land between felonies and the european union. a human catastrophe. many believe that's been deliberately engineered by better research. authoritarian leader, alexander lifted shinkel, but to his breath for weary opponents. many now in exile. the precedence latest departure from international norms is in line with what's gone before. as the crisis was worsening, we went to find out why the on
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the eastern fringe of the european union, a worsening crisis, is threatening the regional stability. for the 1st time, every game is bringing in people from the middle eastern countries from far away land. deceiving them off easy passage through european union, bella, reese's. socratic government has been pushing tens of thousands of desperate migrants into neighboring lithuania and poland, making them cross the borders illegally. that's a completely, you'll think they're really using people as bullets in this hybrid war. knife as
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winter approaches. as she monetary and disaster looks, ever more likely, people already say that they are walking through their woods and they see bodies dead bodies. it's the latest gambit of bell roots is hauled line dictator, alexander lucas shanker. will the shanker now a stake in vengeance against us? we are dealing with psychiatry that is being roles against the will of its people by a dictator. the crisis comes in the wake of the key you sanctions imposed on beller roofs after 2020 to rigged presidential election. it left a desperate in place. human rights in tatters, and opponents at home and abroad in fear of their lives. on lucas shank, his official website that bela bruce and president is often portrayed as a jovial man of the people. one minute he's handing out gifts to sick children.
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the next he's limbering up on the ice rink alongside vladimir putin. he could be seen handing out medals or giving pep talks to his loyal workers. it's a fantasy that couldn't be farther from the truth. for the last 27 years, lucas shanker has ruled bella roost with an iron fist system. give id, t c h a san diego live at the absolute nurse, 2nd scepter, 70 museum. he put her somewhere for exclusively muscle conflict. so give me one sec . you shall to let us love him. for years, any attempt to foster democracy, bella roost has been brutally crushed up from the dealer. gluck nichol daniel could 0 on close to being all the keels sitting in the hall. so when lucas shanker imprisoned his main opponents in the run up to last year's election,
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few was surprised. but one of the candidates wives spect loaner took an off sky, then stood in her husband's place to take on the president. lee with beacon young glasses ringing at mass gatherings before the po, millions lined up under the opposition's, red and white colors, adding their names to list and taken off skies support a necessary precaution in a country prone to fraudulent elections. you would, you lines, way in means key in the other cities as his lines showed that people, they against wickersham. it was a mass movement. such things that have never had been can bill of people united for
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the idea that maybe at this time they, they'll manage to prove that a bazooka in a last however, in a dictatorship 2nd, any other be one winner. and when lucas shanker was declared president for the 6th time, the hopes of millions of bell ruffians turned to anger. lucas shank, his response to the protests was characteristically uncompromising, plunging the country into crisis for much of 2020 of civil vote. sure, this is cynthia ethridge global for bush, 40 of the vanity of love. you will michelle up to have those could combine sanctions on individuals, businesses and economic entities deemed to be financing the regime were imposed by the e. u to stop the dictators cash flow. the people of been iris are asking for free
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and fear election. this is what we want to support. lucas shank is cracked down, also sparked a mass exodus with more than one in 30 by the russians fleeing the regime. since august 2020 we have is should over 170000 recess, both remain silent. these as a full asylum seekers. the domestic conflict has become an international crisis with poland and lithuania, becoming the new centers of resistance to the regime. now we're understand that people are much better who understand their plight for democracy, for liberty, and the address under which they are currently being placed by the regime. now these bella russians living in exile, many based in the lithuanian and polish capitals and felonies and warsaw, opposing a serious threat to the dictator. i am completely overwhelmed by that
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respect for the young activists wire exile. they're very, very active and very brave while you're oh, go ski. i thought about what i can do for people. for lucian. i don't have, i don't know ultimate kalash you can. yeah, i don't have. i don't have pistol, ed, i don't, i don't have a poison. so i have my voice doctor tickets if you want them to show me, but you gotta get a schedule. i and then and then mark risa left check as enraged lucas shanker with her comic songs lampooning the dictator and his henchmen was well, yeah, the opera star was performing in vilnius when she got word that the authorities
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were after her and kansas of very lucky. i think about people who are now in prison . so for them it's not good. yes, i think and for me it's good because i'm free. so not depression please. margarita . not done. cry place. because you are free. you can breathe. you can see the sky and they cannot. margarita has been demonized on beller ration state t v. this program entitled order of judith features a different opposition figure every week. the implicit threat is all the more chilling given lucas shank is long suspected habits of assassinating dissidence to which the regime has never been held to account last year. and you will go to it and you have to andre us to povich was once
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a senior investigator at the bell, the russian ministry of interior keys to night in exile. and just behind the opposition's bible data project. collecting information on former colleagues suspected of crimes against humanity, which you know that because what you initially some secret, runic, of a. getting back to the skipper, the voice, the title has a master, dozens of caves. this audio recordings in this one secret police officer's broke about the use of torture alone book up obliging me in law. busy suits is at the very heart of a security services leak information,
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which can later be used to prosecute wrongdoers. this includes an alleged audio recording deputy interior minister mickle, a cup of coffee tank, his officers to shoot to kill protesters in what. ready we talked about the possibility of eventual trial of their current regime. you know, they are becoming more of a more louder because we understand that the red lines have been caught one of the many shocking images from the crackdown is that a protest you have gained either each and limp body dragged along the ground by the dictators feared among police,
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lower the furniture is merely a living in the quarter lage, and was looking to survive. no re lithuania. he along with many others, is planning to take the regime to court with us in the last to quote, it will have no little polluted. some school boys in the western countries, half instruments that were used before in these sorts of cases in the countries of former yugoslavia and in other cases were the responsible people from the regime go to trial. i'm certain that eventually the swell. i reach dis conclusion that those responsible will have to pay just good. my good.
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okay. that okay. oh of those no. next. so it is spread loaner taken off sky. he poses the biggest threat to lucas shanker. not least, as she is widely recognized as the rightful winner of the presidential election. now, based in vilnius, her ability to draw thousands to her rallies makes her a potent symbol for the pro democracy movement. hero presto, understand that there is no way back in this situation. benito, keep trash up on the ocean. tick enough sky. a scene here in walsall, with a polish prime minister, is pressing hard for more sanctions and has gone its support from most european leaders. we will discuss different options of sanctions and there is a 3000000000 investment and economic package ready to go under hilton union that is on hold and frozen till bella was churns democratic. nevertheless,
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lucas shanker felt it necessary to double police salaries and give free apartments to combat offices. the cost of keeping his security forces happy is becoming a huge drain on a rapidly dwindling state budget. and in regimes a situation is for joe. at the moment, business is understand that they can lose everything, supporting him because of function, people in security and they can't walk normally because they be inside on all the time. and you know, the question i got for sure i feel this on stability or people around indeed some officials now up, so have their face is blurred when meetings for the president on better vision, tv choice. sure. to look over immigration. she was 6 when she
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put in the valley. nobody called me coach, which i was just like lucas shank is left with no one to turn to accept a flattened the attention. he's offered to send police reinforcements back in 20. 20 was a pivotal moment. thanks to the support during the crisis in 2021 question was able to keep but that support came at a price d to integration with moscow. some things lucas shanker usually tried hard to avoid song and believe that is only his country and he is not going to share his power with anyone. as a result, the increasingly isolated president is resorting to ever more dangerous tactics to
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neutralize his opponents abroad. with the force lending of a ryan a jet in june to catch for him in protest. savage is a case in point process. savage had been editor in chief of the telegram channel. next are now being run by colleagues in warsaw. yes. michelle, anybody here to talk to over the some of the most by the fruit guys and how can you get a chance to get them to kim for them to come and live with 3000000 followers and better. rece next has long been an end to date, to state propaganda from the bus stop care. most about stay with carla, but it's like problems. the police had, you know which you leave the shopkeeper sheesh file of 4th video audio,
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the command of suggestions to ship level sonya midwest. date. the platform continues to show chilling footage of life over the border. and there's nothing lucas shanker can do about it. ear canal blessed ga by listeners. any, any money the book, you know, what's going on, my side margins of what your ticket in for the chassis, the next the office has a permanent police guard. obviously, we are aware that there might be attempts out the lives even because this to the nature of these regimes. it wouldn't be the 1st time that opponents of the regime were assassinated on foreign soil. most recently, lucas shanker stands accused of ordering the murder of italy, chauffeur, whose hanging body was discovered in august in a forest neither ukrainian capitol kiev. he'd been badly beaten before death.
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not watching. yeah. those not live, but i'm watching with just him a class or it's taking a look at my stuff was talking to you that went on with math ways. shish off was head of the beller ation has opposition center in kiev, which helps people to flee the regime work his girlfriend now continues. but providing this sort of health is not that risk as she shelf knew only too well chosen. he was here as a new from a rolling garage door to choose to be the business of several of the advocates. shisha fears proved to tragically prophetic. when he disappeared while jogging the police mounted a search in a nearby forest. but when jane and her friend your joins, and only your was allowed to enter. when he returned the jane, you could tell something was wrong. what's to be hooked on me up basket with i
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should. but the other, you have to euro store store nicely store them. i'm not the only mach near the dishwasher football to fit the cordell. ok? yes, i'm on the little brought up. the new building. yes. is roy on the, on multi deputy. you'll enjoy your free trial and stay on the phone with me at the hotel. and you on lucas shanker, denies responsibility for the hanging but by the ration stay t z makes it quite clear how the regime would like to deal with activists abroad. and activists at home may soon find themselves equally silenced. rumors or rice that lucca shanker has ordered the construction of concentration camps for consul again from upson and not be away from us proposed to keeping core. once again,
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deputy interior minister can think of explains what lucas shanker has in mind. that she needs those destined for the new camps of people like antonia carnival over antonia's mother. anna escaped to poland to prevent the authorities from seizing her grand children. nastier and vanya where which, putting him our chest. yeah. but it's overly come. find me on now. sybil perceived us, he atlanta trunel school for this. her daughter and son in law were arrested and sentenced to 5 years. right now with
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a man. what of all bullying up around the store? mom. yeah, but you know, less than what it went. it was not normal but right? you know, because alice thought on the show marland, march equipment and training might twist with you. but don't worry at all so much good. the most are with standard deposit of the owner and many of the exile guys in muso, every sunday, to demonstrate against lucas shanker while they wait for their loved ones, release the deadly at the school. if the dog or if the morgan.
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yeah. good. when should the, which should of course, to me, if you're doing your torch and you're not a cheer. and his daughter is just one of countless thousands of victims of the crisis, but as the legions of his political detainees can attest. lucas shanker is clearly willing to keep breaching international norms. they can employ all means and measures that they can think of and, and mr. lucre shanker. we know he was promising quite a lot of these actions where he would, he would smuggle radioactive materials to your opinion. and he promised to smuggle more drugs and what, all sorts of things. so basically, you know, he's limited just by his nefarious imagination. all the same when lucas shanked his regime began inviting migrants to bela reese and then started forcing them over the border into neighboring po and nephew in yet
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it took everyone by surprise. it's a completely new thing. this kind of a humanitarian blackmailed at the ocean, authorities are now trying to exert on poland and generally speaking on the european union. so they are really using people as bullets in this hybrid war. because poland list way you have the whole thing above you should nation in order to ensure that they can actually says on the democrat christ shankar is inducing migration waves for the 1st time a country at every heem is bringing in people from the middle eastern countries from far away land deceiving them of easy passage through european union lithuania and poland. have constructed fences along the border to stop the migrants. but they are also being prevented from returning to bela reese,
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teams of activists like this, one of bringing supplies to the migrants court in name and land and say they've been beach and by bell rouge and border guards on lucy. and then enable to return to bella reese full enterprises. the situation is desperate. the restrictions and has been established along the border to keep the press and n g o z and and you already have people who died because of the cold. and now it's going to get worse. some people already say that they are walking through the woods and they see buddies said buddy, i think there will be so much more that they don't care about those people who are
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they bringing in. they don't care about the whole situation that they're creating. they just want one thing. they just want the sanctions to be removed with tensions rising and reports of bell ration. border guards threatening to fire polish counterparts. how serious is the risk of a wider conflict? the risk is unfortunately very big, and i am upset to certain that he is capable of escalating towards a much more dangerous conflict using not just hybrid tools, hybrid warfare, but also the conventional one short dresser fibral used to probably motor. she's probably in the locker room, but the best of her actual use. you need to sheet a little much for bruce. and because the bonus girl action that the person that
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i how i defines how wow the lawns knew, babies were dying. i did nothing about people and power investigates, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe. for now to go back, i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. a lot of people talk, their world was being turned upside down. the way doug has been manipulated by populace like donald trump slang on racial anxieties.
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one person, one that citizens have political equality. and of course, in the united states, as in many other parts of the world, that remains an ideal, but not a reality runs a slave. but from a for one, we're baby down for debit of the table of brotherhood. our dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. oh, there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got
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nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me. sandra gartman on al jazeera. ah. ready hello, i'm darren jordan, in della with a quick reminder, the top stories here on our da 0 early election results are expected in the coming hours in the gambia voters used a unique system for casting their ballots in an election that seen as a test for their countries transition to democracy turned out was high as they decided where the president at m a barrow deserves another term, augment address reports now from the capital banjo. president adam rebuttal arrives to cast his vote aware that in this title he contested election. there could be surprises by the.


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