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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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everything in between. join me as i take on the lars. dismantle the misconceptions and beat the contradictions upfront with me. mark lamont hill on out 0. ah at least 13 people are killed and dozens injured as a volcano erupt, and indonesia, these java province. ah, i'm sammy say, dan, this is al jazeera live from dell hall, so coming up, 5 people are killed. the security forces in mid mar drive into an antique who protests the gambia awaits for the results of an election seen as an important test for its democracy. plus back to the hands,
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christmas tree lights are bringing hopes of an economic revival in the city. hit on by the pandemic. ah, no evacuations have been suspended around indonesia mount subaru because of clouds of hot ash raining from be wrapped in volcano. so far, 13 people have been killed and dozens injured. it's happened in luma. jang, in the nation's most densely populated island of java. thousands of people have fled their villages as lava mixed with rain submerged. houses have been moved to evacuation centers. semerano is indonesia highest volcano with last ruptured in january. i was scared in running a panic because this interruption was much bigger interruption that occurred last year. but that band bang how the most he is
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a public policy analyst. these as it's unclear how warnings of interruption could have been missed, marrow mountain is located in one of the most eventually related area at it's been it's always a closely monitored by our look on all of this. and they know that every time we have a big rainy season, some sort of what they sometimes they go to country or option heflin. so they should have been able to get warning or people that from the interview going to many. okay. so why would they seem to be caught by sort of rice? so this is still a question that has to be answered. why what, why to bryce? what went wrong if somebody sleeping on the job or our way of communicating that they get it is not so be here. or maybe when, because some people waiting area they should be because as you know,
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student why is one of the most densely populated island in the world? land is got to should be and people are always trying to get a new lang that they can. even 5 people are full to, to have been killed in man mas largest city off the security forces, ram their vehicle into a group of protesters. thousands more were injured during the anti coo demonstration than young gong, so called flash mob riley was targeted just knew it. for it began. there have been anti government run across in the military coup in february join. now tony chang is got more for us from bangkok, so was this a freak accident, or is there a packing of these kinds of incidents happening here? this so appears to be an intentional action by the security services. this flash mob protests had just started in the cuban bang district of yan gone a just
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a few streets away from the shredding on her. her go to her that i cannot curse of centerpiece of yan gone at the crowd, which according to the video reports that are out there is, was still not very large and had just started moving very quickly. an armored cheap purse to approach at speed from the back and power straight into the back of those people who were on the streets or 5 people ring reported dead dozens more injured video shows people lying motionless on the street. and this does follow a pattern that we've been seeing emerge in near mars, major urban centers, principally, rank on, and mandalay are a little further north where i think they're the protest is, are very aware of the fact the security services will do anything to shut them down and clearly they are not concerned about the preservation of life at this stage. so they're forming these flash malls, making their presence felt,
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and then dispersing very quickly before the security services get there. no, it's not clear at this stage where the security services knew they were planning this. it's act of disobedience, but clearly they were there. they were on the scene. they reacted very quickly. but i think it just does show at this stage how those protest is even by doing something very quickly, are taking their lives very much in their hands. and it shows how much the security services really have very little disregard for preserving human life. it's not the easiest place to get information out of tony. do we know what kind of impact, what kind of a toll these protests are having on the regime? what we are getting 32 reports of casualties. there are organizations within me and mark and internationally who are observing everything that's going on. and the toes reported to be know well over 1300 people in acts of civil disobedience
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protests, but also acts by the military as they've gone out. not just in the urban centers, but also in the far reaches of mamma. and we've been hearing reports because it's very difficult to get confirmation of these things because they are in the distant countries that the chin state of the army moving in. and just clearing out whole villages in shan state. they've been doing the same. they are also facing conflict with the various ethnic groups that inhabit large areas around the board. there's been lots of fighting there. so the situation within me and my remains very perilous. lot of people having to flee fighting all over the country, while it may not have captured the attention of the global media. so much in the last couple of months. it is still very much going on. and unfortunately the death toll continues to rise. all right, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. tony chang, indian official say 13 civilians have mistakenly been killed during
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a military operation. it happened in the northeast in state of nagger land. the army is reported to have shot at the trunk, carrying dozens of people. troops then, later 5 of the crowd that gathered in protest against the truck attack, one soldier was also killed in the home minister, meet shout, as tweeted about the shooting, sang his anguished and expressing his deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. he says there will be a thorough investigation by the state government election results and the gambia are expected to start coming in later on. sunday votes is used a unique system for casting their ballots in an election seen as a test for democracy. turn out was high as roses, decided whether president adam barbara deserves another term. i'll just here as amended race reports from the capital ban jewel, president adam a bottle, arrived to cast his vote. aware that in this tightly contested election,
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there could be surprises. but the president and his supporters are counting only divided opposition to achieve victory. or i hope i don't presume to support this one. everybody knows not even your to your knowledge. you remember we're going to be doing a borrower is challenged by the leading architects of the coalition. but ended in the victory over his predecessor, yada jamie 5 years ago. they also voted and i confident of women. when i went to say that i have got my work and hm didn't let it down to god, but it did to him. this election is significant in many aspects, from the record number of candidates to the nearly a 1000000 people who registered to vote solomon boss as the difference between the 2016 election. and this one is clear, the feeling of fear was there. but this one, there's no feeling of fear for my own under that from my own of the business. and
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does it mean anything for us, a voter? yeah, it mean something? yes, because then some would they can do that editing, which is not in line with his own desire for 1st time for to how a demi, it's a dream come true. you'd feel nice wouldn't, since since i was a dad i wanted to feel like i said, 141 as an old previous elections since 947 unique system is used traditional models along with a drum and bell inside. this could be the last time the mobiles system of voting. if you understand the gambia with a list of candidates going, it's becoming increasingly expensive to produce ballot boxes for each candidate. and in all of the countries, 1540 the election commission once the paper ballots in the next vote. because the
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system that a software country for more than half a century is no longer sustainable. turn out across the country was impressive. and the process like and the peaceful people are enjoying greater freedom the, you know, the individual elections as a means to piece because that was very got a piece in, but also a lot of the result of the election is expected within 24 hours of poles closing on saturday night, ahmed rece al jazeera by june, the gambia sedans military chief says the army will leave politics after election scheduled for 2023. general abdel for albert han offered the assurance during one of several interviews with international news stations on saturday. for han led the military takeover in october before a deal was struck last month to reinstate the prime minister at yahoo, when a government is elected, the armed forces and all organized security groups,
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i believe will have no participation in political matters. this is what we agreed upon and this is the armies natural situation for the armed forces to carry out its duties. because there will be a government elected by the sudanese people that expresses their will. and hope was one. if you hope he has a prime minister as cold on the young people fighting for the rebels from t gray to surrender and not take part in what he called a war without a goal. fighting is said to be limited to areas between the towns of battery and the se. in the northeast, the government says is making progress and is captured more towns from the rebels. state media reporting rebels of lost all their physicians inside the region of their leader, described the claims as propaganda of the i. v. in war there is progress and regression. this is the nature of war. the sites that we have seized, and others that we've evacuated. and within the framework of the strategy that we
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set, we withdrew from some positions and we deployed. this is not because military pressures changing the positions with our decision. nearly 2000 uganda and soldiers have crossed into the democratic republic of congo to fight alongside troops there. it's part of a joint operation against an armed group. the allied democratic forces have been blamed for attacks in d. r. c. and uganda. got the all of his already on has the latest on the military action. soldiers from 2 countries on the hunt for one common enemy. troops from uganda have joined their counterparts in democratic republic of congo, hoping that together they'll defeat rebels from the allied democratic forces for 80 s their targets include the de, receives brazil, re mountains where the armed group established itself more than 25 years ago.
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are you going to allies carried out an air strike across the border earlier this week? now together with our d. r. c. troops were on the move on a mission to push out the rebels in the region. it's an unusual collaboration between uganda and the d. r. c, but both governments say the adf poses a threat. they can't afford to ignore. the armed group is accused of having links to isolate and killing hundreds of people, village rates, and northeastern democratic republic of congo, noble and uganda, blended for suicide bombings last month. and it's capital kampala. oh, we're very happy, both governments are working together. we've suffered and cried because of all the security and killings we supported and encouraged both armies. villages like these often bear the brunt of the violence. entire communities have been displaced. and regional leaders here, the fighting can spill over to other neighboring countries. we are either the dollars and we already did these,
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but he's been yes. ugandan troob say they're ready to stay in the d r. c until the rebels are pushed out. but critics gear, the presence of foreign troops could lead to more on rest and perhaps to the rise of other armed groups. katya lopez, leon al jazeera. not crazy hope francis is on the greek island of last boss on the 2nd leg of his east mediterranean toilets. show you some live pictures there that, that, of course, is an island which has thousands of people who've taken refuge there. and he's meeting with officials. understand it's out of a push to try and highlight the hardships and suffering people who've been forced to flee their countries is pushing for them to be integrated into europe. are still ahead on al jazeera will tell you why cubans are seeking refuge in greece
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despite significant challenges. plus i'm robert bride in western afghanistan, where they just finished harvesting the world's most expensive spies in a country. that right now is among the world's most economically and ah, hello there. it's the usual funny spells and tropical downpours across much of south east asia over the next few days. but we are seeing the wet and windy weather intensify for eastern areas of the philippines. thanks to the remnants of a typhoon to the east of japan and the north eastern monsoon. we're also gonna see more wet and windy weather pull into java and indonesia. and we will see some of those downpours intensify for bornea and silhouette the by the time we get to choose day, we could see some flooding here. now we've had some flood issues across eastern
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areas of australia. this was the scene in work. they usually have water issues here, but we've had some severe thunderstorm that have brought heavy rain is more of those to come as we go into the next week. but it's a different story across central and western parts of australia in particular for per, we've got heat wave conditions rolling in here and they are set to continue. we have a look at the temperature on the 3 day. it's well above the december average. we are going to see sunshine, it will only start to cool down at the we can now it's cool down for christ church . as we head to new zealand. we've had that windy weather sweep up to the north, wellington's going to be very wet for the rest of the week. it winds up, however, in the south christ church sitting at 13 degrees celsius, that to weather update. ah, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results with great power and walk indonesia whose
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turns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me pop linda. this is rose and progress. invest indonesia. now lou, the me welcome back. you're watching out just 0 time. to recap, the headlines. evacuations have been suspended around the didn't easiest mount summer route because of clouds of hot ash raining from the iraq thing volcano. so
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far, 13 people have been killed and thousands injured. 5 people are pulled to have been killed and me and mas largest 50 off the security forces. ram their vehicle into a group of protested dozens more were injured during the anti q demonstration in young vaughan vote counting on the way in the gambia. oftentimes, today's presidential election has been high turn out the whole scene of the test of stability and democratic progress. now the number of new daily cove is 19 cases in south africa is nearly quadrupled in just 4 days. more than 16000 infections were recorded on saturday. it's underscore and concerns about the rapid spread of the new on the chrome variant from johannesburg for me, the miller explains how the government is responding by encouraging more people to get vaccinated. this is one of a few 100 vaccination centers in the halting province in south africa. how ting has
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been hard to hit by the rise in covert 19 infections between 70 and 80 percent of new infections across south africa in this province alone. and that is why authorities are saying that people need to get out and get vaccinated. there has been some level of vaccine hesitancy, about 42 percent of people who are eligible for a vaccine have actually taken that up. but that number drops to about 56 percent for people who have taken up 2 doses, who are fully vaccinated. that government has fits up a number of drives, door to door awareness campaigns, trying to create awareness around why the vaccine is important, especially because so little is known around the army con variant. and the greatest concern there is just how easily it spreads. and that is being reflected in the spike in numbers that south africa is experiencing. one area of concern, while hospitalizations of people has remained relatively low,
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a number of young children under the age of 5 are having to be admitted to hospital . now becoming ill after contracting cove at 19 this week routine a number of students 12 to 17. since it was open to that age group a month or so ago, that has come in now for, for the vaccinations coming in with the parents coming in as families. so there has been that we have seen an optical, a number of infected, a kids at the surrounding schools over years where i think parents are exercising portia a week ago this vaccination center had about 50 or 60 people coming through every day. and now that number has doubled, so that is encouraging for people trying to make sure that south africans are getting vaccinated. but we've also been to several vaccination centers in this province, some entirely empty, some with people trickling through and others more busy. so there's still an issue around vaccine hesitancy, but certainly a significant proportion of the sub african population has been spooked by this new
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army kron variant. and more people are coming out to get a job. the mayor of rio de janeiro is cancelled new year's eve celebrations. after brazil confirmed its 1st cases of the army con variant, thousands of residents and tourists usually flocked to the cities famous krakow, on a beach to watch the fireworks on december 31st. more than 615000 people have died in brazil from covered 90 asylum seekers from cuba, joining others from africa and asia trying to enter the ear through greece. but they shot out of established procedures and processes, leaving them desperate for food and shelter. john thoughtless reports from athens. one spends his days on his phone, contacting other asylum seekers from his native cuba, a sally thermometer, and i thought of making a list to see how many cubans there are and give this to which our organization we could. there are lawyers, doctors, civil engineers close on. we're not brigands. we want to the country though,
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all embrace us to see that we can offer things to society. we're not here to extract wealth and go home. let's be part of society and contribute. can says he became aware of the plight of other cubans when he was arrested while trying to catch a plane to italy. the walls of his cell were covered in graffiti opposing the communist regime and havana. cubans had been arriving in greece since food shortages led to unrest and a violent crack down in havana last july. the u. s. border is close to them, so they fly to russia visa, free than to serbia and walk to greece. many pay about $9.00 a night for a bed and a flat, but with their money running out, they sometimes find themselves on the street horns. friend carlos managed to find a week of work in construction toward our hon. i have 11 euros on me. that's all that's left from the week i worked. there are 9 children, one and i pulled our money and bought milk and other groceries for them. we are part of a group where everyone helps each other than to night. i don't know where i will
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stay. i will make some calls if i can't find a place, i'll make a plan. but there are others who are worse off. carlos, spend all the money he brought from cuba, buying several tickets to fly from greece to germany or spain. police foiled all his attempts to get their cubans could apply for asylum that would entitle them to run subsidy and monthly cash allowance. but they would have to have registered at a reception center like those found on the easter g and islands. the usual and free route for refugees. there was no such center on the north macedonian border where they entered greece. so their only option now is to apply online. even that is difficult, says basil is papadopoulos who runs a legal aid charity for refugees. the not even simply the, not even the spanish interpreters because this is a new, a new, the future waverly too late. now what is going gone is that the authorities
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do not register them as, as alan, she chose and the force of the military to leave either back to their own country to coma or to find their own way. let's say elsewhere. these refugees have another option. they can formally apply for asylum before being deported, but then they'd risk being imprisoned back home. we asked carlos how he felt about that, but i think i thought brussel, i'd rather spend my life in jail here, dead return to cuba. jumpstart, hopeless al jazeera athens, israeli forces of shot and killed a palestinian man who police say, stab than israeli civilian. it happened just outside damascus gate and occupy the east jerusalem on saturday. video appears to show his ray police pointing their guns at paramedics, preventing them from treating the palestinian israeli stabbing victim was treated and is now in hospital. farmers in west, in afghanistan have just finished harvesting flowers that produce sac from. it's
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the world's most expensive spice. the crop office hope in the country teetering on the brink of economic disaster from mcbride reports from head out province. in the fields of hair at the end of the saffron harvesting, is often marked by children from nearby villages coming to pick what's left for pocket money for there is real value in these small purple flowers of the crocus family that yield the world's most expensive spice since its introduction from neighboring iran, saffron cultivation has boomed in this province in recent years, and its value to afghanistan given its current economic plight, has never been more important. for saffron produces the turmoil of the taliban takeover has caused disruption for the shipping and banking services. they need for exports, but they say at least there isn't the same corruption they faced under the old
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government method can make on on problems of the banking system. are a big issue for businesses, but i think we face list bureaucratic interference and the long term i'm optimistic about the future. extracting the precious filaments from the flowers, processing the individual threads to remove impurities, then sorting them into different grades requires painstaking attention. it's a role traditionally carried out by women. while men do the work in the fields, despite concerns they, taliban might try to stop women from working produce as we spoke to say there's been no problems so far. and that's good for the wider social significance of this spice, or in the last couple of decades, it's been promoted as an alternative to growing poppies for the opium trade. a trend helped by saffron's rising international price. and of course,
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there would be some interest from the other problem anyway, they see that the price is really high. of course, there is a debt bring also the law under the contribution of the flooring, the thought from as a lucrative alternative to puppy production. saffron cultivation was encouraged across afghan is done by the previous administration. it stands as one of its more successful legacies. but the vast majority of the country, saffron and the best quality spice still originates from the fields of had its been recognized by international awards. as among the best in the world and more of the staff because i export to more than 27 countries. and i know that suffering can change the economic face of i'm going to stop and i know the soil and other provinces will also produce a front placing such trust in the powers of one tiny flower may be hoping for too much. but this is a country in need of any little help right now. rob mcbride,
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al jazeera herat afghanistan, a giant christmas tree has been lit up in the occupied westbank city of bethlehem, where christians believe jesus was born. the faithful gathered outside the church of the nativity, open, covert 19000 ruin another holiday season. that ever a him was there. as the christmas tree was switched on this bed. i see them in 2009. i had started in 2050 that, that head, that tourism bob and people weren't even allowed to with the 3 lighting ceremony last year. but the day that differ in the thousands and thousands of palestinians are here, that these people are coming from different places from bob. they occupied blood
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bag unless it is ready. this is one of the initiatives this year to revive the economy christmas market where people can sell their products as well as their crafts people. here in bethlehem have depended on tourism for decades. so naturally when tourism stopped, the economy took a hard hit. now, you know, christmas people are looking to buy presents and the things are turning around, at least for the holidays. people are willing to spend more to try and bring some bright brightness and hope into the house and have like a happy holiday. so i think during this time people will spend, even if you know it's a bit difficult for them, palestinians do not control their own borders. so they have to rely on what restrictions israel has in place. november. israel has allowed vaccinated tourists to come in and so people here were hopeful that tourism is going to be back. but soon after news of the new barian has emerged, israel has shut down its borders again. people here are saying that while they're
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glad that there is some sense of normalcy coming back to town, especially during the christmas season. it's the tourism that's going to revive the economy. and you can get much for all the stories we've been following. if you had found 0 dot com ah, let's take you through some of those stories now. then evacuations have been suspended around indonesia, mount semo because of clouds of hot ash raining from the rafting volcano. so far, 13 people have been killed and dozens injured. experts say it's unclear how warnings of interruption could have been. miss merrill mountain is located in one of the most eventually will a good area. it's been it's always a closely monitored by our work on ology and they know that.


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