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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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beyond the comfort zones were assumptions are challenged, traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. witness award winning documentary is on a, just a euro. ah, it is 1200 hours, gmc chemist, santa maria, with your headlines on al jazeera sh evacuations have now been suspended around indonesia mount cemetery because of clouds of hot ash raining down from the european volcano. so far, 14 people have been killed and dozens more injured. 5 people are reported to been killed in me in mars. largest city after security forces rammed a vehicle into a group of protesters. dozens more were injured during the antique who demonstration in young gone. there have been anti government rallies across me in math since the military coups, back in february, more with tony chang. he's in bangkok. well, the supposed to have been
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a very swift reaction to the flash mob that hit the streets about mid morning in came and dung districts are which is in central yang on just a few streets away from the iconic troy. the gone for go to the crowd, had just assembled. and if you can see in videos posted on social media, a and armored track appears to move in very quickly from behind at speed powering straightened to them 5 reported to have died dozens more injured bodies lying on the street. you can see in the aftermath it does appear to fit. also the pattern that we've seen emerging a protest as who still wants to maintain their presence on the streets. and there are visible objections to the queue that happened back in february, but very aware that the security services are going to crack down harshly with very little thought for the preservation of life. so that they're doing this very quickly in younger and other big cities across myanmar. but clearly in this
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instance, the security services were on the scene reacted very quickly and again with very little thought for life. and i think it's just an illustration of how much these people are taking their lives into their hands, even protesting for just a few minutes as clearly costing their lives on this occasion. now the headlines, indian officials say 13 civilians have mistakenly been killed during a military operation. this was in the northeast in state of maryland. the army is reported to have shot at a truck carrying dozens of people. troops later fired at a crowd of protesters. the gamblers, president adams barrow has taken an early lead as results from the presidential election come in, his trying to secure a 2nd term in a vote seen as a test of stability and democracy. me to just report now from bundle. well basically if it results off, started coming in and it looks like the incumbent is fooling ahead of the rest of the crowd. less than a quarter of the cost,
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it was declared into this morning and more ice practice today. eventually, before the end of the day, we'll definitely know who the winner of this particular election is. looks like so far. the incumbent is pooled ahead in some of these cost was the one, most of the consequences declared by the elect, independent electoral commission. here in, by george now basically what we're looking at is a simple majority is enough for any of the 6 candidates to win. and the contest actually is a 2 way to 2 way traffic between mister adam about the incoming president and authentic double. former vice president and his main challenge was any double is one of the architects of the coalition that gave a power to mr. borrow, deposed jeremy in the 2016 election. mr. bout himself. yes. today on start today when he cast his balance, he med mention that he's going to win this election probably by web. last slide
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talks with in us president joe biden, and the russian president, vladimir putin have been confirmed for tuesday and they'll take part in a video cool of thousands of russian troops gathered near ukraine's border. us and ukrainian official se intelligence suggests an invasion or attack is possible in the coming weeks. pope francis is visiting the greek island of lesbian on the 2nd leg of his eastern mediterranean, tore the pontiff to a refugee camp where more than 2000 people lived in temporary housing. sedans, military chief, says, the army will leave politics after elections that are scheduled for 2023 general or the federal. but hon. off about assurance. german of several interviews he gave to international news agencies on saturday. and with that, you are up to date with the headlines on al jazeera, we're back with more and half an hour. i'll say we're world starts right now. awe
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a while. i think you know that i live alone with my son in there to visit a dealer and no suit which is a construction a little bit that i know if you could give me a back, could you send me to the a be like a social media with
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look, let me look on the good one. yes. yeah. a yeah. now look on the van . hm. but i was looking for and i'm little confused on him. i'm here a with a and i know then is that setting up a meeting that we didn't had a can what, what i'm what i'm fin mommy and it can be it all up for a moment. he said no one has any luck on i'm on the law. nominate and then yeah, when i'm not going be here when he so well, but i had
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a whole what on by you. mm hm. ah ah, i do about it. yes. it is. the rug beside me, a young man when he thinks needs you have it. you don't have to leave me a whole limited. emily, it shouldn't be. mayor bishop, the bishop anamosa, calls him in american mckinney, a columnist. but little matter over daughter though, we why though, as soon as that he said you had he hit her,
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he my niece in bed and don't see mitchell for she is sabbatical. she is here. julian dome, when marcellus boley, when murat sent us the 3 m. a t for full of other tennis, julio, all of the back mac m, manage. what she needs is she may in on with tim and i am your cos. wanted to kinda move in as many any hale and wanted to continue her locker to julia. katie g r teacher and he thought that was the math guy from skin nation. when you menu menu, that fair enough for you, no matter what are we normally from here? female missouri almost lost leg limbs and act. well no, not yet until tomorrow you were living with core. we weren't at noon, not your case number daughter in minnesota from what it may need from me in the 2nd world. who's fit on one meal for over for minute. yeah. oh through source of us and
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i should hear from you needed them. she was sort of her hustle. whether it is hell under the table, doesn't matter, man. i'll come in at that with daniel o'neil, my washington to that even. and he over and no and no you know, kind of missed you know them can excited to hear from zia. and she and nick, i'm at point one and we never did anything because i the now group in the city. but yeah, i'm love, paula said, you know what? key fields to to, to ne nerds. and yesterday we bought our we eddie, a he was say in the lead on the, she'll, she'll do it sooner. mournton that sort of more wet. we're looking for her and, and she was killer. where we're headed, laid off for the so call senior can telephone on one of the keys upon it when i bought it and i and again, my conception that i shot tony, it's ne, if odin not good enough and, and, and in the close end ins, only ideally,
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controllers good companies will. yeah. what am diction into it? and you had rooms. will you be you know, what come tuscan? it's got i just was from michigan chimney in lawrenceville will faith a little death. we i'm okay. i'm okay. i'm did on my law and committed head and then with my home school year, the club m, as in yellow, civil and observe, observe, does have any com. i think more dick nick catalytic. and he did attend them to the how that is that is out somewhat or go some telemundo and supers will come out and did radio luncheon to be out and read the book an arson. did i mission, whiskey and fish. we are going to present had an interest in the real thing we would have to panel to let's going today do mama, you know, it wouldn't zip under guardian 10 fish. i didn't, i didn't look i didn't,
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i didn't even know which one had the hedge. i didn't door push edge a shake in sugar because not eat. you have a wonderful daniel calling because you millions min studio how to be an addict. defend nick, how sunday kathy: take well to the kid when, even shap shim sam, z z, z tool. zach on. wow, shoot to michelle. and
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it was in the, at the end the we did it, and many keith, he said, must have a saudi up a month ago. what can simile connie, and i just want to lock it with a lot of a come night that that event see my cousin level. how did you know the supply fee? if you mess up a few messages to that, he'd be makia, getting a helman medical them. the members in the new
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company had the home i would have to be, she had been up, she can walk, thought of him, and i am still at home. i'm only going to quit cold at home this year more and i can add one visit listed out. he has a law in any way. i don't need you to believe an amatory people. you will get up to me and many who will have somebody in the double hammer or whatever and then that will lead him to them. he will not have given him.
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i can see ames get lost and more lid. we'll hunt finance and mueller. the city. if we would only wish we should and a sentiments, are we going to check in the mail? who is just hum some of them in the world? yeah, you mean in the south i'm subbing for low south of the a kind of she how does saw so i can cetera. so i said well it in a low south marsh. my didn't decide to so why did we, since i have to deal with this, i'm going to have a lot of that has to for fox can be read, then can we have to have had in the material? i'm excited. i mean i, we can, we know that i'm gonna, i'm gonna, i think man limits. i mean that's good. that's a lot the met court within the cyber. the make one,
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i'm the caught up. but then the methodical and the food you eat, it will lead to hold the what on. what in cards, any know what the, what they want to go on had to hold as you are the sub black when you call us could we do a nice a on to my feel like i feel what it did not empty the local people, but i'm in no, no a see shamar sonia and he can even go to step. obviously by dean i cool. bonnie at austin aide. will not a shot. the new iraq. ha ha. no mighty monarchical. we'll talk about it at all. we'll see one article. yes he homicide. that's one of my family side. that was your, me and it is my and i need medic is we need to read
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a min id him a sure has yet. they can not messiah need they be. yeah. well, there's a few metals which can you or what to lead. what should i say? ah ah, with can i. ringback meet them, you can handle what caffeine and get
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them when i was training that i how i didn't i them okay. and how they're and cool my must not give in and then be applied me human mac. i mean, we're human, someone in the mental have a nice thought i'm and he had was so of the bad them so well, how about an initial, how much i
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ah ah. 2 ah, ah weldon, and i had nadine at the rock in that all the model. a lot of connected with a model in san orange will for norco have no fif combat issue cars yet give which tunnel keep woken and i'm going to do an article had done side should. i can be held it a little bit more. i should if i hear you said he when fall into the full name of the city relief,
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i'm off the phone and as you know, i'm in the attic chauffeur social not into don't that she's out of the most most i don't deal with the lot but it's going to look nice jeremy left with her can usually do over 35 and we can use them within me man. call them the one that can then show that well mary is shadley how and. 1 2 i
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i me not going to be making it doughty, is there any w members you'll be if
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you know what the fuck leisure. know what, what does this work any if mean a cause the, the handler was, it was in the feet of a envelope on the news. your mom, if he had a club and towards the end of april, i mean yes. i know minute the minute a the made me
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enough. ah, me me, i will do one now hello it of course. ah .
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but this and that the come by the amount of pulled up here. let me do one battle e m c, or is she by the she min and in any min minimum out that of a saba lateesha had a sub by oh, i little up at it on a more she and for she and suck had really had the shadow yeti ah the had the summit of money, but i'm of the mom has the stomach had badly hello but anyway, just a little is a couple of you will help with her and we're going to miss. i mean,
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little matter. i did with him as city here. oh, okay. mandy. hey, was jim mm. given that gun with me each and every one of us, it's about a responsibility to change our personal space for the better a. we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just
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a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, music could be rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. getting these people begun to collect the signature, a extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. oh, can you hear me and tis the patient is realizing, excitement is growing as cattle a ways brings your favorite team to cut off for the fee for our upcoming 2021. greatness is in the air. late sore is one and to reach new heights. join us in
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cutoff from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada. a ways don call oh not too about. they were well on the way, but 1st we'll check your headlines. and evacuations have been suspended around indonesia, mount the meadow, because of clouds of hot ash raining down from the eruption volcano. so far, 14 people have been killed and dozens injured next. but say it is unclear how warnings of interruption had been missed. marrow mountain is located in one of the most eventually what will i get aria at it's been it's always a closely monitored by our look on all of this and they know that every.


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