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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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newheights join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked the package now at canton, airways dot com. ah not too about. they were well on the way, but 1st check your headlines and evacuations have been suspended around indonesia, mount the meadow, because of clouds of hot ash raining down from the erupt in volcano. so far, 14 people have been killed and dozens injured next, but it is unclear how warnings of interruption have been missed. marrow mountain is located in one of the most eventually what related area. it's been, it's always a closely monitored by our work on all of this. and they know that every time we
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have to be rainy season, some sort of what they sometimes call secondary interruption heflin. so they should have been able to give the warning, or people. ringback but from the interview dealing to many of as to why whether they seem to be caught by sure. right. so this is still a question that has to be answered of a headline 5 people reported have been killed and me in our largest city to security forces ran their vehicle into a group of protesters, dozens more where injured during the anti coo demonstration in young, gone with like a flash, ma brownie was targeted just minutes after it began. indian officials say 13 civilians had mistakenly been killed during a military operation that happened in the northeast in state of knuckle. and the armies reported to have shot at a truck carrying dozens of people, the gamblers, president, dot m a barrows taken an early lead as results from the presidential election come in, trying to secure a 2nd turn in a vote seen as a test of stability. and democracy talk soon, you as president joe biden,
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and the russian president vladimir putin have been confirmed for tuesday are the 2 will take part in a video cool as thousands of russian troops gathered near ukraine's border. u. s. and ukrainian officials say intelligence suggests an invasion or an attack is possible. in the coming weeks. pope francis is visiting the greek island of less boss on the 2nd leg of his eastern mediterranean tour. the pontiff visited a refugee camp. wimbledon. 2000 people lived in temporary housing and sedans. military chiefs, as the army will leave politics after elections that are scheduled for 2023 general at the federal, but han offered that assurance. during one of several interviews he gave to international news agencies on saturday. once again, you're up to date with the headlines on al jazeera out 0, well continues. next. we're back with the news out after that. oh,
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you know, and i'm with you the whole the thing that's how you have to shuttle a should get a little who said, i wanna go ahead let you know in the law dish i had some event. teddy, me have a some sit back with a committee
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amendment. ah i have been looking for a
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while i'm looking to think i'm sorry about may more know some stuff from so a lot of well come sometimes i think it was a letter in the pinnacle and did his own critical is then the senator clinical to hire a lawyer model. oh fun. and i see this last year.
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a baby. i knew it must bite the fuel thomas meet the flood. miss after fled. decoy you love him up at the luck them for that than i mrs. settled at ease. sure. for sure. we have one here. any are good though. my kind of feeling can where i cheerfully shadowed them. la. just look into them. can't i have fully daniel individual for next friday on board? mia them might be good. what is your height of leaving that? don't cost on it or less, but i will pull if he were lad with them. but ob name a couple of positions level what they did, a lot of stuff was already hit our policy the why leave it got the feeling to a half but i will love all the hello. just a still a community come on. shayla had come on the she got a new job and possible costs with you have a long, i'm good to show value. i live here on the head of the by sure,
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just look like a job, the booth, natural mexican, but salvage my head schafer. and this one, a letter, how 101 list on multiple optimal level one. but another one, when you got to a phase though, what i do hello, how much? ah, that would that amid banner a melvin abilene high high school. we have war but then at that number, when i mean, is she doing any valid? velma helene, easy grammar, not a shame on being embodying stoba. i will stay but lots of somebody out. i'll be a millionaire or flood though i let mom good luck. have the law
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got this all bought on a on it a sa 40 on the bus gun. i is up while she is a shall leap will accompany someplace. martha, that's min huh. alicia, phil goodman, i'm would you be feasible height law? so as daily half ali, fiddling that i live, i will. and samuel for the pills, i haven't had a lazy a fatal hold on with with with, with my mom. i'm home. you know, you moment when
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you a few her new if even a feast on the deck and lisa melissa and with the full i sure. be sure a william by the end of the will look at it. okay. the eyes of has i will. okay. i have with hello, hello store and the new movie. uh huh m, as in nancy, m as in. uh huh. i'll tell you how much fall in the middle of gift to plunder from the book. it kind of a t t for keith house. i li, i didn't. becky, madam, i would have to go back on. i'm off. is that under the militia? how to sit there with me. but anyway, i'm with american muscle, a blue
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gabby with tech. las sorta. yeah. yeah, any big fan, saudi other stuff, lennox said i had a, you know, the enough was a chavez saudi leather, up a buff was she'll be a dumb or so off. you could little wi fi sr mother. you'd also be able to cut off i my mother mobile will ignore who are probably if i can put a black and little muslim even with if you had the loaner be day thought of talia my buddy. a math in phil awesome. hilalem knows. yeah. now, so the da 0 is that a hi stephen, margie her as for the time that he'll either the j, you'd middle of a but believe the feel of god let danny rabo heard the he let my heart out of the you how the approval for b but i can avoid gabby, gabby, her, the la, la uber,
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if he ignore you, decide the nurse with a nurse. he said, i only have if alarm had the nurse last year or law, he lasha you a hug my mother in law, and the fact that will be here. charles will be here for me, with was talking to a 100 last year with her now i want him to who will come to head iep. then he in murphy, sure the insurance when he has an old enemy and should have had a medical. yeah. i had him with jim have agree with my head of south it is man in the right it, dana bradley, marianna, hellena. she, if you are calling for watkins man at 1230, know ya dodge, i'm a funny to me,
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let him walk into the class and i'm sure mister car fiscal year, we couldn't, we couldn't see it. i wish i'm going up wednesday or friday that a lot of the more from the casino, sierra american commission for adolescent jewish within the field. one irish, everybody will know. he has a careless meaning, be there for you to call me when n for lisa she doing a good interview, read my own abuse of what am ally ally was saying. he had a little missouri eagle and along with her going on and hadn't long with me in the and the women becky had to hagi. but what and hannibal as a man, is he
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a fitness? fitness lol. adam here with fitness and death to facilities, yet from a for her to like move ma'am, have a machine with him. makia and the queen. lemme is out of he sawyer what. why did make a judy that, that if i had a b t a laughable letter banner handed money, the little money i philosophers ready in am a bad enough lord amman, pan, our head missing a sudden a phone dock. fair for i mean al movie for, for to 0. 5 love famine. they cumbersome wooden commodity madison. so community out of short for saddle or my dad is a cover. we're a maneuver yet. this had been a colleen, homely been a do any bandanna with the that eat? i missed marquez when headed up there any. i'd have to many kilman that away that faster. seen that i said to me, if carmina or when the live until after that he can. and even that meant that i
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said we, when this is mr. little anthem sort here, and it back there. i love amsterdam. oh, my, my wife need a letter. if a squad needs a letter saying that she had sent a 1st need to let the 1st day that i think anyway, i missed it. if you see what i was about to pick it up any still were, she'll know how to proceed with st from me and he now almost lost me and had gone. we know we had the short,
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nana but yeah, looks lee. 0000000. elysa maps in a city, a city lisa, my mechanic. the study said it had to do i'm sitting visiting, leaving me. i got a meeting. i didn't, i didn't either. you know, i, i couldn't walk you through enough. let me see. oh dear with a complex i live, i would have had them when something whose
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oh yes a linda, a phenomenal in any of the is done and it is then if you know that one of them are, are a little star. come out, i mean official a, b, y, a r a, b, e man
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e u b a r a k, a dollar loan number, they're going to show you a like a. yeah, a lot. that was not an interview with linda. we did as a loan to see a math in of us in how you and hm. and so you can kind of $31.00 must allow you to sort out and shahida a full b or a little. and then that about members leave left a mess and they give you a call again in lemme
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lemme lemme know what i'm going to start and maybe a 10 year old. it is a weird and i would say how sad i've been to the it is and you live at the sacrament lien and it does not matter sir. and nothing can be she and kitty layman this as always dead. yeah. and as a way desolate in, so somebody getting in san j. u, i will see that i would also that will getting out of them as community numbers. i should have it in the in oh, when the phoenix doesn't loosely can they even had enrolled happening? i'm stuck with them on shore. fools. you see? no, i'm in a nurse. no mouth dole him a consent. he the nurse who is a venus leather stuckey. i'm suggestion late label now my my fish has on
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a with a few b a b c p
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u v a n j i squared that admitted that it's a yet just for lisa, see why dental wait a why did was luckily so frequent. and why did i have a mistake? nita come in, jaz shot left was stuck with. and yes, i think that moves eugene is any foolish to bassetti and ethel alicia and william g and the letter quote. and then what he did. yeah. yeah. and then right. equal to had that's any from but it became written m o m a
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a a it will not at the in miss lisa you from a year. but in my house, i left a mess with the kids for the new the me a
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ah, the somewhat a local car that that have almost so little to be of what he said. he said as yet that he said of america. see fellow america want to add 2 numbers. eda, but i assume that you ladies ah,
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a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland. she became the 1st woman here to speak about human rights, or in the, at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands. nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. all does it a world leads to are of women who become successful away from home. arabs abroad, the activist of the old to printer on all disease. ah ah, look forward to really, to scully's, the with sponsored by cuts on at ways had low there let sat in south america and
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there's more wet and windy weather on the way to southern areas of chile. you can see where the fronts pulling in there is one moving in on sunday, bringing a wet and windy weather behind it. another one that's due to strike, by the time we get into monday. but to the east of this, it is looking a lot finer and dryer for much of patagonia, lots of sunshine. as we head up into northern argentina, there's rain and one of sarah on sunday. it will dry up nicely by the time again to monday with sunshine through the week. now that's not the case for eastern areas of brazil. we've got thunderstorms in rio and sao paolo, that wet weather, expected to last through to the weekend. now, as we look further north its western areas of the continent and see the shop of thunderstorms over the next few days. for example, paraguay bolivia, as well as peru and we've seen some flash flooding cause mud flies in northern areas of peru. we could see more of that as them heavy rain continued heavy rain as well for coastal areas of columbia. and as we head over to central america, its southern areas that are looking rather wet in places like panama and costa rica,
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it's dryer for the north. we go for much mexico. we got lots of sunshine here, twice up for the south and for the caribbean. plenty of sunshine, looking rather fine and dr. 20 degrees in havana. oh, the weather sponsored by katara, always listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing now. we're seeing monday we use to patch with the listening post your guide to the media content. jesse, you know, did you know you can watch out to see were english streaming live on like you to channel plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries and index news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english, the political debris show that's challenging the way you think is a military man summit going to stop the found it to guy who's under company. right
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now people are a part with me walk. lamont who on out 0. ah hello. this is al jazeera ah, just want 1300 hours gmc for pm here in doha. come all santa maria with the news out from al jazeera, the gambia awaits results of an election seen as an important test for its new found democracy. i am, i'm at the address here in the headquarters of the gumby electoral commission while resolve seemed to suggest that the incumbent president of our batteries extending disorder, his lead.


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