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terry advancement, going to stop the fan that ticket i is under complete city right now. people out of die kinda not very upfront with me walking on hill on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, just on 1300 hours gmc for pm here in doha, come all santa maria with the news out from al jazeera, the gambia awaits results of an election seen as an important test for its new found democracy. i am, i'm at the address here in the headquarters of the gumby electoral commission, while resolve seemed to suggest that the incumbent president of a barbarous it's stephanie disorder, his lead us to resolve child knowledge here. also in these 5 people killed
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a security forces in me and mom drive into a crowd of antique who protested. evacuations halted his clouds of hot ash blanket areas. surrounding indonesia is similar to volcano and the world's most expensive spice, offering a glimmer of hope for afghanistan. economy on the brink of collapse. i'm fine. how much with the sports news lie from our fi? 5 cup studio. there's plenty of football on the way. and louis hamilton takes pull for the foul yo avius on peak as his tie for arrival. master stop and hits the wall . ah ha, from the champion presidents adam barrow has taken an early lead as results from saturday's presidential elections dot to come. and he is, of course, trying to secure a 2nd term in a vote is a test of stability and democracy in the country. i made
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a dress reporting for us from the capital bundle this sunday. lots of interest. it seems behind you there, as well as may tell us what's happening. absolutely, what's happening right now. another set of 24 constituents as a result from 24 consequences are being announced when they are done with the balance will be less than 10 awfully by mid day by 4 o'clock in the afternoon. 16 hours g m t, we probably will know who becomes president of the gap before the next. 5 years. so far the elections resolves are coming and trickles are the officers here took a break only in the day to organize another set of results for announcement. i that was when yesterday remember when the elections are being held and president automobile was talking to the media. he suggested that he is going to win in a landslide. the result seemed to suggest an extensive lead,
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always closes upon and sofa, but things could change before the end of the day. his opponents are also confident of winning this election. president adam a bottle arrived to cast his vote aware that in this tightly contested election, there could be surprises. but the president and his supporters accounting only divided opposition to achieve victory. i hope i am don't present to support this one. everybody knows not even eulogy. remember, will be doing a borrower is challenged by the leading architects of the coalition. that ended in the victory over his predecessor, ja, jamie, 5 years ago. they also voted and i confident of women. when i went to say that i have got my look at home, didn't, there, does the good it did to him. this election is significant in many aspects, from the record number of candidates to the nearly
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a 1000000 people who registered to vote. slaymen boss says the difference between the 2016 election and this one is clear, the feeling of fear was there. but this one has no feeling of fear. for my own honest that from my own of it and doesn't mean anything for you as a voter. yeah, it means something. yes. because then somebody, if he at a calhoun settings which is not in line with his own desire for 1st time voter howard, demi, it's a dream come true. it's been nice. wooden pretty since then. since i was to tell, i wanted to vote because he did rooting. i feel like i said, 14140. as in all previous elections since 1947, a unique system is used traditional models along with a drum and bell inside. this could be the last time the mobile system of voting
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is used in the gambia, where the list of candidates going it's becoming increasingly expensive to produce ballot boxes for each candidate. and in all of the countries, 1500, poland boats, city. the election commission once conduct paper ballots in the next vote. because the system that a sockless country for more than half a century is no longer sustainable. turn out across the country was impressive. and the process largely peaceful people are enjoying greater freedom. they, you know, they have seen the value of elections as a means to piece. because gamma is our so, you know, very canopies love in, but also love me that the result of the election is expected within 24 hours of poles. closing on saturday night, ahmed edris al jazeera by joel the gambia onto the news indonesia. first of all, where at least 14 people have now been killed after a volcano erupted on the island of java,
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have been countless injuries as well. conditions on the ground, forced emergency crews to suspend their evacuations, and they're even telling people to seek safety on their own. julian both has the latest assessing damage from above. after mount sinners viewed piles of ash, 12000 meters into the sky. down below, entire homes have been submerged villages blanketed with falling ash. the creeping lava is destroying everything in its path. samira is one of indonesia, nearly a $130.00 active volcanoes. get bash altura and is the highest peak on the nation's most densely populated island of java. is sudden eruption was triggered by days of heavy rain. i was scared in running a panic because disruption was much bigger interruption that occurred last year. smouldering debris, thick smoke and power outages have hampered search and rescue operations.
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evacuation efforts had been suspended for now with the cloud surrounding the affected area, remaining too hot to handle. people who managed to escape had been staying at this evacuation center. i am the people behind me o evacuated local villages at the moment they need assistance, like daily necessities, food and drinks. we also don't know how long they need to stay here for those who want to return home have been told they can't. and to stay far away from the craters mouth, the volcano had seen an increase in activity in recent days, but its alert status was not raised. now many here want to know why they weren't warned. why? oh yeah, quite by surprise. what went wrong? if somebody actually being on the job or our way of communicating didn't get it, it's not somebody here an answer, many really stupid as
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a pick up the pieces of what is left behind, gillian wolf out as the rock indian officials say 13 civilians have mistakenly been killed during a military operation. it happened in the northeastern states of na gland. the army is reported to a shot at a truck carrying dozens of people. and then troops fight at a crowd that gathered in protest against that attack. one soldier also killed in will of that's a with us now from the mon district in it, nagel and his journalist at mano one now thank you so much for your time. is the army giving any explanation as to how this happened? because it is a huge, huge error unfortunately, oh, they have given an excuse of mistaken identity, which is sad just not justifiable because the villagers were returning from their fields, you know, from the work. and i think, i don't think it was,
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it is very difficult to be able to differentiate between normal religious coming back from bombs, you know, in comparison to managers who probably on that most instances. and in this case, it was doing data and it wasn't even a docket was for being here, where in the semester and people are still visible. so they have said it is a case of mistaken identity, but people here aren't buying it and, and i'll bet they're not mano, think we need to understand more about the background, the situation to knock a lot because it's not a part of india we hear about very often i'm trying to understand the, the nature of people's relationship with the army and with officials. they're okay . as you mentioned, magland has been seeking is independence from india, for, from in, since time immemorial seems to british of india. and with the years and years of suppression of the naga movement, we have now come to
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a point after decades of struggle that is probably safer to integrate with india since we are we've been. we've been suppressed for a long time. however, once in a while, we have incidents like this, which is the result are asked by don't with many people aware of it, but parts of india like in the northeast where we have met in see, or we have those kind of a crazy and julian because she, you have a certain that there is a certain special actually asked by that is the amount of hours special forces act that has been there has been no there in the states like this for the longest time . and this gives the security forces. you know, the full, the, there is no accountability they can under this act making a fire and they can should be blessed side at will if there is even a speck of suspicion. so and because why was this one to read? holton sorry to interrupt you. why is there
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a special power act like that which is so violent and, and so, you know, seemingly extreme, certainly to outsiders. exactly. exactly. india is a democracy country and we believe and we follow the institution. does the institution is very, very strong. the marketing institution, and yet it is surprising that after years and years and years of a, you know, going to your stocks and doctor b this bowers, this special powers act is still prevalent in states like this. and we have no idea . we have been fighting for to repeal such act. you must have heard about the money for a women's, you know, her nicky parade. do protest against the killing of a young woman wanna rama. so this has been going on for the longest diamond. this is the reason why yesterday the villagers homeless villagers, an arm bridges, innocent villages going about their work, where fire won out a single question in broad daylight. so this is something you know, the government,
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india should actually think and analyze as to why after so many years of talking about the degree she and b, those regions are still glad i'm glad. under digital, you know, where a person under the suspicion of being a 1000000 or having 1000000 on dash, can the gun down, you know, we're 29 or one know that we really appreciate your time and, and explaining to us the situation there and, and nugget, and thank you so much for your time. okay. now rival rallies are taking place in france for and against the far right presidential candidate, eric zimmer. thousands are in paris to oppose mood who is holding his 1st campaign rally just outside the capital. dozens of trade unions and civil society groups of coal for people to join the protest. there is a more, a well known writer in media personality known for provocative right wing views on a psalm immigration feminism. a poll before he declared his candidacy suggests that
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he could reach the 2nd round against president manuel micron. putting him ahead of nothing the pen. some commentators believe he can reach vote as the pen count and could do better against micro bella. penn managed in their 2017 televised debates of we go to paris, natasha. but there is there. tell us more about the demonstrations natasha. yes, we just been ordering thousands of demonstrators actually walk through some of the st. tear and past. we're talking about trade unions. people from anti racism groups, they are demonstrating against eric some more. he's holding his 1st presidential rally just side of the city. every single television, hundreds are right. he is very well known in for her to use is far right. opinions behalf for mr. toll experience. but he's running this pass into the rig who don't
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know what his campaign platform or life, but his opinions, as i said, all very well known and for all he is anti immigration. he's anti islamic in the halls about a noisy or a deporting muslim. he has even cost control to see amongst the jewish community sci fi, trying to glorify from world war to vicky cooperation. this regime saying that in fact, this is the regime, the safe juice when it comes to women. and he says that biologically incapable of leadership and i'm much better suited to being in the home as heaven may cause. and therefore barren kills and st. highly controversial that he thinks he can win in this race for what the process is say is that he is a danger to democracy. you mentioned the fact natasha, that he has no political experience. does that affects his chances in the right. i mean, i think we've seen in plenty of other countries that experience doesn't necessarily matters well indeed and you know, a year ago,
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if you had said here in the area, the more television personality, if you like, was going to be running for the president who election well, many people want to leave to, but over the past few weeks we have seen is a real media frenzy around. the fact is more decided to take part in the presidential race and certainly put them in the front lights on a couple of months back. he was in opinion polls opinions also suggesting that he could be the far right political party read, leave the marine the pen, and find himself in a 2nd round. runaway against the french presence in minute micro and recent weeks has to be said, he's racing. and he slid for a number of reasons, including a number of gas. he is may, he made a very c gesture to a woman in the southern city of mount phase was very badly looked upon by many people who might want to support him. he did a high profile television interview, which was widely criticized. he was seen as having performed very well. he also has
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the issue that he is trying to reach conservative traditional supporters the far right. but they now have their own candidate because on the republic of the pop, the anointed pet presses that candidates, she said it's not been propelled into the spotlights and is really looking to attract some of the voters. but he is also looking to attract whether or not people say, well in the weeks to come, we'll have to say and tell me about president him. i knew my crown at the moment. what sort of levels of popularity does he have going into another election? well in the past week's opinion, full suggested manual mcgraw would certainly be in the 2nd round. that would probably when it, his polling rating seems to be consistently relatively high. he's in, you might say, a comfortable position for this election, which is now 4 months away. however,
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we know that that can change it and moment that could be a crisis which could change the course of the selection. and also i said now be could likely face as well. this conservative kinds of a battery. chris many are saying that she says, many of the i get the campaign ideas that amount of micro my might also share things like appealing to big business, big firm on immigration. so be interesting to see how she will have to position himself visa, a conservative candidate, who may well shape up to be his main concerns. tasha butler in paris today. thank you for that update. now, 5 people are reported to been killed in mean mas largest city after security forces run the vehicle into a group of protesters. dozens more were injured during the anti coo demonstration and young gone, the so called flash mall. bradley was targeted just minutes after it began. there have been anti government rally rallies across me in my since the military coup. in
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february, tony chang with more from bangkok. well, the supposed to have been a very swift reaction to the flash mob that hit the streets about mid morning in came in dung districts are which is in central yang on just a few streets away from the iconic troy. the gone for go to the crowd, had just assembled. and if you can see in videos posted on social media, a and armored track appears to move in very quickly from behind at speed powering straightened to them 5 reported to have died dozens more injured bodies lying on the street. you can see in the aftermath it does appear to fitz or so the pattern that we've seen emerging a protest as who still wants to maintain their presence on the streets. and there are visible objections to the queue that happened back in february, but very aware that the security services are going to crack down harshly with very little thought for the preservation of life. so that they're doing this very quickly in, in younger and other big cities across myanmar. but clearly in this instance,
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the security services were on the scene reacted very quickly. and again, with very little thought for life. and i think it's just an illustration of how much these people are taking their lives into their hands, even protesting for just a few minutes as clearly costing their lives on this occasion. we are nearly 90 minutes past this news on his what's coming up. why a cuban seeking refuge in greece? despite all the challenges we'll have a report from there. also, your sports news is australia's new captain named his team for the 1st ashes test against england. ah, the united states and a group of 20 other western nations have condemned the taliban for suspected killings and forced disappearances of former members of afghan security forces. this is after a report from human rights watch, documented the killings or disappearance of 47 former military personnel,
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and more than a 100 government officials. rob mcbride has more on that joint statement from cobble all stems from the human rights report that came out last week. detailing the cases of more than a 100 members of the full, the security of forces of the previous administration. that since the takeover by the taliban have either been killed, it says or have simply disappeared. now it says says that these words were carried out over a period of weeks that sometimes the taliban would have been using employment records to track down these form members. or in some cases it said actually trick them into coming forward. declaiming amnesty, the only to identify themselves, give themselves away, and then to be targeted. now, these allocations are not particularly new. we have had a number of allegations of human rights abuses of potentially war crimes by the taliban, especially in the run up to it's take over during the take over itself,
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often backed up by what would appear to be documentary evidence from social media and so on. but these allegations refer strictly to these crimes edge crimes that happened since the takeover and also that they were condone by the taliban itself. now that is particularly damaging because it says that while local commanders carried out on many cases, these crimes, it had the knowledge and was condoned by the taliban itself. and the taliban, they have denied these allegations. they said they will look into individual cases, but they have had deniability because of course the taliban is not a single structure with a well disciplined hierarchy. while at leadership is here, many of the taliban groups in provinces do work with a certain amount of ptolemy and it does have that ability. well, this report says that the leadership knew about it and condoned these apparent crimes. that francis says visited a camp for asylum seekers in greece to hear about their hardships and suffering.
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the pontiff met some of the 2000 refugees and migrants living in temporary housing on the island of less boss. the roman catholic leader used the 2nd leg of his eastern mediterranean tour to highlight the plight of the many forced to flee their countries because of war, poverty and oppression. now san and seekers from cuba joining others from africa and asia trying to get into the e u through greece. but they're shot out of established procedures and processes, leaving them desperate for food and shelter. john's horrible us reports now from athens. one spends his days on his phone, contacting other asylum seekers from his native cuba, a sally thermometer i thought of making a list to see how many cubans there are and give this to which our organization we could. there are lawyers, doctors, civil engineers that were not brigands. we wanted the country, the all embrace us to see that we can offer things to society. we're not here to extract wealth and go her real would be part of society and contribute. one says he became aware of the plight of other cubans when he was arrested while trying to
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catch a plane to italy. the walls of his cell were covered in graffiti opposing the communist regime and havana. cubans have been arriving in greece since food shortages lead unrest and a violent crack down in havana last july. the u. s. border is close to them, so they fly to russia visa, free than to serbia and walk to greece. many pay about $9.00 a night for a bed and a flat, but with their money running out, they sometimes find themselves on the street horns. friend carlos managed to find a week of work and construction to where our hon. i have 11 euros on me. that's all that's left from the week i worked. there are 9 children, one and i pulled our money and bought milk and other groceries for them. we are part of a group where everyone helps each other on them to night. i don't know where i will stay, it will make some calls. if i can't find a place i'll make a plant. but there are the suave worse off model mia carlos spend all the money he brought from cuba, buying several tickets to fly from greece to germany or spain. police foiled all
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his attempts to get their cubans could apply for asylum that would entitle them to run subsidy and monthly cash allowance. but they would have to have registered at the reception center like those found on the east genie islands. the usual and free route for refugees. there was no start center on the north macedonian border where they entered greece. so their only option now is to apply online. even that is difficult, says basil is papa hopeless who runs a legal aid charity for refugees? no, not even simply the, not even the spanish interpreters, because this is a new ignore that if she re waverly too late. now what is going on is that the authorities do not register them as, as alan, she chose and the force of the military to leave either back to their own country to coma or to find their own way. let's say elsewhere. these refugees have another
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option. they can formally apply for asylum before being deported, but then they'd risk being imprisoned back home. we asked carlos how he felt about that, but i feel i thought personal. i'd rather spend my life in jail here, dead return to cuba. jobs are opal us al jazeera athens, nearly 2000 uganda and soldiers have crossed into democratic republic of congo to fight alongside troops there. it says, part of a joint operation against an armed group. the allied democratic forces which have been blamed for attacks in d. r c, and uganda. cateel up is are the am, has the latest on the military action. soldiers from 2 countries on the hunt for one common enemy ships from uganda have joined their counterparts in democratic republic of congo, hoping that together they'll defeat rebels from the allied democratic forces. or yes, their targets include the deal receives runs,
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or re mountains. were the armed group establish itself more than 25 years ago? okay, so the level of r, uganda and allies carried out an air strike across our border earlier this week. now, together with our dear c, troops were on the move on a mission to push out the rebels in the region. it's an unusual collaboration between uganda and the d r c. but both governments say the adf poses a threat. they can't afford to ignore. the armed group is accused of having links to isolate and killing hundreds of people, village rates, and northeastern democratic republic of congo noble and uganda, blended for suicide bombings last month. and it's capital kampala law. we're very happy. both governments are working together. we've suffered and cried because of old insecurity and killings. we support it and encourage both armies. villages like these often bear the brunt of the violence. entire communities have been displaced and regional leaders here,
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the fighting can spill over to other neighboring countries. we are either the killers, under reality beast, bucky's been yes. ugandan troob say they're ready to stay in the d r. c until the rebels are pushed out. but critics gear, the presence of foreign troops could lead to more on rest and perhaps to the rise of other armed groups. katya lopez away an al jazeera. before we take a break on the news are, here is kara with your weather. hello there, let start in south asia and the tropical cyclone. weakened as it approached the north eastern coast of india and change direction, taking some of the flooding reins to a dish and onwards to west bengal. by the time we get into monday, we're going to see the remnants roll over into bangladesh and onwards to me and mos that left. a lot of those east in areas clear lots of sunshine coming through for under pradesh, within heavy rain fall in the south and places like carola and we are expecting showers for much of sri lanka,
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with thunderstorms in colombo for much of the week. but further north, it is looking fine and dry lots of sunshine for new delhi and the system, the story for much of pakistan we are seeing some of those snow showers affecting the himalayas. now as we move over to east asia, we are seeing a bit of a wintery mix come into play for the north east of china. it's been largely fine. and why for much mainland china, thanks to high pressure, that's been in charge. but we are going to see the temperatures in beijing and shanghai come down in the days to come. and it's going to turn wet across the korean peninsula in particular for south korea. and it's a similar story for southern areas of japan. the remnants of that typhoon bringing the weather weather to a soccer on monday. by the time we get into tuesday, they'll be rain in tokyo car. thank you for that. still ahead on this news r. o preference christmas tree lights up. bringing hope of an economic revival in the city. haunted by the pandemic and sport,
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the american gopher on course to become the world. number one that is coming up on a minimum. ah, ambition, artistry, adventure, short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. in the alan minium village throttle queens. this is with her head down and the cade africa direct on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results break far and walk indonesia, whose firms forming we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent indonesia. now, lou ah, here on the news on here at al jazeera, these are out top stories over the election results, showing the damm b as president out of bar. i was on course of victory, a high turnout from the presidential polt, which is seen as a test of stability and democratic progress. 5 people are reported to been killed in me and malice, largest city after secure, he forces ram their vehicle into a group of.


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