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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah ah, ah, partial results in the gambia show precedent. adam barrow is on course to a resounding election victory. ah, again, you're watching al jazeera alive from the hall. i'm peter toby, also ahead. soldiers in me, a mar ram, a car into a peaceful antique who rally killing at least 5 protesters. the race to find survivors after indonesia, 8 months, similarly erupt, covering several villages with ash and rock. and far from home,
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she would migrants making their way to greece to find a better life. ah, we start in the gambia, where provisional results have started coming in from saturdays presidential elections. it does appear the incumbent at m. a barrow is going to secure a 2nd term, extending his 5 years in power. barrow was elected in 2016 ending 22 years of rule under president yar, jamie, there are 5 other candidates, including barrows, main challenger and former political mentor, was in o darville. the gambia has a unique voting system that uses marbles to avoid spoiled ballots at mad at risk reports now from banjo. so far, 41 customer wants to have been declared and mr. battle has won 35 of those. what we are told is, but at least 12 other constituencies are being a weighted,
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which of course could be announced any minute from now. what's happening right now is that yes, today there were candidates or representatives of the respondents could parties who find any endorsed. the results of this election, but today would we, seeing at the headquarters of the independent electronic commission, is such that results where attested to the polling stations by representatives of this political parties. but the candidates, the representatives of the candidates, the independent electoral commission, some of them in fact, refused to sign or a test to the fact that this had genuine results. an indication that they could add to the court to challenge the outcome of this result. well, 12 constituents have not been declared and some of them in fact, the big number is cost way is lab boats. i expected in the 10s of thousands. we waiting to see how these results will be declared, but from indications mr. barrow has an unassailable lead for now that could change,
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but we don't know. this is a divided electioneering campaign. i divided election and a lot of grievances have been during this election and then fact just like a sniff city practice like petty differences in gumby and politics. read their heads again during the campaign period and even election be we extract. but mr. battle will definitely have these as one of the major problems to solve. apart from that, the reconciliation process after 22 years of the i, jeremy have not been called at the truth on reconciliation committee commission has submitted this report just days before the election and the government is the official white paper that election a lot of companies i want to close need to see how mr. barrow we ever went to this election will deal with the outcome of that report. and apart from that, you have issues like the economy, the 10 months now we've been seeing images of demonstrations and crackdowns coming out of me in math. in february,
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the military overthrew the democratically elected government of anson suit. she and then put her in prison. on sunday, these videos emerged from me and mars, bigger city and gone. security forces can be seen ramming a car into a peaceful rally. there are reports of 5 deaths and multiple injuries from bangkok, tony cheng explains what happened. well, the supposed to have been a very swift reaction to the flash mob that had the streets about mid morning in came and dung districts are which is in central yank on just a few streets away from the iconic troy. the gone for go to the crowd, had just assembled. and if you can see in videos posted on social media, a, an armored truck appears to move in very quickly from behind at speed powering straightened to them 5 reported to have died dozens more injured bodies lying on the street. you can see in the aftermath it does appear to fit. also the pattern that we've seen emerging a protest as who still wants to maintain their presence on the streets. and there
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are visible objections to the queue that happened back in february, but very aware that the security services are going to crack down harshly with very little thought for the preservation of life. so that they're doing this very quickly in, in younger and other big cities across myanmar. but clearly in this instance, the security services were on the scene reacted very quickly and again, with very little thought for life. and i think it's just an illustration of how much these people are taking their lives into their hands, even protesting for just a few minutes as clearly costing their lives on this occasion. no verdicts expected on monday and the trial to be deposed. civilian leader on san suit, she. dr. sasa is a spokesman for me and mars to pose civilian governments. he says regional countries must act to prevent me and mar, from slipping further into chaos. this is show the whole process of these
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charges against the, our sausages, the counselor of mamma, and our elected official president who means are all a show trial. it has nothing to do with the rule of law or justice. it has everything to do with prolonging of military hook, the ring of terror against the people muma. they have already very, very dictates it just as show. so tomorrow you'll see eve, they executed as they have plotted on base on fraudulent charges without evidence, without prove of any violation of law. and then they will, they will see more chaos in a country cares in miramar is not good for china in stability. he miramar is not good for us or is destroyed a whole regence. now cove in night in is out of control. as you rightly say,
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you're human trafficky, drug trafficking, or if it's you flooding across the country and a crisis crossing international world is not the good for china. nothing good for us. hm. so the problem is now, is there the willingness to stop these before it's become an stop a bow before it become too late. meanwhile, across the border in the indian state of nagger land, at least 14 civilians have been killed during a military operation. there. it happened in the district of mon, the army is reported to have shot at a truck carrying dozens of coal miners. troops later, fired at a crowd that gathered in protest against that attack. one soldier was also killed. the states chief minister said there will be an investigation. india's home minister amy shaw has tweeted about the shooting, saying he's anguished and expressing his deepest condolences to the families of
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those who've lost their lives. he says there will be a thorough investigation by the state government. the remote states has been under a special powers act for more than 6 decades. now. it does allow the security forces to arrest, shoot, and kill without warrant, and grant them immunity. controversial law has been in force in indian, administered kashmir and parts of 3 other northeastern states. human rights groups have accused the indian security forces of abuses. the government says it's to counter violence by armed groups and to insure security in the region. mano one now, as a journalist, belonging to the cognac tribe in mon district of nicholas. she says this incident is a direct result of special powers given to indian troops in the state. they have given an excuse of mistaken identity, which is just not justifiable because the villagers were returning from their fields, you know, from their daily work. and i think, i don't think it was,
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it is very difficult to be able to differentiate between normal villages coming back from farms, you know, in comparison to militant who probably on that most instances. and in this case, it was doing data and it wasn't even the documents for being here, where the sun is still still up and people are still visible. so they have said it is a case of mistaken identity, but people here aren't buying it at the moment. now dylan has been seeking is independence from india, for, from in, since time immemorial, since the british left india. and with years and years of suppression of the novel movement, we have now come to a point after decades of struggle. that is probably safer to integrate with india since we are we have been we've been suppressed for a long time. however, once in a while, we have incidents like this, which is the result of asked by this gives the security forces. you know, the full,
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the there is no accountability they can under this act. they can fire and they can show people at sight at will if there is even a speck of suspicion this has been going on for the longest time. and this act is the reason why yesterday the villagers harmless villages and on villages. innocent villages going about their work, where fireball, without a single question in broad daylight. so this is something you know, the government of india should actually think and analyze as to why. after so many years of talking about integration and b, this regions are still glad i'm glad. under this rule. in indonesia or at least 14 people have been killed after a volcano erupted on the island of java, there have been countless injuries as well gillian wolf has the latest asserting the damage from above. after mount sinners viewed piles of ash,
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12000 meters into the sky. down below, entire homes have been submerged. villages blanketed with falling ash. the creeping lava is destroying everything in its path. scenario is one of indonesia is nearly a $130.00 active volcanoes. get bash, altura and is the highest peak on the nation's most densely populated island of java is sudden, robson was triggered by days of heavy rain. a room was scared in running a panic because disruption was much bigger than interruption that occurred last year. smouldering debris, thick smoke and power outages have hampered search and rescue operations. evacuation efforts had been suspended for now with the cloud surrounding the affected area, remaining too hot to handle. people who managed to escape had been staying at this evacuation center. and some of the people behind me
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o evacuated local villages at the moment they need assistance, like daily necessities, food and drinks. we also don't know how long they need to stay careful. those who want to return home have been told they can't. and to stay far away from the craters mouth, the volcano had seen an increase in activity in recent days, but it's alert status was not raised. now many here want to know why they weren't warned. why? oh, dear catch by sure, bryce. what went wrong? and if somebody actually being on the job or our way of communicating didn't get it, it's not so be here. an answer many will be as soon as they pick up the pieces of what is left behind, jolene wolf, al jazeera, still to come here on our 0 security on highlights in paris as a fall, right presidential candidate, eric more holds his 1st election rally. also had the taliban condemned for
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allegedly disappearing for my african security force. members. ah, hello there. let's have a look at the weather across the middle east and is more unsettled whether on the way for the levant. you can see the cloud moving across the mediterranean, bringing some really wet and windy weather to the likes of turkey, as well as cyprus. by the time we get to choose day, some of the showers will edge into lebanon and onwards to syria. now ahead of this, we had a wintry mixed blow across the north of iran. well that is going to fizzle out. it's going to be rather settled for much of the region. a bit of a brisk wind blowing down the gulf. and we've seen temperatures in katara and the u . a drop down slightly below average, sitting in the high twenty's. now for the very wet and windy weather we had to have to head to northern parts of africa,
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you can see the showers intensifying for algeria. heavy rain for parts of to nicea and we will see the wind pick up across libya, blowing some of that sahara dust into egypt, the temperature in cairo, dipping down in the days to come. now for central africa, we have seen some flash flooding in eastern parts of kenya. the rain continues here as it does for tanzania, within some shop storms. pick up for western areas of the democratic republic of congo. by the time we get to choose day, you can see those there and full south africa. we've had flood warnings across much of the country. we've had a nasty weather system sweep across to the east, and that's gonna bring thunderstorms to johannesburg. and that wet weather will last much of the week. ah, ah, mother nature's of cultural landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance. arising where investments are waiting to flourish. where creativity even supplied
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by tradition, done where beautiful possibilities are offered. lou ah, welcome back. welcome. if joining us, you're watching al jazeera, your top stories, most votes in can be as presidential election have now been counted. incumbents adam about seems to be in the lead. 5 people are reported to being killed in me and mas launch a city of the superior forces. ran their vehicle into a group of protest. her as dozens more were injured. during an antique who
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demonstration in yon gall and clouds of hot ash from an eruption volcano in indonesia have forced the emergency crews there to temporarily suspend the evacuation of villages in danger. 14 people have been killed, thousands of fled their homes, buried on mount cemetery. and we'd have an update for you from the gambia, where the counting is over. we're being told in most of the provinces, ask my address is standing by with the latest information from bun jewel, the capital at mit. how are the numbers stacking up for adam barrow looks like. 5 borrow has an unassailable leap. he's got more than 411000 votes. out of the boats counted his clothes, his opponent, and mentor, one of the critics of the coalition. the boat borrowed to power. mister sandy double got only 200000 boats. so immediately that
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was announced, we understand that the position, i'm not happy about it. they've also called for a meeting at the house of was any double when they will hold a meeting. we told the indication earlier when that representative the representative was a double. and of course, one of the candidate refused to verify the election results of the election headquarters despite the fact that they've sent representatives there. and also, despite the fact that their own representative endorsed the lucky results, the polling stations and the collision center where they were compiled and then i was to the public. it doesn't sound from what you're saying. i meant as if the opposition is going to concede defeat easily. no, no, it looks like we're going to see some legal platform that just meeting to scott the guys on how to deal with the situation. i don't think they were not happy with what
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was funny across the country. mister dabble has lost in some constituents as well. some people expected that he would do better, but what they let him commission is saying is that there is no way the traditional marble voting system can be reached because the mobiles are counted exactly to the number of voters in each polling unit or pulling station in columbia and these boats counted and the mobiles recruit and put in the box p. o, then taken to the headquarters of the election commission. so on official of the independent electoral commission that base no way that boat could be rate and that that's the situation at the moment. but we want you to see what their next auction will be. right now. we expect the result of 3 more constituencies and according to my knowledge, it's not, it's not possible for the opponents of mr. borrow to got more than $200.00
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votes to defeat him in the next, in the, in the 3 remaining cost it wednesday. thank you. so much estimate interest the john is live with that developing story of been jewel, the capital of the gambia. competing rallies were held in paris to day for and against the far right presidential candidate or exam. or the political pundit declared his candidacy a few days ago. there was a heavy police presence on the streets with concerns about fighting between rival groups. the protest against them all was put on by some 50 organizations, including fall left political parties and anti racism groups. so who is he will eric more is a writer and a media personality known for his provocative right tween views on islam immigration and feminism. a poll before he declared his candidacy did suggest he could reach the 2nd round against the president in manuel mac wong. placing him ahead of marine le pen, some commentators believe he can reach voters that le permit cannot and could do
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better against my crohn than le pen managed to do. in their 2017 televised debate, natasha butler was at one of the rallies in paris. was working in parson are demonstrating against eric the more he's holding his 1st presidential campaign. riley on the outskirts of the capital is a well known television puns it and really to hear from us. but he has no political experience, but he's like 3 me, famous in front record traversal. inflammatory fall right? opinions are more is as he migration his anti islamic, don't can the post about supporting muslims. he's also upset many in the jewish community by saying that the regime of world war 2 here and problems the collaborated with the not the should be glorified. he also has many opinions when it comes to women, he sees their role as in the home as child bears. he says,
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the biologically capable of being leaders. and what people here say is eric more is a threat to democracy. a threat to frances institutions? well, a month or so back the more was doing rather well according to the opinion polls, paul suggested that he could be to the far right political party lead to the pen to reach the 2nd round runoff against the french president, emanuel micron. but in recent weeks, his ratings do seem to slaves mainly due to a number of personal gas made an obscene gesture, after protest, or in the southern city of my state. he had to break poor performance. it was widely perceived in a high profile television interview. but already that the conservative right to import, if not picked a very candidate for this presidential race. and that is also going to have an effect on eric's more because she is trying to appeal to the same sort of voters that he is in
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thousands of people in belgium, been protesting in the capital, brussels against new cobit 19 restrictions. the police fire or gas and use water cannon to dispense the crowd through stones and fireworks. the government introduce strict to measures for a 3rd time. this week is hospital struggle to cope with a 4th wave is making masks mandatory for children older than 6 and enforcing work from home rules. india has reported its highest single daily death toll from cooper 19 since july. the new army cron variance has not been detected in the capital new delhi went through a devastating outbreak of the delta variance earlier this year. south korea will begin testing all incoming travelers for army kron. passengers will be tested on arrival and the next 2 weeks south koreans and foreigners will have to quarantine for 10 days. regardless of the vaccination status. the us and
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a group of $22.00 other countries including many e. u nations have condemned the taliban for alleged killings and forced disappearances for the members of the afghan security forces. this follows a report from human rights watch that documented the killings or the disappearances of 47 form of military personnel. and more than 100 government officials rub, mcbride has more on that joint statement from cobble all stems from this human rights report came out last week, detailing the cases of more than a 100 members of the full, the security of forces of the previous administration. that since the takeover by the taliban have either been killed, it says or have simply disappeared. now it says says that these words were carried out over a period of weeks that sometimes the taliban would have been using employment records to track down these form members. or in some cases it said actually trick them into coming forward. declaiming amnesty, the only to identify themselves,
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give themselves away, and then to be targeted. now, these allocations are not particularly new. we have had a number of allegations of human rights abuses of potentially war crimes by the taliban, especially in the run up to it take over during the take over itself, often backed up by what would appear to be documentary evidence from social media and so on. but these allegations refer strictly to these crimes edge crimes that happen since the takeover and also that they were condone by the taliban itself. now that is particularly damaging because it says that while local commanders carried out on many cases, these crimes, it had the knowledge and was condoned by the taliban itself of the taliban. they have denied these allegations. they said they will look into individual cases, but they have had deniability because of course the taliban is not a single structure with a well disciplined hierarchy. while the leadership is here, many of the taliban groups in provinces do work with
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a certain amount of ptolemy and it does have that ability. well, this report says that the leadership knew about it and can don't. these opponent crimes and women in afghanistan who protested against gender inequality including a band on girls attending school. their demands include being able to resent to work and no longer having to be accompanied by a man. when outside, it comes off for a statement from a taliban leader banning force marriages, switch angered women who say their problems are far more wide ranging nearly 2000 uganda and soldiers of crossed into the democratic republic of congo to fight alongside troops. there is part of a joint operation against an arm group. the allied democratic forces has been blamed for tanks in d. r. c. and uganda, katya lopez hoodie on, has the latest on the military action. soldiers from 2 countries on the hunt for one common enemy shook from uganda, have joined their counterpart and democratic republic of congo,
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hoping that together del defeat rebels from the allied democratic forces or 80 f. their targets include the deal receives runs, or re mountains where the arm group establish itself more than 25 years ago. okay, so far uganda allies carried out an air strike across our border earlier this week . now, together with our dear c, troops were on the move on a mission to push out the rebels in the region. it's an unusual collaboration between uganda and the d r c. but both governments say the adf poses a threat. they can't afford to ignore. the armed group is accused of having links to isolate and killing hundreds of people, village rates, and northeastern democratic republic of congo, and uganda, blended for suicide bombings, last month. and it's capital kampala. oh, we're very happy. both governments are working together. we've suffered and cried
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because of all the security and killings we supported and encouraged both armies. villages like these often bear the brunt of the violence. entire communities have been displaced and regional leaders here, the fighting can spill over to other neighboring countries. we are either the killers under reality that these lucky than yours, ugandan troob say there to stay in the d r. c until the rebels are pushed out. but critics fear the presence of foreign troops could lead to more unrest and perhaps to the rise of other armed hoops. katya laquissa leanne, now de 0 asylum seekers from cuba, adjoining others from africa and asia, trying to enter the e u via greece, but they shut out of the established procedures and processes, leaving them desperate for food and shelter. john saragossa is now from athens. one spends his days on his phone, contacting other asylum seekers from his native cuba,
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a sally thermometer i thought of making a list to see how many cubans there are and give this to which our organization we could there are lawyers, doctors, civil engineers close on. we're not brigands, we want to the country though, all embrace us to see that we can offer things to society. we're not here to extract wealth and go home. let's be part of society and contribute. quan says he became aware of the plight of other cubans when he was arrested while trying to catch a plane to italy. the walls of his cell were covered in graffiti opposing the communist regime and havana. cubans have been arriving in greece since food shortages led to unrest and a violent crack down in havana last july. the u. s. border is close to them, so they fly to russia visa, free than to serbia and walk to greece. many pay about $9.00 a night for a bed and a flat, but with their money running out, they sometimes find themselves on the street. who once friend carlos managed to find a week of work in construction, to where there are hon. i have 11 euros on me. that's all that's left from the week
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i worked. there are 9 children, one and i pulled our money and bought milk and other groceries for them. we are part of a group where everyone helps each other from other to night. i don't know where i will stay, it will make some calls. if i can't find a place, i'll make a plan. but there are others who are worse off model me are colors, spend all the money. he brought from cuba, buying several tickets to fly from greece to germany or spain. police foiled all his attempts to get their cubans could apply for asylum that would entitle them to rent subsidy and monthly cash allowance. but they would have to have registered at a reception center like those found on the easter g and islands, the usual and free route for refugees. there was no such center on the north macedonian border where they entered greece. so their only option now is to apply online. even that is difficult, says basil is papa tho plus who runs a legal aid charity for refugees. no, not even simply the, not even
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a spanish interpreter because this is a new ignore the issued a waiver little late. now what is going gone is that the authorities do not register them as, as alan, she tears and force them lity to live either back to their own country, to coma or to find their own way, letty. elsewhere. these refugees have another option. they can formally apply for asylum before being deported, but then they'd risk being imprisoned back home. we asked carlos how he felt about that, but i feel i thought better. i'd rather spend my life in jail here, dead return to cuba jumpstart opal. us al jazeera athens. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories. most votes in the can be, and presidential election have been counted incumbent adam about.


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