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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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ah, that american root canal report within the taliban with inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the div headlines subscribe now. however you listen to podcasts. ah, hello, i'm marianna mozy and on the now main story, the sour incumbent president of the gambia donald barrow has a commanding lead off to preliminary election results were announced, but they could still be a legal challenge to this. barrow was elected in 2016 ending 22 years of a talk with the under president. yeah, jamie, there were 5 all the candidates, including bowers main challenger and former political mental resign at arbor. at least 3 of those opposition candidates. and we're ready, said they reject the results. i'm an interest is reported on this from independent squad in banjo, basically. okay. it was just to kind of pull him to the spokesman,
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very much information. got people sending in. he said to warm adults is ready. they're working for the other 2 before mr. battle, send the declared are we know what already in the bag, due to a $400.00 in a closed it was yet to be declared. no, i'd like to route the 3rd party was organized or been independent, but you would have to be called or simply because the last 3 results one more time . however, that did not deter he's a bad oh this is going on with god. and he's in that meeting with
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this, you get a commission said there is no with the system and the reports that these 5 people were killed and many others injured. and me and my where security forces rammed a vehicle into a crowd of protest as videos posted on social media shall call it a car. accelerating into people had been attending a rally and the country's largest city young gone about 15 people were then arrested in an interview because on iranian television,
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iran's president abraham racy has urged the united states to lift sanctions. in order for nuclear talks to proceed or progress is comments, follow the latest round of discussions in vienna aimed at reviving his story 2015 packs, washington, excuse daron, of not being serious about the negotiations. yurch horns saw so as you're talking, oh, we started to things from the beginning. wanted to neutralize the sanctions and then to lift the sanction i was also, they were thinking that we will not go to take part in the garage oceans because we have nothing to say. but the world was convinced that iran actually did participate very actively. edward authority, when it comes to j. c. p o, i got when it comes to the lifting of sanctions, we were pursuing this. and we want to make sure these 2 things happened. that there are no indian official se 13 civilians were killed by mistake in a military operation. the army is reported her shot at a trot, carrying dozens of villages and the northeastern state of nag, allan, believing them to the insurgents. troops later, fired at a crowd that protested against the attack. these 14 people have been killed and
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dozens injured in a volcano eruption and indonesia. hundreds of families living the amounts of mural on the island of java. i've now been left homeless. violence is broken out to rally for fall right french presidential candidate, eric zimmer. some people who joined a peaceful protest against more than sneaked into his rally scoffers with his supporters broke out and has we used as weapons. and the former u. s. presidential candidate bob dole has died at the age of 90. 8 dahl was a world war 2 veteran and represented kansas as a republican senator for 35 years. he unsuccessfully ran for the white house against bill clinton in 1996. early this year it was announced that doll was receiving treatment for lung cancer. those he had lights. ah,
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it god this month, financial pikey, honey huddle gun now coma, cardinal soviet tom polly o'neal, he had got to go some emilia boston rosalie when he had only one final thought. i'll come back on uncle seizure. canada auto do behave hunter ali t the man to live peninsula, but he won puddled. so re tom thoughtfully. tis about the guy live in a coma. come dab on this, which one you got to go to move on the dog yoga la, monday. you tab by just do, do cut the cut now. got one of the la, my lease. sorry, les he, my, my buddy. data i live funny combo carmel, otto, do buy one of the t, won't godly suck the sandy, candidly, on the of my bio,
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wonder machado son badly despite she, why me so to leon, cup of it, tackle, cut out a, go. they go put avenue and the dental and the avadanian, the i look at that, is he going to do? i do all of that. i didn't look at his limb in the morning. i'm assuming i couldn't look on the day that would you people that's only gonna continue on as, as you can move on. they don't wanna leave. it was dallas owens any believe the by some g, sienna, some student, when, as is you pulling his he, mr. here i, he talked, i tied up, what is our item autonomy? we love to lose it. oh, i hate them. what i do, my lot of them must have my horse touch the whole me, like allah daddy paradigm is jamari on godaddy, the yemeni. what all i did is audi. tiffany: la does she need he? when call regina titled m r i e i e, a ton of law. oh,
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are you done that was on my lemma. hi latina versus you know, i tell her the hallmark to come back on the monday, my son, my lotto live to my left on the quote was not the one that you've been a little while at on let, you know, got one on the bought by one on the only one would you need not to see me on my lot, my own storage i'm doing here. this is jenny with 03 log a . mm.
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button on the hulu. he will learn he and can it all the to miss arnik garcia near chocolate and did a book col, done of blue monogamy medulla. they got more cut though. when you come to green, do you wonder, nick, i've been to a day, couldn't damage gloves and you went on, it will, it will be there. when does he shall she had pitbulls god. i know that though,
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so that ah, you'd only couldn't. georgia will not be didn't wanna let the whole process dollar didn't mean linear immunologic josie. pill you to a day. then m m another channel on the call by the jody thomas. i'm so glad she enjoyed colada shit.
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with morrison brush who brought us to do? what did you do? what is your parking for us before she was a little trick? maybe with oh god, hold on one of the no, no, hold on one much with
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the one me you get the with the link. uh well i am waiting on a week. i will get it going. i said what the while you were telling overnight terms with well yeah, it was either completed you will will complete that. he's in a drama drama,
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giovanni day to we'll get another and get that demo as it. so what on the colony, that number down loud h t that oven noble indiana's remedy. hello, welcome to la la. ha, ha, ha, ha ha. i will not much of my knowledge only dealt with a lot of junk, gaudy mom. she did. he aging is all my with my own decision will tell about already. no, no kind of madonna go for daunting. but i do not, not yelling at me. he's out of here when he what about me? i do not. he, me me never did that made them out of it. i am and it cannot see god in the middle of the he not, i didn't hear the yes. even when i thought
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when homework or no lie man is because he might not be a good loony mackey. here with mushrooms got my sub list already or should sort of be charged with some guy lackey hand me same uncle powell not daddy. ha melissa. him under a turbine or monday, can work on ha, ha, ha,
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ha ha. he started manuscripts even some mostly there are some possibilities. ah ah. mm
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hm. ah ah, the damage on the let me monday, the amount of this year,
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the main ending alamitos is easy. mm. hm. and what did any, and what did you do? did me denay it guns under hold on. i'll you, they can bug and this is a dad my dad. so i'm at a mother and i own some looking what don says are the middle of it. i think of them up with doesn't hit those on the attributes on beginning u as in good what he had to do with them. are you not?
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i you, me with all, i mean, my god, i didn't know that my mutual donald, that was close to food. but i think i got a little bit about what did that. i mean, it would let it cool. no southern shoes. i shop with ally shop with as i was on with on is it is suitable le lightening with the lot of do you me to what i'm did any hush a feel of need knology dot or lower hardening is a huge quantity condos in logic. jiggle ross will do all that. i know you've been data that it may not be let's all alone condo
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good in a composer. glad so you give it is easy. look at other houses later when you look a little comedy a little more and it was it would the mothers is another good language and the daughter he thought middle us what it yes. on a 2nd classes or let me let me or yeah, zach was not let the limit the let the man and matter not only air my it got on what sons was in his enough to medicine. and as i call him his doctor again little soon they come with it. they get there some day somebody to look on it all mozilla killer, you know, somebody come with and that's how do you live in somebody. tell them and nothing.
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they under lucy, connie, don't like example going to go out i in my palm, why i come back building i had number leg was under, get the, i don't either high, couple ha, my, you know, those i thought i did to hello, my name is marcia marching here, marching people say me yet, the i 30 my name is mid the mid 3 and silky center. we are russians, and the march in is from palms and he said, my name is jackie, check on him to live with
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. and they are live on palet engine to down the okay. that would it be i got attention. thou is not valid dingy. ok. so we're but we can recall your dower, right? yes. okay. i know that are for how long do you work with positions, but it was a jenny 1010 years. and what is your experience where you've been? which of the summits? ah, my eyes on mine time is a list and 99 time. yeah. in a to time he's my contingent. ah, today i'm, i'm a double. ah true, i'm sure you i
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did with the nissan jane any down from when i went on the weapon following the funding beat out, while andy home a little while you will not have got away, i live in new pity. you know, i got to go to molena, i got about a year later when i wasn't i regarding it haven't done. and we'll use audio and oven doesn't was you. i didn't have any medical tonight. not mind, you know, and i don't even know sort about even though nearly monumental then. yeah, the mind you buy them one, darwin, daniel edith, i liked it. but
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i wasn't copy. how does that mean? i wait on me to get to get what does that make it out? today? you got the, what's a good land us tower? a d. m. from the al jazeera london rocha center in thoughtful conversation. art cannot be easily erased by, by the superpower with no host. and no limitation. what mattered in all was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical to be for say, part one of the highway. and denise cool is not about wanting to sell. you know
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about the messaging studio b unscripted on outs is era. can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing as castaways brings your favorite teen to cut off for the free for arab comp 2021. greatness is in the air. late sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked the old package. now at cats. i always dod calm. ah ambition, artistry adventure, short documentary spy african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. in the alley minium village throttle queens. this is when we get to that are head
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down and the cade africa direct on al jazeera lou. wow. hello, i'm marianne was in a quick look at the headlines now. sh incumbent president of the gambia adama barrow is, has a commanding lead off to preliminary election results were announced. but that could be a legal challenge to this or was elected in 2016 ending 22 years of a talker. see on the president yaya, jamie 5 other candidates run against him at least 3 of whom say they reject the early results that includes burrows, main challenger and for political mental was i know darpa barrow himself has gone back on a promise to remain in power for only 3 years, i'm a dangerous.


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