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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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i and the cane africa direct on al jazeera lou . wow. hello, i'm marianne was in a quick look at the headlines now incumbent president of the gambia or adama barrows has a commanding lead off to preliminary election results were announced. but that could be a legal challenge to this, or was elected in 2016 ending 22 years of a talk receipt on the president yaya, jamie 5 other candidates run against him at least 3 of whom say they reject the early results. that includes borrows main challenger and for political, mental or sign of darpa, borrow himself has gone back on a promise to remain in power for only 3 years. i'm going to address is reporting on
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this from independent squire in banjo. i thought in with up to be called simply because a, a the reports at least 5 people were killed and many others injured in me and my, my security forces round the vehicle into a crowd of protest as videos posted on social media show car accelerating into people who are attending a rally in the country's largest city young gone, protests was targeted just minutes after it began. indeed, officials,
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a saying 13 civilians were killed by mistake during a military operation. the army is reported to a shot at a trot, carrying dozens of villages in the northeastern state of naga land, but believing them to be insurgents, troops, laser fired a crowd that protested against the attack. at least 14 people have been killed and dozens injured in a volcano or option in indonesia. hundreds of families living the amounts of moors on the island of java. i've now been left homeless. violence is broken out at a rally for far right french presidential candidate, eric zimmer. some people who joined a peaceful protest against mer sneak into his riley scuffles with his supporters, broke house and chairs were used as weapons. let's go pond. it declared his candidacy a few days ago, so witnessed now continues, but i will be back with the news hour and 25 minutes time at $2100.00 g m t c. then hey
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when do you think this will but that he had a thought he letter to ridiculous? gimme any one on the history to one and what have you all been clambered about may go to dillard. i knew the cost of having done it. diverse it has grown, turn. the animal em down without the old one glamour over. they can tell her she let her tell her on yellow. tom thought, not stop me. whenever i will stop by or by the day when that will put her into nobody and i let them try. got okay, so we start here, then we go left and then there is a very long ledge. okay. it seems like crack you still 0. i am, yes, if you to walk you sneeze directly m e. it seems that it's quite difficult, but here it should be much easier. so it's a good plan with plan, but tomorrow i will see the
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when you know what more and more when i was unaware got to when you while i know ditto this has been telling me about. that's how i know. but i told him, ah, rita was important. what i know, i'll double door the door the not monday would you? whoa, should you knew them or some dinner? you know, when they were gone completely, the new mother, we had the new and the now i'm done with all dinner with them. what are both a dinner shop? you know, you know what you were sell bigger than whatever new bought them. a lot of them give to ottawa mala dupont also gallagher kennedy in molina or even a boy. you're the one to melinda, to let you know, they don't like newton starting an order here. i'll be good to you. wouldn't you let me see?
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meeting at fulton, kovalevsky, the reciprocal value to the hottest jojo. yeah, ma'am. did a button cover some hoarding me out of her? listen, do i get them out of the media on it? so, so what can i say if you say that you are implying a festival of love? i didn't la sedona, but most of my grants of expertise for his discussion. he's russia. but i is dolly . think how much you can say now group yard to funny stephanie. she was acknowledged. well, mr. pharaoh genia. 53 are the nar, were younger, neutral? in
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you're sucked it back to god. not they are china. not late. lee, me, my, let me live, my 3 didn't suck me. have lunch to me. as soon as she can go with me in the minute one walked in the lake chippy now putting out a torture sucked. who was full time finally fled from and so silent and no eli
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assistance was so scared of being sent back that they disappeared. we've been found a little boy hunted gates mon shit make square. how will that story and witness wake up with an ouch, sir? ah ah, a
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ah . with hello good to see you. you're tuned in to your weather update for asia. we're getting strike to a some rain for southern sections of honshu on monday. then we got some snow for the higher grounds over at north korea. and same goes for the northeast of china, nemo. elsewhere across china, things are looking good temperatures, while above where they should be gray, lynn 23. that's nearly 10 degrees above average. as we look towards south east asia . right now, this says storm system is thrown rain towards southern motrin. what's java gotta be
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on the lookout for flooding here, and we see a return of some showers for central and southern areas of vietnam as we go down under right now, we'll talk about the rain risks for australia through queensland, coastal sections of new south wales. so still no relief from the flooding that we're seeing here, temperature wise. but the colors on here, so the darker the red, the higher the temperature look at purse at 36 degrees. looks like the heat will not right here until we get towards the end of the week, as those winds shift around to the southwest. now for new zealand, a lot of rain coming out shift for the capitol region. we do have weather alerts in place in and around wellington, we could see some water logged roads hearing, consider more than a 100 millimeters of brain. all intense. got a high of 18 degrees on monday, and now they are up to date. we'll see again soon. ah, if the political debris show that's challenging the way you think is a military advancement, going to stop the fan that ticket i use, i'm that
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a company is united to now people out of day to day up front with me. welcome on who on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianna, was the welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. alimentary results show the gabby as president his own course a clear election when. but his opponents, i'm not ready to concede me, and ma, security forces cracked down on a peaceful rally. reports from young guns say at least 5 people were killed. the indonesian vill.


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