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in their forces or not, there is some truth to this statement that they are kind of strained in terms of what they do. they have acted as a centralized network and figuring the horses into vertical r e is not a challenge. but at the same time, it is true that some of these actions are taking place with tell about leadership ability for various reasons. and me, important question is, what can leadership can do and whether they are doing a meeting they had, i think there are concerns as to what they know major example of power by holding their fight as accountable even for instance says we're become public that the public pressure around it. so it is hard to precisely frame the issue because if you understand the issue of somebody, actors who are challenging that i'll be there,
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it is going to be helpful and talk about the shading with the wrong thing that you cannot pressure on the you're already working class and i just in the meantime what more can be done to facilitate access and transparency? there is this statement from the national community and then organizations like human rights watch have documented over a 100 summary executions in killings in province is from god's need to to hell, man, to kandahar. so are they getting enough all those organizations getting enough access to be able to monitor what is happening in the country so that he's kind of properly documented? honestly, i don't think so. they've been telling the based on journal local journalism journalists who have acknowledged the network to actually possibly give a reliable information on everything that is not inside the country. they've been
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cutting funding to extend support. but also they've been telling just even really bad journalism, there is an unpleasant trends so that local journalism is kind of very much a weekend extremely. and under network of international organizations, you have also pretty much dismantled the presence i called on on most people on the miniature aid and disruptions in their local presence. and the presence, the limited presence there is the needed to call the international human a. so there is a huge information gap in terms of knowing what's going on the country. it will be, report like this are very helpful because they are bringing evidence to these allegations that were out there. and it's very important in this capacity to monitor for the human rights situation. the country actually remains and actually
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a built up the us that the committee could do. that one thing they could do is to support the internet, going to get critical coverage for those. busy who act at the same time indicate enough resources for international organizations that they can work with the actors underground, civil rights activists and such to make sure that we actually know what's going on in the country. our thank you very much oppressor of laura university of afghan. it's on how to and he knew for joining us, appreciate it. which had developments in the us now where the foreign presidential candidate bob dole is died at the age of 98, though was a world war to veteran and represented kansas. as a republican senator for 35 years on successfully ran for the white house against bill clinton in 1906. earlier this year it was announced i was receiving treatment for lung cancer, or rob reynolds joins us live from los angeles and tell us about the impact bolt
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dull had on american politics and how he's likely to be remembered roll. well certainly he was a housing figure in the republican party for many, many years. i was a very, very junior person in the news business in 1976 in kansas city at the republican national convention when bob dole was chosen by then president gerald ford to be his running mate. and that was what really catapulted dole to national prominence and leadership in the republican party. they didn't when they lost to jimmy carter and walter mondale, but there was a memorable exchange during a debate between dolan mondale, where dole referred to the war, dead of the all of the conflicts the united states have been involved in, in the 20th century as the victims of democrat wars that was somewhat shocking and
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mondale responded rather coolly. the senator dole has just richly earned his reputation as a hatchet man, a dole. later on in washington, i had an opportunity to speak to him a number of times. he was a rather gruff figure. of course, by then we all knew that about his back story growing up, dirt poor in depression era, kansas fighting in world war 2, being grievously wounded in a battle in italy. a wound that cost him the use of his right arm for the rest of his life. those experiences certainly shaped bob dole and made him an advocate for the underdog. and he'll also, you know, gave him a certain edge. he was a partisan politician. he was tough, he was a fighter. there was another incident that i recall very clearly when bob dole ran for the republican nomination in 1988. and he was on
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a program with the then vice president george h. w bush who had just defeated him in the republican primary in new hampshire. the recorder on that show asked bush, well, what would you have to say to bob dole and which sits of the gland like i wish him well, then it was bob dole's turn and he snapped, stop lying about my record. so that gives you an idea what kind of a person he was, but he was definitely a towering figure. and someone ah, senator and a lawmaker with a rich, a history of, of passing legislation. and the kind of figure that we do not see to day, frankly, in washington, dc, in of the nations, lawmakers. i'll thank you very much, rob reynolds reporting to us from a sanjay on that story. thank you. rob. in an interview broadcasts on iranian television, present abraham racy, has urged the last to lift sanctions in auto finance. i talked to proceed. comments
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follow the latest round of discussions in vienna, aimed at reviving the historic pact. washington is accused to her on of not being serious about negotiations. yet one saw your daddy well, we say things from the beginning. one is to neutralize the sanctions and then to lift the sanction. they would think that we were not going to take part in that because we have nothing to say. but the world was convinced that iran actually did participate very actively. and with those already when it comes to j. c. p o, a quarter when it comes to the lifting of sanctions, we were pursuing it. and we want to make sure the 2 things happened and violence is broken out to rally for far right. friendship presidential candidate, erickson murray. some people who joined a peaceful protest against him, lar sneak into his riley scuffles and broke out with his supporters and chairs. the weapons, the political pundit declared his candidacy a few days ago. some commentators who can sit in front this version of donald trump
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believe that he could be more popular than marina pan. but recently his support has dwindled a bit. it's actually butler was at demonstrations earlier in paris. approach working in person are demonstrating against eric the more he's holding his 1st presidential campaign. riley on the outskirts of the capital now is a well known television puns it and really to hear from us. but he has no political experience, but he's 3 me, famous in france, record traversal, inflammatory, fall right opinions there. it's a more is mc migration, his anti islamic talk in the post about supporting muslims. he's also upset many in the jewish community by saying that the regime of world war 2 here and problems the collaborated with the not the should be glorified. he also has many opinions when it comes to women, he sees their role as in the home as child bears. he says that biologically
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incapable of being leaders. and what people here say is eric more is a threat to democracy, a threat to from his institution. well, a month or so back the more was doing rather well according to the opinion polls full suggested that he could be to the far right political party lead to marine the pen to reach the 2nd round runoff against the french president, emanuel micron. but in recent weeks, his ratings do seem to slip mainly due to a number of personal gas. you made an obscene gesture at a protester in the southern city of mount say, he had a very poor performance. it was widely perceived in a high profile television interview, but already that the conservative right wing part if not picked very candidate for this presidential race. and that is also going to have an effect on eric moore because she is trying to appeal to the same sort of voters that he is. and the
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french left his presidential candidate on shore, has also held his 1st major writing in paris. speaking to a crowd of the forces he called for resistance to the rising popularity of far i ideal a g. and i'm sure contested the 2017 election but was knocked out in the 1st round based election campaigning on social inclusivity, special education, and lowering the retirement age will be probably don't need you. we are here to give the country back courage as it's of merge and the darkness of the debate in which some one to one against the other on issues of religion or the color of skin . and we have to say, once again, that no problem is not right. for drums is about social security. public hill, emancipation, education research center community. now, several 1000 people have rallied in brussels against new coven related restrictions
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. much was much smaller than a previous process, but there was some clashes belgium governments as it's reacting to severe pressure on hospitals. as embargo reports. a stand off in the belgian capital on the side drawings of a covey 19 protest. police's water cannon against a group of protest us, some of whom appeared to throw firewood people march through the streets 2 days after the government tightened restrictions for the 3rd week in a row. some carried signs, critical of vaccines which have proved to be highly effective against the corona virus. others were worried about belgium, making it compulsory for health workers to be vaccinated. something that's coming in on the 1st of january. blue works and that's all i got. i don't agree with mandatory vaccination finances, medical college i think i gave her the choice to take a vaccine as its own choice and head straight on in my in my opinion,
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health work is we'll have 3 months to get that shots. they can work during that time if they can show they've already had covey 19 or provide negative tests. hospital admissions have risen by 4 percent week on week, but the government says 40 percent of belgium's intensive care beds, a currently filled by covey. 19 patients. and that's having an impact on things like cancer treatments. kindergartens and primary schools are now close a week early for christmas. and pupils age 6 or over half to where face mosques into a venue such as cinemas will be limited to 200 people for monday. night clubs have already been closed and bars and restaurants have to shut at 11 p. m. for 3 weeks, nadine baba al jazeera, the director of a hospital in george n y 10 covered patients died falling and oxygen. outage has been sentenced to 3 years in prison under isaac al huffman and for 8 have been convicted of causing the death at the new salt hospital, which is
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a state one facility. hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside when it happened in march. that the resignation of the health minister have been clashes between i sell fighters and passion arguer for is in north and iraq. at least 3 people have been killed. fight has been several houses near the village of soccer on which is about 65 kilometers south of air bill. it's believe most of the local residents had already fled due to the threat off. i sell attacks. when our government of miley is promising to crack down on attacks by armed groups, at least $31.00 civilians were killed in an ambush. on friday, near the town of mop t truck was sprayed with bullets and sat on fire central. molly is become one of the most violent areas in the fight against armed groups linked to i cell and al qaeda. regional governor and other officials have visited the scene of the attack. the ultra nicholas law couldn't renew. so 1st of all, we came here to inquire, we observed the situation on the field and we met the local people in it. so with
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the people we made sure to greet people and send the regards of this government after this address. and we told them that they won't be forgotten by the maryan state, and the government is taking all the measures to limit this phenomenon. farmers in western afghanistan are finished harvesting the flowers that produce saffron, the wealth, most expensive spice, and said the crop offers hope in a country teaching on the brink of economic disaster. on mcbride reports from the western province of harass in the fields of hair at the end of the saffron harvesting, is often marked by children from nearby villages coming to pick what's left for pocket money. for there is real value in the small purple flowers of the croakers firmly that yield the world's most expensive spice. since its introduction from neighboring iran, saffron cultivation has boomed in this province in recent years,
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and its value to afghanistan given its current economic plight, has never been more important. for saffron producers, the turmoil of the taliban takeover has caused disruption for the shipping and banking services they need for exports. but they say at least there isn't the same corruption. they faced under the old government and african meconium. problems of the banking system are a big issue for businesses, but i think we face list bureaucratic interference. and in the long term, i'm optimistic about the future as get extracting the precious filaments from the flowers, processing the individual threads to remove impurities, then sorting them into different grades requires painstaking attention. it's a role traditionally carried out by women. while men do the work in the fields, despite concerns the taliban,
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my tried to stop women from working produce as we spoke, to say there's been no problems so far and that's good for the wider social significance of this spice. for in the last couple of decades, it's been promoted as an alternative to growing poppies for the opium trade. a trend helped by saffron's rising international price. and of course, there will be some interest from the other problem has been about. they see that the price is really high. of course there is a debt bring also the honda, the contribution of the flooring. yeah. the thought from as a lucrative alternative to puppy production, sat from cultivation was encouraged across afghan is done by the previous administration. it stands as one of its more successful legacies, but the vast majority of the country, saffron and the best quality spice still originates from the fields of had us. it's been recognized by international awards as among the best in the world,
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and among staff cuz she had her daughter, i export to more than 27 countries. and i know that sir frank and choose the economic face of afghanistan. and i know the soil in other provinces will also produce a frog placing such trust in the powers of one tie, the flower may be hoping for too much, but this is a country in need of any little help right now. rob mcbride, al jazeera herat, afghanistan al pope frances has warned that the neglect of migrants is the ship rack of civilization. the pope is on a 5 day trip to greece. he held mass in athens after visiting refugees on the island of last. boss is rare for a head of roman catholic church to visit greece nits. his 1st trip to athens in 20 years because of the 1000 your oldest ears, with the eastern orthodox church. coming up next on al jazeera far i will have oldest. yes. for ly,
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from our special fee for arab studio here in dell. wow. wow. all the drama from for real ones, 1st adverse, saudi arabia grand prix. coming up. and in the english come really manchester united, started life under new manager. ralph brag with a, with ah, al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bugs and discussion. telephone thing about the impact on the climate change is having all the fathers that you work with voices from different colon. when the whales are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to a low, tentative view. i don't have collage and i have my voice on al jazeera. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society,
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as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access people's most personal data and asks what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information. under the cover of cove it on a j 0 lou lou, welcome to al jazeera in special studio for the paper, our cop the tournament, and doubling as a major warm up event for the world cup. hello, on fire is small plenty of sports news for you,
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including the battle for the former one title. there was, hamilton has won the saudi arabian from 3 to the level on points with maps for staff in the drivers championship. with one raised to go to the united new manager, wins his 1st charge for ah or more from the our pep later. but we start with a formula one and the world championship will be decided and the final race of the season next week. that's after louis hamilton edged out. rival match for shopping in a drama filled saudi arabian grand prix to go level on points heading to upper darby . paul van der worth has the action. ah, louis hamilton the mexico step and had everything to fly for as the lights went out from jetta. and it didn't take long to the walls that caused the rainbow. drive
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a pole on saturday to have an impact. make sure that is accidental and left him brought out the safety cau, 3 stops or even more chaos. championship leaders only just avoided each other. those behind points are lucky. ah, but 37, the pier came close again. a few corners later hamilton at the back of the slowing red bull. ah, i didn't quite understand why was on the kid the grades are pretty high quite heavily and then i run into the back of him and then he then he moved on. so i didn't understand exactly what's going on. i got a message afterwards that he was gonna let his boss. so it was a bit confusing with the step of nursing, his tires hamilton was able to guide as damage mercedes home in 1st place. the dots drive a 2nd. hamiltons extra point for the fastest. let me see here. now. also,
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we're going into the final reason. every dobby just the 2nd time in the sports history that's happened. expect plenty more fireworks and every darby hamilton goes for a record 8 world championship. and for stephan, his 1st full fed with al jazeera earlier there was a big crash at the start of the formula to raise the ocr share assault. his car has been hit by and so for the paulding. both drivers were conscious when they were taken. thomasville, english premier league, ralph rag, nick has won his 1st game as mattress united manager. united are now 11 points behind league leaders. manchester city. the goal coming from fred to break the deadlock gems crystal palace, one mill, the final score. right next of 1st post, much press conference didn't go. i'd as well. it is possible or we will speak about that to more with carrington. the problem is that you can only play players who are
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on the oh, sure, cust kgb, a vi patient. so, so we're, we're, we are the follow round of the arab group matches kick off on monday, north african johnston is your up against the u. h t, and as you are looking to bounce back from a shock to no defeat syria in their last march, all cats are already in the quarter finals. joanna gosh rosco visit a spire academy in doha, where the tea was built in 2019 counties. young football team gave the country it's greatest moment on the pitch winning. their 1st asian typo cats are sudden arrival in the world seen was a shock for many, but it came up to years of hard work and it all started here. this is
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catalyzed aspire academy. it takes them the best rule talent from the region and trains them in these wall class facilities. graduates from aspire from the backbone of the cattle national team. and many of them have passed through here during the young careers, 70 percent of the squad that one the asian title was students, just like the 292 athletes that are currently in training at the academy. they get a full time education, as well as an opportunity to hone their skills in sports like athletics, fencing and squash. but it's the football program that is the most popular and successful. one of those hoping to be a future start of the capital team is 15 year old use of our money. we've been as a buyer for 6 years. what i enjoy about being in spokane with the 1st one proving myself and always not just the football side of the game, proving myself as a person over there. and also all the help my coaches giving me in the mentoring since, you know, they're older than me and they've pretty much experienced everything that really
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helps me and gives me information about the course, how to play 1st team level 2. i present my national team on also 1st level and the shuttle. everything works without a spike out. i mean there is no national you know, the, the boys are pretty much the heartbeat of the country tomorrow. straight the captain, tim k, who, who played a full well is he have a nice chief officer. we come to my, come here every time i walk into this building. i'm happy 300000 guitar effects of 20000000. plus this julian saw one, the asian come in 2019 and when you start thinking about that and breaking it down, how is that possible? it's actually pretty incredible with the numbers with the tell them full, taken many, many years of working with these plays. and when you look into it, to our 1st thing, we have many players that basically are still together with that same group and same manny just feeling under the same philosophy and methodology that again apply
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. mistakes will come up. so there is a system the system will face its biggest test when cancer host the world cup in 2022. the country has never played in a world cup before, but they've gained experience with guest appearances, european qualifies, and the copper america as well. those who have spent time playing in cats are like dutch legend, wrote the book, a hopeful they can perform on the biggest stage. i think the prepared well they've shown day and they have ability to, to make everything very difficult. so i hope they can show the will that the, that's the football is developing. a solid performance of the arab cup will help build a foot legacy in the country, but also raise expectations. head of the middle east spoof welcome joanna roscoe, al jazeera, aspire academy. joe russia have won the davis cup for the 1st time in 15 years. there were one match up against correlation. the final, when daniel met with david,
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took on martin chillik by the death winning a tie breaker in the 1st set. the 2nd set was a breeze for the world. number 2, this is russia's 3rd davis captain. let's all for now a reminder of our top sports stories. hamilton has won the saudi arabian rom, pre with maps for staff. and 2nd, are now tied on points, which is one race remaining. the final round of the arab group matches take off on monday, tennessee are listened to bounce back from their defeat to syria and reached the knockout stages and matched united to new manager has won his 1st match in charge. spread the goal in a one mill victory over crystal. that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marion in london. all right, thank you very much, fora now. we're going to have another full bliss and for you in a couple of minutes. time is going to bring you much more on political developments in gambia, where the incumbent, donald borrow has been declared the winner of the election there. though a couple of the opposition candidates have indicated that they want to mount
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a legal challenge to these results. ah ah this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television news. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone to. moments ago to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on it all that isn't on the very, really coming our way. i was just here. god. by the
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police on purpose. ah, you with, or how does the or is office is in gaza or how does it not feel free to cover has come down a little before in human history has a month for steam environment. the arctic didn't such peril. showcase of the best documentary films from across the network now to sierra as a can, i watched these scenes with horror as a cancer money. i fear the backlash ethnic somalis had long been the target of intimidation and persecution. in kenya, almost every woman was mom at
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a dow travels through his homeland to reveal his people and family have been subjected to years of brutal discrimination. typical of the way. ready we are treated in a country recall our own al jazeera correspondence. ah, the gabby is incumbent has been declared the winner of eights presidential election by a commanding margin, but his opponents and all ready to concede. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. me and my security forces cracked down on a peaceful rally. reports from young on say at least 5 people have been killed. look at the indonesian village left deserted.


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