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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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brighten the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me, sandra goldman on al jazeera. ah, a can be as president adama. barbara supporters celebrate his re election, but rivals crying foul. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up indonesia townsend villages, almost buried in ash by interrupting volcano. at least 14 people have died. ah belgian police respond with water canada to be set
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upon by wyatt's as a protest against corona virus restrictions plus ah, louis house of windsor thrilling saudi arabian gold free to set up a what it takes all finale in abu dhabi next weekend. ah gabby as president adama barrow has been declared the winner of saturdays election to what his supporters are celebrating as a landslide. ah, but as they cheer at least 3 of barrows opponents, rejecting the result, barbara was 1st elected in 2016 ending 22 years of autocracy under jojo jamie who fled into exile the following year. i'll just serious. um, but address is in the capital bundle with
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a round up of the numbers. its official app, i guess on mr. bottle has been re elected in what looks like on line slide. this code more than 457000 votes and his clothes, his opponent got in fact, 238000 votes. not was the result declared by the chairman of the independent electoral commission of the can be just a short while ago. now mr out of support is concerned about however, opposition leaders have rejected the outcome of this election fighting in order to encode in old, in a delays in making the announcement. they weren't insistent that the election results should have come within 24 hours and they're coming out late. so they believe that something was wrong. and then they're going to challenge this in court . so they have 30 days now to do that. and of course, we also hearing from election of several of them who said that the election process
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was free. and although the opposite should be just saying that they reject this particular outcome, they did not advance specific reasons that could put to test exactly what they mean about rejecting this particular vote. so that's the situation now, mr. battle has been officially declared that we know this election and he is good for a 2nd term. i understand that at least one of the candidate, in fact, i've congratulated mr battle about over his victory. so what remains now to be seen is how the next 30 days will will pan out in the court of law in the gumby i, when the position is expected to put that case before. so us to see, so let's go over some election. but for now, the opposition of the ruling party supporters i son breaking across various parts of the gambia. at least 29 soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military base in the jap, several 100 gunmen on motorcycles targeted the fiancee base in the tilbury region.
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it's used by the sa hell g. 5 joint force involving troops from mauritania, nysha chad, molly and burkina, faso. the victims nationalities aren't yet known. almost 80 attackers were also killed. 27 people have been killed in sedans, west off for region in the latest flareup of violence. and aid group says that a camp for displaced people with satellite and destroyed region is often plagued by fighting between arab and non arab tribes. the u. n said that more than 40 people died last month when dozens of villages were torched. there are reports that at least 5 people were killed and many others injured in myanmar where security forces ran the vehicle into protest. us videos posted online show a car accelerating into people attending a rally in the largest city. young gone, so called flash mob was targeted just minutes after it came together. around 15 people were arrested
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i was laser people in west of the angle and expressed that anger over the military crack down on descent by beating on pots and pans from their balconies. mir most military toppled the elected government in february. since then, rights groups estimate that security forces of killed more than 1300 people while filling jails with political opponents, medical workers, and journalists in one incident last march at least 65 protest. as the bystanders were shot and killed during a demonstration in the angle, the you and body investigating the armies conduct says that widespread and systematic attacks on civilians amount to crimes against humanity. from bangkok, tony cheng explains more about what happened on sunday. well, the supposed to have been a very swift reaction to the flash mob that hit the streets about mid morning in came and dung districts are which is in central yang on just a few streets away from the iconic troy. the gone for go to the crowd,
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had just assembled. and if you can see in videos posted on social media, a and armored track appears to move in very quickly from behind at speed plowing straightened to them. 5 reported to have died. dozens more injured or bodies lying on the street. you can see in the aftermath it does appear to fitz or so, the pattern that we've seen emerging a protest as who still wants to maintain their presence on the streets. and there are visible objections to the queue that happened back in february, but very aware that the security services are going to crack down harshly with very little thought for the preservation of life. so that they're doing this very quickly in younger and other big cities across myanmar. but clearly in this instance, the security services were on the scene reacted very quickly and again with very little thought for life. and i think it's just an illustration of how much these people are taking their lives into their hands, even protesting for just
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a few minutes as clearly cost in their lives. on this occasion. good police in belgium have sprayed water cannon and fired tear gas on riots. was that a protest against covet 19 rules in all about 8000 people tried to reach the european union headquarters, but were blocked out as here as the dean barber reports. a stand off in the belgian capital on the sidelines of a coven. 19 protest polices water cannon against a group of protest as some of whom appeared to throw firewood. several 100 people march through the streets. 2 days after the government tightened restrictions for the 3rd week in a row, some carried signs critical of vaccines which have proved to be highly effective against the corona virus. others were worried about belgium, making it compulsory for health work is to be vaccinated. something that's coming
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in on the 1st of january blue works and that will be a good. i don't agree with mandatory vaccination finances, radical carissa. i think i gave her the choice to take a vaccine as its own choice. and yet freedom in my, in my opinion, health work is we'll have 3 months to get that shots. they can work during that time if they can show they've already had coven 19 or provide negative tests. hospital admissions have risen by 4 percent week on week. but the government says 40 percent of belgium's intensive care beds a currently filled by covey, 19 patients. and that's having an impact on things like cancer treatments. kindergartens and primary schools are now close a week early for christmas. and people's age 6 or over half to where face masks, into a venue such as cinema will be limited to 200 people for monday. night clubs have already been closed and bars and restaurants have to shut at 11 p. m. for 3 weeks. nadine baba al jazeera scientists say that potentially dangerous variance will keep
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emerging as long as vaccines aren't shared fairly around the world. most people in africa haven't received a single dose so far, though southern africa's been doing better than most other regions. still that pales in comparison to wealthy kate countries like benighted states where more than 80 percent have received at least one shot. the new variant has spread a long way in a short time so far it's been detected at least 42 countries and territories. at esco rocha is the president of international red cross and red crescent societies. he says that the emergence of a new coven variant is a wake up call. we have colder did how come up? they only come by and so they might evidence if it was needed about these, you know, want to do that we are leaving about the day. we do have new variance if we continue. i know in the way we have done that so far and i got another developing
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counties that be the highest pricing things of i mean access to the scene. so why in the, in the west this county you will be in the united states. ready and canada, in u. k, we are discussing that the, the booster b before noticed that someone is also about starting to, to talk about if you don't, is there an average of vaccination in many countries that use less than 10 percent? more of your call. but i think a good idea, but unfortunately is not working as we expected that and the idea to take those who are in the front line and this is, this is why i saw a more of what. so what we are experiencing because we have talking when we talk about only about what it is about vaccinating the medical doctor notes, is that the 1st day that we're working on the front line to take care of those affected by the mindset. so it should be something that
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a priority for the national community go actually is not receiving enough dose. is any not for financial resources to accomplish its mission. an engine easier. rescues, rescuers have been digging through ashan mud that is mostly buried towns and villages. after a volcanic eruption, at least 14 people don't have died, but many more are missing. julian wolf reports asserting the damage from above. after mount c news viewed piles of ash, 12000 meters into the sky. down below, entire homes have been submerged. villages blanketed with falling ash. the creeping lava is destroying everything in its path. samira is one of indonesia, nearly a $130.00 active volcanoes, get bash, altura, and is the highest peak on the nation's most densely populated island of java.
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sudden robson was triggered by days of heavy rain. i got back with us. it was scared in running a panic because disruption was much bigger interruption that occurred last year. smouldering debris, thick smoke and power outages have hampered search and rescue operations. people who managed to escape had been staying at this evacuation center and some of the people behind me o evacuated local villages. at the moment they need assistance, like daily necessities, food and drinks. we also don't know how long they need to stay here for those who want to return home have been told they can't. and to stay far away from the craters mouth. the volcano had seen an increase in activity in recent days, but its alert status was not raised now. many here want to know why they weren't warned. why? oh yeah, quite by sure. bryce, what went wrong?
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i, if somebody slip being on the job or our way of communicating didn't get it is not be here. an answer many will be suitable as a pick up the pieces of what is left behind. gillian wolf, al jazeera. we're going to weather update next here on al jazeera, then pope frances causal migrant crisis, the shipwreck of civilization during his visit to a camp on the greek on the less boss of french far right. candidate, eric, the more is briefly put in a headlong by protesting that is 1st presidential campaign running. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored point cutoff airways. hello, your weather update for asia right here right now. and what was the clinic storm
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his weekend into a deep area of low pressure. it's play game, bangladesh, the northeast of india. so we go in for a closer look, pretty much a fire hose of rain just been steered into this area. doc could pick up more than $100.00 millimeters of rain within a short period of time. so flooding a concern as that band of rain also stretches to the northeast of india off to southeast asia. right now, a weather maker spinning around here is throwing some rain towards southern parts of sumatra, west of java, and we got rain steering into so the ways ease of flooding, also a risk here. now, most of indo china is dry, but we see the return of a few showers in some rain for central areas of vietnam, but nothing like we saw just a few days ago, probably more than a week ago after mainland china. right now. it's up to years doing really good here . coiling 23 degrees. it's almost 10 above where you should be for the year. hong kong at 23. and we look toward korea. we do have some snow toward the higher ground in north korea. also for the north east of china and for eastern areas of han shoe,
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we are getting striked with a pretty solid band of rain here. a sock has got a high of 13 degrees and cargo shima. we've got your pencil in for 10 degrees on monday. that's your weather update. we'll see soon. who with sponsored by cats are a ways a gynecologist working as a volunteer in the areas of conflict is not only a skillful, also known for delivering babies, treating women medical services. you are truly a doctor of humanity and hope the world with lou
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ah, hello again. this is al jazeera, let's remind you of the made nearest the sog, the gambia as president adama botto has been declared the winner of such a selection. he gave a victory speech a short time ago at least 3 of bowers opponents, though rejecting the results that are reports that at least 5 people were killed off of me on last security forces. ram the vehicle into protested the dea shows a cock, celebrating at the people attending a rally in the angle around 15 people and rested. belgium police spray water cannon had fought tear gas weiss's approach. i said brussels against covered by tv was the government says it's being forced to act because cases are searching and hospitals under severe strain. evans who fee rebels say that at least $13.00 people have been killed by saudi led coalition. asked strikes on the capital sum up. the group says
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that the attacks targeted civilian areas and a food warehouse. saudi led coalition raids against the around back to thieves have increased in recent weeks, efforts by the u. s. and the u. n. to bring the hoot these to the negotiating table of so far stole what they, i thought would be strikes by air. pink started. we couldn't get out from the house at all because of the gunpowder smoke. it was dark and dusty. thank god, we are all safe iran as president abraham lacy has reiterated his country's position that you asked sanctions be lifted in order for nuclear talks to make progress. the latest negotiations in vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement, made little headway. the u. s. and european participants, and the talks of accused iran of not being serious yet one saw sazia tatty hall. we stated 2 things from the beginning. wanted to neutralize the sanctions and then to lift the sanction. i mean, they were thinking that we were not going to take part in the negotiations because
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we have nothing to say. but the world was convinced that iran actually did participate very actively and with authority when it comes to j. c. p allay. because when it comes to the lifting of sanctions, we were pursuing this. and we want to make sure these 2 things happened that there are no. pope frances has warned that the neglect of refugees, migrant says the shipwreck of civilization, the leader of the roman catholic church, is on a 5 day trip to greece. he celebrated mass in athens, after visiting refugees on the island of les boss, there he took a camp that's currently home to around 2000 people seeking asylum. migration has dominated his visit. he, if i key there she now you're looking young, it is easy to stir up public opinion by instilling fear of others. yet why do we fail to speak with equal for herman's? about the exploitation of the poor. about seldom mentioned, but often won't finance towards about economic agreements where the people have to pay. yeah. about corporate deals to traffic in arms favoring the proliferation of
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the arm straight from the remote cause should be attacked, not the poor people who pay the consequences and are even used for political propaganda. asylum seekers from cuba, adjoining others, from africa and asia, trying to enter the e u through greece. what they're shut out of established procedures and processes living the desperate for food and shelter jobs. romulus reports from athens, one spends his days on his phone, contacting other asylum seekers from his native cuba, a sally thermometer, and i thought of making a list to see how many cubans there are and give this to which our organization we could. there are lawyers, doctors, civil engineers close on. we're not brigands. we want to the country though, all embrace us to see that we can offer things to society. we're not here to extract wealth and go home. let's be part of society and contribute glance as he became aware of the plight of other cubans when he was arrested while trying to catch a plane to italy. the walls of his cell were covered in graffiti opposing the communist
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regime and havana. cubans have been arriving in greece since food shortages led to unrest and a violent crack down in havana last july. the u. s. border is close to them, so they fly to russia visa, free than to serbia and walk to greece. many pay about $9.00 a night for a bed and a flat. but with their money running out, they sometimes find themselves on the street. one friend carlos managed to find a week of work in construction to where there are. hm, i have 11 euros on me. that's all that's left from the week i worked. there are 9 children, one and i pulled our money and bought milk and other groceries for them. we are part of a group where everyone helps each other than to night. i don't know where i will stay, it will make some calls. if i can't find a place, i'll make a plan. but there are others who are worse off and i will meet carlos, spend all the money he brought from cuba, buying several tickets to fly from greece to germany or spain. police foiled all
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his attempts to get their cubans could apply for asylum that would entitle them to rent subsidy and monthly cash allowance. but they would have to have registered at the reception center like those found on the easter g and islands. the usual and free route for refugees. there was no such center on the north macedonian border where they entered greece. so their only option now is to apply online. even that is difficult, says is papa vocalist who runs a legal aid charity for refugees. not even simply the, not even a spanish interpreter, because this is a new, a new, the, if you do the way, let's say they now what is going on is that the authorities do not register them as, as early seizures and the force of the military to live either back to their own country, to coma or to find their own way. let's see elsewhere. these refugees have another option. they can formally apply for asylum before being deported,
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but then they'd risk being imprisoned back home. we asked carlos how he felt about that. but i think i thought, but i think i'd rather spend my life in jail here, then return to cuba. jobs are alkalis, al jazeera athens, at least 14 civilians have been killed during a military operation in the indian state of naga land. it happened in the mom district. the army reportedly set up an ambush for suspected fighters, but mistakenly fired on a truck. carrying coal miners. troops later fired the crowd which gathered to protest against the attack. one soldier was also killed on a white one. know is a journalist belonging to the cognac tribe and the mom district of na galant. she says, the state has been trying to seek independence. it is very difficult to be able to differentiate between normal villages coming back from bombs, you know, in comparison to militants, will probably on that most instances. and in this case,
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it was doing data and it wasn't, even though they dock it was for b. and here where in the sun is still still up and people are still visible. so they have said it is a case of mistaken identity, but people here are buying it at the moment. and i believe has been seeking is independence from india, for, from in, since time immemorial seems to british left india. and with years and years of suppression of the novel movement, we have now come to a point after decades of struggle. that is probably safer to integrate with india since we are we've been, we've been suppressed for a long time. however, once in a while, we have incidents like this, which is the result of apps, but i don't with many people aware of it, but parts of india like in the northeast where we have militancy or we have this kind of uprising and doing because you have a certain that there is
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a certain special act, all the asked by that is the hours special forces act that has been there has been no there in the states like this for the longest time. and this gives the security forces. you know the fool, there is no accountability they can under this act, they can fire and they can shoot people at sight at will if there is even a speck of suspicion. so because of this is the result the u. s. and 22 other nations have condemned the taliban for the alleged killings and forced disappearances of former members of africa. security forces that opposed government . it follows a report by human rights watch. the telephone says that any incidents will be thoroughly investigated. roper brian reports from cul all stems from the human rights report that came out last week. detailing the cases of more than a 100 members of the full, the security of forces of the previous administration. that since the takeover by
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the taliban have either been killed, it says or have simply disappeared. now it says says that these words were carried out over a period of weeks that sometimes the taliban would have been using employment records to track down these form members. or in some cases it said actually trick them into coming forward to claiming amnesty, the only to identify themselves, give themselves away, and then to be targeted. now, these allocations are not particularly new. we have had a number of allegations of human rights abuses of potentially war crimes by the taliban, especially in the run up to it take over during the take over itself, often backed up by what would appear to be documentary evidence from social media and so on. but these allegations refer strictly to these crimes crimes that happen since the takeover and also that they were condone by the taliban itself. now that is particularly damaging because it says that while local
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commanders carried out on many cases, these crimes, it had the knowledge and was condoned by the taliban itself of the taliban. they have denied these allegations. they said they will look into individual cases, but they have had deniability because of course the taliban is not a single structure with a well disciplined hierarchy. while the leadership is here, many of the taliban groups in provinces do work with a certain amount of ptolemy and it does have that ability. well, this report says that the leadership knew about it and condoned these apparent crimes. far right french presidential candidate erickson law has been put into a headlock by a protest, as he will, through paris crowds during his 1st campaign rally that the scuffles between his supporters and those who came to denounce him, some threw chairs at each other. butler was out the rally. well, thousands of protesters working in parson are demonstrating against eric the more he's holding his 1st presidential campaign rally on the outskirts of the capital.
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now is a well known television puns it and really to hear from us, but he has no political experience, but he is 3 me famous in france with controversially inflammatory fall. right. opinions are more is the migration his anti islamic talk in the post about supporting muslims. he's also upset many in the jewish community by saying that the regime of world war 2 here in france, a collaborated with the not be should be glorified. he also has many opinions when it comes to women, he sees their role as in the home as child bears. he says that biologically incapable of saying leaders. and what people here say is eric more is a threat to democracy, a threat to from institutions? well, a month or so back the mall was doing rather well. according to the opinion polls poll suggested that he could be to the far right political party lead to marine the
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pen to reach the 2nd round runoff against the french president, emanuel micron. but in recomp weeks, his ratings do seem to slaves mainly due to a number of personal gas. he made an obscene gesture assa protester in the southern city of mount say he had a very poor performance. it was widely perceived in a high profile television interview. but already that the conservative right wing part if not picked a very candidate for this presidential race. and that is also going to have an effect on eric moore because she is trying to appeal to the same sort of voters that he is before with one world championship will be decided in the final race of the season. next week, lewis hamilton edged out. rival maxwell happened if the saudi arabian crawled praise go level on points, heading to abu dhabi. paul van de vos reports, ah, louis hamilton,
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the max of steppin had everything to try for as the lights went out from jetta. and it didn't take long for the walls that caused the rainbow drive a pole on saturday to have an impact. mixture, mac is accident. on left hand brought out the safety car. the restart saw even more chaos, championship leaders only just the void of each other. those behind once are lucky . ah, let 37, the pier came close again. a few corners later hamilton at the back of the slowing red bull. ah. i didn't quite understand why. what sunny hit the brakes pretty quite heavily and then. and then i run it to the back of him, and then he, then he moved on. so i didn't understand exactly what's going and i got a message afterwards that he's going to let his boss. so it was a bit confusing with the step of nursing. his tires hamilton was able to guide as
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damaged mercedes home and 1st place the dots. dr. a 2nd. hamiltons extra points, the fastest lap means the pair. now all square going into the final rice in abu dhabi just the 2nd time in the sports history. that's happened. expect plenty more fireworks and every dobby. hamilton goes for a record 8th world championship and for stephan, his 1st full bandwidth al jazeera. ah, it is good terry with us. hello, adrian should have been here in dough. how the headlines allows 0. the can be, as president tom a bottle has been declared the winner of saturday's election, but at least 3 of his opponents have rejected the results of at risk reports from banjo. opposition leaders hubs rejected the outcome of this election. a citing inordinate in quotes in.


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