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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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and that a complete seizure right now people are dying. how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries say we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there? a park with me. markham on hill, on out 0. ah . ready got been president out of a barrel supporter, celebrate his re election, but rivals are crying foul. ah, ah darn jordan, this is al jazeera, alive from dell are also coming up. the leader position is attacking and his group are taking my courage. the prime minister of the solomon islands defends himself as parliament prepares for no confidence vote falling last month's palace.
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belgian police use water cannon to push but riotous that a protest against corona virus restrictions and young colombians cost votes for councils that its hoped will give a voice to a generation feeling left behind. ah, dan, been president out of our barrow has been declared the winner of saturday's election and what he and his supporters are celebrating as a landslide. but his argument address reports now from the capital banjo, all 3 opposition candidates have already rejected the result. oh, after closely fort election, adam about or has been re elected as the gambia as a prospect. defeated 5 other candidates to win a 2nd 5 year term. and i think received 457519 both in the election. the chairman of the independent
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electoral commission, alumni declared, mister adam apparel is duly elected to suit as president of the republic of the gambia. ah, when do a constituency you so convincing the one that this election erupted in celebration, i baskin is victory bottle. i brushed supporters of the independent square with a book. are you good on you to look it up my guess was with oh, do you think we did? did remind you know, bottle with electron was guys and they told me the bottles hole
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will know dealing divided me not only because of this but also i wanted to, we borrows opponents of refuse to accept the result. we are concerned that there has been an inordinate delay in the announcement of results to a number of isas. i be raised by again and representatives. i did put in stations a sent us an easy headquarters. as a result, the representatives of the aforementioned country div id i, issy headquarters, refused to endorse some of the results independent observer. say the vote was largely free and fair interest election commission has also defended the election process as credible and prayer. it is within doubt, lights are to confirm all to confirm to sign all of the can all at the same despite
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them being present. and indeed we are part of the review process. her rival candidates have 10 days to challenge barrows, victory, and seems certain of the fight all our move to the court. i'm a degrees al jazeera by june, the gambia, solomon islands, prime minister manner. se saga varies facing a motion of no confidence in parliament. it's in response to anti government riots a week ago, during which dozens of buildings were burned down and shops looted in a capital honey era. at least 3 people were killed. locals have a list of grievances including poor health care and services, and china as perceived influence over the government or sarah clark as coming the story from the australian city of brisbin. sarah, so this no confidence vote follows the recent violence. tell us more about the vote and did it come as a surprise. it's not a surprise, and of course, as you mentioned, we had 4 days of civil unrest i just took over a week ago,
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which brought tony yara since then. the opposition later has been gathering support, but it's both confidence motion and that's currently being by on the floor. we have been very emotional and angry. prime minister, defending cell phone as we speak in parliament in honey our. the accusations that the opposition laid up matthew while is making is that some of our i has abandoned some of the provinces. he said that the provinces have lost trust in the prime minister. and he, the rhetoric, who and mercenary decision making is making bad decisions. worse that the other key critic in his 10 pine to suddenly make the old for the, the prime minister to stand down. is the member from a light to a malay whose most populous province and the province, which is very angry about what it says is being abandoned. whether it be infrastructure, capital, financial funds, or economic fund been given that province. so they are leading the campaign to undermine the prime minister and force him to stand down. their accusations, as a saga bar is leadership is synonymous with trouble and civil unrest,
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and the countries paralyzed and can't afford another round of this instability. now, as i mentioned, foger bar, the prime minister, is standing now in parliament and this is what he had to say a short time ago. in his defense, i did not allow myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans and lawless out of things. but as a grade in congress, intervention forces were on the ground, mrs. big to help return normal things in our country. on behalf of the people and government. i express our sincere thanks and it's of no confidence. it simply requires a simple majority to pass. so if the opposition wins its button, the confidence that they will be able to elect their own leader and will be sent to the government house. if the government, when that doesn't get up,
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it's simply life and parliament will continue as normal. but preparations have been put in place in the capital simply because people are concerned about another round of protests and civil on risk. we've got a heavy police presence, a lot of businesses, a closed early on monday. but they put a ban on alcohol, consumption and boats have been banned to docking in the heart of 50 because they try to keep people home just in case another route of demonstrations breakout. so everyone is watching. it's ongoing device in our, in the parliament to see if it's both confidence motion, dont get out. all right, sarah la la for stay in brisbane. sarah, thank you. a belgian police, a sprite, water cannon, and fired tear gas on riot as it a protest against cobit 19 rules. about 8000 people tried to reach the european union headquarters, but were blocked. that in baba reports a stand off in the belgian capital on the sidelines of
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a covey 19 protest. police's water cannon against a group of protest as some of whom appeared to throw firewood. several 100 people march through the streets. 2 days after the government tightened restrictions for the 3rd week in a row, some carried signs critical of vaccines which have proved to be highly effective against the corona virus. others were worried about belgium, making it compulsory for health workers to be vaccinated. something that's coming in on the 1st of january. baloo looks in little obligatory. i don't agree with mandatory vaccination, finances, radical color. i think i will assign the ties to take vaccine as its own choice and get straight on my in my opinion. health work is we'll have 3 months to get that shots. they can work during that time if they can show they've already had cove 19 or provide negative tests. hospital admissions have risen by 4 percent week on week,
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but the government says 40 percent of belgium's intensive care beds, a currently filled by covey, 19 patients. and that's having an impact on things like cancer treatments. kindergartens and primary schools will now close a week early for christmas, and people's age 6 or over half to where face mosques into a venue such as cinema will be limited to 200 people for monday. night clubs have already been closed and bars and restaurants have to shut at 11 p. m. for 3 weeks. nadine baba al jazeera, the director of a hospital in jordan, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for an oxygen shortage that led to 10 deaths. a bela zak, i'll huffman and 4 age were convicted. hundreds of people protested, falling the deaths in march, which later led to the health minister as resignation. dozen fighting between i sell fighters and kurdish pash mugger forces in northern iraq. at least 3 people have been killed. fighters burnt several houses in the village of zacharon, which is about 65 kilometers south of at a bill. it's believe most of the locals had already fled due to the threat of iso
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attacks. now after years of delays, young colombians finally had their chance to vote for new special counsels. 12000000 people age between 14 and 28 were eligible to have a say from bob at our. alessandra petty explains what the councils hope to do well . 23 year old daniela mora has ran her campaign on a very tight budget, but what she lacks in fine and says she says she made up for with persistence by reaching out to young voters in her neighborhood. oh, danielle is one of 40000 colombians, aged 14 to 28th running for office in you municipal youth councils across the country, counting on word of mouth and social networks to get the word out. how to kill horn is some of the youth are tired of the lack of opportunities, of the pressure of the police, of being called lazy. our generation has opened its eyes and has understood that we
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must be agents of change and we can't wait for those in power to bring that change . some 12000000 young colombians are eligible to vote in elections that have been a long time coming. after being promised for years, they were formerly announced by president even decay after unprecedented protest by young colombians left does instead, earlier this year get i'm part of the la paula toni bolcom. majority of those involved in the social outcry are young, some 50000000 people who are mostly poor and hungry. they don't imagine a future for themselves or don't see any real opportunity for them. so this what has become a way for the government to try and control the discipline to turn platform elected council members will not receive a stipend or have real decision power, but they are expected to exercise political control, oversight and help device new policies. many here hope that these councils in time could become a real way for young people in the country to have
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a voice in columbus politics. but in sunday, the voter turnout was very low than yellow blaine's the government for not supporting independent candidates in doing little to advertise the vote. just calling this i was and then deal many understand that this is mostly a way to silence us in the street. it's easy to understand people's apathy, but we need to understand that if we don't take matters into our own hands, things will not change. it's uncertain if these councils will work. i will say that it's too early to tell how much of an influence heath counsels will have if any. but there's hope they will offer some answers to a generation starved for opportunities and hope. allison and beauty and says, you know what? so break here in al jazeera, when we come back, ah, break out the rally, the controversial french presidential candidate who himself was attack my protest
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and po process called the migrant crisis. the ship wreck of civilization during his visit to a temp on the 3 column of miss moss. more in that state. ah, your weather update for the middle east begins right here, right now. and things are bouncing back for cross northern areas of saudi through some of the gulf states where we had low temperatures and we've got some active weather moving across western areas of iran. but you know, tater on at 14 degrees, that's actually above average for this. and the year off, the pakistan, things looking good in the south karachi, a $29.00 degrees, but some instability through the foothills of the himalayas. no, for turkey were really seen a weather front just slide across here. it's going to slam into the western portion of the country around the eastern met as well. so
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a few days of rain to come for on talia, but i think the worst of it will be on tuesday. we'll see when got up to 70 kilometers per hour. and potentially pick up 50 millimeters of rank, births of rain to be expected around kinshasa through gap on in camer room. but if i take it further toward the south, we seen some severe thunderstorms, western cape, eastern cape right through to the free stay. but most of that starts to peter out on monday, but still toward that northeast corner of south africa, we'll see some active weather here. so for johannesburg, the rain is going to be near over the next few days and likely to power up some thunderstorms here. and then we go from 28 degrees down to 22 on wednesday, those thunderstorms calling the atmosphere season. ah, the philippines is spiting to restore fire in dock st. i could be caught equally to night and the wrong one. 0,
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one east investigates on al jazeera. mm mm. be the hero. the world needs a washer. ah ah, welcome back. a bit about top stories here at this hour begun been president adams . barrow has been declared the winner of saturday's election, but at least 3 of his opponents hobbled ready rejected the results. solomon islands, prime minister, manase salaries facing a motion of no confidence in parliament. it's in response to anti government riots
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a week ago, during which buildings were burnt down and shops looted. and belgian police sprayed water, kevin, and fired tear gas at rioters, and protesting brussels against herbert 19 rules. the government says it's being forced to act because cases are surging in hospitals or under severe strain. what's on to say potentially dangerous variance of cobit 19 will keep emerging as long as vaccines aren't shared fairly around the world. francisco rock, as the president of the international red cross in red, crescent societies. he says new variance should be a wake up call. we have colder. did the outcome of day only combine on so you might every then see if it was needed about these inequality that we are leaving and about did they receive to have new mario? and if we continue in the way we have done this and africa and other developing counties are be the highest prices and things of access to,
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to the seeing why in the, in the west discount. now, you will be in the united states. ready and canada in u. k, we are discussing the 70 before test one. he's also starting to to, to talk about if you don't, his bare id, average of vaccination in many counties is less than 10 percent and use more complex. i think i would do. yeah. but the unfortunately is not working as we expected. and the idea to protect those who are in the front line is that it is way saw more what. so what we experience because we are talking when we comes about already about callbacks. it is about maxine eating, the medical doctor, good notes is the 1st status was working on the front line today. gerald. those affected by the miles so it should be something that you're looking for for for,
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for the international community college. she's not receiving enough. don't use any enough financial resources or company she is. mission process is worn, that the neglect of refugees and migrants is the shipwreck of civilization. the leader of the roman catholic church is an a 5 day trip to greece, who celebrated mass in athens. after visiting refugees on the island of les bus bay, he toward a camp as currently home to around 2000 people seeking asylum. migration has dominated his visit. if i key there she now ala opinion, it is easy to stir up public opinion by instilling fear of others. yet, why do we fail to speak with equal for herman's, about the exportation of the poor, about seldom mentioned, but often well financed towards about economic agreements. were the people have to pay? yeah, about corporate deals to traffic in arms. faithful in the proliferation of the arm straight. i think the remote cause should be attacked. not the poor people who pay
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the consequences and are even used for political propaganda. asylum seekers from cuba joining others from africa and asia, trying to enter the youth through greece. but they been shut out of established procedures leaving them desperate for food and shelter. johnson roblis reports now from athens. one spends his days on his fern contacting other asylum seekers from his native cuba, a sally thermometer i thought of making a list to see how many cubans there are and give this to which our organization we could there are lawyers, doctors, civil engineers that were not brigands, we wanted the country, the all embrace us to see that we can offer things to society. we're not here to extract wealth and go home. let's be part of society and contribute. quan says he became aware of the plight of other cubans when he was arrested while trying to catch a plane to italy. the walls of his cell were covered in graffiti opposing the communist regime and havana. cubans have been arriving in greece since food shortages lead
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unrest and a violent crack down in havana last july. the u. s. border is close to them, so they fly to russia visa, free than to serbia and walk to greece. many pay about $9.00 a night for a bed and a flat, but with their money running out, they sometimes find themselves on the street. one friend carlos managed to find a week of work in construction to where are hon. i have 11 euros on me. that's all that's left from the week i worked. there are 9 children, one and i pulled our money and bought milk and other groceries for them. we are part of a group where everyone helps each other than to night. i don't know where i will stay. it will make some calls. if i can't find a place, i'll make a plant. but there are others who are worse off model me are color, spend all the money he brought from cuba, buying several tickets to fly from greece to germany or spain. police foiled all his attempts to get their cubans could apply for asylum that would entitle them to
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rent subsidy and monthly cash allowance. but they would have to have registered at a reception center like those found on the city and islands. the usual and free route for refugees. there was no such center on the north macedonian border where they entered greece. so their only option now is to apply online. even that is difficult, says basil is papa hopeless who runs a legal aid charity for refugees. the not even simply the, not even the spanish interpreters because this is a new, a new their future way. let's say right now what is going on is that the authorities do not register them as, as alan, she chose and the force of the military to leave either back to their own country to coma or to find their own way. let's see elsewhere. these refugees have another option. they can formally apply for asylum before being deported, but then they'd risk being imprisoned back home. we asked carlos how he felt about
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that, but i think i thought personal. i'd rather spend my life in jail here. dad returned to cuba jumpstart opal. us al jazeera athens. the far right french presidential candidate eric the more has been attacked by a protest as he walked through paris crowds during his 1st campaign rally scuffles between his supporters and those who came to denounce him. some threw chairs at each other. so who is eric the more? well, he's a writer and media personality known for his provocative writing views on islam immigration and feminism. a pole before he declared his candidacy suggested he could reach the 2nd round against president macro pricing and ahead of marine le pen. some analysts believe he can reach voters, that lip and con town could do better against macro than the pen. managed. in their 2017 televised debate natasha. butler was at the rally. was working in paris. they are demonstrating against eric the more he's holding his 1st presidential campaign rally on the outskirts of the capital. now, is
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a well known television puns it and really to hear from us, but he has no political experience, but he's really famous in france, records reversal inflammatory fall, right? opinions are more is mc migration, his anti islamic talk in the post about supporting muslims. he's also upset many in the jewish community by saying that the regime of world war 2 here and problems collaborated with the not the should be glorified. he also has many opinions when it comes to women, he sees their role as in the home as child bears. he says, the biologically capable of being leaders. and what people here say is eric more is a threat to democracy. a threat to frances institutions? well, a month or so back the more was doing rather well, according to opinion polls poll, suggested that he could be to the far right political party lead to marine the pen
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to reach the 2nd round runoff against the french president, emanuel micron. but in recent weeks, his ratings do seem to slaves mainly due to a number of personal gas. he made an obscene gesture after a protester in the southern city of mount say, he had to break poor performance. it was widely perceived in a high profile tvt interview, but already that the conservative right wing party now picked a very candidate for this presidential race. and that is also going to have an effect on our exam more because she is trying to appeal to the same source of voters. that his rescue as in indonesia had been digging through layers of thick volcanic ash and mud in search of survivors and victims. at least 14 people are known to have died, sissy some merry volcano, began erupting parts of towns and villages of buried roads and bridges have also been destroyed. gillian will report assessing the damage from
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above after mount sinners viewed piles of ash, 12000 meters into the sky. down below, entire homes have been submerged villages blanketed with falling ash. the creeping lava is destroying everything in its path. samira is one of indonesia, nearly a 130 active volcanoes, get bashed and is the highest peak on the nation's most densely populated island of java is sudden eruption was triggered by days of heavy rain. i was scared in running a panic because disruption was much bigger interruption that occurred last year. smouldering debris, sick smoke and power outages have hampered search and rescue operations. people who managed to escape had been staying at this evacuation center of the people behind me or evacuated local villages at the moment they need assistance,
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like daily necessities, food and drinks. we also don't know how long they need to stay careful. those who want to return home have been told they can't. and to stay far away from the craters mouth, the volcano had seen an increase in activity in recent days, but it's alert status was not raised. now many here want to know why they weren't warned. why yeah, quite by surprise, what went wrong if somebody being on the job or our way of communicating get it is not here. an answer, many will be soon as they pick up the pieces of what is left behind, gillian wolf, al jazeera. there are reports, at least 5 people were killed and many other engine ma'am, are where security forces run the vehicle into protest. us videos posted on line, show a cock celebrating into people attending a rally and the largest city young on the so called flash mob was targeted just
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minutes after it came together. about 15 people were arrested and just hours later, people in the western young don't express their anger abilities, crackdown on descent by beating on pots and pans from the balcony. iran's president abraham bracy reiterated his country's position that us sanctions been lifted in order for nuclear talks to make progress. the latest negotiations in vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, made little headway the u. s. and european participants, and the talks and accused iran of not being serious yet one saw sazia terry hall. we stated 2 things from the beginning. one is to neutralize the sanctions and then to lift the sanction i was also, they were thinking that we will not go to take part in the negotiations because we have nothing to say. but the world was convinced that iran actually did participate very actively. and with the authority when it comes to j. c, p, o,
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a god. when it comes to the lifting of sanctions, we were pursuing this. and we want to make sure these 2 things happened, that there are now hundreds of protest as in south africa, have rallied against plans by energy giant shell to conduct seismic surveys for oil along the eastern coast activist. say this will cause irreparable harm to a stretch of water, but so far been largely untouched by commercial activity. on friday, a court struck down an application brought by environmentalists to stop shells activities. some sports news now on the formula one world championship will be decided in the final race of the season. next week, lewis hamilton edged out his rival max for stopping and the saudi arabian grand pre, to go level on points. having to abu dhabi bo vandeveer reports, ah, louis hamilton the max of sap and had everything to try for the whites went out from jetta. and it didn't take long for the walls that caused the rebel drive a pole on saturday to have an impact. mixer mac is accidental,
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left him brought out the safety car, 3 starts or even more chaos. championship leaders only just avoided each other. those behind went so lucky that 37, the peer came close again. a few corners later hamilton at the back of the slowing red bull. ah, i didn't quite understand why. what sunny hit the brakes pretty quite heavily and then um and then i run into the back of him. huh. and then he then he moved on. so i didn't understand exactly what was going on. i got a message afterwards that is going to let his boss. so it was a bit confusing with the step of nursing, his tires hamilton was able to guide as damaged mercedes home and 1st place the dots. dr. a 2nd hamiltons extra points, the fastest lap means the here. now also we're going into the final rice in abu
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dhabi. just the 2nd time in the sports history that's happened. expect plenty more fireworks and every darby hamilton goes for a record 8 world championship. and for stepan, his 1st full bandwidth al jazeera, now millions of monarch butterflies of migrated to mexico central state of mature come. the butterfly is travel thousands of kilometers every year to free the cold winters of canada and the northern us. and once they get to mexico, they hibernate and reproduce. ah, type of quote you got the headlines here on al jazeera, gumby and president adams. barrow has been declared the winner of saturdays election and what his supporters are celebrating as a landslide. oh, but as they cheered at least 3 of barrows opponents rejected.


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