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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 1:30pm-2:00pm AST

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what evidence is there this point to back that up because no one so far as seen? yeah, i think b, c was the was a matter of surprise to everybody because everybody was thinking that even though the incumbent was going to, we probably rental when they, you know, with a very tight margin. but this is, i mean is a landslide like they just describe it. so it's a, it's shocking for the opposition that's being comments, you know, secure such as much, but i see. so they are currently in stock and there was a ticket to the cost which is also good for the security of the gambia. so and, and also the content not so you know, i could do that with any mileage. so i think that would work, but it's got this, but the position is massive. sure. i think it's been
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called by the ones. so i think the opposition from here, you've been teaching candidates to replace that will because i don't use it because it actually it's all that mortality. all right, thanks so much for being with us. a cilla head on the edge ozetta. we take a look at the most polluted city in the world. now people are having to backlog with an increase in power outages in kingston's counsel. and later in sport, the golfer who grew up 5 shot lead and his chance to become world number one that's coming up with santa ah
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hi there. thanks for joining in. we've got a storm system swirling around the central mediterranean, that's throwing a lot of rain for southern sections of italy. we've got it. shield of snow for areas of the balkan, sorry evil. looking to pick up 5 centimeters in time for western areas of greece. severe thunderstorms in the forecast for you on monday. now monday into tuesday, that energy hops over the g and symes into western turkey or gather some steam through the eastern med, firehose of rain, just streaming right into on talia. looking to pick up about 50 millimeters of rain and we'll see those winds crank up to 65 kilometers per hour. other side of the mediterranean, the north coast of spain, we've got a plume of moisture moving in some snow for the pair knees and toward the south. and i stay in lisbon with a high of 15 degrees off to northwestern part straight now disturbs whether through the republic of ireland, the united kingdom that will pivot into the low countries. and here comes our next
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storm system on tuesday, 2nd, named storm of the seas and bearer. watch what it does. the winds across the republic of ireland could close in on about a 100 kilometers per hour. back to the central med all of that. what, whether diving down for northern areas of tunisia and libya. triple. he's got a high of 15 degrees on monday that you're up there by for now. ah, the december jesse gotta host the fee for our upcoming a momentous event for the weekend. and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022. welcome people empower, investigation, use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace. lloyd recognize the safeguarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries, in depth exclaims portal showcase is the best approach is 0 digital content. i
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think it draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped and look ahead to next year. december on a jessie europe informed opinions, there was a need, fabulous federal government take action to really facilitate a pig right. in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ok, hello again. you're watching i. reminder of our top stories this. our katara and turkey has pledged financial support to afghanistan. this came during
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a meeting of custody and thirties, foreign ministers in both countries say they'll increase corporation to bring stability, an afghan stuff. you and human rights chief michelle bachelor, has strongly criticize the sentencing of the pose leader assigned to chief calling it politically motivated. a court in miasma has had to c t a for years since you sound guilty on charges of inciting defense against the military and breaching corona virus was again be in the president. adama barrow has been declared the winner saturday's election. he got 53 percent of the vote, far ahead of his nearest rival, who say new dog, his party is 2 other candidates are rejecting the result claiming they were irregularities. i for fighters have launched the tax on several villages in northern iraq, burning down houses. and killing 4 members of the kurdish ash, mega forces. the villages surround the city of cook cook. i so briefly claimed to have captured one before it was taken back by the pressure mug. iraq declared
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victory over i saw in 2017, but its fighters have continued to launch a sporadic attacks. there were more i saw attacks on friday and town surrounding the city of a bill. 12 people were killed. sporadic attacks by i saw usually happen in disputed areas which fall between the control of iraq central government and the kurdish semi autonomous region. authorities in northern iraq say i saw has launched more than 200 attacks in the past 10 months. let's go live loud to mood. i'm the way ahead in baghdad force. so my mood, this would appear to be something of a come back then for, for i saw in iraq. well, definitely it is. and there is a lot of factors that i've given the opportunity for isolate, to regroup and research. and there was disputed areas on top of them. security vacuum as you know, this is a big area at large areas,
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extending over about 650 kilometers in length. from 100 pin tower on the iranian border until the city and a border with a iraq and in some areas it extends on about 40 kilometers depth. now these disputed areas, in many parts of them did it. there is no military prisons, neither by the america or the centralized security forces belonging to but does a government. and that have been also infiltration of ice from ice members coming through the borders from syria. and that have been sleeper cells in areas and also got a cook notice over a bill. so the la dean and south of the province is, according to reports by the both the america and the security forces. now, isis members have been taken advantage of the, of the geographic nature of the area, values, mountains,
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uneven lanes and roads there. they have been regrouping and even a training, a conducting training in areas and also to evade surveillance and operations by the iraqi army. now as we speak, that have been that have been sweep operations conducted by both fish market and centralized security forces near the lay been a vintage that was attacked by iso last night. are i my how do i had life for stare in baghdad? thanks could now the prime minister, the solomon islands, has survived a no confidence vote in parliament and follows last week's rights. when crowns burned down dozens of buildings and looted shops in the capital, honey are at least 3 people were killed in the unrest sparked by long simmering regional rivalries, economic problems, and accusations of china's influence over the government. troops from australia, new zealand, and other neighboring nations have been deployed. the prime minister defended his
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government's actions shortly before the vote. i did not allow myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans and lawless out of things. but as a grade in countries, intervention forces were on the ground, mrs. big to help return normalcy in our country. on behalf of the people and government, i express our cynthia, thanks in the world health organization will in the next hour discuss ethics and policy during the current cove with pandemic. the news conference in geneva comes off the warnings from scientists, about potential emergence of deadly various health experts and blame the spread of
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alma kron on the huge gap between vaccination rates. in the developed and developing world live now to dominate cain in berlin, forced to dominate what are we expecting to hear out of this briefing from the w h . other will as those delegates gather in geneva, their minds will be on the plight of people in hospitals like this. here in berlin, where i on the shell, it's a world renown hospital where many of the people who have cove in this city have been coming to hospitals like these. they're an intensive care why? because they're unvaccinated, many of them. so people will be thinking about 3 things, actually the 1st one, whether there needs to be a mandatory vaccine requirement. that's a key question. it's playing itself out in europe right now, specifically here in germany, but in other countries to which have already implemented one. then there's that idea about inequity of access to vaccines. many countries in the developing world have nowhere near the uptake of vaccines, nor,
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indeed the supply of vaccines to be able to inject those into people's arms and then combat cove it in that way. that's certainly something that people here are very much aware of. and then finally, you have that sense that of, of outraged that was communicated by some in southern africa when european countries and others indeed round the world started imposing flight bands on airlines flying from passengers flying from southern africa into the e u and elsewhere. so certainly lots of issues to be unwrapped in geneva and those just 3 of them. all right, dominic ain life rest there in berlin. thanks dominic. now south african present seal ram. a poster says hospitals are preparing for more. advent admissions, as the country is in the midst of a 4th wave, driven in part by a rise in cases of the armor convent daily infections surged to more than 16000 on friday. it's got live now to for me to miller,
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who is in it johannesburg girl force. so for me, look for me to what's the latest there while following that, rise in numbers too. as you say over 16000 in the latest 24 hours, there's been dropped to about 11000. i don't know if that is encouraging or perhaps just the lag because it was over the weekend, but certainly health experts continuing to follow those numbers closely. as you said, the president has said that hospitals are preparing themselves, they've learned from the 2nd and 3rd wave and south africa is prepared for the 4th wave. so far hospitalizations have remained relatively low just over 3000 people having a needed that kind of medical intervention. and in the last 24 hours, just 28 people admitted to hospital. so authorities are saying, yes, we do expect this varying to be far more transmissible. that's our greatest worry.
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but we are less concerned about hospitals are being impacted right now. they're ready, they're not overwhelmed. but ultimately we also want people to get vaccinated because those who are most vulnerable, those over 50, these are the people who would ultimately overwhelm hospitals, and so they want them to get vaccinated. so that's how the africa doesn't face that scenario. for me to thanks for that for me to middle life was in johannesburg. now to keg is stan where a growing energy crisis is pushing the country to increasingly rely on coal zane. basra b reports from biscuit hindering the government's response to pollution. from a vantage point overlooking bish kac, it's easy to see why curtis don's capital is routinely ranked as the most polluted city in the world. air quality can be so poor. buildings don't disappear into the horizon, they disappear into
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a cloud of smoke chimney stacks and an aging power plant. the main culprits dystopian giants dominating the skyline over a modernizing city. all year round pumping smoke into the air and industrial waste into a nearby landfill. the carbon footprint of the cities combined heat and power plant is enormous. but it's still not enough. near the power plant, people are forced to burn coal to heat their homes in winter. you need to go all the way with we don't use much electricity. we fire the pit and because we light fires and others do the same, the air goes bad. if you wake up in the morning, everything is black around there. sing on tv every day, to save electricity, use latch and get other light bulbs. we don't use electricity, so if we're not going to burn coal, what are we meant to do? it burns dirty and all over the world, there are calls to reduce its use. but in kurdistan, coal is king cheap, available, and essential to the power grid. built by the soviets,
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this coal burning power plant has been the main source of generating heat and electricity for curtis tons, capital bish tech, since the 1960 the countries power infrastructure is almost entirely soviet era with little to no investment in clean energy. this facility was abandoned after the fall of the u. s. s r, and never came on line. the current government plans to open it after retrofitting for natural gas, but the plan too expensive, is now on hold. and as long as coal remains a quicker fix, the possibility of more pollution hangs in the air. you know, if they would stop burning of coal and if the power plant was also working, it would be good. pollution is harmful for kids. on the other hand, it would be good if the power plant was working while it's not working. yes, i am not afraid, but maybe in the future i will have the demand for more power will mean burning record amounts of colon coming years. more air pollution,
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almost inevitable. leading residents with little choice to write it out. then basra b o to 0. the pakistan has repatriated the body of us 3, like an factory manager who was killed by a group of coworkers. accused him of blasphemy, promised him on con, says more than 100 people have been arrested to ma. honda has more from a slumber. the body of the longer to manage brians or camara was handed to the fishers of the high commissioner from red body was blown on our special flight to colombo. it should also be noted that the countries in formation minister leasing to read. they struggle with the incident. i would like to convey condolences, the people of mankind, the government on behalf of the people of focus on the government funded fund. we handle their heads in shame, whatever happened in sancho because it's got to stop it. and obviously it's
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something that we on shared the grief, the prime minister in ron khan had received a copy of the inquiry as guard a cabinet meeting. and of course that they're short have long been counterparts that do legal action will be taken the delegation ridge renter, the longer commission from the ruling party also in short, the longer and high commissioner there will be exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of this crime. by august on, has seen a wave of dutch into games are controversial and black. let me log and their country need to do board in order to standardize of extreme read them off guard criticism from the opposition party. they're not just so good that the government at friedman policy is not working and that the o targeted and the government might come down with an iron. the crown prince of saudi arabia is set to begin his tour of golf nations including katara. this will
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be mohammed ben solomon's 1st visit to doha. since the cutter blockade ended this year, amman will be the 1st lego mohammed, ben solomon's tool, and comes ahead of the annual gulf. our bleed is summit in this month thumbnail for sport. his santa, at tar fee for arrow cup studio. thank you very much. has him while we are lie from al jazeera, a special studio of the fif, ask off determine, doubling map as a major warm up event for the hot that woke up next year. i've come back, come that, but we start with formula one to well campus hit that will be decided in the final race of the season after louis hamilton, as that rival, a master stopping in a drama filled saudi arabian go on. page davis stokes has the action ah, the 1st ever formula one right in saudi arabia is not we'll move to get in
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a hurry. from the moment make schumacher crashed on lap 10. it was almost impossible to keep up with several more incidents followed. and the rate had to be reached, darted 3 times with the momentum, constantly shifting between the top contenders. there was hamilton started on pole, but after the stoppages it was championship lead up, match for stepan, who found himself out in front. hamilton was quick of hope and he made his move only for the stepan to block him legally. ah, vistacomm has been ordered to let hamilton passed, but as he slowed, hamilton went straight into the back of him damaging his front wing. ah mercedes garbage wasn't impressed, but both cars were able to continue and wished up and did eventually that in by, hamilton took the victory and picked up a bonus point for setting the fastest lap it means after 21 races, the 2 drivers are both locked on exactly the same points going into the season finale next week. i saw don all, i wanted to let him by, so i'm on the right,
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but he didn't want to overtake and, and, and then we we, we touched. so i don't really understand what, what happened there. i didn't quite understand why, but sunny hit the breaks pretty, quite heavily and then. and then i run in the back of him. and then he, then he moved on. so i didn't understand exactly what's going. i got a message afterwards that he's going to let his boss, so it's a bit confusing. so it all comes down to a, when a takes all rights in abu dhabi next week for stuff and tracing his 1st will title, goes into it with more victories, which means hamilton needs to beat him. if he's to claim the championship for a record 8th time, they'd folks al jazeera raw frog nika, says, his majesty united that team are better than he thought after watching them. when his 1st game in charge united are now 11 points behind legally does manchester city the goal coming from presenting matilda fred at to break the deadlock against
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crystal palace. one know the final score and valuable 3 points for man united. well here in katana, the group stages are coming to a close in the fif. i've come with 4 games coming up on monday. it's old to play in the group a, b, the u. e. have one of both their games that so far, but syria and his yeah, mauritania can also progress it to the knockout state. and in group a host cut out already through but their opponents, iraq are battling a with oman and bahrain for the remaining core to final place. he, our cup is a warm up event for the woke up next year. when cutter was awarded, the torment organizer set out the legacy program called a generation amazing, which works with under privileged communities around the world. i spoke to the programs director na, 7040. we started with the region, mainly looking at
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a disadvantage communities. obviously there's a lot of refugees in the region around syria. jordan, i've been on, you know, many protestant refugees syrian refugees. so then you know, in 2010, 2011. i was kind of the focus. we were building se spaces and creating community clubs for these disadvantage. youth expanded since then to other parts of asia as well in the new paul focus on because of all the market worker populations that come to our working on world cup facilities. we decided to get back to those communities were now in the caribbean, central america, and northern america. you know, as a federation with coca cola, this is a joint program that looks sort of violence and gender equality as well on using sports or specifically soccer and football. g as a tool to kind of bring people together and create a more inclusive society. is the message of gender equality and inclusive. it is an
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important one to get cross gender equality is something that we focus on on the stress across all of our programs. and with all the partners that we work with, we make sure that there's a equal splits, engender as well. recently we have the woman's football march and one of the worlds of stadiums for the national team. this is a group that got the state of up on the miss. you find foreign affairs, have evacuated to the ha and jordan. we built an indoor facility for girls to be able to play football and and be safe. so we created an indoor facility. this is an, an, a refugee, an opposed senior refugee camp and enjoyed them. and so we, we basically look, listen to the needs of a lot of the girls in the region and try to basically use, give them access to play football. we want to maintain this legacy, and we want this to continue to grow and you know, for other hosting conditions that would be bidding for world cups to think about, you know, to, to look at g as an example of legacy. and so we're trying to create a foundation that will last, you know,
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beyond the world cup i am people from all the nations taken part in the ard capa are here in doha, as part of the generation amazing youth. first of all, we are joined now by 2 of the programs youth advocates for jennifer ali for her and at pfizer advantage. first of all, we start with federal ladies. first, of course, can you just explain to us, what do you do as a youth advocate? i saw your thought, the character from generation amazing is a program initiated last year as part of the legacy program law from for the 2022 or to cup it to empowers years people around the world and especially are underprivileged communities to improve their leadership programs and their leadership skills are to become leaders and their communities. moving on to highly of course you have the youth festival coming up next week from the 14th to the 18th . so what do, how do youth get involved in it and what will they learn from it? well, the festival brings on many,
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many opportunities for you around the world too because we have a lot of international alert delegations coming in as well. so i think the most important part that we focus on is providing gum, interpersonal, interpersonal skills, through um, the use of football and through the medium of football, the other tools for development. so we are, these are of course, these skills are include leadership, communication, social skills, but and so many more in fact. and another main focus is that, oh, we provide social networking for these people to get to know each other and for them just to make new friends build new relationships while at the same time being able to get opportunities and for them to be empowered through the use of football for development. so what are you looking for to in this to youth festival? what can we expect because we're going to come down next week anyway. so i mean, you could expect a lot of workshops from very, very many different organizations. you can also expect
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a football of some sorts of football much, but between the participants, the bus of b ambassadors, the participants and of super advocates. and i think was the biggest one of the best parts of the festival as being able to attend the finals for the are up. so i did quickly how will next years woke up leave a legacy for youth in the region. oh, when yeah. so i think let's give it to federal i coach frazier. so i fit boy will gather a lot of people from all around the world. this, this is an opportunity for people to enjoy football and get along with their friends. and the key message here is that football gathers people, and it shows equality between between each others because they are lo will share the same passion with which is fit as an ali, thank you very much for thinking that almost see you next week. good luck with the rest of that. thank you for so well. so that's all for now. remind of our top
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sports stories. louis hamilton won the saudi arabian, that gong p to set up a winner. it takes all show down with master stopping in ab would that be next week man to see in either the have one the 1st game on the new coach, whilst rodney says his side is better than he expected. and here and cartel will be getting a warrant for matches for games. and the fee for our car will have action from all of them throughout the day will be back in a few hours time for another sports update. at $1345.00 gmc, but stay with us here on all does there after the break? we've got another news update. ah
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ah ah, mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by tradition. in where beautiful possibilities are offered a sacred himalayan summit, more treacherous than everest. cumber kona has never been tamed,
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reviewed and feared by local, yet an irresistible challenge to western climate. a sharper family with choose between going against their religious beliefs and guiding a group of mountaineers or rejecting much needed income. the wallet, shadows on al jazeera. one day i might be covering politics or i'm actually, i might hear by protocol thing from serbia hungry. what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here it is here. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe the relationship with the us? we listen copies. one is not all 419 has been terrible. demonstration of the failure of human, sorry, that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that match on al
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jazeera, ah man, mas deposed lay downside ensued. she has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up began being president, supporters celebrates an election victory, but 3 opposition candidates are rejecting the result. i did not allow myself to succumb.


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