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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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from shore documentaries too in depth explain his portal. showcase is the best voucher 0 digital content every year draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead till next year. december on a j 0 lou . thousands of protest as incident a once again demanding the military step back from politics. ah, but again, peter, i'll be here and know how you're watching al jazeera, also coming up me and mars military chief has reduced the sentence of the deposed liter. unsung suit. she just hours after handing her a 4 year term, cattle and turkey pledge to work together to support stability in afghanistan. as
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the 2 countries hold talks in, doha and kick starnes dilemma a choice between dirty coal for much needed energy or clean air for good health. ah, we begin in cartoon where sudanese security forces to fight t aghast. that protested, who are denouncing last month's decision by the prime minister to sign a deal with the military. ah, they're accusing abdullah hum, dock of betrayal for agreeing to a government dominated by the generals. protest is also one allies of the former leader of albert. she removed from power and armed groups, disbanded demonstrators, also rallying and several other cities including casala, santa and port saddam, general abdel fatter elbow hom has maintained. the military will leave politics after the elections scheduled for 2023. if morgan is there, she says,
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protest as are particularly angry about the vagueness of ham docs agreement with the army. the main reason why processes are out on the streets yet again is the fact that prime minister, the lamb looks fine to deal with the military. now they want to see the military turned back to their barracks. one thing that we've heard from protest is here, including on the stand behind me is that they believe that military should remain away from the politics. and that's something that they've been repeatedly reiterating in their demands. they say that the military cannot be trusted to lead to dance, transition to democracy, especially after the military takeover on october 25th. they say they want a civilian government, despite the fact that the general abdel for the album han has promised that prime minister ham doke will be free to choose his own cabinets made up of technocrats civilians not affiliated to political parties. that hasn't appease the protesters. here many of them say that before them, the fact that prime minister hm looks fine to deal with the military is
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a betrayal. and he has given legitimacy to that takeover that happened on october 25th. so they do not recognize all of them and they want and use the billing government that will ensure sedans, transition to democracy is complete. up until the point ham doke signed that deal with the army, he was a symbol of civilian rule. he has spoken to several media outlets and has held several forums and met with the resistance committees. the committees that have been mobilizing for protests over the past couple of weeks saying that the main reason he signed the deal was to stop the bloodshed. at least 43 people have been killed in protest against the military since the take over and more than 200 happen enter it. but for protesters, the fact that he signed that deal is not as that is giving legitimacy to that take over and does not regard to for that for the bit that that's of the protest. as they say, they will be no accountability, especially because the 14 points in the agreement that he signed with the military has been very vague about accountability. only saying that a committee will be set up as the trial that was held behind closed doors. but the
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verdict to spot outrage worldwide me in mars deposed liter uncensored. she was initially given a 4 year prison sentence, but that's now been reduced to 2 years. according to state media sued, she will remain in the undisclosed location where she is being held. here florence louis once leader of myanmar, now prisoner of its military government, and ladies of the gentle on san sushi, together with ousted precedent when found guilty of incitement and breaking corona virus rules. they denied all charges, which many believe are trumped up on the gent her says suji has been given. do legal process is the 1st verdict of 11 charges sushi faces including corruption and electoral fraud. quinta leader min online definitely wants to lock her out because the military who does extremely afraid of the popularity she commands. but
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i think that the, the jailing on song sushi for the rest of the life is not going to stop the resistance. we seeing a huge resistance from young people who refuse to, to stop fighting against this illegal military winter condemnation of the verdict has been swift. a spokesman for good coordinating opposition to the gender, says the military rulers have betrayed the people of me or not. so it is the least crumbson's all our holes and our dreams and our vision fall, then the red democratic union of member. so this is nothing to do it as, as a rule of law, the un human rights chief, michelle bachelor, has criticized the conviction as politically motivated describing it as an attempt to remove all opposition. see, she faces that it's another case against her as early as next week. she could be sentenced to more than
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a 100 years in prison. a found guilty of all charges florence li al jazeera and alice laurence mentioned in that report the sentencing has been condemned globally. the european union says the verdict is quotes politically motivated and a further blatant violation of human rights in me and mark the u. k. called it an appalling attempt to stifle opposition and suppress freedom and democracy. china urged the parties to bridge their differences and continued to advance the harder and democratic transition. and the u. s. is called su, cheese conviction, unjust, and a further affront to democracy and justice in me and more in india, funerals have been held today for 14 civilians who were killed during a botched up military operation in the northeastern state of nagger land. mourners defied a curfew to attend the services. the indian army has expressed deep regret over the incident after it reportedly set up an ambush for suspected fighters, but mistakenly fired on a truck carrying coal miners. the world health organization has been warned. there
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will be more coven 19 variants unless action is taken to address vaccine inequality . geneva is hosting a conference, discussing ethics and policy. during the pandemic health experts of blame the spread of army crown on the huge gap between vaccination rates in rich and the developing countries. opening the conference, the world health organization chief tend ross on an home said too often ethical considerations are absent from policymaking. the ethics community has a vital role to play in helping policy makers translate attics, guidance into concrete, actionable policies that include the voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized . that's why this summit is all about. i look forward to hearing about your progress and what we can do are doubly joe to make ethics,
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not just abstract concepts, but concrete realities for all people. in the beginning, we did not really have discussions about the fundamental core ethical principles associated with that. it was only after it became very, very clear that this was something that impacted ethics is fundamental core values did we have to pay attention to that? the question of the additional piece, the artist that people come to this country take as a precautionary measure and get the right thing to do. but of course, the real resilience that we're building up to any variants, including on the con, he's getting the boosters of the vaccine rolled out. we've got 80 percent of those over 12 now having 2 jobs. and we got a 3rd of the country with either a 3rd job or a booster. that's the reason we can go to this come into his christmas as a country with stronger confidence. we can enjoy christmas in a way that,
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that off. what should we couldn't last year? india's reporting 21 cases of the army kron variant. some doctors are calling for stricter vaccination measures. the capital new daily's health minister is urging everyone to get fully vaccinated, wear masks, and maintain social distancing. only half of india's 1300000000 people is reported now to be fully vaccinated. neighboring nepal has now confirmed its 1st 2 cases of ami crohn. the health ministry says a foreigner and a person who came into contact with him tested positive for the variant. both have now been kept in isolation. thailand's also identified its 1st case of all micron. the infection was detected in a us citizen who travelled from spain last month. thailand is heavily dependent on tourism and adjust reopened its economy for travel. turkey and katha say they will continue providing a lifeline to the people in afghanistan, the to foreign ministers from those countries met for talks earlier and hope to
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sign a number of deals. and then we discussed how we can coordinate our efforts to lend a helping hand afghans and also how to cooperate about the situation in afghanistan with the international community. we examined the issue of cabal, airport guitar is closely following the developments with the into him government of afghanistan, about the operation of the airport. new turkey guitar have pledged a particular sum of money for relief purposes, enough canister. and we will also provide educational services to africans as well as pay the salaries of africans working in education and health sectors. correspondent jamal l sheil has been following the talks in doha. there are specific areas that people are interested in and that there will be a focus on primarily, obviously from talk. his perspective is the economy with the circus currency has been dipping somewhat years and even stronger term over the past months. which
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value to the dollar using significantly and also, and therefore i can be looking for. i did investments from that, which is one of the strongest investors in the turkish economy, regionally speaking, politically speaking, both countries see i to are you on several issues of gone this time? obviously, that is one of the priorities for both the ha and anchor out there. was a lot of well being talented about the idea that the 2 countries would help facilitate and operate on a long term basis. the main international airport in couple the how much because i airport while snow agreements has been finalized with regards to that, the risk presence from both countries there as well. there was an assist any assistance from both for ministers, saying that the international community must not punish the african people and must start engaging with the interim government to release funds to be able to allow for people to avert any sorts of suffering. the national security advisor from the
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united arab emirates has made a red trip to iran. it's the highest level meeting since relations with downgraded 5 years ago, off the storming of the saudi embassy in tehran. the countries have opposing views on several regional issues, including the war in yemen. but recently they've been hinting at wanting to open a new chapter to overcome their differences and restore economic ties. still ahead here on out just the supporters of the can be unprecedented. celebrating an election victory rejected by the opposition and questions of seismic proportions for government leaders in indonesia, about the latest volcanic eruption. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by cut on airways,
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most of the rain has petered out across bangladesh. hello everyone, let me show you still keeping it toward the northeast of india, but quite a soaking a 4 dock up. but now you have the opportunity to dry off or back into the sunshine your temperature locks in to about 27 degrees. so it's pretty well where he should be for this and the year off to southeast asia. right now we've got a weather maker, adjusted the south of java. this is swirling around some weather for west java into southern sections of sumatra. and we can also trace rain being steered rate in says to the ways these so for all of these spots, we've got to be on the lookout for flooding ticket. the philippines right now in the risk of flooding here is swap for eastern portions into a central philippines. as this solid band of rain now arrives into see bu city. in time, it's all about sunshine for a huge swath of china, high pressure and charged. the stellar stretch of weather continues for grey lane and hong kong. bit more cloud cover. moving. what's the east though? drifting in through the yangtze river valley and also the yellow river valleys.
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young jo as a hive, a love and degrees getting striped with some rain for the eastern side of horseshoe . also for the west in tokyo, it's going to get in on some of this action with the high of 14 degrees on tuesday . that's it. that's all see soon. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always healing the debates. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now . this is not our responsibility. people lock companies responsibly cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all these papers. this dream on al jazeera with
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ah, 1615 gmc, these are you top stories, the police and said on her 5 t aghast. that protested with thousands gathering on the capital to the last last month's decision by the prime minister to sign a deal with the military cartoon has seen protest frequently in the last month. as demands grow for a return to civilian rule. mean mars military chief has reduced the jail sentence, handed to the deposed the uncensored chief from 4 years to speaking to this program, a spokesman for u. n said peaceful democracy was the only future path available to me in india has reported 21 cases of the army, kron very, and some doctors calling for stricter vaccination measures. new daily's health minister is urging everyone to get fully vaccinated when asked and to maintain social distancing. the can be in president obama barrow has been declared the
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winner of saturday's election in what he and his supporters are celebrating as a landslide. but as i committed risk reports now from the capital ban, jewel, 3 opposition candidates are rejecting the result. after closely fort election, i them, a battle has been reelected as the gambia supposed lived defeated 5 other candidates win a 2nd 5 year term. and i think received 457519 votes in the election. the chairman of the independent electoral commission, alumni declares mister adams, barrow is duly elected to suit as president of the republic of the gambia. ah, when do a constituency you so convincingly won this election, erupted into the parish. i,
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boss canyon is victory. battle address supporters of the independent square. i, with a look good on utilize one of my disposal. a please. oh, you did with the margin of bottles with election was dice. and if this is the bottles hold? well now divided not only because of this collection but also. yeah, john, isn't it? we borrows opponents of refuse to accept the result. we are concerned that there has been an inordinate delay in the announcement of results to the
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number of isas have been raised by again and representative. i deployed in stations a sent us an easy headquarters. as a result, the representatives of the aforementioned candidate at the i is he headquarters refused to endorse some of the results. independent observer say the vote was largely free and fair countries election commission has also defended the election process as credible and prayer. it is within doubt, lights are to confirm all to confirm to sign on all the design, despite them being present and in develop but of the review process. rival candidates have 10 days to challenge barrels, victory, and seems certain of the flight. all our move to the court. how many degrees al jazeera, by june, the gambia, the russian president has arrived in india,
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has tensions rise with western countries about the crisis in ukraine that'd be put in new delhi for a day of talks. top of the agenda is likely to be the delivery of the russian made s $400.00 missile defense system. the russian and indian foreign ministers held a meeting ahead of the summit. sag elaborate, criticized the u. s. for undermining defense cooperation between russia and india. were you witness of those on the back of united states to undermine this corporation? and through making g a, b, that miracle, notice the form of their miracle vision of how this region should be should be developed. and though in france really firmly explained that the southern culture then they will decide on who's weapons to buy and who is going to be a partner of india in this. and other areas pakistan has repatriated,
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the body of israel, ankin factory manager who was killed by a group of workers who accused him of blasphemy. the prime minister emron. com. since more than 100 people have been arrested. come, i'll hide as morn out from islam about the body of the longer to manage. brians or camara was handed over to fishers of the high commissioner from red body was blown on our special flight to colombo. it should also be noted that the countries in formation minute leasing to read. they struggle with the incident. i would like to convey condolences the people of the land guard and the government on behalf of the people of august and the government funded fund. we handle their heads in shame, whatever happened in sancho because as catastrophic and obviously it's something that we on shared the grief, the prime minister in ron khan had received a copy of the inquiry as guard a cabinet meeting. and of course that they're short have long been counterparts
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that do legal action will be taken the delegation ridge renter, the long deny commission from the ruling party. also in short, they get along going high commissioner. that will be exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of this genus crime focused on has seen a wave of inter games or controversial lot. and their country need to do board in order to standardize extreme, read them off guard criticism from the opposition bar. dude. and i'll just go good that the government at friedman policy is not working and that the targeted and the government might come down with an iron eye. so sites have launched the tax on multiple villages in northern iraq, burning down houses and doing for members of the kurdish pash mugger forces. the villages surround the city of kit cook. i so briefly claimed to have captured one
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before it was taken back by the past. murder. iraq declared victory over iceland 2017, but its fighters have continued to launch. sporadic attacks must put up there. why has morn out from back that there is a lot of factors that have given the opportunity for isolate, to regroup and research, and those disputed areas on top of them. security vacuum as you know, this is a big area at large areas, extending over about 650 kilometers in length from 100000 talent on the iranian border until the city and a border with the iraq. and in some areas, it extends on about 40 kilometers depth. now these disputed areas, in many parts of them did it. there is no military prisons, neither by the america or the centralized security forces belonging to but does a government. and there have been also infiltration of ice from ice members coming through the borders from syria. and there are that have been sleeper cells in areas
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and also got a cook north of a bill of solar dina and south of yellow provinces. according to reports by the both the bush mom and dad security forces now isis members have been taken advantage of the, of the geographic nature of the area valley's mountains, uneven lanes and roads there. they have been regrouping and even a training whole. conducting training in areas and also to evade surveillance and operations by the iraqi army. now as we speak, there have been that have been sweep operations conducted by both fish market and centralized security forces near the laban village that was attacked by iso last night. now the prime minister of the solomon islands has survived ain't no confidence vote in the parliament that follows last week's riots when crowds burnt
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than dozens of buildings and lucy, shops in the capital, honey arrow. at least 3 people were killed in the unrest spot by long simmering regional rivalries, economic problems and accusations of chinese influence over the government troops from australia, new zealand, and other neighboring countries of now been deployed there. the german chancellor designates, all of schultz says, fulfilled an election campaign promised by appointing a gender balanced cabinet. schultz, who's a self declared feminist, appointed 8 female ministers and 8 male ministers, including nancy, pfizer, who, who's becoming germany's top security official faces appointment marks the 1st time a woman has held that role of interior minister schultz is expected to assume office on wednesday. the death toll from indonesia, his volcanic eruption has risen to 15, was dozens more badly injured and many still unaccounted for. more reigns expected in the coming days. are mac, tampa rescue efforts. gillian wolf has the story,
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ah, scouring through the rubble ploughing through volcanic, the bree that has now begun to harden the hope that these rescue workers might find survivors is diminishing by the hour. even for the lifeless bodies recover beneath the rubble, a sense of relief among emergency crews and deliver to me. thank god, we found the bodies of these victims and retrieved them. answers for loved ones in this moment are better than news. those who survived are still coming to terms with their ordeal. ha, it at 1st i thought it was a bomb explosion, and all of the sudden it was scenario erupting and spooling volcanic ashes. suddenly it was all dark like it was going to destroy the earth. of my children were scattered around. my husband was not found, and i was waiting for him. and then we fled to the evacuation camp. job as large as
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volcano unleashed a thunderous plume of ash high into the sky on saturday, raining down on thousands of panic, people below and swallowing up entire communities in its path. mounts the mirrors, spewed more ash on monday, forcing rescue teams to retreat in their search for survivors. waterways around the volcano, polluted with ash, now appearing as streams of dark sludge and with more rain on the forecast, there's a chance a new river of hot lava could spew further affecting rescue operations. images from above show the scale of the devastation down below. desperate people salvaging all they can from their wrecked homes. indonesian tardies have advised locals not to travel within range of some mirrors. crater. many of the survivors in hospital have severe, burns, some with up to 80 percent of their bodies burned. most people are complaining
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about having difficulty breathing and feeling dizzy. some of them have medical histories like hypertension, with not enough space to shoot the injured families pack, makeshift shelters, as they wait to hear from relative. while at the volcanoes, observatory, officials are searching for any sign of new activity and sending out warnings as far as guzman as having mercy. the status of manchester sheryl is still at level 2, which means that at this level the people need to be more vigilant because the potential threat is still there when the government was by then. what many people still wonder why they weren't warned early enough? the for saturday is devastation. join wolf out as 0. now to kingston, where a growing energy crisis is pushing the country to increasingly rely on coal. as an bas robbie reports now from bish heck, that's hindering the government's response to pollution. from
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a vantage point overlooking biscuit, it's easy to see why cur gustavo capital is routinely ranked as the most polluted city in the world. air quality can be so poor. buildings don't disappear into the horizon, they disappear into a cloud of smoke chimney stacks at an aging power plant. the main culprits dystopian giants dominating the skyline over a modernizing city. all year round pumping smoke into the air and industrial waste into a nearby landfill. the carbon footprint of the city's combined heat and power plant is enormous. but it's still not enough. near the power plant, people are forced to burn cold to heat their homes in winter. you get to go all the way with we don't use much electricity. we fire the pit and because we light fires and others do the same, the air goes bad. if you wake up in the morning, everything is black around there. sing on tv every day, to save electricity, use less and get other light bulbs. we don't use electricity,
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so if we're not going to burn coal, what are we meant to do? it burns dirty and all over the world, there are calls to reduce its use. but in kurdistan, coal is king cheap, available, and essential to the power grid. built by the soviets, this coal burning power plant has been the main source of generating heat and electricity. ferguson's capital, bish tech, since the 1960 the countries power infrastructure as almost entirely soviet era with little to no investment in clean energy. this facility was abandoned after the fall of the ussr and never came online. the current government plans to open it after retrofitting for natural gas, but the plan too expensive, is now on hold. and as long as coal remains a quicker fix, the possibility of more pollution hangs in the air exit contact them by if they would stop burning of coal. and if the power plant was also working,
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it would be good pollution as harmful for kids. on the other hand, it would be good if the power plant was working while it's not working yet i am not afraid, but me be in the future. i will have the demand for more power will mean burning record amounts of coal and coming years. more air pollution, almost inevitable, leaving residents with little choice, but to write it out. stainless ravi ultra 0 whiskey. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. the police ensued on have 5 tea. aghast. that protested with thousands gathering in the capital to denounce last month's decision by the prime minister to sign a deal with the military cartoon has seen protest frequently in the last month. as demons grew for a return to civilian rule. hipaa morgan has more from cotton. while the main reason i protest as are out on the streets yet again is the fact that prime minister.


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