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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome, i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. ethiopian government forces re captured to strategic terms from to grow and rebels. thousands of protests as incident, once again demanding the military step back from politics. me and mars military chief 1st reduced the sentence of the deposed liter. uncensored. she just hours
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after handing her a 4 year term also head, kyrgyzstan die. lemme a choice between dirty coal for much require energy or clean air for good health. and i'm far as well with a sports news lie from our fee for aero cap studio. as a group stage of the tournament reaches its conclusion to meet blue one melon crush top group b, but the m r audi is also qualified to set up a quarter final with house in canton. ah, we begin this news. i with breaking news from the conflict in ethiopia, where a t p a left fighters appeared to be on the back foot in the emperor and afar regions. government troops of recorded several victories in recent weeks after the prime minister. i'll be asked med,
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went to the front line to lead the army government troops now saying they've re taken control of the strategic tons of dessie and comm bolger. from to grind rebels, the fighters had captured the towns in the region of horror in the past 2 months. let's get mart implodes thoughts on this story. he is a horn of africa analyst, a senior research fellow at the university of london. he joins us on skype from the mountain plot. welcome back to the news. how significant is it that they've retaken these 2 pounds? oh, it's very significant. i mean, the, the, to grant have been pushed a long way back. i mean, they have really been pushed back through towns and villages that they fought extremely hard to take and they must have lost many lives in order to capture them . but one thing is important to realize is that they withdrew. they were not forced out, they withdrew with their troops and much of their equipment. and this means that
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they possibly can continue fighting in another location. now i have no idea where that might be, since they switched it a lot and lot, lot of blood to get these tongue. but clearly they have no goal. does that mean that they might be planning on some sort of regrouping over the coming weeks and months? that's exactly what they saying. they say this was a strategic withdrawal, rather than being defeated on the battle field. now whether that is true or not, i'm not in a position to say, and one of the great problems with this war is that there are no independent journalists to log into too great to report on what is going on. neither al jazeera, know the b b, c. reuters, anybody else is allowed to go to the front lines. so we will have to rely on outside on reports by the competence. there were areas of speculation, i guess martin what 2 months ago now up until 4 weeks ago, people were saying,
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well, the to grow rebels might even have the audacity to sort of stage of march on the capital on as a stop at is out of an hour is safe and secure at the moment. yes, that is certainly what it looks like. they have withdrawn a long way. this is a very substantial change in the situation. and i think the reason is quite simple . it looked as if the ethiopian army was going to be able to attack them from the flank from the east, and this would have cut their forces in half, and therefore they were left with really few options, but to withdraw. now what they will do from now, i don't know, i mean the grant is still a long way in outside of to grade proper. they in parts of horror and the, i'm our region. so what are they going to do? i don't know, and they're not making their views known. i mean, the other thing that really change things was the drones which were flown in by the you a from turkey,
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from china. and that seems to play the major role in this victory by the military. but the central issues that have led to this conflict, those issues have not gone away have in no way, i mean the both sides are really still fighting to the end. i mean, the other thing that's happened today, there's been a, a major initiative by the international community having 67 countries from australia, canada, denmark, netherlands, united kingdom, the united states of all, appealed to the participants in the war to sit down and negotiate. i don't see that happening. i mean, everyone has far too much to lose by sitting down negotiating. but maybe i'm wrong . maybe there are things going on. you have a president, bassinger of nigeria is the african union mediation. he said that he's made quite a lot of progress. maybe we'll now see it on the table, but i wouldn't hold press ok, we'll leave it there most and many thanks martin play good. talk to again martin martin plot. they're from university of london. some developing news coming to us
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out of the gambia, where supporters of opposition candidates, the 3 of them who are rejecting the results of sunday's election. president adam about it was clear that when he 153 percent of the vote beating his main rival was saying double interest is life for us in ban. joel asked me to just get us up to speed. what's happening the the, well basically there was a term it's just some 30 minutes ago when from know why some, what do you through cast stone? i security forces. remember this way down there, some hundreds of meters down. this is the residence of the main opposition. me that was sandy, double the candidate presidential candidate of the not to democratic party who last election but rejected in a press conference yesterday. so although he come to supporters yesterday asking them not to take the law into their speech,
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got out of control this evening when i was just trying to who responded my father goes only for justice. you know, we also understand, i understand that from a restaurant also, challenge by the security forces before the situation come down, they are deployed security was deployed behind the camera in some way from the position leader dictated the the road trust be coming this way. it stopped and then talked with different, diverted away from the one of the opposition leader. now what you're going to happen from now until tomorrow that nobody is watching escalate, decided to move action against the support of the u. d. b, y job here in the press not disappoint you talk about the outcome of the
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people, the people who are protesting and demonstrating, i guess, in a sense, that kind of being corralled into that area. and the security apparatus, people are taking a distant step back from the immediate location where you're reporting from right now. but those protesters court, do they want to mean the anger that they clearly feel? where do they think it's going? basically if we turn the camera this way, i'll show you what is exactly happening. basically the meta it's way down there. so the police blocked the road from behind the camera and to the next intersection, what they contained, the support of the bus so that they can not bother. and so afraid of angry about that. they don't believe,
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but the incumbent how to one election. they believe that candidate was to get out of the vote and so they are demanding justice. i'm probably, i recount folk of watching, although, so it didn't say exactly what is going to do if that is still consulting. but we've seen how it's coalition. those 3 candidates and one particular spot and who supported him yesterday during the media expressing some data to the president elect or the entire congratulating him on this. one of them was the independent candidate only been the president did not qualify what just by the election. so make sure that all comes actually to the president election and wished him work, but again, we want to see what will happen when within it takes us 10. we believe less than 10
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days to either go to the court to challenger the victory of the president or to concede defeat altogether. okay, you'll keep us posted, i'm sure. stay close will maybe talk to you later. i committed 1st but reporting live from that protest in angel to sit on the web security forces to fight against that protest in cartoon that denouncing last month's decision by the prime minister to sign a deal with the military. ah, they're accusing abdullah ham dark of betrayal for agreeing to a government dominated by generals protest as also want allies of the former leader of albert. she removed from power and armed groups, disbanded demonstrates as also rallying and several other cities, including casala center and port sudan, general abdel fattah albert hon. as maintained. the military will leave politics after elections, sheffield, for 2023. he but morgan is in cartoon. she says,
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protest is, are particularly angry about the vagueness of the agreement with the army. the main reason why processed as are out on the streets yet again is the fact that prime minister, the lamb looks fine to deal with the military. now they want to see the military returned back to their barracks. one thing that we've heard from protest is here, including on the stand behind me is that they believe that military should remain away from the politics. and that's something that they've been repeatedly reiterating in their demands. they say that the military cannot be trusted to lead to dance, transition to democracy, especially after the military takeover on october 25th. they say they want a civilian government, despite the fact that the general abdel for the album han has promised that prime minister. hm duke will be free to choose his own cabinets made up of technocrats civilians not affiliated to political parties. that hasn't at these the protest as here, many of them say that for them, the fact that prime minister has looked fine to deal with the military is
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a betrayal. and he has given legitimacy to that takeover that happened on october 25th. so they do not recognize all of them and they want a new civilian government that will ensure sedan transition to democracy is complete. up until the point hum, doke, signed that deal with the army. he was a symbol of civilian rule. he has spoken to several media outlets and has held several forums and met with the resistance committees. the committees that have been mobilizing for protest over the past couple of weeks saying that the main reason he signed the deal was to stop the bloodshed. at least 43 people have been killed in protest against the military since the takeover. and more than 200 have been entered. but for protesters, the fact that he signed that dean is not as it is giving legitimacy to that take over and does not regard to for that. i'll for the bit that that's of the protest. as they say, they will be no accountability, especially because the 14 points in the agreement that he signed with the military has been very vague about accountability. only saying that a committee will be set up. it's a trial that was held behind closed doors,
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but the verdict spot outrage world wide me, and mazda posley the uncensored. she was initially given a 4 year prison sentence, but that's now been reduced to 2 years. according to the state media, sushi will remain in an undisclosed location. it's the same location. she's been held that since february. yes, lawrence, louis, whence leader of myanmar, now prisoner of its military government, and leaders of the jupiter on san sushi together without it president, when men found guilty of incitement and breaking corona virus rules, they denied all charges which many believe are trumped up on the ginger says suji has been given do legal process is the 1st verdict of 11 charges. sushi faces including corruption and electoral fraud. conte leader, men online, definitely wants to lock her up because the military who does extremely afraid of the popularity she commands. but i think the,
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the jailing on songs itchy for the rest of the life is not going to stop the resistance. we seeing a huge resistance from young people who refuse to, to stop fighting against this illegal military winter condemnation of the verdict has been swift. a spokesman for group, coordinating opposition to the printer, says the military rulers have betrayed the people of me and not. so it is the least functions, all our holes in our dreams and our vision for them to read the more credit union of all. so this is nothing to do it as, as a rule of law, the un human rights chief, michelle bachelorette, has criticized the conviction as politically motivated describing it as an attempt to remove all opposition. see, she faces verdicts on another case against her as early as next week. she could be sentenced to more than a 100 years in prison,
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found guilty of all charges. florence li, algebra. well, as florence mentioned in that report, the jailing is being widely condemned. the european union at the verdict was politically motivated and a further blatant violation of human rights and me and law, the u. k. called it an appalling attempt to stifle opposition and suppress freedom and democracy. china urged the parties to bridge their differences and continue to advance the hard earned democratic transition. the u. s. called mister cheese conviction, unjust, and a further affronted democracy and justice in me and mar. the ear and human rights chief michelle bachelor, has called the proceedings a sham trial. aurora mon government is the chief of asia pacific for the you and human rights office. he thinks the trials are aimed at removing sushi from the political scene. the courts in myanmar had never really enjoyed independence, even under the previous government,
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but certainly now under military control. this really has been a military run proceeding. it's been held in a small cor, largely and secret on songs and she has had limited access to lawyers. the lawyers of often only received notification of hearing that the last minute. and of course, today already and on very furious charges, vaguely wooded charges at this provision. section 55, the penal code which is really being used actually to arrest and detain many thousands of peaceful protesters since the qu, so taken together really, this is a politically motivated proceeding, designed to remove on some sushi and leadership from the political scene. and this is the unfortunate thing, it's not just about the freedom of a fellow leaders. it's about closing the door to the political dialogue and
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reconciliation that's needed to bring them out of this crisis. what the country needs more than anything is a national dialogue that brings together all of these different including the democratically elected leadership, including the any com groups, including the ranger, including the broad spectrum of civil society that supposed to try and cross some political way forward. go in as the executive director of the burma human rights network. he joined us on skype from london co in welcome to the news. so clearly nobody is fooled by today's sentencing being handed down from the court. but is there a sense in which the military has actually made on on suit, she more of a problem for them than she was before as you see that the, for the military, everyone is a problem because the, the city but the,
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you need to see that the 5 years she has, she had been bull abraded with them. leave the even. you see the internet she, she, she put the all, she took all the bullets from the dimensional community when she took sided with the military on genocide issues. so their relation on regarding minority are non but ma, what is the number of people the very united for example you are you, when emily ration in between the state of nuclear station and, and so that means the kind of people on site all these other you see that will find any government and the military, the united, the, all they new platform on the but the bottom is the one that comes when the believe the field that the general mainland feel that his position is very difficult. because when he retired in the military, he need to be in the president position for lifetime, but that's what the enemy didn't allow them, didn't cannot accept that. so that follow shutting problem between down. so what
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the pc that you need to remove the energy from the, from the, from the power in order to maintain himself to put his interest just just for a 2nd, sir. if i may, i'm slightly surprised that you seem to be saying that the ringer, the muslim ringers, would be uniting with other disparate groups inside me and mom. because let's, let's be clear about this. there was a point before unanswered. she was charged, tried and now found guilty when she was being criticized about 18 months or 2 years ago now for being mute almost on the plate of their anger. that's a different conversation, perhaps for a different time. she has spent 15 years of her life in detention already. she is not a young woman. she is in her late seventy's. the military clearly want to mute her . they want to extract her from the political scene in me and mom,
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and in that sense, they have probably got exactly what they want. so i'm disagree with you because the angle, you know, you want to see is one to separate these 2. but i is not, well, you see that the military for them, they have been collaborating with the military and the enemy government during the 5 years. all you see that the, you are from the military, minorities. what are the, the, the feel about the other thing that people, what did they feel about was yeah, that's true that very long that putting high into the game and the 1000000 domain being well what throwing it more critically elected, govern. that is a key problem here. but the point what the l inside the problem is he the military general, he committed genocide again that to people. and when he is leaving the power, he is not secure. he's not able to secure himself. that is a credit here. so that is the danger. he's feeling that that's a common thing. the heinous crime, the military general, either did not either. he should be behind the ball. he's not in the position you
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ok. you're saying the general li general is not secure in the position that he maintains at the moment the assistance of the woman who understood, understood, understood, but the assistance association for political prisoners loud and clear to day, making the point, the 10600 people had been arrested by this june since february, at least according to that organization. 1303 people have been killed. that is a situation that the military can and is sustaining. that is not the action of a military that is not in charge. that is not in control, and that's the reality. and that's perhaps the main reason why asked the and the countries go so far, but don't go further than their own line in the sand. yes,
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that is, that is the point. what i won't be highly do here, the military is won't be controlled up all well in order to protect the interest. so did well that thought that the more critical i like to go and the commenting continuous need to have a crime. the other one who called me to the general and not the, the new crime against humanity. and that's what the international community said, because they don't have, they don't face any consequence. they don't pay them going to going for the committing genocide. and right now, they're not facing any consequence for the committing crime against humanity. and you see that there are hundreds of thousands of id be there on the can be done many homeless. there are many children that even kill even 70 years old children younger, can be shot dead on, on the left. but the key often the crime, the court committing is a very systematic and the widespread it is continuing happening in, across by my, by the military. so the way the national respond is you see that military control, m o, d number one and guess enterprise,
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which earning millions of dollars to continue why international communities failed to do to sanction that sector. this is the key why what international committee immediately need to take action. okay, that is a money that pocket if you buy the weapon to killer understood kill in many thanks for joining us from london. she'll win that with the burma human rights network loss. morganze tilt cover, who you hear on this news are including questions of seismic proportions for government leaders in indonesia, about the latest volcanic eruption there. and louis hamilton beats max rushed, happen to set up a winner, takes all showdown at the season finale in abu dhabi with the army kron variance of corona virus is now been found in $47.00 countries. south africa is preparing for more hospital admissions. the president, several ram a person is urging everyone to get vaccinated on saturday,
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south africa was reporting more than 16000 new cases, but on monday it confirmed just over 6000 in europe. concerns about rising numbers of cases in the continent has prompted italy and poland to impose tighter restrictions on unvaccinated people. is andrew simmons from london on the situation in the u. k. there will be similar measures from scotland and wales and northern ireland. that's been said that these measures basically re introducing the firm measures which were out earlier. but britain in particular, criticized for being slow with its travel restrictions. it's going slowly because it feels that the booster jap will actually bring it into a safe position than other states because of the faster rollout. but there'll be a p c r, test mandatory within 48 hours of departing on a plane. and on arrival, there has to be a, a negative result from p c r test. within 48 hours, the has to be self isolation. and now nigeria has been added to the list of the
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read list of countries, which people have to go into a quarantine for a whole 10 days in a specified hotel. the government will lay arm that's caused outrage in nigeria. now the government has a straightforward policy. it believes is doing these things as a, as a preventative measure, but it's real weapon against cove. it believes is the bose booster 3rd jap. the question of the additional p. c. r test that people come to this country will take as a precautionary measure and get the right thing to do. but of course, the real resilience that we're building up to any variants, including on the con, he's getting the boosters of the vaccine rolled out. we've got 80 percent of those over 12 now having 2 jobs and we got a 3rd of the country with either a 3rd job or a booster. that's the reason we can go to this come into his christmas as a country with stronger competence. we can enjoy christmas in a way that,
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that unfortunately couldn't last year. yes, the government, they're holding a lot of faith in the booster jab. will that be seen? will it work? people are unsure of. it's, however, it's a clear policy of this government. india is reporting 21 cases of army chrome. some doctors are calling for strict vaccination measures. the capital new dell is health minister, is urging everyone to get fully vaccinated. women tend to maintain social distancing . on behalf of india is 1300000000 people is reported to be fully vaccinated. neighboring, the paul has now confirmed its worth 2 cases of micron, the health ministries, as a foreigner, and a person who came into contact with him, tested positive for the new variant. both on out in isolation, thailand 2 has identified its 1st case of a micron. the infection was detected in a us citizen who travel from spain last month, thailand's heavily dependent on tourism. and it just reopened its economy for travel to people who traveled from south africa to russia. have tested positive for
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army kron. the country has imposed travel restrictions and quarantines for all people returning from south africa and neighboring countries. russia still fighting a major surgeon infections caused by the delta variant and low vaccination rates. some breaking news for you coming to us out of washington. the white house s u. s. government officials will not attend the 2022 winter olympics in beijing. that story developing as we go live now to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit. so they're not punishing the athletes by pulling the plug on them . kimberly, but diplomats that so no, no this is something that has been called for by some members of congress as well of its activist groups and human rights. campaigners who are deeply concerned about the united states attendance at the winter olympics
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in beijing starting in february. and so there has been a call for a full boy caught for some time. but what the white house press secretary jen saki said just moments ago, is that what the united states a site has decided to do instead is to send the athletes only they can participate . and in fact, she says they will have the administration's full support. but in terms of a delegation or government officials attending on behalf of the u. s. government, they will be a no show they will be boycotting that event. so we've got kind of a, a partial boycott here. ah, this is something that the united states is doing because there is a desire to send a clear message about some of the concerns that were identified by joe biden when he spoke recently, to chinese president, she about the concerns of human rights abuses, particularly when it comes to the ethnic group known as wiggers or chinese muslims . so this is the way that the united states is demonstrating its concern with
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regard to this, it will be sending athletes, but no government officials to beijing 2022. now kimberly the other developing story you're tracking for us. let me putin was in india today doing a, a big arms deal. we think selling a missile defense system bought. crucially, he's talking to mr. biden in a video conferencing coal tuesday morning. lots to talk about their yes, so much to talk about in a big focus we understand from a senior administration official is going to be ukraine. now, what the united states is concerned about is recent intelligence reports of indicated that russia has been amassing along the ukranian border, tens of thousands of troops. and the fear being that there will be some sort of invasion. and that, that plan is in the work. so what we know is that on the heels of their meeting back in geneva last year where there were increased communication channels that were opened up,
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there's now going to be this video conference call this going to take place roughly 15, g m t on tuesday. and what we know is that the united states will be conveying a number of messages, namely that it does not see conflict, but it will impose what it calls, meaningful consequences for harmful actions if russia chooses to invade. what does that look like? likely very punishing financial sanctions designed to isolate russia from the global financial system. now, we should point out that the united states is also sending the message that it hopes that in fact there can be a diplomatic resolution to this. so already there is consultation underway between the united states and its european allies. we know as well, but secretary blanket the secretary of state will be speaking with the ukranian president zalinski. then joe biden will be as well in preparation for this discussion that will be taking place on tuesday. between the u. s. president vladimir putin. again,
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the united states being very vague about how it might support nato. militarily, should russia invade ukraine, but at the same time being very.


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