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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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it was supposed to be a refuse, but south, coolly. his brothers home was allegedly the scene of torture, brave and even murder one. 0, one east investigates the crimes and those set to be behind them on al jazeera ah, the u. s. fullers through with it's fright, to diplomatically boycott the beijing winter olympics. a move the china warned would bring from counter measures. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. if you open government forces, take 2 contested towns from to grey and rebels. who say the withdrawal is part of a bigger strategic plan. an international outcry after me on mas ousted civilian leda is sentenced in what the u. s. and others calling
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a sham trial plus oh, the other side of wanting to be prime minister with the solomon islands, prime minister angrily accuses rivals of attempting a qu, after surviving a confidence vote over riots. ah . so i think what it called human rights atrocities and genocide, the united states is announced a diplomatic boycott of china's winter olympics. it means that no american government officials will attend president joe biden said last month that he was considering the boycott, which won't affect us athletes going to bay, jane child has been warning of unspecified countermeasures, adding that the games are not a stage for political posturing. sonya you so? sure. you know? yeah, i mean the winter olympics a held once every 4 years as
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a rare opportunity for athletes. the protectiveness of the beijing winter villain picks will be athletes from various countries. not individual politicians. those politicians who clump a boycott for political self interest just showing off and i can things up, nobody cares whether they come or not. and it will have no influence on placing success in hosting the winter olympics. many are in f response. the international olympic committee said that it respects any government's decision about whether or not to send officials. let's hear from our white house correspondent, kimberly how could, who explain what's behind the by the ministrations decision under pressure from some a human rights activists sand, even members of congress. the biden administration has announced on monday that it is participating in a diplomatic boy caught of the winter olympics set to begin in february. in beijing . the united states saying that it is concerned about china's human rights abuses,
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particularly when it comes to the treatment of chinese muslims, known as wiggers. the u. s. has called the actions of china against this ethnic group, genocide. so the united states sending a very clear message, the white house press secretary confirming that no diplomats or official delegation will be attending the winter olympics. the by new ministration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics. and paralympic games, given the peer scenes, ongoing genocide and crimes against a humanity engine, john and other human rights abuses. the athletes on team usa have our full support, will be behind them 100 percent. as we tear them on from home. we will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. this isn't the 1st time the united states has sent a message or protested government policies of another nation. in fact, back in 1980,
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we saw the full boy cod of the united states athletes not participating in the moscow olympics. michael swain is director of the east asia program at the quincy institute. he joins us now from only in the state of maryland. good to have you with us, michael, a pretentious year act political manipulation, a grave distortion of the spirit of the limpid charter china course. this diplomatic boy called is it all of those things? well, no, i don't think it is. i don't think it's if, if you, if you would address the olympics as being a purely purely sports based competition among countries. and there's no politics that enter into it. then you might be able to justify that kind of a statement. but it obviously is not that kind of a sports event. i mean my preference would be for the viola picks to be taken entirely out of each country and set it up every year at the same exact place. and just get by all of these issues about sponsorship and different nations trying to
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spin the best way possible in their, in their presentation and their host. you know, you lympics. i mean it's, it's infused with these kinds of political message. china has previously said that it will take resolute countermeasures in the event of a boy called what could those entail and does the us really care well, i mean, they couldn't, there's a lot of options united states could take it could. i mean that the chinese could take, they could refuse to send their own athletes to different games. it could take some kind of measures against the world tennis association or against other countries that were involved in this kind of a diplomatic boycott by threatening to not have their athletes participate. but these would be really, some of them, a very extreme measures, which i think would make the situation even worse for the chinese right now they have to think about,
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are there going to be other countries that are also going to join this diplomatic way? do they think that's inevitable or perhaps not? and there were no other countries that join this boycott at the time united states announced that maybe we'll see more. we'll see them coming on now. but so far know, and so there may be a, you know, the chinese may want to make sure that there are, there's not a cascading event, the more diplomatic way, what's in this case. and so i would think that that would argue in favor of greater restraint on their part as opposed to threats or efforts to try to punish people. nonetheless, it provoked a furious verbal response from the chinese, obviously touching a rural nerve. but is it likely to have any impact on chinese government policy and behavior in any positive way? no. i think it will have virtually no or 0 impact on their policies. and she, john and or their policies in hong kong. although i think that the justification for this kind of an action by the united states or, or something somewhat lester,
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than that i would have said, it might have been better for the united states to have sent its china ambassador chinese and a u. s. and that sort of beijing to the, to the event and him not make any statements at the event to just be there. but that's, you know, that's a judgment call. but i think that you know, that they're not, they can't do that now. so there are there walked into a situation where they just have to go through the dable at a really good 20. michael. many. thanks to you for being with us. michael swain that your if your pin government forces have one more battlefield victories against rebels from the northeast to grant people's liberation front or t p l f appears to be retreating in. i'm harder and a far regions which labor to gray, where the rebels based soldiers loyal to private us to abby ahmed, have now taken back the towns of dca and compulsion. the strategically important because they sit on a national highway or a spokesman for the to ground forces confirmed that they withdrawn saying we left
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north shore, can boucher and dca. as part of our plan, there was no organized unit to liberate these towns and the residents know it. and i, b. s. generals know it, things are going according to our plan. william davison is a senior, ethiopia analyst for the international crisis group. he says, despite how the rebels of characterizing the withdrawals, it's clear that on the back foot of the moment the key thing to look for now, i think is what is the ability of the tick forces to maintain positions in the region? i think they would be a very difficult position if they were forced to withdraw back to take right entirely. if the 2 great 4th is able to maintain position, then har region where they beat on this offensive since july. and we will have to see if in the future they able to regain some offensive capacity. they say this is tactical, they say they need some time to reorganize,
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re strategize and recover the other very significant thing here is the intensified drone of the federal government and drones provided by china by 30, by iran, facilitated by the united arab emirates. this is really hits the to grow and supply line and meant that they had to give up on those offensive ambition. and saddam thousands of people have returned to the streets, maintaining protests against october's military takeover at a subsequent deal, but reinstated the prime minister. they say that abdullah hum dog betrayed them by agreeing to a government domination by generals overseers. hippo morgan reports from courtroom . it started with a few 100 people in different parts of the dance capital for tomb. but soon the numbers swelled to 1000 protesters. returning back to the 3 to voice their condemnation of a deal find between the army leader general, add them for the hyper hahn and prime minister of the lamb. 2 o'clock the agreement
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came afterwards. han let a military takeover in october. placing ham built under house arrest for nearly a month. if i get the deal has a lot of things that have begun could be interpreted in favor of arguments or against it. but the problem is it was signed by someone who doesn't have a right to sign it as someone who doesn't deserve it was gonna come look just not represent those on the street. and the military cannot be trusted. that the takeover is how the dissolution of the 2 year transitional government, which was shared by the military and civilian coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change. they represented the protest movement that led to the overthrow of to dance long time president armitage bishop. other regents around the country also came out in protest of the deal, including the state of casela in the east. therefore, in the west and just the estate which neighbors hartwell, i scared monkey to go for her with the army, can't be possible guzman, because they are the ones who come and kill us. they can't be the same ones to come and rule us. so we're coming out against the army chief bear hand and his deputy,
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and with a like a movie that they should not use. they bullets and tear gas on us and our children, let them use it in the army should be in the barracks. if they were wearing civilian clothing, they could have stood with us more like a family from various parts of the city in the community. i am with family, none of you can with across the mild, thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace on monday to voice their anger at the military and the deal. security forces use tear gas to disperse them. since the takeover medical workers there at least 44 people have been killed and nearly 300 injured yet more protests are scheduled for the coming days. many here see the one stop until their demands for
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a full civil and government is met to guarantees to dance transition to democracy. he been morgan, also 0 hutton. the death toll from indonesia as volcanic eruption has risen to 22 with many more injured at offers. still missing the body of a 13 year old boy is one of the latest to be recovered from the ashen mud for the volcanic activity and rain on java has hampered such efforts, crumpled roofs of houses, dot the smouldering landscape. whether update back see on al jazeera, then that he may have polluted describes india as a great power. well, here, what else russia's leader had to say on his visit to new delhi. and south africa as president warms against the risk of what he called health of parties. as he takes aim at the travel plans imposed on his country the ah
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with and away we go with your headlines for the americas. hello, everyone. thanks for joining in that stormy weather is mostly dissipated, much cooler air across the east right now. we're talking low temperatures as the other day, d. c was about 20 now here, 5 degrees on tuesday, but still that thread of stormy weather through the avalon. so st. john's looking to see wind gusts of about 90 kilometers per hour. here off toward the deep south, still some lingering showers, coastal sections of texas, louisiana, stretching into the florida panhandle. though i think tallahassee will escape this with just a cloudy day on tuesday. got some shower siding down the pacific coast here san francisco, los angeles. look to stay dry. think the best bet of seen some showers will be in san diego. central america right now. we got some rain coming out. she had nicaragua, costa rica, panama. same goes through belize and guatemala waldo. nothing major. top end of south america. we do have some downpours to be expected. here is actually along
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that east coast of brazil. rio de janeiro hive. 25 next. sorry. take you to patagonia painted on the colors here. the darker the red, the higher the temperature because watch what happens commodore a riva davy at 31 degrees on tuesday. but by wednesday you're getting up to just a high of 15 degrees. that's it, sir. ah, the frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning, that he was thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think it a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans that inside story on al jazeera
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lou. ah hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. the south the united states has announced the diplomatic boycott of bay james winter olympics, accusing china of genocide. no american government officials will attend the games, but it'll have no impact on athletes. china describes it as a political manipulation. ethiopian government forces one more battlefield victories against rebels from the north. the, to ryan people's liberation. frontal tpl. f appears to be retreating in on hot on the fall regions with a spokesman says that it's according to that plan. and security forces and sued on
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of use tear gas to despise. thousands of protest isn't caught to demonstrate, to say, the prime minister betrayed them by agreeing to a government dominated by military generals. russia's military build up on the border with ukraine will be the top focus of video league talks between vladimir putin and joe biden. on tuesday, the credit describes us russia relations as dia, ahead of that, the russian president's but in india, where several deals were signed, including one for kalashnikov assault rifles on his ear as elizabeth brought him reports from new delhi. this is in the annual summit between the leaders of the 2 countries, but as the 1st time in the 21 years that the summit has been taking place. that the defense and foreign ministers of both countries also met. and what came out of those meetings is a number of defense deals with the most significant one being india, buying $700000000.00 worth of advanced assault rifles from kalashnikov with very
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importantly for india, a technology transfer being part of that agreement with the assault rifles actually being made in the indian state of to put age. now the 2 sides also discussed the delivery of the russian s $400.00 missile defense system. they agreed 3 years ago. it was a $5400000000.00 contract to purchase the system. and india is very much going ahead would that it's received the 1st part of the system, despite warnings from the us, that it could face sanctions for going ahead with the deal. well, this is what the russian foreign minister survey leverage had to say about it. we witness them so the bus will do like the stakes to undermine the school duration or to making g a, b, that miracle norbish to for will there miracle vision of how this region should be? should be a job there though in for him. so leo filled and explained that they are sovereign
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cultural, then they will decide and whose weapons to buy and who is going to be a partner of india in this, on the other areas. while the defense deals were the easy part of the summit, the india, russia relationship has come on to some strain recently. and that is because of india's growing relationship with the us and rushes close relationship with china. these dynamics have loomed large over the india, russia relationship. mamma's aston civilly leader aunt answered, she has been sent and stopped for a trial that was largely held behind closed doors. she was initially handed for years, but that was hard to by the jaunty chief, but didn't temper global outrage. but what's been condemned as a sham foreign st. louis report. once leader of myanmar, now prisoner of its military government, and ladies of the jupiter on san sushi together without did president when found
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guilty of incitement and breaking corona, virus rules, they denied all charges which many believe are trumped up on. the ginger says sushi has been given you legal process is the 1st verdict of 11 charges sushi faces including corruption and electoral fraud. conte leader, men online, definitely wants to lock her up because the military, who does extremely afraid of the popularity she commands. but i think that the, the jailing on songs to cheat for the rest of her life is not going to stop the resistance. we seeing a huge resistance from young people who refuse to, to stop fighting against this illegal military winter condemnation of the verdict has been swift. a spokesman for good coordinating opposition to the printer says the military rulers have betrayed the people of me and not. so it is the least
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crumbson's all our holes and our dreams and our vision fall, then the red democratic, you know, so this is nothing to do it as a rule of law. the un human rights chief, michelle bachelor, has criticized the conviction as politically motivated describing it as an attempt to remove all opposition. c, t face is vedic on another case against her as early as next week. she could be sentenced to more than a 100 years in prison, found guilty of all charges florence li algebra. the european union says the verdict is politically motivated for the further blatant violation of human rights in law. brittany, calls it an appalling attempt to stifle opposition and suppress freedom and democracy. china urges the parties to bridge the differences and continue to advance the hard earned democratic transition. the u. s. calls to cheese conviction
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on just at a further up front to democracy and justice in man or even government is the asia pacific chief for the you and human rights office. he says, there's no doubt of what these trials are about. the court, i have never really enjoyed independence, even under the previous government, but certainly now under military control, this really has been a military run proceeding. it's being held in a small cor, largely and secret on she has had limited access to lawyers. liz of often only received notification of hearing that the last minute. and of course today, and on very furious charges, vaguely wooded charges at this provision. section 5, o 5, be of penal code which is really being used actually to arrest and detain many thousands of peaceful protesters since the 2. so taken together really,
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this is a politically motivated proceeding designed to remove on santucci and leadership . probably to see this is the unfortunate thing. it's not just about the freedom of on to gee and her fellow leaders is about closing the door to the political dialogue and reconciliation that's needed to bring them are out of this crisis. what the country needs more than anything is a national dialogue that brings together all of these different parties, including the democratically elected leadership, including the ethnic armed groups, including the ranger, including this broad spectrum of civil society that supposed to try and cross some political way forward with south africa as president has stepped up, his fierce criticism with the way that countries have reacted to the do omicron
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variant of the corona virus. so rom, oppose are made the remarks during a patient security for him and shinagle saying that governments have also failed to deliver cove at 19 vaccines that they promised to africa from docker nicholas hack report. the fight against the new omicron variant in senegal starts here had a health center in downtown to car. we're doses of the cove in 1000 vaccines are available actually with the can. the, it's not because we have a vaccine that we are immune. we need to keep protective measures and protect those around us. it's not over at a to date peace and security form held into court on monday, south africa as president, cyril roma, posts are accused rich countries of creating health apartheid. i have personally really been disappointed in the approach that the rich countries have taken on the issue of vaccines. firstly, they hoarded vaccines. they ordered war vaccines than their populations required.
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and when we wanted vaccines, they just kept, you know, giving us the crumbs from the table. and the greed that they demonstrated is something that is quite, quite disappointing. indeed, particularly when they say we are our partners. the pandemic overshadowed the 7 piece insecurity form held here which welcomed heads of state intelligence officers and military chiefs. usually discussions and the forum revolves around greater military cooperation between western nations in african countries. but with western countries breaking their promise to supply vaccines in their unwillingness to wave patterns, to allow people here to make their own choices. eroding with some nations, looking at new partnerships, to help the fight against covey in africa,
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china and out. it's sending 1000000000 doses of vaccines on the fight against arm groups in this a whole region. new year's president admitted that al qaeda affiliates are in some places better equipped than the security forces of some countries in west africa following increased attacks. molly, seeking help from the russian mercenaries working for wagner, the private military company. that's way countries like miley, we have decided to go more and more for diversification of our partnerships. we can work with china. we can work for russia. also at the form of delegates from western nations reiterated their good will and intentions, but countries such as south african, senegal, c, that's not good enough. vaccines made in africa for africans is what they want. almost a quarter of a 1000000 africans are reported to have died of the virus so far. the message here is those death where preventable if only victims had access to vaccines. nicholas
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hawk al jazeera de car. the mayor of new york city has announced plans to make covet 19 vaccinations, compulsory for all workers in the private sector. it's the most sweeping corona virus related measure of any state or big us city. bill diblasio also said the children aged between 5 and 11, will soon need at least one vaccine dose to and to restaurants and theaters cases in new york arising, there were concerns over the spread of the omen chrome variant. i described the actions we're taking today as a preemptive strike. get ahead of this problem before it deepens and used the thing that works. vaccination, we can talk about all the other tools and we will. but vaccination is the central weapon in this war against coven. it's a one thing that has worked every single time across the board on a strategic level, it's the reason new york city is back in so many ways. as the reason we can avoid shut downs and restrictions
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a south african crew members suspected of being infected with the army con variant is among the 17 cases of covert 19 found on a u. s. cruise ship. it left new orleans in the last week of november made stops in belize, honduras, and mexico before returning some passengers complained they weren't told of the outbreak while on board. the prime minister of the solomon islands as furiously attacked political rivals, accusing them of attempting a qu, it followed, and no confidence voted. parliament which he survived the vote came 12 days after violent demonstrations of looting in the capitol. hi, ara sir. clark reports now from australia, one of several countries which sent troops to help keep the peace in the solomon islands. we know the people who planned this mrs. bigger man as i saw gavera holds the majority of seats in the solomon islands parliament. but that didn't stop the nation's opposition later. lodging. a motion of no confidence in the prime minister's leadership. a stronger united fair,
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just and prosperous. solomon islands cannot be built on deception, insincerity, paranoia, state, capture and foreign interests. you are in a 90 minute often emotional speech. the prime minister denied all allegations of corruption and lack of accountability losses. he says the motion was made against the backdrop of an illegal attempted cou. i did not allowing myself to succumb to the dictates of hooligans. and lawless order thing to participate in congress intervention forces were on the ground, mrs. figured to help returned normalcy in our country. but his government has been the center of recent civil unrest,
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mainly by the people from the militia. less than 2 weeks ago the capital honey yara was devastated by rice and looting government. buildings were bent to the ground and 3 people died. the chinatown district was the focus of much of the protests with demonstrate his angry about the government's decision to dump diplomatic ties to taiwan in favor of china. that unrest trigger campaign by the opposition to force the prime minister to stand down, which filed. and let's say these a long running tensions between them, a lighting province and the central government, and they're unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. you've got public resentment about proceed corruption and government questions around public financial management. none of these issues will be resolved either by the governments successfully defeating the motion of confidence, or simply by changing lead is the, the complex structural problems the solomon islands. the prime minister may have
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survived this life, but a courtesy remains in place and more than 200 peacekeepers have been deployed across honey yara, to avoid a repeat of the recent dr. sarah clark out here. ah, it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian. said again, here in doha, the headlines on our 0, the united states is announced a diplomatic boycott of b james winter, olympics accusing china of widespread human rights abuses. no american government officials will attend the games, but it'll have no impact on the athletes who are going. speaking before the boycott was confirmed, china's foreign ministry condemned any form of boycott. sonya is hook sure, you know? yeah, i mean the winter olympics are held once every 4 years as a rare opportunity for athletes. the protagonist of the beijing winter olympics will be athletes.


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