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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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doing what was the 1st year that was supposed to get everybody. obviously it's international perspective with the human touch mean way in and then pulling back out again. ah, 11 o'clock and with the headlines here, announces era, and the united states is announced the diplomatic boycott of aging winter olympics, accusing china of genocide in the treatment of wisdom week as american face will still be able to compete in the games. china described move as political manipulation, khatri to you has more on china's reaction. well, not a total surprise from aging. this has been discussed for some weeks now and china's foreign ministry on monday actually addressed the possibility of the u. s. announcing a diplomatic boy called accusing washington of political grandstanding political manipulation. and they said that this move went against the spirit of the games.
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chinese state media equally has released some articles and statements saying that this is an attempt by the us to contain china's rise. this was reflective of a cold war mentality, and this will no doubt escalate the tensions between the 2 countries which have been frosty for some years. so that because president tis again criticize sweeping travel bands and post on his country because of the macro variant. so rather also cues western governments of failing to deliver caving 1900 vaccines that they had promised to the african continent. a growing number of school students in south korea have tested positive for over 19 since returning to class. last month, nearly 1500 students tested positive and so alone last week as more than 30 percent increase from the week before. new york city will soon make a covey 19 vaccinations, compulsory for all workers in the private sector. it is the most sweeping measure of any, any states or large u. s. city cases in new york or rising. there are concerns over the spread of the
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amok from various a leaders of nato allies, united states, u. k. france, germany in italy, have held a joint phone call about ukraine. the statement says they agreed that a united front is needed to confront what's seen as a russian hostility. a build up of russian forces on the border as res, fears of a possible invasion, which the kremlin denies for india, refugees in the united states is suing tech giant matter over allegations it failed to act against 8 speech targeting them. they're asking for a $150000000000.00 in damages. the alleged facebook's algorithm encourage uses to express extremist views. northern 24000 were injured, have been killed in may mar since 2017 hundreds of thousands fed to laboring bang the death. fornia is coming up right after al jazeera while. oh,
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that well i'm lucky i'm sorry about may more. no i'm so from so a lot of well i think it was 11 and the political and the resort political is then the son of a comical hail of cool hail moses model. oh and i see that
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you do come with a home that it has it, but it it is it has to do with a b
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a b a c have up to 40 a sequel now. marsha, i this is funny. any, any cause though, even though the law lucky that shows a lot less authority, less wise. those if any man has upon a journey of the solomon with mcclay, we still have quite a few would fall. darla, isabella, have you been a few women? there's not much of blood in missouri, elliana looks quite
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a few with some with me for the flood and that's after lead the librium of them, but that the over mrs. bottle aziz sure for any here who them? i kind of can we check the flu shot on them? well, just look into them, contact probably daniel individual. and i tried this on move me them. i, we have we have the had, i have been called down. it must be allowed with them. bob name, a level of the level what a lot of us must have with the y lee because you into a half but i will beloved over hello just a silica buick and sheila has come on after she got a new job and possible cost with the long, i'm good to show valuable if it's on the head of the know by sure. just
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mac a look at unlike a job the booth natural mexican. but salvage my had schafer. and this one, a letter, how $101.00 list on multiple out love one another one. when you got to do a lot of hama ah, what, not the mill, but i mean, when i, when i hello hello, but then when i mean it's, you know, nanny bilateral. if you come on monday and be in lots of somebody, i'll be a melbourne. not a flood though it i let mom. good luck have the law.
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god is law bought on any a sophomore, honey. i need a bus gun high. it's up to up what she is a shall leap. boiler company someplace martha, that min huh. alicia phil goodman. i'm would you please at all height law says de leon ali fitly, but i thought i'd live a well as samuel for the bills. i haven't had a lazy a fatal following along with. c a plan. i haven't been living with my mom, i'm home. you can send the message. i am
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with dad. if he had you. if even if he suddenly reduction the symbols with the form, i should be sure a when he in but i needed to we'll look at okay, the eyes of has, i was a kid i have with hello. hello. within the door in the, in the movie has helped him have him on friday. i'm of it. uh huh. i'll tell you much for a whole number of album gifts to plunder from the book. com. i now give t v for keith house aaliyah let in becky model how little of welcome to more that's around that at the publish i have sent anything but anybody that i'm with american muscle can oh
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to with close yet less water. yeah. yeah. so the other stuff, lennox, that i you know, the was the shower sewer, little of about was she in the demo. so if you can little down the laid off on monday enough, i'll be able to cut up a my mother will in nor who are for you, for could i will, i can put a black and little must leave here, they'll either be they thought of talia a math in philosophy, lendozy. and so the guy does you, is that a hi fi of mad you her as for the time that he louder the j u. middle of about believe the feel of god let danny rabo heard the hill, my heart out of the you had the approval for b back if void career love gabby, her the o'clock you if he ignore you g. so i the nurse with all this. he said,
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i only have 5th alarm at the nurse last year. it will law, he lasher, you a hug my mother in law and the throttle body shop us will be hick ah with stuck like a 100 last year with no one will come with daddy. then ian murphy, sure the insurance when he has an all in a mean should it has a medical. yeah, i will go ahead. i had him. will jim have agree with my ahead of south? it is man in the right it dana bradley, marianna, hellena. see if you want
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a for watkins man to put a $30.00. i'm afraid that he wanted to clack. and i'm sure mister kemp fiscal year, we couldn't. we couldn't see it. i wish him luck. when is your initial freddy? that a lot more from the costume sierra then ma'am can, can ship for adolescent jewish within the field. one irish, anybody will know he has a careless meaning the mare feet can even increase. does she do he not even in the interview we barnabees of what an ally only was sitting here with a missouri eagle and along with their can can and had along with me in the and the name of becky had the heading. but what and hannibal as a man,
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is he a fitness? fitness lol adam here with fitness and death to facilities, yet from a for her to like move a have a machine with him with tea and the glimmer is out of he sophia, what are the little ditty the verified, pretty laughable laughter. bannon handed mud, the little man, if i philosophers ready and am a bad enough, lord am and pan our head missing a sudden the phone book fair for i mean alvy for, for to 0. 5 love famine. the hummer. wooden commer, ashlyn, madden fellow community, out of sean for saddle. or my dad is a problem where maneuver yet this had been a colleen, homely, been a doing lamina with the that eat, i'm is, mark has been headed up there any, i'd have to many kilman that away that faster had seen that and said to me, if carina along what that mean mother. after that even and even that meant that i
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said we on this is mrs. lantham. sophia an id number. mm hm. oh my. i need the letter. my 1st wife needs a letter saying that she had sent a 1st need to let the 1st day that i think that i missed it. if you see them and i was supposed to pick it up any still we're showing how to proceed with st. from me and i file okay, now almost. and i said almost me and had gone. we had
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a short open adam, but yeah, looks only ok 1000000 elysa mat in a city, a city police, a mechanic village. donnie said it had to do. i'm sitting, visiting legally fun. i got a meeting. i didn't, i didn't either. you know, i see it. hello. lucky to enough. let me see. oh dear. with a complex i live in flow. would have been had them when something whose
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oh yes i lay low mother to be a no a phenomenal in any of the last 100 it is. and if you know either one of them out or a little star, a clean y a r a b e man
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e u b a r a y one of the a k with a loaner car loan a was a like a yeah, a lot of that was not an interview with linda with as long as he and that hadn't been of us in you know, how you to and t m. and you can kind of certainly one must allow you to sort out and should either it's a full b or a level, and i'm about to leave a mess and they give you a
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bet. and you've been amador, i'm going to say that maybe 10 year old teachers away then i would say how sad i've been to the it is. and you live at the fact that when you need them, he does the answer and nothing can envision you. she and kitty layman this as always dead yet as a way desolate in south florida getting in. so need by what he did. we'll see that i would also that will get you out because otherwise give you another session election and then an end who landominium athena's the central to lose when they even had enrolled happening. i'm stuck with the diamonds. you will stop, can see no, i'm in a nurse, no mouth door, him a consent. he the nurse who has a venus, leather sucking a suggestion, laid label. now my, my fish has,
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i'm the fishing my fish. i'm in the amos m animal a noose with with ash
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with ah thing with
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a with a be a minimum of you
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to do a lot of money. i mean, did i ask when i submitted that? yes just for lisa. see why dental wait a why dental shell? luckily, so when i'm done what i did, i had a linda and we need to come in jazz and shut off with and then yeah, i think that was regina's needs. you must have to up to bassetti edition and william g and the letter quote. and then what he did. yeah. yeah. and then he had that said, but it became a ah ah
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ah, it will not be in miss eliza uniform. i did look into the year, but it's got a sadly missed me with the pin for the new the me a ah,
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the somebody will go ahead and say, oh some little what to be at what he said said he said, oh yes sir. the who met gusty del america, which actual man but ged. but a, if the soviet union that you ladies ah, wish, a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland. i became the 1st woman
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here to speak about human rights or in the french, at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands. nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself all to see the world meets to are of women who become successful away from home. arabs abroad, the activist of the old trooper on all jersey. we understand the differences and similarities have culture across the wound. is that no matter what you call hand out you 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie houses dinner with mostly settled conditions across the middle east. hello everyone. there is one exception. as we
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looked toward the la vance, we've got a storm system swooping in. let me take it toward wednesday, swath of rain, and we're really going to see those winds pick up for bay roof guts to about 70 kilometers per hour. we'll go in for a closer look in his sack, but there is some nice weather to be found. we looked toward pakistan, sunny in the south karachi, 29 degrees bit more cloud cover. the hor right through to his lama, but now it's eastern ned, because this is also plaguing turkey. scenic gathers seem through the use or major set fire hose of rain into on talia. so we'll look to pick up 50 millimeters of rain and look for those winds to gus. it's 65 kilometers per hour. that's on tuesday. now by wednesday, here we go into the levant. this becomes a story for you. and again, the root could see the wind gusts up to 70 kilometers per hour. exceptional heat, central africa put the colors on here. the darker the red, the higher the temperature jew. but 40 bungie 36. you could matcher, december record temperature, which is $36.00 degrees further toward the south. disturbed weather is southern
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angola, southern botswana, northeast of south africa. so we've got storms from bill, a whale rate through to johannesburg, but it's nice in cape town, the high of $23.00. that's it, susan. ah. but the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing with the monday being you perpetuate. there's competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth that the full story remains and contains unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media on a j 0. from the al jazeera london, rural consented to people in thoughtful conversation, lard cannot be erased by the superpower with no host and no
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limitations. what matter the note was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical be for say, part one of the highway and denise is not about wanting to sell or bother the message. studio b unscripted on al jazeera. ah, china denounces the u. s. diplomatic boycott of next to his beijing winter olympics, calling it a pretentious act. ah, hello there, i'm miss darcy. hey, this is al 0 live from doha. also coming up have tension in the gambia capital as an opposition candidate refuses to concede defeat in saturday's presidential election and where we wanted to book.


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