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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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many more still missing the body of a 13 year old boy as one of the latest to be recovered from the ash and mud there. further volcanic activity and rain has hampered such evidence. ah, that this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. several people are reported to have been killed in an explosion in iraq's southern city of basra. many others have also been injured. it's currently unclear what caused the blast and no group has claimed responsibility. china says the u. s. diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing winter olympics could harm relations. american government officials will not attend because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide. china's foreign ministry spokesman says the u. s. will pay a price for that decision. eugene, me wrong. julian, ga, ga. do you us a standing opposed to athletes and sports lovers across the world? china deplores this and rejects this and has large,
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solemn representations and will take resolute counter measures. the u. s. should stop politicizing sports and stop disrupting the beijing winter olympics with words . otherwise, it might harm bilateral dialogue and cooperation in a series of important areas and international regional issues. she works. police and the gambia have fired tear gas to disperse opposition supporters. president adama barrow is declared the winner of saturday's election, 53 percent of the vote. the protesters say who say me double should of one concerns around a new escalation, and ukraine has said to dominate talks between us and russian leaders. later on tuesday, vladimir putin has denied that an invasion is planned, blaming nato, rather for the need to position his military as a buffer against its expansion eastwards. so laugh against president has again, criticized sweeping travel bands imposed on his country because of the army con variant, sir, or i'm opposed, also accused western governments of failing to deliver,
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promised coven 19 vaccines. meanwhile, france is closing night clubs and imposing strict social distancing rules in response to the on the con variant prime minister john cast x says the country is now in its 5th wave of this pandemic. the u. s. justice department has closed an investigation into a 1955 lynching of a black teenager without laying any charges. 14 year old emmett tell was abducted tortured and killed after he was accused of whistling at a white woman. the case was reopened after a but closer. the woman who's now in her eighty's saying that she lied that till grabbed her. well, those are the headlines. rob will have more news after witness india's forbidden love. i'll see you after. ah, ambition, ah, artistry, adventure, short documentary, spry african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. b. me, alan, minium village throttle queens. this is when you get to live for handle
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and the cade africa direct on al jazeera ah hi. ah ah a with
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a, a linda yet. and i believe, you know, did he has it and the political smith's mother flanagan. yeah. yeah, that's it. oh yeah. let them know. i thought that was one in the little book. and then listen. we're them way in guatemala alumni. the good in the list on the got, i'm glad non missile know any i had a movie or not particularly, not obligated to read. see them though. you get rid of that was it didn't double up, announced that lovely night, the video then abad. that little nun afforded me applied to the load available with door not by the could don't around, i get them,
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we're going to go alone. i'll put it in. i would be on the number keep lum approved by newton up. but that was a demon on a burner. lat laval umbrella. operate now a belinda? yeah. that bridge when an f one a wouldn't an event, that sort of thing or no, no wasn't a rep on the board wrangler. madam ugh! and not old colored been one when he gets it on the bed bollywood. and the 11th day dennis is born of brittany brown with added to leave ward. you want to neil wanted glenda much than a year. no widow is the beginning year of a form along the way when i'm on there. i've been here that hour on the am, but he had gotten an imo what dollars id but the loop morgan law the lemme bottom not not i got i was in my the and the god them in the out. i was in the it, the, it out it in the garden. i'm what i say the word is little more abn number might than would yet. now mama been when he had
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a good to do now mighty good one to get in. only good. and then i go to la gala not by the way google years are are now on the one a baby done the lyla doesn't i live in a go in the by that are below made good. i'm go are almost in there like got a girl named yvonne alana, jesse all ah, i'll know you let me mean as when my mom it again, i live in a lame as a clever arthur love fall obama. either galena videos. are you the funny?
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perkins is harvey, really the kind of i am i less actual flaw? taxes for lay them on keyboard learn or the canada. i did come in on the for the 1st time since the need up to the 2nd world war, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria resting, and dmitri morocco for to receive the 2021 prize for their courageous contributions to freedom of expression in the philippines and russia in an exclusive interview live from all slow, we'll talk to this year's laurie. it's about the challenges and dangers of doing their job and significance and protecting democracy. the nobel interview only on
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a j 0 with other can award these things with a kenyan sumani, i fear the backlash ethnic tamales have long been the target of intimidation and persecution. in kenya, almost every woman was a bit. mohammed a down travels through his homeland to reveal how his people and family had been
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subjected to years of brutal discrimination. typically the way we are treated in a country recall our own al jazeera correspondence. ah, this is al jazeera ah, the hello, i'm about this and this is a news our life from dell coming up in the next 60 minutes. a violation of the atlantic spirit china fires back at the u. s. offered, and i'm so diplomatic. boycott of next year as beijing winter games, us president joe biden and russia is let me put in, prepare for


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