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people and family have been subjected to years of brutal discrimination, as is typical of the way we are treated in a country. recall our own al jazeera correspondence. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm all about this, and this is the news, our life from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes, a violation of the olympic spirits. china fires back at the u. s. after the announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing winter games. you as president joe biden and russia is vladimir putin prepare for a virtual summit extensions mount over moscow's troop build up on the ukraine boulder. new rules to limit the spite of the alma khan variance come into effect in
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the u. k. we're going to be alive at london's gatwick airport. end of an iraq after 16 years in power german chancellor, angular market makes way for the next generation of leaders. and on peace, similar to the sports news alive from our fee, foot arab cup studio. host cutter have made it 3. when some 3 will look ahead to tease these games as the group stage reaches its conclusion. ah or post in this me as are breaking news from the southern iraqi city of basra, as several people are being killed or injured in an explosion near a hospital of baghdad corresponded markwood. abdulla head is in doha, at the moment. he's joining us live now at mackwood. what more to be know about what's going on? a rob the information or the security information sell that's affiliated with the
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by the dad. the government has just issued a statement, a saying that for a were killed and for others injured by it. that explosion that was caused by a motorcycle that ex applauded a close to 2 vehicles that have been a video circulating on social media showing, get smug at coming out of the vehicles. we do not know for a certain, as obviate the causes of this explosion, or whether or not it's a premeditated a premeditated attack. but a bustle are generally has been quite for, for up, for a long time. and the government says it has sent forensic and the criminal investigation teams to the, to the place where the explosion happened to a get to know the real causes behind it that explosions. but generally speaking,
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git since 820062007. during the civil and rest in southern iraq, basra has been quite it for a long time, is solidly. iraq generally has been witnessing the only incident related to negligence and mismanagement. but usually a tourist at tax would have happened in the north, in the disputed areas between could this den and the better dead a government. the government says that it will try to get it to know that he of causes of the explosions in the coming a few hours by more. thank you very much. indeed. that's markword abdur was or time is threatening. firm countermeasures against the u. s. officer ordinance to diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics. and beijing, american government officials will not attend the event because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide. we're going to have more on that reaction
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regime in a moment. but 1st, this report from katya lopez, although young political tensions between the us and china now playing out and next year's winter olympics in beijing. u. s. presidential bite and said for weeks he was considering a diplomatic boycott of the games over china's human rights record, particularly what washington says is genocide against weaker muslims in sheen young province. the biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games, given the peer scenes, ongoing, genocide and crimes against a humanity and john and other human rights abuses, the athletes on team usa have our full support will be behind them 100 percent as we tear them on from home. oh, china is accused of detaining more than a 1000000 weaker muslims and other minorities in camps were forced labor and civilization of women are allegedly common beijing denies this. the boycott is
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moving forward. despite recent efforts to stabilize ties, including last month's a video meeting between biden and chinese presidency jim pink, i think what we're seeing now is both united states and china testing the waters and going back and forth on politics and the olympics become a platform or a proxy for engaging in political verbal battle. let's just hope it stays at verbal . we're entering a perilous moment and the olympics are sort of adding up the tension between the 2 countries in ways that are much bigger than the olympics. the us also applauded the woman's tennis association for suspending all tournaments and china over concerns for the safety of chinese ton of star peng. why? with the olympics coming to the u. s. in 2028. there are now questions about how china may respond both in the short and long term katia lopez of the young al jazeera. ok. let's go live to katrina. you in beijing and there's been
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a strong response from china hasn't that's right, rob. so on tuesday afternoon, the ton of foreign ministry spokesperson, johnny jen, accuse the us of ideological bias of having sinister intentions and said that this diplomatic boycott was an act of political manipulation. now he did address concerns over alleged human rights abuses in shin john, and he said that these were fabricated. now clearly the u. s. government disagrees, it says the treatments of the week is in change, instant amounts to genocide. now china's repeatedly dismiss these claims and says that its approach to governance in that province is all about stumping out extremism. there are, however, other countries now considering the orange diplomat, a boy called including the u. k, canada and australia. and this will really look bad for china will be quite embarrassing. it was hoping that these beijing winter games would be all about representing china's progress. it's pow,
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west. it's growing political influence and power and its role as an eastern leader . so if a number of western countries do not attend, it's really going to put a dent in china's credibility, and that is already reeling, as we've just heard, because of some treatments of the tenant style punch. why? now she hasn't been heard a spoken publicly since. she made those allegations of sexual assault against a top official in early november. there have been a lot of expressions of concern about her well being by countries as well as international bodies and beijing response to all of them has been to not politicize sports. let's have a listen to what more johnny jim had to say on this point. the show me if he's will, you know, ga, the us standing opposed to athletes and sports lovers across the world. china deplores this and rejects this and has launched sullen representations and will take resolute countermeasures. the u. s. should stop politicizing sports and stop
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disrupting the beijing winter olympics with words. otherwise, it might harm bilateral dialogue and cooperation in a series of important areas and international regional issues. now when it comes to who is going to be attending the game, when it comes to who is going to be attending games in february? well, not many leaders of actually confirmed so far. we've only had one major consummation from a world leader. and that has been russia's president vladimir putin. katrina, thanks very much indeed. that's katrina you live 1st in beijing. new zealand also says 8 want to be attending china is winter olympics at a diplomatic level, but says that decision mostly has to do with cobra. 19 and travel logistics with the deputy prime minister says there concerns about human rights and still exist and have been raised with the vision. we make very regular statements around views,
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all human rights issues with respect to china and the prime minister's rights. those directly with prison and j, we already know attending diplomatic level is and so it's a hypothetical from app. concerns about a new concept in ukraine said to dominate talks between the us and russian leaders . later on tuesday, president joe biden is promising what his spokesman, called, enduring and meaningful costs. if the build up of russian troops, east of ukraine's border results in an invasion blood, we put in his deny that an invasion is planned, blaming nato, for the need to position his military as a buffer against his expansion, eastwards is likely to demand security guarantees from biden, the white house press secretary says the talks which will take place virtually, i don't know for charity to show us support for ukraine. sovereignty is an opportunity for the president to underscore, of course
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u. s. concerns with russian military activities on the border with ukraine and reform, reaffirm the united states support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the ukraine. it's also an opportunity to discuss a range of topics in the u. s. and russia relationship including strategic stability, cyber and regional issues are, but you can certainly expect that ah d, an our concerns about the military activities on the border. i will be a prominent part of the discussion merger, la cosa goodwin and i am. we would need to discuss the agreements made in geneva and have a brief look at those implemented and ones which require further attention. of course, the bilateral relations will be discussed, which is still in the mental state. katherine league is a senior policy fellow at the european council, and she says, the u. s. com to meet the kremlin demand to keep ukraine from joining nato. i don't think by then when want to expand nato touring his term in office, but clearly not in his plans, but stopping it officially for goods,
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but would require a unanimous decision by all nato allies and actually redrafting some of nato's internal documents. so he cannot clearly deliver on him on, but i'm sure that he will try other means to de escalate the situation because he doesn't need a crisis in your crane. i think put in a serious about seeking control away ukraine, future political choices. and ideally, russia really would like to discuss european political order to carry tilda and ukraine place, which should be outside nato. so i read all but mobilize ation, military mobilization as a whole west to discuss raises, who's actually putting pressure on the west to discuss the issues. but the 1000 wants to discuss because the west clearly has been shunning,
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but the conversation whenever russia has tried to make stars on it. i don't think that's preparation for actual invasion like a coming weeks. but say it doesn't make it any less dangerous because i think rush a quite serious about its ends. so we could still see a military attack, except it would come suddenly, we would not see months of preparation leading update to the motor had in the news are including tension and john b as capital. as the opposition candidate refused to concede, defeat and saturdays presidential election, sport england leave out the most experienced player for the 1st ashes test against israeli. yes. new travel restrictions have come into effect in the new cave. as a result of the new coverage, 19 variance people traveling to the country will need to show
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a negative test results within 48 hours before their flight. you guys already banned flights from several countries in southern africa. nigeria was also added to the country's red list on let's go to under simmons, not his lifers at london's gatwick. airport listening restrictions being seen as tough enough to deal with this. been very intended well, they are tougher than they have been and they're very rigorous compared with some parts of europe. but they do amount to the the only tough thought really of you k restrictions then to the rest of them later. but right now, you're right there is a, has to be testing 2 days before the leaving on any flights and also up to 2 days before coming in on, on an arrival and the release. the controversial issue is the read list
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as it's called. there are in fact now 11 conscious on that read list, the latest nigeria, all the other countries are african and that's quite controversial. nigeria says this amounts to travel apostate. it was in south africa where ami kron, the 1st cases of m. a. cron actually came from a but nevertheless, even antonio get there is the un secretary general says travel bands are ineffective and unfair. so this is a really an issue that's that's gaining ground in terms of controversy. a dominic rob, the deputy prime minister, came under pressure and, or very recently in fact today over the issue of, of the u. k. not being as strict as other european states with restrictions. in fact, they're very light on restrictions. there is a plan be that the government says it will implement if the situation gets more serious, but he says no dominic, rob said no, there will be no plan be he is reserving obviously the situation in terms of whether on the chrome or it is a verdict that it is more dangerous,
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much more dangerous than the delta variance. but right now he's, he's is explicit in saying that the will won't be tougher measures taken before christmas. and i understand that you, huffman says that due to be meeting in brussels later on, one would imagine what the focus of that meeting is going to be. but we do know actually what they're going to be talking about. i've lost of birth and i think we've lost her connection to andrew in at london's gatwick airports. but for now we're going to move on. jamie is marcie angler marco's last day, as chancellor. all of shots is set to replace her on wednesday, bringing the curtain down on her 16 years in office, paves the way for a transformed political landscape with a new coalition government in place. and we're going to speak to dominic came shortly. but 1st, his report 4 times angle immaculate, her party into a general election 4 times. she won that election and using
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a leadership style based firmly in the political center. when the berlin wall fell, chancellor helmut kohl brought her into government where she thrived. and when a scandal engulfed him, she engineered his departure with a ruthlessness which saw her 1st become party leader. and then chancellor in 2005. she was under estimated by her rivals. though i was talked about the way and the means they would come to power bud merkle, follow the logic of party politics. get power key, power, and get your opponents and why was away the in suing e you debt crisis. propel to on to the international stage where her star rose as she helped broke a bailouts for europe's ailing economies and cemented her position as a german leader. the world's presidents and prime ministers wanted to be seen with . but it was her handling of another crisis,
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which would shake people's faith in her when refugees from serious civil war began arriving on europe's doorstep, she opened germany's borders more than a 1000000 came increasing numbers of senior colleagues in her own party, openly disagreed with her policy her poll rating suffered and the far right populace, anti immigrant alternative for germany party thrived. many wondered if michael was becoming a lame duck. but then came the corona virus and as infection and mortality rates rose across europe. so did mcelroy resolve. one of you was pending me, europe's economy is badly shaken. fundamental human rights have had to be temporarily, massively restricted to an extent, unprecedented for our democracies. these are decisions that are among the most difficult and my term as chancellor. her practice some this time, ment, agreeing vast grants to ailing european economies. she was brilliant in managing
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through all the crisis our but again, not in a very visionary way. there's hardly a project i could link to angela magazine. ok. this is where she actually implemented whatever topic were discussing, actually a great idea. so it's much more that she managed to to get through all these crisis, but cove, it was the crisis, she couldn't manage your way through alone. in her last days, as chancellor, the numbers of daily cases had record highs. now she had to give way to the incoming government leaders who vetoed her proposed locked her. and as the new parliament deliberates, she is just a spectator looking on as the man who replaces her, does so having styled himself as a male miracle. on the only king's lifers in berlin, dominic, let's talk about the changing face of politics and in germany. first of all, people are going to be interested to see how different the new political structure
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in germany is going to be compared to the merkel and governments. people have got used to over the past 16 years, angular merkel as it were, the metaphorical hand on the tiller of german government. she's been the constant when other ministers, other parties have been part of her government and then left. she's always been there referred to by some people in the media and indeed by many it's sunk into the mentality of many germans as multi, which means mommy or mother figure in germany. within 24 hours. she's going to be gone less than 24 hours. she's gone replaced by what's called a traffic light coalition. the reads for the social democrats will, they'll be in the chancellor in several key cabinet posts, the yellow for the liberals of free democrats. they take control of the finance ministry and then the greens will obviously that's the environmental policy. they're going to take over many key ministries, including the foreign ministry, and of course the environment ministry. what are they going to do?
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how will they be able to stay together, given that some of the people, some of the, the key people around that cabinet table were campaigning openly against each other, just back in september. lots of changes coming on and that figure of constant c i. e angle, a miracle retreating now to the sidelines. dominating you've been covering a germany and western europe for us during most of the rule of, of, of angular merkel. how would you say that she is regarded internationally compared to house is regarded with in germany? well it's not quite all of or most of her chancellor ship certainly a very large fraction of it. rob, no question. i would say pretty clearly that many people consider her to be the leading states woman states, person in europe. going back now for a very considerable time beyond the 16 years of her chancellor ship, she took control. as you heard in that report there,
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she took control of the kristian democrats, resting it from helmet called another german christian democrat, who was revered by many around europe. and she to a certain extent, has shaped the e you politically, both, perhaps, externally and internally, through her own design, putting her imprimatur as you like her imprint on the decision making processes when she didn't want the you to, to agree to something it didn't. and then suddenly, when other people during the corona virus crisis, for st. germany's go to step up and help bail out our economies. we're going to go to the wall. suddenly she changed tack and approved that really ground breaking for the german chancellor to talk about doing that sort of thing. that's what she did. one thing that stands out about her throughout her tenure as chancellor. she was adept at identifying policies of her opponents. whether in her own party or beyond her party and then gradually taking those policies for herself and then reaping the
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benefit for them. that's something that stands out about her. so all are a clearly world leaders who will look back on her time and, and be glad to have been associated with her for acco bomber. the former president of the united states certainly had a great friendship with her. many here in germany will say that she was very adept ruthless at identifying what she wanted and guessing that w. thank you very much indeed that dominic came talking to us from berlin. listen, the gambia fired tear gas on monday to disperse supporters of a presidential candidate who's refusing to concede defeat the electoral commissions declared incumbent adama bottle. the winner of saturday's pole with 53 percent of the vote on it is, has the latest from banjo. this is the moment opposition support to say, please quietly, i guess as they gathered at the home of acquisition, u. d. p leader who said, you dabble. the tense kind of happened at dublin hall,
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just across the street from the united states embassy in the secondary support. his claim, their candidate was robbed in such a days presidential election and they wound becto incumbent item. a battle, as again been declared precedent. his 1st arm came after the oppressive 22 year rule of form. alida, i jump my barrel to step down, they rigged the election. the results are worse than what was announced during yard jamie's reign. even he didn't defeat the u. d p with this margin. witnesses say this kemesha began after stone was cast at the police with and responded with tear gas and arrest incidents like this have been reported elsewhere. witnesses sake clashes have happened between supporters of the governing party and the main opposition. lana. how can we do this up? why not be happy with that? not that nasal. not wrong, right?
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not on the damn him off of i, that was the vanities that hit alison. i know some of these hopes of gum bias. post election period will be hit free. what dash by these incidents? now even the position of opposition leader will say no double regarding the outcome of this election, suffered a setback on monday, one of the candidates who attended a meeting in his house while the results of the elections were rejected. cold and congratulated preston, adam about election. observers from both the african union and european union found no major problems in the electoral process. or are the candidates like id for some? have already conceded defeat st. gubbins, have spoken. why do we get to will be what it is? not my prerogative to imply that water is their voice? it did that, which is the it is boston accent and decision. the police of issued
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a statement by going to deal with troublemakers. i'm some opposition supporter saying they would back down. it could be attempts to post election period for the gabby. i'm a decrease al jazeera, but june. the gambia protest isn't sedans, say they won't give up demonstrating against october's military takeover. security forces far tear gas to disperse crowds who march near the presidential palace. people are also angry about a deal involving the military leader that reinstated the prime minister. they say abdullah hung dog has betrayed them by agreeing to a government dominated by generals. he belong reports from how to it started with a few 100 people in different parts of the dance capital cartoon. but soon the numbers swelled to 1000. protesters returning back to the street to voice their condemnation of a deal find between the army leader general at them for the hyper hahn and prime minister of the lamb dough class. the agreement came afterwards, hamlet and military takeover in october. placing ham built under house arrest for
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nearly a month, i get the deal has a lot of things such a vague and could be interpreted in favor of all demands or again instinct. but the problem is it was signed by someone who doesn't have a right to sign it as someone who doesn't deserve it was gonna come, took just not represent those on the street. and the military cannot be trusted. that the takeover saw the dissolution of the 2 year transitional government, which was shared by the military and civilian coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change. they were presented the protest movement that led to the overthrow of 2 dance long time. president obama had machine other regents around the country also came out in protest of a deal, including the state of casela in the east, dar 4 in the west and just the estate which neighbors hartwell, i scare monkey, the corner from the army can't be possible government because they are the ones who come and kill us, they can't be the same ones to come and rule us. so we're coming out against the army, chief by hand and his deputy,
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and with america move in there should not use they bullets and tear gas on us and our children. let em use it and rule the army should be in the barracks. if they were wearing civilian clothing, they could have stood with us all across the mile. thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace on monday to voice their anger at the military and the deal . security forces use tear gas to disperse them. since the takeover medical workers there at least 44 people have been killed and nearly 300 injured yet more protests are scheduled for the coming days. many here they, they won't stop until their demands for a full civil and government is mad to guarantee to dance, transition to democracy. heber morgan, alta 0 hutton, still had an ard, is in the united states, is forced to resume a controversial trumpia immigration policy making migrants weight and mexico, while the cases are heard. alone ruled home, one of the world's oldest religious tax returns to iraq. years after was looted and sold illegally and mocking the occasion,
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the brazilian football fans were offered free tattoos to celebrate the t. lee title . ah, hello, thank you for joining in. we've got 2 major weather makers, one in the west, one in the east. we're going to begin in the west right now. this is our 2nd named storm of the seas and storm bearer as its barreling in to ireland and britain toward that southwest corner of ireland. we'll see those winds blast up to a 130 kilometers per hour, and we've got it shield of snow, northern parts of england into scotland, 2 centimeters lower ground, but the higher you go 15 centimeters and a batch of rain as while up to 50 millimeters to be expected. now this atlanta grain also shoving in toward the top end of iberia, is going to have a big impact. so for the northern coast of spain,
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we could see waves about 6 meters high, 40 millimeters over 12 hours, the risk of flooding in those winds howling at 90 kilometers per hour. if we looked toward the balkans, that shield of snow is now pushing into sophia, bulgaria could pick up about $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters and that energy in the central med moving toward the east and the eastern met him. we've got a fire hose of rain here, foreign talia. i think 50 millimeters on top here and those when 75 kilometers per hour when it's weather report in africa right now where it's a beauty of a day and you are. shad had 28 degrees. martina, coming off that when again, syria at the arab cup, now can that's it for me. i'll catch you later. c. as in, ah, december on a jessia, feita host, the fi thought arab cut, a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 world cup. people in power investigates
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the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace, lori, if recognized by safeguarding freedom of expression as a precondition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries too in depth explain his portal. showcase is the best voucher. zero's digital content. as the year draws to a close, we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year, december, on a jesse europe, it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brother's home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder $1.00 0 $1.00 east investigating the crimes and those set to be behind them on al jazeera. ah.


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