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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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the gates, the use and abuse of power across the globe. a well exclusive interview with joints, nobel peace, lori recognized by safeguarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy, and lasting peace from shore. documentaries, too. in depth explain. portal showcase is the best of al jazeera digital content. as the year draws to a close, we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on a jesse europe, it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brother's home was allegedly the scene of torture, brain, and even murder $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates the crimes and those set to be behind them on al jazeera. ah ah
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ah, what you know to 0 reminder, what top stories this home of these 4 people have been killed by an explosion in iraq's southern city of basra. abaz happened near the hospital, several others have been injured. china says the u. s. diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing winter olympics could harm relations. american government officials will not attend because of what they call human rights atrocities and genocide. germany is marking anglo marco's last day, as chancellor of shots is said to replace her on wednesday, bringing the curtain down on her 16 year rain. well, let's get more on this now with matt for trump, he's the author of anglo market. europe's most influential leader and a professor of political science, he joins his life from london. thank you very much indeed for being with us. so how would you categorize, if you like,
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or identify the character of anglo marco's time in office? well, one has characterized her time and offers has been a pragmatic approach. it's been more focused on policy more focused on problem solving and less on point scoring. that's sort of like the image she likes to portray. and it has been said that she's governed by a spreadsheet rather than bio suite. and i think that sort of sums it up. most of the german chances have been known for a particular policy had a call from the unification of germany. henry smith for the nuclear missile deal with the americans and got it from the ream, redesigning the welfare state so called house via market has been known for throughout 16 years and office more for a style of policy. we could of course, mention things like the refugee crisis, which she successfully sold as she promised the debt crisis in greece and
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basically saving the euro and also for stopping russia and that tracks and kicking russia out of the g 8 as it was. then above all, it's been focused on, on pragmatic policy making rather than on, on, on politics. it's been less ideological in some way. she is time germany to the left, which is rather paradoxical, given that she is a, in a middle east, a conservative counsellor corresponded dominant kane, who was talking to earlier, has, has covered much of anglo marco's time and office. he said she was, she became a debt to identifying policies that were being held by her opponents and was able to adapt them to suit her own ends. do you think that that was something that was always within her to do or is that, is that a process? do you think that she grew into i think it's a process. she in some ways grew into when she was running for office in 2005, she was running on a free market flat tax program. she had
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a designated finance minister who was unceremoniously dropped when she had to call to deal with the social democrats. one of her most popular policies in the last 4 years has been the minimum wage, which is all of shelters policy. originally he now takes over tomorrow and she was also able to, to, to follow a number of things through. but it's also interesting that a lot of people see her as a sort of liberal politician. they say, well, germany became more socially liberal during her ryan. it's interesting, ongoing back of all of that actually voted against gay marriage, gave the, the m p 's a vote. was she personally voted against that? so she has maintained a number of quite conservative policies. notwithstanding her more liberal approach in economic given the, the, the domination, the, that she had on the world stage, the certainly the significant presence she had in global politics. how much of that
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do you think was done to circumstance and how much of it was done to her own personality? i think it's always a mixture of both. i think the fact that she came from eastern europe, the fact that she had lived east germany, she didn't knew what it was like to live in a dictatorship. that meant that when we had these or for a terry leak is in russia in china. and so on, indeed, and hungry and poland as well. she knew what she was talking about and she personally felt that she need to stand up to that. and i think having that personal history, that person experience of, of having your phone tapped all the time of having to, to look over your shoulders that she did experience when she was growing up in east germany. i think that experience meant that she had a particular approach and that approach was that she would be cautious at times because she knew that whatever she said, that would be somebody would be listening to it. and secondly, she knew what it was like to live on during the course,
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karen regime and there for she acted accordingly. it's very interesting that a paragraph ball my just a few days after uncle em, after donald trump was elected, constantly flew to germany to plead with angela angela america. to take another time in 2017, she was going to stand down 2016 that he traveled over and he convinced her that she was now the last person standing, the last person representing the, the liberal values of the west. and she took an appetite and i think having been almost like the designated symbol, all of liberal internationalists. and i think she was able to, to fill out those shoes for that period of time when, when that was necessary. really interesting to get your thoughts in this month for we appreciate it. so thank you very much. indeed. a pleasure for people in southern france are missing after an explosion caused an apartment to collapse. for others have been rescued and fire fighters is search to the rubble of refuse story
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building is not yet known. what caused the blast? that authorities in the town of selling some mouth seller was a strong smell of gas. hot out and turkey have signed it several deals to further improve their ties. the cut over music ton and been hummer. diatanni is hosting turkeys, prisoners re ships i of are. the one arrived on monday for a 2 day visit before his journey. adeline said turkey wants to establish good relations with all countries in the gulf region. well, let's bring in jamal shell, who's at that press conference has been held, and do any more. no, any more about the deals that have been signed, jamal were a total of $1111.00 bilateral agreements between turkey and carter were assigned just moments ago in different fields, economic, foreign policy, security, culture, religion, and health and science. this came after the latest round of the strategic dialogue
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because of turkey strategic dialogue. and what that is is basically a, an annual meeting of the top ministers in each country where they gather to see how to advance central relations as well as overcome neutral challenges. and look how to cooperate on specific concerns that they all share or has the strategic started with several countries, including for example, the united states and others as well. but with regards to turkey, it's been a very active one in recent years, both ankara and i think it's i, on many issues as you mentioned that rob beyond those agreements that you know will help to bolster the turkish economy, which has been full so nice in terms of the value of the currency that will help turkey. i thought also expand its interest in strengthening gets its relationship for the strong nato ally. there is a, let's say, a renewed outlook from katara and turkey to try and settle disputes and conflicts
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within the region. turkey wants to warm its relations with saudi arabia, with the united arab emirates and other countries which have been seen as opposed to it. and i thought it has been walk working to that end as well, with the agreement that so the end of the blockade on proper as well as other things in terms of a dentist on for example, both countries working quite closely both practically in terms of things like logistics at the airports as well as other things, but then they're also working on iraq in an, in syria, in libya as well as obviously the ongoing discussions with regards around some nuclear program. so aside from these bilateral agreements, of which i can say a lot of them, there are economic results or consequences to them. politically speaking, the fact that the fines in ankara an ally that is a great extent to synonymous with it's when it comes through some of these regional issues. that's what makes these visits quite significant and quite successful. and
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so far as both the presidents, as well as the amir here, are concerned. tomorrow i'll bring you. so they just from that press conference in the details of those deals. and i'll thank you very much. indeed. if you're open, government forces to say they want to more ground against rebels from the north that a guy in people's liberation front or t p l f appears to be retreating in the hot and far regions. its neighbor today for the rebels, a base soldier's law departments are aubrianna and have now taken back the times with jesse and compulsion there strategically important because they sit on a major national highway, a spokesman for the grand forces confirmed, they have withdrawn and saying we left no show a commotion, and se, as part of our plan, there was no organized units to liberate these times, and the residents know it. and now these generals know it, things are going according to our plan. the rest is just circus. russian president
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vladimir putin has visited new delhi for talks with prime minister in ramadi. several trade and ons deals have been signed. one of those will see india produced more than 600000 soul trifles. elizabeth, put on him, has more from new delhi. this is in the annual summit between the leaders of the 2 countries, but as the 1st time in the 21 years that the summit has been taking place. that the defense and foreign ministers of both countries also met. and what came out of those meetings is a number of defense deals with the most significant one being india, buying $700000000.00 with advanced assault rifles from kalashnikov with very importantly for india, a technology transfer being part of that agreement with the assault rifles actually being made in the indian state of the for the age. now the 2 sides also discussed the delivery of the russian s $400.00 missile defense system. they agreed 3 years ago. it was a $5400000000.00 contract to purchase the system. and india is very much going
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ahead, would that it's received the 1st part of the system, despite warnings from the us, that it could face sanctions for going ahead with the deal. well, this is what the russian foreign minister sig, a leverage had to say about it. we witness them. so the bus will do like the stakes to undermine the school duration or do making g a, b, that miracle norbish to for will there miracle vision of how this region should be should be a job there though injured for us. so leo firmly explained that the southern culture then they will decide and whose weapons to barnum, who is going to be a wagner of india in this, on the other areas. while the defense deals were the easy part of the summit, the india, russia relationship has come on to some strain recently. and that is because of
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india's growing relationship with the us and rushes close relationship with china. these dynamics have loomed large over the indian russia relationship. the justice department's closed an investigation into 1955 lynching of a black teenager without laying any charges for 2 year old and its till was abducted tortured and killed after he was accused of whistling at a wise woman. the case was reopened after a book quoted, the woman who is now in her eighty's saying she lied, but till grabbed her 2 men and confessed to killing or quitted by an all white jewelry. b, u. s. has sent its 1st group of asylum seekers back to mexico after a controversial trump, you know, policy was reinstated, as an in joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program on his 1st day in office . but a lawsuit forced him to put it back into effect. human rights advocates have based safety concerns about those being forced back into mexico. i'm out of salary
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reports desperate for on says these migrants have been waiting for months for their applications to be processed. they're searching for safety and a better life. there's a person that there are people like me, you can go back because we have suffered a lot of violence in our country. we have internal law, and if we go back, we will die. we have decided to wait and see what happens and see what decisions the u. s. government will take us president joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program, cooling it, inhumane, but a court order has forced it to be reinstated. former president donald trump used to the policy then known as the migrant protection protocols to send more than 70000 asylum applicants back to mexico was they were forced to wait for months. human rights groups reported several cases of kidnapping, rape, and torture. but the white house says improvements to the scheme will give asylum seekers legal representation. this program is, hasn't done,
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was it imposed under it has imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts and failed to address the root causes of a regular regular migration. deeply flawed under guidance from mexico. the us who now provide cobra 19 vaccinations and exemptions such as for those with physical and mental health challenges. the 1st migrants are expected to be returned from the state of texas and california. this shelter is preparing for a massive influx of people from oprah. but under, but at the minute we are preparing to increase our capacity at the shelter. we had a capacity of 150. now we want to have a capacity of more than $200000.00 migrants because we believe that they'll be mobilization to woodson. northern border, while there's deep concern about the return of the policy, some remain hopeful. they can still begin a new life with their families. it's really hard to be racing and now
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again with the migrant protection protocols. but i think it is a really good thing because we have the hope to get another opportunity to wait and see if they let us cross into the u. s. and be without families. the mexican government has said it's committed to maintaining the health and safety of asylum seekers as the new program gets under way these migrants are hoping those promises are kept. her marriage, or 320 on the oils been held to mark the 80th anniversary of the japanese attack on the u. s. naval base in pearl harbor. oh, boy, 1941 killed nearly 2400 americans. the u. s. had been neutral in the 2nd world war until that attack, president franklin roosevelt declared a war on japan. the next day. a ceremony is being held at a racks foreign ministry to mark the return of a 3600 year old clay tablet. it was taken from the country at the start of the 1st
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gulf war and then sold illegally in the u. s. in 2014. for more than $1000000.00. the gilgamesh tablet is considered one of the world's oldest religious texts. still, i had on al jazeera, we got this course with thanks rob. yes, we're live from a special era up to date hearing, doug. all, we'll go ahead to the final day of action in the group stage and bring you all the goals as kata make it 3. when some 3 in the competition so far, ah.
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with a full mirror. with
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welcome to algebra or a special coverage of the fee for erica the tournament. doubly up as a major warm up event for the cover woke up next. yeah. how was he to say with plenty of schools needs for youth including reaction to the us announcing a diplomatic boycott of next year's a beijing winter olympics? england leave out jimmy anderson for the 1st ashes test against australia. and we've got action from the n b s. fis curry stones again for the golden state warriors. ah, arab co posts, cancer made it a perfect 3 wins out of 3 in the group stages. i'm heading for gold straw against the rock, but school 3 in the last 10 minutes. it was substitutes almost ali who broke the
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deadlock and 2 minutes later another replacements. i come a faith made it to noon yet another substitute finished the scoring hassan. i'll hate us this time. so we wrong come knocked out. cuts were already through to the quarter finals where they will face the united arab emirates. well, i think it was not easy game for us regoza. we were already qualified on us 1st, but i think all of them they show their, their commitment on that they really want all make the people out of the team. we appreciate all the support that we got today. it's nice to see the stadium support of the housing this racial. it was a good game. what but a for amanda. now. it's gone hours. it's time dory. go out on the thing about the exam. oman with the direct beneficiaries of cutters. when they beat bahrain, 3 know which secured sick and placing group, a head of iraq, oman will play to nicea in the courses. the north africans finished up a boot
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b by beating the u. e one at mil safe. they didn't as edy with the only goal of the game on monday, syria beats in his, in the previous round of missed the chance to join them in knockout. they lost to one to more crania when feeding the women in the 5th minute of added time. so if the united arab emirates to go through in thick and placing to be syria and more retainer both go home, the call to finalize. it will be completed later on tuesday with group c and b to be decided in group phoebe rocco are already through, but saudi arabia, jordan and palestine can also join them in the courses, egypt, and l. j. we have already qualified, so there matches, i need to decide who tops group be. that's good. live sujata guys are all sca who's not too far away at stadium 974 for the jordan versus a palestine game. job is a lot riding on this game with 3 teams going for one called
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a final sport. who needs to do what? yes peter 3 doesn't go into one and that final qualifying spot will be up for grabs in the next few hours, especially at this game here between jordan and palestine at stadium, 97 for now. lots of permutations to go through. so pay close attention and bear with me because it is quite complicated. now if jordan beat palestine, they will automatically qualify. and looking back at jordan's performance is so far, they probably the best place to go through. so they beat saudi arabia one know, in their opening game, but they also last for now. so america in their 2nd game. but anyway, they will go through if they beat palestine. that's pretty straightforward. however, if they draw or lose to palestine than that opens up the door to both saudi arabia and panels had a sign and it leaves the fight of jordan in the hands of the saudi arabia, morocco game, which is also happening at the same time at alpha mama stadium now is saudi arabia,
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beat morocco, and jordan, lose, or draw to powder sign than saudi arabia will go through. but if palestine beat jordan and saudi arabia lose to morocco than palestine, we'll go through this also this very unlikely scenario as well. that perhaps saudi arabia will beat morocco and palestine wheat. jordan, now that would be a huge upset, and then it will go down to go difference. and in that case, saudi arabia have the edge in that respects. but it's pretty complicated, as you can tell, will be following every single move that this, this game behind me takes. but make no mistake. it's going to be complicated from now on because whoever does make it through to the core, to find this group, say we'll have to play egypt or algeria. now, those 2 teens are going to be fighting out for top spot in group d a little bit later. on shaneka raska, thank you very much. appreciate it. as you heard earlier, the south china is threatening food counter measures against the us offer it announced the diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics in beijing. in
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a briefing a short while ago, china's foreign ministry spokesman said the us will pay a price for the decision the us that it won't attend the event because of what it calls, human rights atrocities. and genocide athletes will be able to attend the games. but there will be no official representation to boil off the professor at pacific university, oregon, and an author on the olympics. he says, politics getting involved in the olympics is no surprise. the olympics have been political since they were founded in the 18 ninety's by a plucky french aristocrat named baron peer to cooper time. and they have remained political ever since. after all, in 1936, hitler hosted the olympics in berlin to great political effect for him and his regime. every single olympics has political elements to it. and so when somebody tells you that the olympics are not political, typically they tend to be milking the olympic couch with both hands, meaning they make their living off the field again. and in fact,
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since the united states has making a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics just further proof. in fact, you might think that this could be the death now of that fable that the olympics are not political. ready they are definitely political through through england's record test, we could take a james anderson is going to sit out the 1st ashes test against strain yet the match starts on wednesday at the gathering brisbin, england, se anderson is fit to play. but once a managing worker with 5 tastes coming up in 6 weeks, he said to return for the 2nd day and tasting adelaide, join the base that has been left out of england's 12 men square. but then stokes, if it's a return after taking a break to focus on mental health in the haven't one together since the $98687.00 theories. and if not when the ashes in australia since 2011 jim is not going to play. but he is fit very long series. i want a guy like that to be available to play as much potters in it as possible. so i
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think it's just a bit precautionary. bode well yesterday. ball again today in about a few spells in that couple of days we had as a warm up game. so he is fit. but the guys are just being cautious, but we go into every game wanting to win wanting to play well. but we know to do that again so strongly, hey, you got to be at your best, so nothing much really changes from the way we need to approach the game. but certainly we've, we've got nothing to lose. but that doesn't mean that we accept losing steps. carrie was once again in game winning form for the golden state warriors. he scored 51 points in a big win over the orlando magic curry. you leave will you get 3 points who landed 7 more the time out, including the as a b in the 1st quarter, worries off the western conference with 20 wind from 24. again. we're heading into the final round of group games of european champions league and group b 3 teams. the last chance of joining liverpool in the last 16 is only
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a point separating puerto ac milan and letting madrid puerto take on atlantic. while milan are at home against group winners, liverpool and finally friends of the brazilian football club. but i think i'm in that have been offered free tendencies to celebrate the 1st lead tied, lynn for the use. one of the cub sponsors said they'd give a 1000 fans a tech to, to mark the occasion quite literally. it was long queues to spite the rainy weather . and when they got inside, they could choose from for designs, including a roof, which is the club symbol. and believe trophy. so that's all for now. a reminder of our top sports story cutter have made it 3 wins from 3 at the arab cup to bring you action from tuesday's games later, as the group stage reaches its conclusion. and will be back in a few hours time for another sports update. at 1345, gmc p to save it in our special arab campus today with you on the waterfront in dover, before your company get
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a little bit later on. mix up another news update. here on, out to the ah and a from the al jazeera london broker sent a conversation large cannot be easily erased by, by the superpower with no, and no invitation. what matter do you know was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical with part one and i way and it needs to pull. it's not about wanting to sell a lot of the messaging studio be on smith,
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date on outs is era mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish, with even supplied by tradition noon, where beautiful possibilities are offered. for did ramirez and i'm with enough families. the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused them of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat with neighbors and family members. and they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister by
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the made by the reno, said the on forces were applied to the friends that come through from regular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated ah, an explosion and a rog, southern city of basra, kill several people, and leaves many others injured. ah, hello there, i'm associate, hey, this is al 0 life from durham. also coming up. china accuses the u. s. a violating the olympics spirit after an announce to diplomatic boycott of next year's beijing went to games. german political parties sign a coalition agreement paving the way for the formation of a new government as and.


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