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guy can, ah, a palestinian, the social and political campaigner in iceland, she became the 1st woman he had to speak about human rights or in the press at american dutch business woman who's built a multi 1000000 dollar business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands. nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, all does it a world leads to are of women who become successful away from cold arabs abroad. the activist on the old trooper on all jersey the fog pop is and less than a year. capital will host the middle east 1st. well come in preparation. the country is staging a major and settlement with 16 nations going head to head in thanks purpose bill stadiums. 2022 will keep you across the action. as council prepares for the region's biggest ever sporting events that be for our cup on al jazeera.
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oh, a look about what you know is there needs to hold the reminder of all top stories. the u. k has implemented new travel restrictions and the results of the new code 19 various people traveling that will now need to show a negative test results within 48 hours of the flight. germany is marking anglo michael last day as chancellor showed set to replace on wednesday. bringing cousin down to 16, a new 3 party coalition will fall the next couple minutes and your husband,
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joe biden, and his russian count part like me. holding a video call amid rising tensions. crane. washington says it has evidence moscow putting an invasion which russia denies. well, let's get more on that top story between us and russia relations, joining me now. ly from moscow. dimitri babbitt, she's a political analyst at rossi, savannah, which is a state own news media company. mr. bob, it's always nice to have you on the program and thank you very much for your time now. the russian president continues to say there's nothing to worry about. and this is all hysteria whipped up by the americans in europe. and when will that tone change behind closed doors? because now the 2 presents get to talk face to face. well, i'm sure that he's not playing in an invasion as the west west saying why should russia planet or january to be,
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or if you're the russian army of all of that you bringing huge. so it would be done in a matter of days maybe weeks. but we don't need to plan it for so many months . the 2nd, the 2nd reason why i went back to the bottom would be hugely out in russia. the other problem is that there is a c will. what going on in your brain? and 14 ctf i, mr. babich disobedience. so if that's the felt rush that may have to help in one way or another. now that you bring an army is much stronger. that means you so probably the another to dissuade the regime from knowing that again, we can just started to sample more than that,
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but at the distance not too far from okay. well that's certainly the russian perspective and not everybody might agree with that, but everybody does keep talking about the minsk agreement and i'm hearing it to the agreement. what hasn't been adhered to for russia for them to get so upset right now. well, i really encourage you to read that agreement. bad to be just on the awful rush it is not met. and from that box means agreements. this is the agreement between the ukrainian dolman and i just sold republishing the east. you know that russian speaking region of your brain about that removal of the president, they go into power mr. yano, which was also by a violent in 2014. so the nice agreements are a 1000 diffusion sessions, and the less than the young, fortunately only keeps talking about one point in this agreement,
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which is about the ukrainian border, not coming back to the board that it needs to region from yes as russia. but if you look at the agreement, this is the last, the last one, it will be before you bring a board that comes with that board that your grade is supposed to be a to declare that you give a special status to these areas and special rights for the russian language that you haven't done any of that. okay, so let's, let's talk about some facts here because there's very clear satellite imagery taken by max, our tech about russia's full tank division that's moved into areas around branson and coast close to ukraine's northern border. also the 1st a lead tank guard which normally operates around moscow has been redeployed to board areas near ukraine. so you can understand ukraine's concern and the west
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suspicion for moscow's motive because the 1st tank, the 1st to lead tank guard operates around moscow. what's it doing anyway near the borders of ukraine? well, whenever we talk about satellite imagery and the western intelligence, i unfortunately cannot give it much profit. we involve the weapon. so struction is that hands upside down to say we know the main your story and so, but this is not coming from america. this is not coming from an american intelligence agency is coming independently from max. i'll text pretty well respected, quite independence. so they just offering the images themselves. i mean, you know, we weapons of mass destruction is a debate that can go on forever and it's in history. but certainly right now there was a build up of russian military pass now on the border. why? again, as i tell you for it is in pet him just he cannot do dieting. the private individuals,
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the law of finance, a set of wise intelligence against 40 non. what i can tell you is that even if the russian troops moving there on the russian territory, that is a little more in the sense that for example, going to be, she's in the black sea coming into the russian territory. what the look at the map, what are the black sees and where they're nicest, based on that? so, from that perspective, the russia has the right one, which groups incited. and the ukranian also has the right to move 30 by just me just to remind you that in your brain there was a civil war, the extra ways of which was a 1000 and which unfortunately continues until now that people die the use of your brain. we understand not set, but that was
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a real dilemma right now you can talk about the history. what happened in 2014? it's still ongoing. now we know that with russian back separatist one side and ukraine on the other. but there is the fact that the kremlin has to understand that the moment that the us and its allies are in some shape or for working on a package of economic repercussions may befall moscow. and that's something that moscow doesn't want to fall out of that. you might say or to experience those sanctions, if they all financial and business sanctions, is moscow worried because there is talk that this could be in the same sort of vein, a sanctions that have been imposed on iran? well, no country won't sanction the russians where human beings will also don't like sanctions and all the whole bus situation with your brain and the way of nato expansion that
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this is and i just stand show problem because if your brain becomes an aide from them, but and all the legal basis american and european deployed it'll take some just 3 or 4 minutes to reach multiple ukraine has been in the same state with russia 400 years long before the and the states even the field on the map. so i think that from the better treat moscow can be psychologically, this is the was that can happen. so we are prepared to sustain the sanctions. if this is what is needed to prevent the last the deployment or nato offensive on the i think what you will be talking about that with by them. you the theme? i think the main thing they open the station and i'm pretty sure that what you will
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be frank about it will tell why that most in 1990. we made the confession we ended the full the war. now what happened the boat degree, but it was a made to that with a to just 100 miles away from russia. second, can i understand that? so i think we can kid you. great. if it isn't a country, nato will be 200 miles from or something roughly published, except to say, this time where you're coming from on that to be interesting to see what does come out of this conversation between president biden present patient for the moment. dmitri babich, thanks for joining us from moscow. 3 political parties in germany has signed a coalition agreement paving way for the formation of a new government. leaders of the social democratic party. the green party of re democrats attended the signing ceremony in berlin. the coalition marks and end of the conservative government led by chance. langley, michael, social democrat,
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elect schultz, is set to replace michael who's leaving after 16 years. dominic cane has more from ballin 4 times angle immaculate, her party into a general election. 4 times. she won that election and using a leadership style based firmly in the political center. when the berlin wall fell, chancellor helmut kohl brought her into government where she thrived, and when a scandal engulfed him, she engineered his departure with a ruthlessness which saw her 1st become party leader. and then chancellor in 2005. she was under estimated by her rivals the rivers talked about the way and the means they would come to power bud merkle, follow the logic of party politics, get our key power and get your opponents and wires away. the ensuing e e u debt crisis propelled her on to the international stage where her star rose
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as she helped broke her bailouts for europe's ailing economies and cemented her position as a german leader. the world's presidents and prime ministers wanted to be seen with . but it was her handling of another crisis, which would shake people's faith in her when refugees from serious civil war began arriving on europe's doorstep, she opened germany's borders more than a 1000000 came increasing numbers of senior colleagues in her own party, openly disagreed with her policy her poll rating suffered and the far right populist anti immigrant alternative for germany party thrived many wondered if michael was becoming a lame duck. but then came the corona via and as infection and mortality rates rows across europe. so did miracles resolve? one of the it was fun to me. europe's economy is badly shaken. fundamental human rights have had to be temporarily, massively restricted to an extent, unprecedented for our democracies. these are decisions are among the most difficult
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and my term as chancellor. her pragmatism, this time meant a green, vast grants to ailing european economies. she was brilliant and managing through all the crisis. but again, not in a very visionary way, this hardly a project. i could link to angela america saying ok, this is where she actually implement whatever topic were discussing. actually a great idea. so it's much more that she managed to, to get to all these crisis because it was the crisis she couldn't manage your way through alone. in her last days, as chancellor, the numbers of daily cases had record highs. now she had to give way to the incoming government leaders who vetoed her proposed lockdown. and as the new parliament deliberates, she is just a spectator looking on as the man who replaces her, does so having styled himself as a male medical,
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dominant king al jazeera berlin. now the u. s. a sentence says group of asylum seekers back to mexico after a controversial trump air policy was reinstated, president joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program on his 1st day in office, but a law suit forced him to put it back into effect human rights advocate. so very safety concerns about those being falls back into mexico. mary chandry has more desperate for answers. these migrants have been waiting for months for their applications to be processed. they're searching for safety and a better life. there's a little knacker, there are people like me, you can go back because we've suffered a lot of violence in our country. we haven't journal law. and if we go back, we will die. we have decided to wait and see what happens and see what decisions the u. s. government will take us president joe biden suspended the remain in mexico program, cooling it in humane, but a court order has forced it to be reinstated form the president. donald trump used
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to the policy then known as the migrant protection protocols to send more than 70000 asylum applicants back to mexico was they were forced to wait for months. human rights groups reported several cases of kidnapping, rape, and torture. but the white house says improvements to the scheme will give asylum seek legal representation. this program is hasn't demik was imposed under it has imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts and failed to address the root causes of a regular regular migration. deeply flawed under guidance from mexico. the us who now provide cobit 19 vaccinations and exemptions, such as for those with physical and mental health challenges. the 1st migrants are expected to be returned from the state of texas and california. this shelter is preparing for a massive influx of people from open, but under, but at the,
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near my year we are preparing to increase the capacity of the shelter. we had a capacity of 150. now we want to have a capacity of more than $200000.00 migrants because we believe that they'll be mobilization to woodson, northern border. while there was deep concern about the return of the policy, some remain hopeful. they can still begin a new life with their families. it's really hard to be racing and now again with the migrant protection protocols. but i think it is a really good thing because we have the hope to get another opportunity to wait and see if they let us cross into the u. s. and be without families. the mexican government has said it's committed to maintaining the health and safety of asylum seekers as the new program gets under way these migrants are hoping those promises are kept. her marriage old 3 to 0. after 30 years, one of the world's oldest surviving works of literature has been returned to a rog before clay artifact known as the google mesh dream tablet was stolen during
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the 1st gulf. full mohammed vow has no it's known as the good ganesh, dream tablets, an artifact made of play with an engraved fragment of the epic of ganesh. one of the world's oldest, no religious texts. it was stolen from an iraqi museum in 1991 and sent to the united states. now it's back along with the world's attention. in a ceremony, us embassy officials in bagdad handed the precious reading. your note gilgamesh tablet is a clay tablet, dating back more than 3500 years. it has marian engravings on it. our embassy in washington received it from the holy bible museum. the text on this tablet is 1000 years older than whom s poems and tells the story of a legendary hero named ganesh who is said to have ruled miss upper tamia from 2000 . yes. before the christian era, he was elevated in subsequent sumeria, mythology as a god. in 1991. during the 1st gulf war,
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9 of iraq's regional museums was looted up to 4000 items were stolen or destroyed, including some that were thousands of years old, like the gamut tablet. it was bought by a us based christian arts and crafts retailer in 2014 for display in his museum of biblical artifacts. it was later seized by the u. s. department of justice. according to the u. s. cultural agency unit score, it entered the u. s. in 2007. iraqi authorities say they're happy to have it back. now. i've been lower. this tablet is laden with deep symbolism in 2 respects. its own intrinsic value and then and what it means to retrieve it, with all the efforts that have been deployed by the government in this regard. it's a message to all lawyers who smuggled out artifacts and oxen them. they should know that will end up retrieving what they had stolen the rockies may appreciate the u.
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s. initiative to help return their last artifacts. but they also say america's invasion of iraq in 19912003, led to the biggest disasters for their nations. and she tetra, an estimated $15000.00 artifacts were looted from the baghdad museum and smuggled out of the country. iraqis save us bears full responsibility for what happened and needs to do more to help them retrieve what they lost, hammered one or does. yeah. well, still had on over there. we've got all of this port with follow. yes, plenty to get through after the break included a huge sport finished. it launched and hog fan hoping to be a future champion or having to live from our fee for our cap studio in doubt. ah ah
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ah ah. with mm pool lou.
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ah, for frank, for your company on al jazeera, you're watching our special coverage. other people are here. hello. i'm far as small. there's only one more quarter finals spot up for grabs of the arab. more on that in a moment. also coming up action from the is steph curry edge is closer to the old time record for 3 pointers. and england leave out their greatest pool. are jimmy anderson for the 1st anxious task against australia? ah well, jordan are on track to book a spot in the quarter finals of the arab cup. they opened the scoring against palestine on the back of
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a penalty and stages. and lead was doubled midway through the 1st half of jordan when they qualify, regardless of the other result in the group. they currently lead to one add half time. saudi arabia also have a chance of reaching knockout stage, but they need to be route leaders, morocco, and hope. jordan doesn't record a victory, doesn't look good for the saudis. they trail one know. and later on tuesday night, egypt and algeria already qualified for the quarter finals, their match will decide who tops that group d. we're heading into the fall around a group games in the european champions league and group b. 3 teams still have a chance of joining liverpool and the last 6 team. there's only a point separating porto ac molina at medical madrid, or don't take on at medical while melon are at home against group winners. liverpool and the on the 8th staff curry is now only 153 points away from breaking the all time record for most shots may be on the arc. currying was in game winning
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form against your lando magic. the golden state warriors guards for 31 point, the warriors or top of the western conference, the 20 winds from 24 games. curry is on track to suppress re allen as the m. b 's all time leader for most 3 corners in the regular season. england's record test, wicked taker, james anderson is going to sit out the 1st ashes test against australia. the match starts on wednesday at the gavin brisbin, england, se anderson is fit to play, but they want to manage his workload with 5 tests coming up in 6 weeks. he said to return to the 2nd day night has been adelaide johnny there, so it's all been left out of england, 12 men squad, but ben stokes and said to return after taking a break to focus on his mental health. england haven't one in brisbin since 1986 and not one. the ashes and australia since 2011. jimmy is not going to play but is fit very long series. when a guy like that to be available to play as much pot as it is as possible. so i
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think it's just a bit precautionary bode well yesterday. ball again today, and she bought a few spells in that the couple of days we had as a warm up game. so he is fit. but the guys are just being cautious, but we go into every game wanting to win wanting to play well. but we know to do that against australia, you've got to be at your best. so nothing much really changes from the way we need to approach the game. but i certainly, we've got nothing to lose, but it doesn't mean that we accept losing. i think it's a shame that it might be out there tomorrow. he's 39 years old. played one of the lading which takes every test crew get so anytime that he walked into is no time worth watching. but yeah, in terms of the context of the series, will concentrate on what we do. well. not a huge factor for now, and we've had a probably about 4 or 5 really good send a week. it's whilst we've been up here in queens and the last few weeks and just
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feeling a really good place. yeah. all or the quick, the balling really well. good enough. i was under our belt, but feel really freshman. no negroes or anything heading to the 1st s. former pakistan, cricket captain and now prime minister and rank heil. as launch of the country's largest ever sports drive, the aim is to encourage young people to compete and one of 12 sports at the highest level, vittorio, gate and be reports. pakistan is known for its love of cricket, but these students in the capital islamabad, aunt heading to a match. instead, they're making their way to gina stadium to watch one of pakistan's most famous former cricketers. launch a $22000000.00 sports initiative aimed at young people. prime minister imran con hopes it will inspire the next generation of sport stars, august long, winter pakistan as a country with 70 percent of the people below the age of 31,
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we're aiming for pakistan to participate in all international sports was talent hunt will help us find the very best people. the 1st phase of the project is a series of competitions to be held across pakistan. they'll be open to girls and boys who compete in one of 12 sports, including football, hockey, squash, and skiing. we are playing football game and this is a great opportunity for him and i will especially thank him because he didn't give 100 opportunity for us to anyone. age 11 to 25 can compete. it's estimated around 1000000 young people will take part in the selection process . students like presented or excited about the initiative of our diploma. i do karate and there aren't many opportunities available. gern to international events or the olympics is only a dream, but i'm confident this sports drive will create opportunities for us. the prime
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minister acknowledges that pakistan musty more to develop its sports facilities and programs for this initiative to succeed. he says, new zealand, a country of 5000000 people is most school grounds in pakistan, a country of 220000000. but he says the government is committed to funding the sports facilities and training talent needed to help students like these reach their potential. victoria gay to be al jazeera. okay, that is all for now, i'll be back at 18. 45, jan. t with another sports updates, including war highlights from today's early games at the era. stay with us on al jazeera after the break, and gone. another news updates, thanks for watching. ah
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a, a with
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blue ambition, artistry adventure, short documentary, spry african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. b. me, alan, minium village, throttle queens. this isn't really good to let her hair down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. ah, mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes, a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish, with even supplied by tradition and where beautiful possibilities are offered.
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ah rushes vladimir putin and u. s. president joe biden hold a virtual summit as tension spilled over ukraine. ah, hello of albany, what jobs they were like? my headquarters here in the hall also coming up and explosion in iraq, southern city of basra, kills at least 4 people. a governor calls it a terrorist attack. the rules to limit the spread of the alma called barron come into effect in the u. k. will be live at london's gatwick airport.


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