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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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play a lebanon in palestine, we'll talk more about that coming up. but elsewhere, fine and dry conditions can be found. same goes for pakistan, both for the south and the north. i karachi coming in at a high of 30 degrees, located now to that active weather in turkey, really through the eastern med as it slams into lebanon and palestine. lebanon's going to be blasted with wind gusts, sun wednesday, up to 70 kilometers per hour. we could power up some thunderstorms on thursday, friday, her temperature at 19, which is where it should be. temperature is above average for central africa, pretty close. a record breaking a job. 39 bungie 35. your december record temperature is 36 degrees. so pretty close, we'll see if we can nudge our pen the days to come. got sun wet, 10, stormy weather. it's where the northeast of south africa, this se botswana, pretty much the zone stretches from bill a whale rate to johannesburg. so we'll show you the 3 day forecast for bill, a whale, the risk of some sundry downpours over the next few days and breezy conditions as well, but your temperature at 31 degrees that's above average. okay,
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that's your weather update. i'll catch up with you soon. ah, for the 1st time since the lead up to the 2nd world war, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria resi, and dmitri morocco for to receive the 2021 prize for their courageous contributions to freedom of expression in the philippines and russia in an exclusive interview live from also, we'll talk to this is lori. it's about the challenges and dangers of doing their job and the significance and protecting democracy. the nobel interview only on a just either cutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. news wanted carto needed an open and development international shipping company to become a p middle eastern trade and money skillful in 3 key areas
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of development, filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting future. ronnie, carto cutters, gateway to whoa trade. oh, i look back, you won't see me out there. a news with me. so robin in doha reminder of our top new stories, the u. k. has implemented new travel restrictions as a result of the new code, 900 varian people traveling. but i will now need to show a negative test results within 48 hours of the flight. the whole people have been killed by an explosion in iraq southern city of basra. the last happened may i help
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settle several other people have been injured. and us president joe biden and russian count may future, have been holding a video call them and rising pensions. i refrain. washington says it has evidence of moscow as having an invasion, which russia denies. mark has mikulski is a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic councils, eurasia center. jones gonna lie via skype from washington. d. c. could have you with us on the program. so we know the meeting has now finished and the president biden and brought to me, pizza, most probably briefing the allies, but beyond strong words and sanctions. what more do you think president biden can do? you know, i think the administration essentially is being fundamentally challenged by president prudent is clearly the escalation regarding almost 100000 forces on ukraine order. ready is being done to extract concessions from ukraine and the united states. i think president buying has done a very good job in laying out the risks and the costs associated with that
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escalation. and i think also the president has message that if russia chooses to go down this path, that actually the u. s. footprint and potential support to ukraine and allies surrounding russia will actually increase, which will likely undermine russian interests. so in many ways, i think the united states, in case of an incursion is obviously planning the most significant economic sanctions that the united states and its allies have ever employed against the russian federation. and also, i think the administration, i think, would be open to request for assistance from nato allies to station more nato equipment on russia borders again within nato allies to ukraine. i think the administration is likely reviewing a set of military assistance that would bolster ukraine's military capabilities. again, probably too late to change any impact of a massive russian invasion. but there's a whole set of assistance measures that i think president by an unlikely laid out
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that would showcase to put that in the long term. this step would undermine russian interest and actually bring potentially more infrastructure along rushes borders simply to protect. now, while, as we are very fearful of a russian incursion beyond ukraine, ok, if that's the case, then i mean, how much of an input do the u. s. is allies have in all of they say if the u. s. is laying out the groundwork that we're going to do a, b, c, d. where does europe whole even allies in east asia sort of come in on this? you know, i don't think the united states and decided how exactly it's going to respond and all of that engagement has already taken place with our allies. secretary blinking had a nato foreign minister ariel meeting in the baltics last week, where i think he previewed and engaged and coordinated the u. s. response with our european allies. the primary focus of the binding ministration from the beginning of this crisis has been to coordinate and solicit feedback and cooperate with their
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european allies for any effective response. and primarily, i do think that our response is going to be economic in nature. it's going to be focused on sanctions, and that is going to be coordinated with the you. so actually think the use playing a critical role also in signaling to the russian federation that it is also going to take parallel steps. and that's why before the meeting with food, and you saw president biden having a phone call with his counterparts in the u. k. in italy, in france and germany, to coordinate a response to russia that showcases the seriousness of the western alliance to respond to russian aggression. just wondering, i mean after the, i've got some experience to the american public supportive or knowledgeable about really what the next potential conflict could be. i mean, would they, or are they in the loop so to speak, at the moment that economic sanctions are on the cards when it comes to russia at the moment and that they would perhaps vayer away from supporting
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a physical military conflict? you know, i think this is what president putin is counting on, is that in hindsight of the afghanistan withdraw, that he believes the united states does not have the political will to respond effectively and to prioritize the issue of ukraine sovereignty at the national security issue. and so i do think that likely the american public underestimates the threat that russia presents and the potential territorial changes that may ensue the next few weeks of russia re invade ukraine and seek to take additional territory. and i think the binding ministration is in a difficult position because there is such a focus on domestic issues and other international issues like china. so the administration, i think, has done a good job and highlighting the threat. president biden has messaged at his level to the american people, that this is an issue that the united states need to focus on, but also the administration and seeking to de escalate. and that's why you're
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seeing the president have a summit, that there are paths short of an invasion that can showcase a willingness to meet both sides halfway, essentially, which is what happens at me in the coming days so that my mom macowski, thanks so much for joining us from washington d. c. thank you. now the new, the re elected president of gambia and alma barrow has insisted to his people that he can overcome their differences following public unrest up to saturdays election . his main rival, san adolfo, is contesting the result told our reporter, a truth and reconciliation report will be published put forward. so i pushed forward to answer questions as soon as possible. the process is there to submit the report. to me, that is my good. you look at the report when we make so you make it public after one want to mix after one
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month in this public. so to me and you will know what is in the report, then not more than 6 months. we should come out with a white paper, but when we, when i saw that the justice and the conciliation isms, it will not happen. join i bought correspondent, i'm address, has been following the election in the capital ban jewel. and i mean, it really does seem that the president feels that he has a mandate on the support of the public, but he really needs to get that across to everybody, even those that didn't vote for him. exactly. a question on that was asked mr. beryl and he said he will reach out to every segment of the society, but also appeals to me and to forget that differences and consider the luxury done and dusted. however, when pushed to talk about the truth and reconciliation commission, it was asked whether he is willing to prosecute for me
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a long time rule. i a jeremy, he said, answer and that in the, in the formative will mean taking a personal. but he assured that he will take the necessary measures to address the concerns of gumby and will feel that the government doesn't have the will political well to see if that'll implement the recommendations of the truth and reconciliation commission also to borrow, spoke about many issues about the economy about reconciliation and also about allegations by local fishermen, but foreign polos, in fact, invading or other over the fishing in the territory war to something can be on that . he said he has got a list of the my facility from outside the country, which could, which could actually mean that they will buy some polos and supplement whatever is available here in the gum. yeah. so right now he's got to take over the next
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president of this country, although like you said, he's go this come competitor is actually not giving up. we probably, he probably has 7 or 8 days to take this matter to court and have a judge in his favor. otherwise, mister battle will be sworn in us the president next year, early next year. i was interested in banjo for us. thank you. one of the suspects in the murder, saudi jonas demarco schon. she has been arrested in france. police at the college of baby was detained near paris, as he was about to board a flight to re add al. adobe is a former member of saudi arabia's royal guard, and he was wanted by interval following the arrest warrant issued by turkey because she was killed in 2018. the china is warning that relations with the united states may be harmed after washington announced a diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics. in beijing, american government officials will not attend the event because of what they call.
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she writes atrocities and genocide, katrina you has the latest from beijing, which is our t o don don. yeah. john is winter olympic uniforms already. and thousands for the vent stuff have been hired, but there will be few guests attending with the games. opens engaging in february, the united states has announced a diplomatic bully caught sight and concerns about china's human rights record. only american athletes and not officials will be present. beijing says to move is an act of political manipulation may want over the u. s. approach seriously vial, as the principal or political neutrality of sports, established by the olympic charter, runs counter to the limping motto of a more unity understands on opposite side of the last a number of athletes, london, and sport in few, the asked all over the world you know un washington says chinese treatin of muslim weakest and should jump amounts to genocide. right? groups say, forced labor and sterilization, are rife, accusations repeatedly dismissed by the chinese government. your lead up or down
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shing young has effectively guarantee the rights of people, of all ethnic groups. they are masters of their own affairs. other countries, including the united kingdom and canada, are also considering diplomatic boycotts. analysts say this will escalate tensions and do little to change china's behavior. we will have virtually no and or do impact on, on their policies. and ginger ah, and or their policies in hong kong relations between the u. s. and china have dramatically shifted and chilled since paging hosted the summer olympics in 2008, which form the u. s. president george w bush attended for china is just trying to figure out exactly what all of this star means. i have is a just political posturing ahead of the midterms next year via president who was unpopular or does this reflect though a long term dash, systematic and structural differences between the countries?
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ah, the u. s. has also applauded to women's tennis association for suspending all tournaments in china for concerns about the well being of chinese tennis star punctual i. who has not spoken publicly. after accusing a senior official of sexual assault, the chinese government says it will respond with firm counter measures, but it hasn't released details as to what those might be. in recent weeks, the 2 countries announced these concessions to help the exchange of business people and industry leaders are now worried that those would be at risk. katrina, you al jazeera, aging consulting turkey sign several cooperation deals in a feather, things to the bilateral ties the agreements, cover, trade, investment, health and media, and was signed by the cause. hari, amir and turkeys president george to day visit to the gulf country jamal a shell has more on the meeting from doha. a total of $1111.00 bilateral
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agreements between turkey and katara were assigned in different fields, economic, foreign policy, security, culture, religion, and health and science. this came off the latest round of the strategic dialogue, a cup of turkey strategic dialogue. and what that is is basically a, an annual meeting of the top ministers in each country where they gather to see how to advance central relations as well as overcome mutual challenges and look how to cooperate on specific concerns that they all share. but that has the strategic died of with several countries, including for example, the united states and others as well. but with regards to turkey, it's been a very active one. in recent years, both ankara and off, i think it's, i, on many issues beyond those agreements that you know will help to bolster the turkish economy, which has been full term lease in terms of the value of the currency that will help
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turkey. i thought also expand its interest in strengthening gets its relationship for the strong nato ally. there is a, let's say i renewed outlook from katara and turkey to try and settle disputes and conflicts within the region. now to 30 years, one of the world's oldest surviving works of literature has been returned to a rog. this wall clay artifact known as the gilgamesh dream tablet, was stolen during the 1st gulf war. mohammed vow has the story. it's known as ganesh, dream tablets, an artifact made of play with an engraved fragment of the epic of ganesh. one of the world's oldest, no religious texts. it was stolen from an iraqi museum in 1991 and sent to the united states. now it's back along with the world's attention ceremony. us embassy officials in bagdad handed the precious read your note. gilgamesh tablet is
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a clay tablet dating back more than 3500 years. it has to marian engravings on it. are embassy in washington received it from the holy bible museum. the text on this tablet is 1000 years older than whom s poems and tells the story of religion 3 year old named gilgamesh who is said to have ruled miss upper tamia from 2000. yes, before the christian era, he was elevated in subsequent sumeria, mythology as a god. in 1991. during the 1st gulf war, 9 of iraq's regional museums was looted up to 4000 items were stolen or destroyed, including some that were thousands of years old, like the good gums tablet. it was bought by us based christian austin crofts retailer in 2014 for display in this museum of biblical artifacts. it was later seized by the u. s. department of justice. according to the u. s. cultural agency unit sco. it entered the u. s. in 2007 iraqi authorities say they're happy to have
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it back. now, i've been lower. this tablet is laden with deep symbolism in 2 respects. its own intrinsic value and then in what it means to retrieve it. with all the efforts that have been deployed by the government in this regard, it's a message to all lawyers who smuggled out artifacts and oxen them. they should know that will end up retrieving what they had stolen. the rockies may appreciate the u . s. initiative to help return their last artifacts. but they also say america's invasion of iraq in 19912003, led to the biggest disasters for their nations. and she, integrity and estimated $15000.00 artifacts were looted from the baghdad museum and smuggled out of the country. iraqi save us bears full responsibility for what happened and needs to do more to help them retrieve what they lost, hammered one or does. yeah. well, still had all monies are we've got all of your sport with farrah. yes. plenty to
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get through it after that. right. including the latest from the fever, arab cobb county and he lives from our special studio in dow hands. ah. ah.
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mm mm. oh, a way thank for your company on al jazeera, you're watching our special coverage of the people, our cap here are all the quarter final fonts. have now been secured more on that in a moment. also coming up action from the n b steph curry edges closer to the old
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time record for 3 pointers and england leave out their greatest bowler. jimmie anderson for the 1st ashes test against australia. ah, there was one last spot available for the arab cup quarter finals with the jordan, saudi arabia and palestine all in with a chance. so who got through our reporter, joanna gas raska has the details. morocco and jordan go through from group c into the course of finals of the arab cop jordan clenching the final quarter finals thoughts as they b palestine here at stadium 97 full. and it was a much more convincing result than seen from them so far. in this tournament, they went ahead from the penalty early in the 1st talk and then doubled their advantage before palestine as she scored from a close range header just before the great. but as much as palestine pressed in the
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2nd half, they couldn't find the break through a jordan, went on to school, 3 quick goals in succession, to win 51. that's a lovely run through. is it a 2nd goal? it is for years on any of the game of the nights, morocco beach, saudi arabia, one mill, sending saudi arabia home. and that much was, was to be redundant because rock heard already going through as the, when, as a group see. but morocco and jordan will have a tough task ahead of them. in the course of finals was they played to north african power houses in algeria and egypt through qualified from grouping. and coming up shortly, egypt and algeria faceoff both have already qualified for the quarter finals to their match. we'll decide who top screw deep anyway for champions. league p s g are currently leading with club brouge screen l, while manchester city are trailing our
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b. leipzig one nel later on tuesday in group b, 3 teams still have a chance of joining liverpool. and the last 16 there's only a point separating porto, ac, milan, and athletic madrid, or to take on athletic o one the land or at home against group winters liverpool when we paid it until we managed to couldn't cause some problems. so i'm sure that in the sense 0 with, with the game as important as this, you know, actually can cause them as many problems, if not more problems. and, you know, we know that the english game it, they're very intense. live a poor, very good or what they do. but again, as i said, you know, we're very good at what we do. so i'm sure be a good game. and the, and be a stand. curry is now only 153 pointers away from breaking the all time record for most shots made beyond the arc. curry was in game winning form against the orlando magic when state warriors guard ford a 31 point. oh, it's just play a game. obviously, no closing in trot,
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i'd let it creep into you know, how you play, just enjoy this, the jury to get there because it does mean a lot to me as i do get closer when the most influential bass players of all time. you know, i'll change the game so no one deserves a more than england record test. we can't take her. and james anderson is going to sit out the 1st ashes test against australia. the match starts on wednesday at the gavin brisbin, england's anderson is fit to play, but they want to manage his workload with fonts has coming up in 6 weeks. been so returns after taking a break to focus on his mental health. jimmy's not going to play, but he is very long series when a guy led us to be available to play as much potters in it as as possible. so i think it's just a bit precautionary bode well yesterday. ball again today in about a few spells in that the couple of days we had as a warm up game. so he is fit. but the guys are just being that precocious,
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but we go into every game wanting to win wanting to play well. but we know to do that again so strongly, hey, you've got to be at your best. so nothing much really changes from the way we need to approach the game. but i certainly we've, we've got nothing to lose, but it doesn't mean that we accept losing terms of the context of the series. will concentrate on what we do. well, not a huge factor from now and we've had a probably about 4 or 5 really good center week. it's whilst we've been up here in queens and the last few weeks and just feeling a really good place. yeah. all. or the quick the ball and really well good enough. i was under our belt, but feel really freshman no new goals or anything heading to the 1st test? farmer pakistan, craig, a captain and now prime minister emron con has launched the country's largest ever sports drive fame. is to encourage young people to compete and one of 12 sports at
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the highest level pakistan is known for its love of cricket. but these students in the capital islamabad, aunt heading to a match. instead, they're making their way to gina stadium to watch one of pakistan's most famous former cricketers, lot $22000000.00 sports initiative aimed at young people. prime minister emerson con hopes it'll inspire the next generation of sports stars. august. juan milgar, pakistan as a country with 70 percent of the people uh below the age of 31, we're aiming for pakistan to participate in all international sports was talent and will help us find the very best people. the 1st phase of the project is a series of competitions to be held across pakistan. they'll be open to girls and boys who compete in one of 12 sports, including football, hockey, squash, and skiing. we are playing football game with people, tennessee for him,
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and i will especially thank him because he has given 100 opportunity, possibly any one age 11 to 25 can compete. it's estimated around 1000000 young people will take part in the selection process. students like presented are excited about the initiative of our diploma. i do karate and there aren't many opportunities available. gern to international events or the olympics is only a dream, but i am confident this sports drive will create opportunities for us. the prime minister acknowledges that pakistan musty more to develop its sports facilities and programs for this initiative to succeed. he says, new zealand, a country of 5000000 people has more sports grounds than pakistan. a country of 220000000. but he says the government is committed to funding the sports facilities and training talent needed to help students like these reach their potential
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victoria gait and be al jazeera that's all for now. be back at $2145.00 pm to another sports update, including highlights from today's lake games, apathy cab, and stay with us on al jazeera after the break. we've got another news with killing the debates. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8 now. it's not
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a lock can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get the master bill. pay for this to you are now to sierra. the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy about a situation. and now it's not clear that all the people are just lost and confused . there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for sophie crimes was everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for rats. now together, they're feeling they way forward into their new reality. and bishop and artistry adventure short documentary
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african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria in the alan minium village throttle queens. this is when we get to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. ah, the u. s. and russian presidents hold virtual talks to diffuse tensions amid fears at moscow plans to attack ukraine. ah, lauren taylor says al jazeera live from london, also coming up at least 38 dead after a fire breaks out the main prison in burgundy capital,
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while many were asleep. indonesia, as president visits villages blanketed by ash from the mount, samira volcano was the death toll rises to 3rd.


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