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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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opinions allowing elections to go ahead in the russian or in the area controlled by russian separatists of ukraine. they are saying at least both leaders are saying that they will continue their dialogue. yes, the us said, he's gonna make it clear the risks to russia if it goes ahead to invade the rug, the what are the cramming hairs as they have got lots of complaints of their own, but at least both sides say they will continue talking. one thing that was mentioned in the questions there was that, that test alvin said there were things we did not do in 2014 in terms of sanctions and so on. and that would it, we would be prepared to do now. and then he said he wouldn't be drawn in public as to what that was. it is that something what you can take on what that means. while there's been taught that the could be much harder us the financial sanctions taken against russia. this could, for example, include a cutting rusher off from international financial system,
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making it harder to use the swift international banking transferring system to exchange rouble for dollars. another foreign currencies that could really have a really severe effect on russia's economy. of course, russia also wants permission to the nord sir nod stream to gas pipeline, which transits ukraine to send gas from russia to germany. it won't get approval for that, very likely to get approval for that. if an invasion of ukraine were to go ahead. so there are serious sanctions that the europeans and the americans could bring to bear on russia if it went ahead or with an invasion. these are the sort of sanctions that the white house was referring to. although without willing to explicitly say what they are to was but making it clear to the kremlin, the coming knows what those sanctions could be. and briefly, burnett, how popular at home would any kind of invasion of ukraine be in term in russia?
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men it would be, it would be a totally different scenario from that that happened when russia annexed ukraine, a annexed crimea, in 2015. that was an area of mainly ethnic russians, and it was widely supported, not just in crimea, but also here in russia. an invasion of ukraine is something totally different. these are ethnic ukrainians. the russian military would be taking their mom against are you creating army, although still much smaller than the rush army, much better trained than it was. so the consequences on the ground, the human consequences would be very, very severe. if russia went ahead with an invasion of ukraine furnace me, thank you very much indeed. and those are the top stories will be that come on, is an about half now i'm do stay was in the meantime, which is up next i've ah
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there i listen to the why the citibank it is, is a, do you there? it was a mazda dollar bellow to it. mainly the obama will lose to angela wondered why didn't wendy, i'm older than the one doing this will model here, but what i'm already on is it on by the deadline. when even on a limb, a now my father holler than one ended in neither over the birds because the ones that are going on this number that i'm and i would i wouldn't would yeah,
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but what i wanted to know when on the, at the good a good on the other, want to know a bit already within other on the what it's another moto says, i mean, really cannot on the augusta real now the number one. okay, i got it. well, what, i'll be better off if you got a, a basset
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with mary da aggressive man. i love, i was out thought i would love to meet with odds. ordinarily when he gets more to your microphone. or if i remember, we give whatever it is. what i have lunch with about is about to read about. i'm not always with our best. i'm grad already did it as it is. do. and what are getting my say a little bit. i want to be ready to go away. and the guy who buys want to let him down with that as i, the in the, the lunch or lou allow me one of the and how far out, why and why did you get that on there? now, that seems like a good one. you gotta need and i yeah,
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separate but you will be able to put in to that with your thing on mark darma. you under one man friendship on the part of the period code you thought about billable? no. one of the yeah, if you just had the business on the dating was the money that we i went by the other day, the word living with me and i was aiding with walburga in on a landed in adela bongo. why that one day like
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and let me know when your lead process on on the rooms are going to begin the very live i'm going know i'm done. i'm most a mac all up on my phone to do donald upland and i got it. i didn't, i don't bother up with the numbers that you know below more. i got it. oh so yeah. the you know, clear and did you, i think that and then i would go out and then the funding because of my navy, i live in the extent of my boss and i thought i did the case on the known portable, the broad area did go down i thought
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a girl almost in there. like got a girl named yvonne allen. i mean, i see you all been ah, oh no, you're letting me in as when my mom it again. i live in a lame as a clever arthur love full of what a mouth either galena videos are you the funny to friends is hardly really the kind of i am i less
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actual love taxes for les than on keyboard learn. i the gonna, what i did come in on the ah a
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with a blue ambition, artistry adventure short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. b, me, alan, minium village throttle queens. this isn't really good to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera from the world's most populated, recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics.
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one 0, one east. on al jazeera we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to plate that others and not as far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference with this is al jazeera ah hello, lauren taylor, this is the alger there. news are live from you on the coming up. president joe biden tells vladimir putin,


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