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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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the rockies may appreciate the worst initiative to help return. they'll lost artifacts. but they also say america's invasion of iraq in 19912030 led to the biggest disasters for them. nations ancient headed to an estimated $15000.00 artifacts were looted from the baghdad museum and smuggled out of the country. iraqis save us bears full responsibility for what happened and needs to do more to help them retrieve what they lost ramadan or da 0. ah, hello, you're watching out his ear and these are the stories were following the salem. the u. s. has warned russia of tough economic measures if it invades ukraine. president joe biden and vladimir persian held at sue our virtual coal. that ended with no breakthrough for the kremlin, says the 2 ladies would cape, engaging on practical and sensitive matters. us national security advisor jake
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sullivan says president bottom was clear and direct with persian, outlining the response from washington and his allies. if russia attacks. he reiterated america's support for ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. he told president putin directly that of russia further invade ukraine. the united states and our european allies would respond with strong economic measures. we would provide additional defensive material to the ukrainians above and beyond that, which we are already providing. and we would fortify our nato allies on the eastern flank with additional capabilities in response to such an escalation. he also told president putin, there is another option, de escalation and diplomacy. united states and our european allies would engage in a discussion that covers larger strategic issues, including our strategic concerns with russia and russia strategic concerns. the south korean prime minister says new covered 19 cases in the country have exceeded
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7000 for the 1st time. kimber says he's concerned about the increasing number of patients who are critically ill. last week, the government announced a strict social distancing measures to contain the outbreak. newly re elected president of the gambia says he's country can overcome the differences. following saturdays election has been public on rest since a demo barrows reelection is main, rival has contested the results of court in malaysia will deliver its verdict on an appeal filed by former prime minister, nat geo. brazza over his conviction in a corruption case that view has pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges over his involvement in receiving money from a multi $1000000000.00 site fund. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin states . you now thrive. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in the sense race is the story of america what's working and
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what's not? a lot of people are only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, ah, the relationship between humans and animals has always been one with elements of conflicts. but as the number of people on the planet continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly strange and imbalances with welts human population approaching an extraordinary 8000000000 strolling settlement. some activities are encroaching on animal habitats. more than ever. scientists estimate humans
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a driving species extinction at around $1000.00 times the natural rate largely due to habitat loss and climate change. we urgently need to find better ways to live together on a shad planets. i'm juliette piece and i'm here in griffin, australia to say how a team of scientists and volunteers a helping quality to survive the oven jungle. and i'm russell beard and bung with. as for the locals, the learning to coexist with tiger neighbor when sand was one time to over 1000000 qualities with a relentless pace of human expansion, the numbers have dropped by almost 80 percent since 1990. 1 of human population is still growing and a 1000 table away, and that number is only set to grow, putting for the precious on surrounding land line without immediate intervention while is good fighting. but a group of local residents and experts are trying to reverse this trend.
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the land that hugs australia's east coast is one of the most desirable places for human settlement. but it's also a prime koala habitat. as a result, increasing numbers of these marsupials are being forced to live within the city. john hanger is a wildlife fit and founding member of the qual, a research network. you brought me to this an area that i would have thought could possibly have qual as been so busy. why? why this area? this part really illustrates, i guess, in a really good why it hell the, the threats that have been koala sufficing, they get killed on the roads because often they cross and knowing when they're difficult to see and drive is just don't see them. so they'll often get killed on this ride. and triglycerides saw really a hotspot for to on the desk in the area. certainly when the good on the royal lawns, with a vizier along with trains running every couple minutes, are exposed to significant injury and death, obviously. and so there's really
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a whole range of zeros learned supposed to in this sort of in local experts like john a committed to protecting the koala before it's too late. but with their population scattered throughout the city, the 1st step to saving them is monitoring them. john and his team have been intensely starting a population in the modern bay region of brisbin. today, they're tracking by radio. no a pre tag, koala, named sonny with the guys are heading up the train now, but a be quiet to catch her capture koala. like and then check it out for the health check. later on.
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i got a letter with ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, just like this just a lot. but on top of he said, it was with when i'm corwell sunny's or north of love, so it's pretty calm. now. sunny will head off to the vet where he will be screened for diseases. coil is
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a currently listed as under threat. if nothing is done, they could be extinct in less than 50 years. the seriousness of the situation isn't lost on some local residents who are trying to tackle habitat, the erosion. ah, ah, ah, miranda, i nice to really to what are you guys doing here today? i was just making sure this little as diche had a marker in, so we know into water. anton qualify trees here. being a eucalyptus. yes. there are 200 spaces of co of, of euclid's in queens. then the quality is only 22. so we have to be very specific about what we planned and why. how important is this work for the quality model? incredibly important because this area will never be clear. yeah. for any sort of development. so we're surrounded, even though you can't see it with high density urban development. so if we can
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increase the carrying capacity of the site for a while as it will encourage them to move into here, which is much lighter for them. so now just one co are like an 8 upwards of $500.00 leaves per day moving from tree to tree. so they browse basically all because you call it a fairly nutrient pool and a t wise. right? all right, so how many more trees have you got to do? half your thing. 3 or 4 over the planting trees, provides one solution for protecting the koala. but as urban as asia continues, roads and railway lines will inevitably expand, putting these animals in harm's way. currently up to 300 coils killed by vehicles, he h you but i'm making up with that john again. he wants me to say an intervention which is making a difference at a railway line. mm. so essentially a water drainage, coven, but there are few additions. there's a post and rile to help the wildlife get off the ground. how do they know to use is
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called it all, i guess initially they don't know juliet, they the familiar with the haven't had, as it was. and when we put these impacts in and changed the landscape, they have to learn to use that. but the essential beaches really are that we, we put a koala prevents along the ro, cordele, and that ensures that they don't go on to the route corridor and get killed. and if they do work their way along the fence, ultimately dalinda funding, one or more of these culverts. and so with a bit of exploration along elephant go through to get an idea of how effective they are, john and the team, and put out the notion sensitive cameras in this lucia range of wildlife using the coast, including the cameras there. so he is a tall and going into a group of colbert, who explored colbert, but didn't go through it. and then we've got a group of kangaroos using it, a possum, another to all around a different tolben. and then tommy on the,
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on the sod. it's one of echo hollows helping, while as navigate the urban jungle is essential to boosting the numbers, but the most significant factor in ensuring their survival is disease prevention. yes i'm, i'm back at the clinic where sunny the captured comalla is ready for his checkout sunny in las vet, amy robins is about to give sunny a sedative. this is just a settle in, so he can get his injection here. waller and co author security thinking something about to happen, but he don't know yet. mm hm. oh god, what, good boy, what a brave little boy. i am checking yet and the color of the gums and making sure he's got good. i'm refill. tom, which is her sense of how good blood pressure is. i have a look at
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a bladder this service, a big important thing for media. so it causes this start us. so that causes inflammation of the the bottom war. why guess chlamydia has reached epidemic proportions amongst coil is in australia, agreement with over half the population infected. if left untreated, it can cause in fertility blindness and death like that average gentway, his blood is looking pretty healthy there. sunny is in the clear. tell me that the significance of you know, when he testing for chlamydia, an animal may project disease has been sharing that if you can control that one factor that he can actually turn around to calling populations. so by going in there and during the treatment and the vaccination against committee, out of actually kind of turned that constellation around and it's on the leg dreams . great. now a phenomenon would never have been cut a big significant project allows for, for 3 valuable scientifically. and i,
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we kind of roll in my and he's waiting ela yet he's making, i'm really before letting the koala recuperate. amy fits another, tried to color, she will. oh i. it's now time for sunny to be released at john study side. they've had some amazing results in the fact, i guess that we can not any, might be individual healthy, but the population is on a grice trajectory. now that was on quite a downward decline towards extinction. and so now we're, we're getting around a bit 20 percent right there on, on, which is sounding turn around. so maybe i got to find
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out why they gave me a as a global population continues to grow cities as brawling father moreland as needed to grow food. more infrastructure is being built. 3 fragile ecosystems take roads, rampant road building over the last century has divided the earth into 600000 fragments. over half of these are less than one square kilometer to small to support significant wildlife populations. with 25000000 kilometers of new road
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expected by 2050. the struggle for animals to survive in the face of development will only get harder resolving these kinds of conservation conflicts as far from simple the solutions that work best around the world or the one where local people have the ownership of the process of finding the solution. people need to be able to value the species that they are close to and by value, i mean perhaps culturally or spiritually. they want to have a species around. it requires inputs from all sorts of different areas of expertise . it's not a matter just for biologist. we need social scientists, economists, people who will know how to work with poor communities. they all have to work together to figure out how to solve these conflicts. ah, just a century ago, there were thought to be over
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a $100000.00 tigers prowling ages swamps and jungles. but now numbers have declined by a staggering 98 percent. i'm heading to the sunburn mangrove forest in western bangladesh . is one of the last remaining havens for the bengal tiger. there is often conflict with local villages. walsall depend on the forest for survival of come to me. a network of volunteers and conservationists were coming together to try to stop the violence and save the tiger in the process. all right, i'm glad ashes population has doubled from 80 to a 160000000 in just 40 years, forcing humans into what was once exclusively to tigers. to rain. ha ha. then i mean, you can feel the thought of our duck there over the war. you had to the board right up against the voted ah,
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here in long law, just on the edge of the national park. there really do seem to be people everywhere . taught english in that this area is home to tigers, to. but it is, can us with the conflict comes a conservationist, my boob alarm runs tiger t. a network of volunteers dedicated to changing attitudes and reducing human tied to violence. how many tardies do you have here? as under, once, we have one on the thief with the history girl down to about $2.00 to $3.00 taggard's killing by the local villagers every year. but the total population's estimate it just around a $102.00 to $3.00, starts to sound like of a big number, but $30.00 to $50.00 human kill every year. and her, well are on it is a 15 year on just a little number 13 off the a year. this is not
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a little number. i mean like one a week. can you talk to us about that into face? like, how are they coming into contact with people here and what's the result in sammy diaz. ah, it's dawn. i have that my child. he's a geographical barrier right in between forest and village is in that part of from the other one. ah. yeah. tiger the come fall on the foods into the building. ah, schumann, tiger interaction here is fraught with violence and see it. ah, i'm on my way to a village, right on the frontier of a conflict for that. it's the you can see there that such the this in the ban
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forest right there. and there's nothing between the target habitat and the human habitat. and we can understand how scary it must be, because everywhere you look is life, you know, and they, they build these fences, but they're just native those dixon. they light doors here. many had not just seen tigers from afar. if i direct encounters with the local fishermen, has a story to tell. can you talk to us a bit about your experience here with the tigers? with look, i got disney on the phone. that was and 40, like i said one day with oh wow. oh my goodness, i can see the little punch remarks with what was he thinking when you were on the ground? did you think? did you think you were going to die at that point of it?
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a shot that going to go, so keep on. yes, god lucy walter, but it was with so behind escaped with his life. but those who don't leave behind families to fence themselves. i've been told around a 1000 women known as tiger widows in this region. i'm here to meet a lady called rita who lost her husband through a tiger attack 20 years ago. we know that this is under ben forrest. this is maybe just 100 yards away. and did you think of leading as elegant as i get it going up on that i that that, that, that, that, that, that as a lads, i mean i wouldn't be, was that monday was i am at am a day i have 8 am on monday. what about the
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like many people here greeted praised upon b, b before entering the forest to collect wood or honey. she's agreed to take me to meet it. ah, so family, this is over said loosen country, losing an indecent been his pantheistic lit him any good. his particular god is here to protect the people against attacks from the tiger. but it seems to me that bobby's help might not be enough. the fact is that the tiger's habitat is shrinking while the humans is expanding in one against the other with disastrous results. as the predator the top of the food chain, the tigers role in the sundance ecosystem is pivotal. if it becomes extinct,
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the whole system will collapse. to prevent unnecessary killings my boob and his team of pioneered an education program for local villages. his aim is to change attitudes towards targets. i'm here in a community center, enjoying money, where the tiger scouts are having a lesson and what to do when a tiger into storage. oh, oh yeah. i can, can i see how many people here have seen a tiger monday? oh, really? oh. and so why can you tell me, why is it important to come here and learn about saving the tires? why this is it was, you know, as a back to serve, you won't even use the one that brand new thing with anything different than what i
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wanted. oh it's amy said maybe no, he wasn't going if i don't want any baggage media when they deliver game back to with our guys come on in. so what this is, the idea is that this is a pledge to say the tiger i guess. so we're not finding our name in blood but in some kind run high priced pink eye, 5 feet high, fired. well done, guys did, did working outside the center, the community tiger response team of assembled toner, t, convince a bunch of people. there is a good idea to start chasing a while target number one, motivating factor for them to saving the tigers. because if they can save tiger from the world be saved and they're likely who do eventually does. a lot of this is a live album. it got to get up running out of his with the pledge
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near the sea and not can have some align with . this may look a little unorthodox, but tigers are naturally solitary hunters. only a turkey isolate, to prey being surrounded by a group of chaotic orange colors, making strange noises. be enough to scare them away. and as long as there's an escape route, tiger will use it. that's amazing. and you say there was 40 tigers that had been managed. he said, yeah. so is that basically 40 targets that you've ushered back into the into the more asked. and so if it wasn't, if it wasn't for you guys and doing what you're doing here and changing the kind of attitude you think is fair to say that those 40 the tigers might be killed,
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might be killed. those might be killed by the water bill is yours. right? i so it looks like getting ready to move out and i think the guys are going to go into labor control. so probably more of a training session, but it doesn't hurt to take his take is the case a . 1 presence, okay. that, that, that are just looking in your like with aberration. so if 10 years ago, a tie guy came in here and he met you lot. would you have killed him. are telling
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us about actually get on the last day again, but yeah, go to a cute girl and i did today from a project from us just the monitor monitor, monitor. hello, what's up, john? my, she didn't, i think i got it back down with them. but here, can you tell us about the 1st time that you did you taste of a target with the t local? a ticket from that would have to do that. one is how come with you ballistic targeted while the much hold you to do it up. but grandmother, they needed that gum la, over for all of them when we were to damira bottle. mom, a bit of a bucket worse little lady. let believe this lady would ability and i are friends at the same for all of you. and if you feel the same with somebody, get you on the work. yeah. you're not just saying that because the cameras and routing i have all my time. thanks for taking me. i'll give you your stick back . i feel very safer on you guys thing. thanks. so much. thank you.
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thank. okay, listen, i feel safer with these guys are and even though we know there's while tug is right there, but they're all positive about what they're doing. and you know, maybe if in the future communities or other countries can follow their example, maybe there's hopeful natalia. thank you. thanks the air jazz guys is just, is, is even with a growing human population and shrinking wilderness. the are ways that people and wildlife can co exist in india, mobile phone technology is being used to warn work his of elephants passing through t plantations when they're spotted. and s m. s a lot is sent to every one in the area, preventing surprise encounters and in contest on local, sees to poach snow leopard, now protect them in return for
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a lucrative business in snow. leopard friendly products. further encroachment is inevitable. but if communities can land to live alongside the animal neighbors than it is possible to minimize the impact. ringback ready on this week, thrice a new method of cremation is helping him to tradition become more environmentally friendly. and we visit a danish community into had taken sustainability to new heights just over. ready there on the horizon is some so island where they are officially 100 percent renewable. we can learn. so this is it that the energy right generated winds of change on al jazeera, one half scottish, and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and i'll to 0 is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and mrs.
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ease brought together in this one youth organization. and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of alpha 0 lou ambition, artistry, adventure, short documentaries, by african filmmakers from beneath can yet. and algeria, mimi aluminium village throttle queens. this is when we get to let our hair down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. you know, you can watch out to see we're english streaming live on like youtube channel plus thousands of all programs award winning documentaries and in depth news reports
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subscribe to youtube dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. ah. mm. mm. things we did not do in 2014, we are prepared to do now. ah, bottom one's pearson off a strong response of russia, invades ukraine, as the 2 leaders hold a virtual meeting. ah, hello money inside. this is al jazeera, alive from dive. also coming up australia joins the u. s. and a diplomatic boycott of the winter olympics. and beijing, malaysian court upholds former prime minister.


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