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your guide to the media on it, just, you know, you know, you can watch out to see were english streaming live on like youtube channel. last thousands of all programs award winning documentaries and dead news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english ah, a new political chapter in germany. the federal parliament is missing to elect or left sholtes as the new chancellor. ah, hello there on the south. the attain, this is al jazeera life and our ha also coming up. no break through and talks between the u. s. and russian presidents as moscow masses, troops on new cranes border. a caught in malaysia upholds the corruption conviction
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of former prime minister, not to abrazzo that says he can stay out of jail for now. mister caley, it joins the us diplomatic boycott of next year's winter olympics. and china ah, well, germany is about to get a new chancellor. it's federal parliament is meeting to elect center left a social democrat or left shelter. he'll be replacing angle america. he's leaving after 16 years and office and we live in berlin with all the latest in a moment. but 1st step boss and reports from schultz is home. tom hambert, a special discount for all of shells here caught a little joke from barbara batch of. i'll gone to celebrate the new chancello happened to be an old friend. they met when both are working for the s b day, the social democratic party,
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and hamburg toys too long for me does all of us attack? it's especially day because my good comrade, my very sensitive comrade, been a powerful position as chancellor and i will keep my fingers crossed on the wounded . this is really the dog. i can't even explain how special this stays for me. like, what can i do? anything clear and 63 year old charles, who was raised by social democratic parents, joined the s b day at the age of 17. after working as a labor law attorney was alexis mayor, and hamburg in 2011, leading germany 2nd largest city shows, shows himself as a pragmatic and at times tough mere. he came on the fire when rioting broke out during the 2017 g. 20 summit in the city. it's him hamburg all, i'm sure was faster. that's a politician and a leader. now we have to show not only can easy germany, but also guide you through a difficult time tackling the cobra. 1900 damage and security threats at its border
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shoals will lead to 3 parties government with the greens and the liberal f. they pay a novelty in germany. the coalition as a now to them bishop 177 page deal that should modernize germany by speeding up the energy transition and improve welfare provision. but it's the that the 4th wave of the covert pandemic that will need all his attention. first, we need to be able to make the decisions past. and that also means he has to lead the coalition and not go into endless debates and compromises with half of his cabinet posts given to women. charles wants to show you serious about change. his foreign minister on elaine, a bad bulk of the greens, has announced the tough of fans on russia and china. but some wonder if shoals has what it takes to lead internationally. i think his lack, of course, is a weakness. now his, his advisors keep telling us that this is going to be a strong chancellor,
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that can bring people together and that behind the scenes he is the person that can do that. but certainly he hasn't shown that he can convey and can bring people behind him. germany will find out soon enough because the country takes over the g 7 presidency in january. an important moment for shoals to convince those who still have doubts, batch at organ has none. i meant that it listens, takes it in and does not forget. he will think about it before he makes a decision that is all of and he should just stay all and then he can do anything above own. i'll go hopes a new chancellor. won't forget his old friends and we'll still visit him for some good advice. steadfast and al jazeera hamburg, while at fran dominant, came out correspondent in berlin. dominic a very busy ceremonial morning is with being on full bit for shots. can you talk us
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through what we're seeing and what the plan well, anglo merkel has been given a standing ovation by the members of the newly elected parliament bundis tug. she is no longer a member of the buddhist talk. so having to look down upon them as a spectator, that's the role that she chose for herself when she announced her retirements, which would happen this morning. effectively, as the constitution of germany makes very clear, only the chance can only be replaced by a positive vote in parliament. that's why anglo michael has stayed, chancellor until mister shots, in the course of the next 30 minutes, perhaps our will be voted in by that coalition, where he's negotiated as step vasa was telling us in between his party, the free democrats and the greens and take a moment to consider the people who are going to be sitting in that cabinet around leaders of parties who came 3rd and 4th in the general election. leaders of
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parties who have no experience in government at a ministerial level anywhere in this country and thereabouts to be charged with the foreign ministry of this country and the finance ministry of this country. great deal of firsts to day. what 1st day without miracle is leader of the country for 16 years, 1st day with shots as leader of the country, a man who's been lusting after this job, all his political career. what's a 1st se happening, but right now it's the vote in parliament is taking place after that a vote ovation. i was referring to 4 and got american dominate. just watching that applause from apple. this really is also the end of an era. what sort of shift should germans and potentially the rest of the wild expect going forward? what we know for certain is that the policies that mr. shots specifically wants to bring in. he campaigned very hard in august and september on the idea of
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raising the minimum wage in this country, so that all who voted for him and all who effectively enabled him into the chancery know that he is going to raise the amounts of money that the people doing jobs which pay the least or at least they're going to get a considerable amount more money. her hour before tax of course, than they would have had, had not become chancellor. they also know that the environmental policies that this government i go to prioritize are considerably tougher and are going to project more kind of changes in society. certainly in energy then had previously been the case. no question about that. they also know that the approach that he's go to take and his government is going to take these or he foreign policy is going to be subtly different. he has characterized himself or allow of the characterization of him almost as a male marker, but he's not really strictly speaking in charge of foreign policy. the greens will
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be anal in a bow box. the new foreign minister, no experience in government, but she is in favor of a tougher policy regarding russia regarding china. it will be fascinating to see how someone who has been vehement in her opposition to certain policies of those governments will act. now that she is going to be in charge of the diplomacy of this country and has dandy dominic came out with all the latest for us from bell. and thanks so much dominic are moving on and the u. s. president has repeated his warning to russia's leader, invade ukraine and face severe sanctions. the virtual call between joe biden and fatima putin on tuesday ended with no breakthrough. putin complained about naser, his attempts to develop what he calls ukrainian territory. our white house correspondent, kimberly how can reports with a massive build up of russian troops, new ukraine, shared border, and u. s. intelligence indicating an invasion of ukraine could happen early next year.
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u. s. president biden met virtually with russian president vladimir poo. good to see you again. the pair spoke for 2 hours. potent denies. russian tends to invade ukraine, calling it fear mongering. but the u. s. president made clear today that if russia did tough economic sanctions would follow. i will look in the eye and tell you as president biden looked, president putin in the eye and told him today that things we did not do in 2014. we are prepared to do now. that reference is to the russian annexation of crimea from ukraine, that prompted us sanctions. biden also told potent, the u. s. was prepared to assessors militarily. we would provide additional defensive material to the ukrainians above and beyond that, which we are already provided. and we would fortify our nato allies on the eastern flank for its part. russia is seeking assurances from the west that ukraine will
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not become a member of the north atlantic treaty organization, something the ukrainians have pursued for years. the u. s. national security advisor reiterated ukraine can associate with whoever it wants. when analyst believes joining nato is unrealistic, it ought to be clear to them that we're not coming to the rescue. so you get to have to live in nest, russia, or you are security guarantee. there were also questions about the controversial nord stream to pipeline which runs from germany to russia and whether it could be used as leverage and discussions over ukraine. the white house says it will pressure the german government to stop it. if russia invades the biden administration, will continue to work with it's european partners, promising a coordinated response, should russia ignore their warnings? president biden will also speak with ukraine's president lensky on thursday.
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kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house? now militia is former prime minister, not your browser remains defiant after an appeals court upheld his guilty verdict. and a corruption case. he went to the judge to throw out his 12 year prison sentence and $50000000.00 fine. nadia pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges tied to his involvement in a multi $1000000000.00 state fund scheme. he was voted out of office in 2018 after those corruption allegations. i am very, very disappointed with that because the drug focus on house board nationally, chris. and as you know, during my tenure as prime minister, as just an example of the total assets of the country under my watch grew from $800000000.00 to $2.00 trillion,
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2 trillion regains. oh, therefore, i creature a lot of wealth with a country. ah, florence lee has more now from quit to jaya in malaysia. his lawyers have said they will be filing an appeal to the federal court. that's the highest court in the land and pending that appeal process. his lawyers have also asked for and been granted a stay on the sentence. that means not your brother will not have to go to prison. he will not have to pay his fine immediately while the appeals process is being dealt with. and this is something that can take years now in practical terms, it also means that he will be free and out on bail just as he is. now. there are really 2 camps. i mean, there are many people who believe that no job is guilty. if you remember, it was the anger over corruption allegations surrounding one m d b, the state investment fund that caused no chips. party,
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the united malays national organization and its allies to lose a general election in 2018. and that was a historic defeat. it was the 1st time the coalition, known as bars on national, had lost a general election and was no longer in power. this was the 1st time since malaysia gained independence in 1957. and the court of appeals decision on wednesday will be a bent vindication for many anti corruption activists and opposition. politicians who have said that no job was corrupt when he was prime minister and also finance minister of this country. but equally not does have many supporters, especially amongst the grassroots, he has successfully rehabilitated his image through a very savvy use of social media. he portrays himself as a champion of the people, as opposed to the privately educated, wealthy elite that he is. we spoke to some of his supporters, dozens of whom were here earlier on wednesday, and they said they were disappointed by the court's decision. but they also said they remain hopeful because he has one channel of appeal left to him. and still ahead here on out a 0. why a large a coal fired power plant and northern bosnia is being linked to
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a town's rise and deaths and departures. and fulfilling a boy her dream, a japanese billionaire? is the latest tourist heading out to swell? ah, ah, look forward to brita, sky's the with sponsored point cutoff airways. hello, thank you for joining in storm berra has done quite a number on the republic of ireland and the united kingdom. this was a weather bomb. so as an area of low pressure, the deep ends within a certain period of time thick, the deeper the low, the more intense it is and blast it with powerful winds, especially along the welsh coast. we saw it's hop wind gusts, 138 kilometers per let such it's talk about the wind will show you a near by manchester at the crosswinds, what pilots were up against. and the winds will still be a factor on wednesday toward a bit south west of ireland and also the northwest. we'll see wind speeds here of
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about a 110 kilometers per hour. iberia also impacted by this wild weather. so rain and snow snow levels have dropped to 800 meters, so above that, $2.00 to $10.00 centimeters of snow. below it, 40 millimeters in 12 hours and howling winds of 80 kilometers per hour. swath of snow through the alpine region. rain returns for the west coast of italy for central and northern parts of the country. and then that storm system in the eastern med slams into the levant bay route, looking to see wind gusts of about 70 kilometers per hour. speaking of those fierce winds for northern parts of egypt, that's going to stir up the sand and dust and impact places like cairo with the high of 19 on wednesday. that's it for the weather sponsored by catera, always killing the debate. 90 percent of the world, ricky gees, have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities
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across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now not a lot countries is completely cannot lose whole. we know what to do and we have the tools to do this to you on out is the era ah ah, hello, you're wanting else's era. let's remind you of our top story is this hour. well, germany is getting a new chancellor right now. as you can see, it's federal parliament is meeting to elect a center left, a social democrat or left shelves. they'll be replacing angler markham who's leaving after 16 years and office the u. s. has warned russia of severe
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sanctions if it invades ukraine. president biden and bottom of putin held a 2 hour virtual call that ended with no breakthrough fusion. once guarantees that ukraine wont join nato, a cause and the laser has upheld the conviction of former prime minister nudge abrazzo in a multi $1000000000.00 corruption case. he wanted the judge to throw out his 12 year prison sentence and $50000000.00 fine with all to the pandemic now uncovered 19 cases and south korea have surpassed $7000.00 in a single day for the 1st time. prime minister kimbo coupon says he is concerned about the increasing number of critically ill patients. he says the army grown variant is contributing to the rise and infections. home treatment for patient is now being considered to reduce pressure on hospitals. but dr. alice tans specializes and
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disease prevention at the ms medi women's hospital and is also a former associate professor at the samsung medical center. she says, cases started climbing after after we eased measures in november. he listed many restrictions including allowing visitations to long term care facilities, such as convalescent hospitals and nursing homes. unfortunately, we did not take into account the amount of waning of munity that had occurred, especially in people older than 60 years old. and so with measures lifted, there was an increase in community transmission which we expected. but unfortunately, there was also a huge spike in break infections, especially in people age 60 and above. and that's what caused a huge increase in the number of hospital admissions. and unfortunately, in november, i saw the largest number of coverage related death in south korea since the onset
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of the pandemic. i think it's too early to say what the true virulence of the amazon period is throughout the whole spectrum of disease. although we do suspect that it is much more transmissible than the delta variant. and even in korea, we are seeing cases of breakthrough infection. our 1st 2 cases had been fully vaccinated with them during the vaccine. and then they had got the chronic infection. i while traveling in africa and so the army, cranberry and is, is in the community already in korea. and my biggest concern is that if we see huge increases in cases. but here when i talk about environmental protection, i'm talking about human lives. what's the few remaining residents fear? the new plant? what adds to the misery and the dr. for power will drain the town of the last few
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people still left laura, but man, the al jazeera on peruse, president has survived a motion to impeach. and congress rejected a request to remove him from what's been described as moral incapacity. the left as president who assumed office and july is accused of corruption by his political rivals, pro and anti government protest as gathered there outside congress during the impeachment, voice, peru has now had 5 presidents in the last 5 years, while the newly reelected president of the gambia says his country can overcome its differences. there's been some unrest since adama barras reelection on saturday after his men rival. he st. dubbo contested at the result. the president says a delayed report looking into the abuses of his predecessor, ya will also soon be released. due process, if there is a sub need to report to me that is my good look at the report
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or re max, will you make it public after one more mixed up to one more disposal. so don't me. i'm you, you all know what is in the report. then not more than 6 months. we should come out with their white paper, but one to we want to assure that justice and reconciliation report ations, it will all happen. oh, easier, tin prime minister are the aff med says, his forces will continue to take back areas from tig ryan rebels and comes a day after the government said it had recaptured dessie and come butcher from the t y people's liberation front. those towns are on a road from t gray. so the capital addis ababa and were seized by rebel forces. just a month ago, the year long conflict has already killed thousands of people and displaced more than $2000000.00. but with that,
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we will continue liberating the remaining areas of the country. the victory will continue and nothing will stop us. the enemy will be destroy, had him he came to boot. robin humiliates us as you can see they couldn't stand against us now astray. leah has joined at the us diplomatic boy course of next year's winter olympics, and beijing athletes will still be able to attend the games, but there will be no government representation. beijing says the decision runs counter to australia's desires that improve relations mot. prime minister scott morrison's has china has failed to respond to several issues, including accusations of human rights abuses. always stand up for strategies interested in what a strains believe is right. and we are living at, in an uncertain time. and the world in our part of the, in the, in down the civic is, is answer. and that requires latest to be strong and stand up, restructure and stand up for the things that we believe in and not take
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a step back. and so i won't be taking a step back you. oh, andrew woodward is a sports marketing consultants and was also the public relations manager for sidney's 1992 and lympics bed. he says, other countries will probably follow washington's lead. it actually just sent a signal through diplomatic circles to the chinese government that hey, we're not happy in australian sport and politics folklore. there's a phrase that sport and politics don't mix astray, eons. hayden, when sport and politics come together and sport is used for politics, but this will largely be seen is just something that politicians and bureaucrats do . and as long as they're athletes, good to go there. the public of the strategy will be comfortable with that is so look at is a lindsey going in the same direction as i understand it. and look, this is something that will spread around the rest of the world. there are multinational alliances and they will come into the 4. but what i don't think anyone wants to see happen is a,
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a boycott to be olympics from an athletic point of view. i think of how the world came together for the tokyo olympics earlier this year. in the joy that there are many, many people, certainly there are major human rights issues in china to address. but on the whole, you know, let's keep the sport politics separate it. and let's not forget that sport has acted before to bring about change in various countries. we did have the protests on the party protest with the commonwealth nations banning south africa from sport and back in the sixties and seventies, most particularly cricket and rugby. and that had some effect in bringing about change in south africa. perhaps a too big for that. but certainly, it is sending a very strong signal to beijing. now after fossil was one of the oldest surviving works of literature has been returned to iraq, the small clay artifacts known as the go, the mesh dream tablet was stolen during the 1st gulf war. mamma, lab reports it's known as the garnish, dream, tablet,
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an artifact made of play with an engraved fragment of the epic of gilgamesh, one of the world's oldest, no religious text. it was stolen from an iraqi museum in 1991 and sent to the united states. now it's back along with the world's attention. in a rail ceremony, u. s embassy officials in baghdad handled the precious read it to iraq. your fault . lo. gilgamesh tablet is a clay tablet dating back more than 3500 years ago. it has to marian engravings on it, for our embassy in washington, received it from the holy bible museum. the text on this tablet is 1000 years older than homer's poems and tells the story of a legendary hero named gilgamesh who is said to have ruled mesopotamia some 2000 years before the christian era. he was elevated in sub sequence. so marian mythology as a god in 1991 during the 1st gulf war, 9 of iraq's regional museums were looted up to 4000 items were stolen or
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destroyed, including some not were thousands of years old. like the gamut tablet, it was bought by a us based christian arts and crafts retailer in 2014 for display in its museum of biblical artifacts. it was later seized by the u. s. department of justice. according to the u. s. cultural agency unit score, it entered the u. s. in 2007. graco authorities say they're happy to have it back. now. i've been lo, this tablet is laden with deep symbolism and 2 respects its own intrinsic value and then, and what it means to retrieve it with all the efforts that have been deployed by the government in this regard. it's a message to all those who smuggled our artifacts and auctioned them. they should know that will end up retrieving what they had stolen. the rockies may appreciate the u. s. initiative to help return their last artifacts. but they also say
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america's invasion of iraq in 19912003, led to the biggest disasters for them. nations ancient headed to an estimated $15000.00 artifacts were looted from the baghdad museum and smuggled out of the country. iraqis save the u. s. bears full responsibility for what happened and needs to do more to help them retrieve what they lost ramadan or da 0. now, a japanese billionaire and his assistant are the latest tourists heading to the international space station. you circle my is our and yours are herano will spend 12 days in orbit when they plan to hold a badminton tournament with astronauts. the japanese pant blaster off and russian saw is rocket from kazakhstan, realizing a childhood dream of space travel. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. now germany is getting
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a new chancellor right now adds federal parliament as voting to elect center left social democrat or left shelter hubby, replacing angler mac on his leaving after 16 years and office. dominic cane is in berlin with more on the proceedings. angler michael has been given a standing ovation by the.


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