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it's the political debate, so that's challenging the way you think is a military advancement. going to stop the family to guy is and the other company. since right now people are very kinda not very upfront with me. welcome on hill, on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello mcclark, this is the news i live from day hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. india's top military chief is among 13 people killed in a helicopter crash and tamil nadu will be live with the latest. that will be consequences. i'll put those in bold. if those rules were broken. the u. k. prime minister apologize is off the leak video, shows his officials joking about holding a christmas party during lost his coven 90. not that germany gets
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a new chance you don't. social debreto love schultz has been sworn in as the countries need a ticket from idle in a court in malay 0 hold. see a corruption conviction of former prime minister nitrate resigned but says he can stay out of jail. and on he december to the sports needs live from our fee for arab cup studio. as jordan came, the last quarter, final spot of the expense of palestine and saudi arabia and out 1st ball of the series, australia dominate day. one of the ashes, bowling england out for just 147 runs on day one of the 1st test. ah, so we begin with breaking news from india where defense, the chief general different routes and 12 other officials have been killed and come
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to crush. the helicopter came down and the new good is district of southern tunnel, not 2 states. one person survived is not known why a crash investigation is now underway. let's cross over to new delhi cross for on and joins is from there. now. what more do we know? hello, next to the indian air force tweeted a short while ago saying that it is would deep regret that they have ascertain that general beth invalid. mrs. model, what that is different valid wife and 11 others were killed in the in the helicopter crash. there were 14 people on board, 13 have died and one is being treated in hospital and the government administration and the district of milk. it is where the crash took place. he has said that the identity of the bodies has to be confirmed using dna testing. the cause of the severe burns mouse 63 year old general. the fin ramos is the chief
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of defense staff. it is a newly created position in january of last year, and he's the 1st person to hold it. he was a former army chief of staff and the chief staff is actually it was created to integrate the army, the navy, and the air force. and it is the highest ranking physician and the indian armed forces. now he was traveling on ahead to helicopter that was going from an air force and salute to the defense service college in wellington and wellington for an event. it was not supposed to be a very long ride, but this is a very mountainous region with a lot of forests. and as you mentioned, the dna force has ordered an inquiry to ascertain what exactly caused the crash prominence and that ends morty is holding amazing. now would be with a defense chiefs and the country and defense minister was actually supposed to
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address parliament late on wednesday afternoon about the incident. but he'll be doing that on thursday morning. and that was, he went to the residence in new delhi, instead of addressing parliament. or let's leave it there for the moment. thanks very much indeed. or let's from, from new delhi. let's move on to the u. k. where the prime minister has apologized to parliament after late video showed senior officials joking about a party during a covey 19 locked up. for us, johnson has repeatedly denied any rules of broken time insists he was told, the events never happened. well, a video has emerged, a senior government officials joking about the christmas party, which was reportedly held last december inside downing street. at that time, london was under a top tier restriction with no social events allowed even within businesses. please now say they're examining the video as part of a review of the reported violations on. let's take a look at the video that a spot this controls i just seen what was interesting, there was
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a down to try to recognize it. i went home old and all that with the condone was cheese the season line. all right. this is recorded inspection policy was a business meeting. not so she just well is bringing jenna. whoa. i jones now from london, and janet tell us more about what was said and well, it was certainly looking during the course of the morning in light of that video, like the prime minister really had to come to pm cues, his weekly premises question session and part of it on with something to try and
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get ahead of the story or the story might have the potential to do and he's got a real damage. and indeed, it may yet still do. but he stepped up and instantly came up with a statement, a statement in which he expressed his own outrage at seeing that video. he apologized unreservedly for any offense that was cause he promised an investigation . we'll see that video in a moment. but he also insisted that he rested on advice that he'd been given, that no rules were broken. that is still his position. well, to some degree, it took the sting out of what the opposition need a case karma was preparing to say the points he wanted to make, but it didn't stop him from making them. he said that if the prime minister was pretending that this was the 1st moment he'd heard about, the alleged christmas party via leaked video featuring 2 of his most senior stop. well then he was taking the country for fools. and mister drew, what could be a very damaging distinction between the government now and the queen, sitting alone distanced a few,
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a prince for the abiding by the rules. he said that was an example of moral authority and leadership that this government and this prime minister lacked is what parish johnson began by saying. i can understand how infuriating it must be to think that the people who have been setting the rules have not been following the mississippi. because i was also curious to see that. and if you pick up, i apologize. i apologize unreservedly to the effect that he just called up and down the country and i apologize to the impression that he gave but i repeat, this is speaker that i am being repeatedly assured since these are the asians emerged, that there was no party talking rules we're hearing that there will be an announcement later on on more restrictions. what would we know?
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there is supposed to be a press conference later with the prime minister. we think that he will at that press conference, announced an expansion of new social public health measures that had already come in as a result of the con variant. now being expanded so called plan b measures that have been apparently agreed by ministers in haste on wednesday. this is an accelerated announcement, if indeed it does come, we would expect today or anything for several days. and of course, the impression it gives and there's a lot talk already about it being a dead cat move the idea that by slapping plan b measures on the public, you change the conversation away from the christmas party. the problem, i think for downing street is that it may well old to the conversation, but the conversation could well become one about the extent to which the public is now willing to follow new rules. and whether this government has enough authority left to be able to enforce them. jenna,
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thanks for that jehovah in london. let's take some further. we can speak to mary saying, who's a political commentator, a former at chief press officer at 10 downing street, joins is now from london saying welcome to the program. do you think the problem is done enough in prime, mrs. questions to alleviate rule for this crisis to slip away like so many others seem to have done? no, i don't think you mean it was funny refreshing to see at least some kind of apology and the knowledge meant that there is something worth looking into here because for every week we just had, you know, the approach of nothing to see a bit of sticking fingers into is the problem away from the prime minister and also from other members of the u. k. government. so this is a shift in tone. shift in approach. but you also did repeat the line that there's been no party and this story is not going away. there's no obligations of other
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parties. i think there was 2 questions that need to be off. so i don't think this will just go away because we've had this shift in time to minister. so potentially where could this lead? what damage could it do? i think the biggest, the biggest thomas can do is really about compliance in the u. k. the transmission of the new variant is going in the wrong direction. there are more cases is now talk as you were alluding to of new restrictions being bought in the decision potentially even happening on that today. i think a lot of people will look at this and think, well, why should we have to comply with this? people who are making the rules are not complying with their own rules. because sentiment has been echoed by many of the governments and m. p. 's as well, so i think that is a very serious problem or the government. there's also the why the issue of trust within the government for
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a week people have been saying nothing to see here. and that's the images that there was then, is there a question about how much to department to even know where he stop being honest with them went through and why the issue about the government maybe not communicating as honestly as it should have been. so i think this ties into a bit of a narrative and politically, this is a problem because you have lots of them peas and it isn't just the opposition parties in the u. k. there's lots of conservative engine people. the government needs to keep on side. it need to support these people to get things through the house, like key legislation, right? if these people know wavering, this will be a problem going forward. and that, that dismay that you allude to that within his own party, could that gain momentum? and where could all this lead as far as the prominence same position is concerned? i think that could be because this is cutting through. this isn't just something that happened in westminster or number 10. you've seen people across the u. k.
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expressing concern about this, this may not be people who follow the minute of high politics in the cable. they know about this and it sticks to the narrative that has been leveled against the government for different things around this. one rule for people making these decisions and one will for so this is by the way that has impacted all m p 's and the u. k. notice the government, i should say to the more nervous people get on the bad benches. i think it will result in perhaps more m p 's rebelling or more m p 's not turning up to vote. and you've seen this in a few boats in the u. k. recent be that is a problem because yes, the prime minister has an atc majority which i think it has been something from the conservative side to be quite proud of having quite a long time. that really you just need 40 piece to the boat again, still not,
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not turn up and your majority is incident me weekend. and then the other point i would make is that the relationship a lot of n p 's hot with the prime minister is very transactional. there are a lot of people who may not necessarily like everything he does or says, but they see him as a winner. and therefore they, in some ways thank him for to see that they were present. if you start to lose folks that i think the transactional relationship will certainly change and we have a bi election coming up. can you even just over a week's time which is meant to be quite safe? conservative. see if there are significant changes there, but i think again will cause a lot of problems with prime minister. that's certainly going to be interesting to watch is net who say no. former chief press officer at 10 down the street. appreciate spectrum. thanks a lot. but the more still ahead on the news are including australia, join c, u. s. diplomatic boycott of next, he has winter olympics and beijing,
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but china says it doesn't tell why a large coal fired power plant in northern bows near is being linked with towns rise and deaths and approaches. right? chocolate ship is on the angeles with his trailing open despite questions at his cave, we've got 2 nations datasets criminals. ah o. f schultz has been sworn in as japanese new chancellor. he's replace anglo merkel who's left off his off to 16 years, shots as incoming coalition government has promised to step up efforts against climate change and the pandemic. amongst many other things, alex goes to step ross. a new joins is from the presidential residence in berlin as it was quite a moment. this is no linchpin of german and european politics gone after 16 years. and we have a new chancellor. yes,
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absolutely. and i'm not at the presidential rest of it. but at the new office of the new chancellor at the moment, all of shows is expected here any minute here, i'm glad merkel is waiting for him. she will give him the key. and that's the real and all for 16 years in office, she will go home and we don't know what she will be doing next. but she said she's going to take a long rest at least. and then all i of course, on all of shows and the team, many of them are on tested. they have from a large changes $400000.00 houses every year. the minimum wage goes up to 12 years of serious and speedy energy transition. a strang thing in the you, of course germany, the largest economy in europe is really important. everyone is waiting for this new chancellor and cabinets to go into action and we traveled to his home town and hamburg to find a bit more about him. and we met an old friend,
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a special discount for all of shells. hair cut, a little joke from barbara batch of, i'll gone to celebrate. the new chancello happened to be an old friend. they met when both are working for the s b day, the social democratic party, in hamburg, and toy too long for me does all of us. it's a special day because my good comrade, my very sensitive comrade, been a powerful position as chancellor and i will keep my fingers crossed on the wounded . this is really dissolved. i can't even explain how special stays for me. but i do need a clear and 63 year old child who was raised by social democratic parents joined the s b day at the age of 17. after working as a labor law attorney, he was elected mayor in hamburg in 2011, leading germany 2nd largest city, short showed himself as a pragmatic and a time stuff mere. he came on the fire when getting broke out during the 2017 g 20 summit in the city. its here in hamburg where all of shows was faster. that's
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a petition and a leader. now we have to show, not only can you see germany, but also guide you through difficult times, tackling the cobra. 1900 damage and security threats at its border. shoals will lead to 3 parties, government with the greens and the liberal, f. d, a. and novelty in germany, the coalition as mountain ambitious, 177 page deal that should modernize germany by speeding up the energy transition and improve welfare provision. but it's the data, the 4th wave of the covert pandemic that will need all his attention. first, we need to be able to make the decisions past. and that also means he has to lead the coalition and not go into endless debates and compromises with half of his cabinet posts given to women. shoals wants to show you serious about change. his foreign minister on elaine, a bad bulk of the greens, has announced the tough of stands on russia and china. but some wonder if shoals
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has what it takes to lead internationally. i think his lack of car smoke is a weakness. now his, his advisors keep telling us that this is going to be a strong chancellor, that can bring people together and that behind the scenes he is the person that can do that. but certainly he hasn't shown that he can convey and can bring people behind him. germany will find out soon enough because the country takes over the g 7 presidency in january. an important moment for shoals to convince those who still have doubts, batch at organ has none. i mean that he listens, takes it in and does not forget. he will think about it before he makes a decision that is all of and he should just stay all and then he can do anything above all. i'll go and hopes a new chancellor. won't forget his old friends and will still visit him for some
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good advice. steadfast and al jazeera hamburg malaise. his former prime minister, nigi ransack remains to font after an appeals court upheld his guilty verdict, and the corruption case. he went to the judge to throw out his 12 year prison sentence and $50000000.00 fine, and she pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges, tight was involvement and a multi $1000000000.00 state funds scheme. rosemary reports now from preacher jar. hugh dismissed the guilty verdict against 90 percent stands. a former malaysian prime minister was sentenced to 12 years in prison and find at 50000000 dollars last year for illegally receiving $10000000.00 from a former unit of state investment fund, one empty b. i'd like to see that i am very disappointed in the judgment, deliberate, by a court of appeal this morning. ah, i have lost my voice to file an immediate appeal
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to the court has temporarily suspended the sentence, pending the appeal and logic remains free on bear. his supporters, dozens of whom had gathered outside court on wednesday, say he's being persecuted to live, the better he will. we feel extremely said that the appeals court has upheld the sentence. now jeep is a leader who sacrificed so much for the people and the country. the court rejected, nudged defense, he had acted in the national interest and said, evidence showed the former lead in you ought to have known the money in his accounts were from illegal proceeds. the court of appeal in a unanimous decision to uphold nudged conviction, said the case in which more than $10000000.00 was transferred to no jobs. personal bank accounts was a national embarrassment. this is the 1st of 5 trials involving one mtv, that not chip faces. u. s. a malaysian authority say at least 4 and
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a half $1000000000.00 was stolen from the state investment fund. it was anger about the one m d. b corruption allegations that lead to not chips coalition being voted out in 2018. that was the 1st time it lost power since malaysia gained independence in 1957. nat geo has been trying to mount a political come back since then, and his party returned to par last year. analysts say, while the conviction is a setback for nudging, it's too early to write him off to you and the 3. as long as the legal view of the legal process on going, you will try very, very hard to stand in the mass general election impossible get back to the official, the prime minister polls are not due until 2023. that could be called as early as the middle of next year. florence louis al jazeera patricia, malaysia. china has hit out of australia for joining the u. s. diplomatic boy could of next. he has winter olympics in beijing. the ministry of foreign affairs, as
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a move goes against the games policy of political neutrality from mr. scott morrison says, athletes will be able to attend the games, but there will be no government representation. morrison says china has failed to respond to several issues, including accusations of human rights. which on a says that australia decision is against the limit moto, of to governance, to ha miyoshi. your china is not invited. any australian governmental officials to the beijing ones are all impacts, whether they come or not. nobody cares. australian politicians, political posturing, and selfish games, not impact beijing success and hosting the winter olympics over. what underwood, where does a sports marketing consultant and was also the public relations manager for sydney's 1992 olympic, but he says, other countries will probably follow washington's lead that actually just sent a signal threat. diplomatic circles to the chinese government that you know, hey, we're not happy in australian sport and politics folklore as
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a phrase that sport and politics don't mix. and you know, estrella eons. hayden, when sport and politics come together and sport is used for politics, but this will largely be same as just something that politicians and bureaucrats do . and as long as they're athletes get together, the public of australia will be comfortable with that is. so look at is a lens, are going in the same direction as i understand it. and look, this is something that will spread around the rest of the world. there are multinational alliances, and yet they will come into the 4. but what i don't think anyone wants to see happen is a, a boycott to be olympics from an athletic point of view. i think of how the world came together for the tokyo olympics earlier this year. and the joy that bought many, many people, certainly there are major human rights issues in china to address. but on the whole, you know, let's keep the sport politics separate here. and let's not forget that sport has acted before to bring about change in various countries. we did have the protests,
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the apartheid protest with the commonwealth nations banning south africa from split back in the sixties and seventies most particularly cricket and rugby and that had some effect in bringing about change in south africa. haps is too big for that, but certainly it is sending a very strong signal to basing. alright, let's get the weather is jeff. hey, they're good to see you. here's the weather stories we're following for the america . it's going to be a full out snow storm for the atlantic provinces in canada, mainland nova scotia, cape breton island, through newfoundland. i think in the zone will see anywhere from 15 to 30 centimeters of stow, especially for cape breton island. now this energy all started toward the south east, 50 us things have cleared out few showers, coastal texas into louisiana out. let's go to the other kids. we've got some rain to talk about for los angeles in san diego, may get a spread of it too, for vegas at 14 degrees, snow through the rockies. and we've also got so coming out you through the cascades
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on thursday as well. now for canada, vancouver, it's got a high of 5 degrees. next up are going to central america wall to wall sunshine, largely across the caribbean, few showers, coast rica in panama, and for the top end of south america, we have seen some flooding where the northwest to bolivia impacting the paths. you're getting up to a high of 12 degrees on thursday. it's been a game changer for patagonia with his friends sweeping through drop and temperatures and come with the river davia same for bio blanca as well. just have 20 degrees on thursday. we'll see those winds pick up across the river plate region and now you're up to date policy again. soon. cupboard 19 cases in south korea have gone past 7000 in one day for the 1st time reminiscent. kim graham says he's concerned about the increasing number of critically ill patients. he says the amr convert is contributing to the right infections home treatment for patients that has been considered to reduce pressure on hospitals. daughter alice tans
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specializes in disease prevention night. ms. medi women's hospital and is a former associate professor at the some some medical center. and she says the case is started climbing after south korea. eas, measures back in november, listed many restrictions, including allowing visitations to long term care facilities, such as convalescent hospitals and nursing homes. unfortunately, we did not take into account the amount of waning of community that had occurred, especially in people older than 60 years old. and so with measures lifted, there was an increase in community transmission which we expected. but unfortunately, there was also a huge spike in break infections, especially in people age 60 and above. and that's what caused a huge increase in the number of hospital admissions. and unfortunately, in november, i saw the largest number of public belated dust in south korea since the onset of
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the pandemic. i think it's too early to say what the true virulence of the on variance is throughout the whole spectrum of disease. although we do suspect that it is much more transmissible than the tell to variant. and even in korea, we are seeing cases of breakthrough infection. our 1st 2 cases had been fully vaccinated with them during the vaccine. and then they had got the chronic infection. i was traveling in africa and so the army, cranberry and is, is in the community already in korea. and my biggest concern is that if we see huge increases in cases that inevitably always leads to increase in hospitalizations. even if the disease is last severe. still ahead, heron al jazeera,
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no breakthrough in told between the united states and russian president says, moscow masses, troops on ukraine's porter, paying respects to a sri lankan man beaten to death and pakistan. ashby, accused of blasphemy. we got sport coming up to our jury versus egypt. we have the action from the final round game to the caesar. ah, healing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8 now. it's not a lot can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all the patient. this to you are now to sierra in the country with an abundance of results for the trade are and why
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indonesia, his firms, for me, we move forward to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the these years growth and progress invest even easier. now, lou ah, again, you're watching out 0 reminder of all the top stories this, our india's defense, a chief general given the highlight. and 12 other officials had been killed in
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a helicopter crash came down, you know, a descriptive so from another one the a u. k. prime minister, as apologized after a leak video, showed senior officials joking about a christmas party during a covert night in lockdown. for us, johnson has repeatedly denied any rules were broken and says he was told event never happened enough. schultz has been sworn in as he knew german chancellor. he's replacing angler medical, he's leaving office after 16 years. and that story is something wanna continue with now. we can speak to at yon up here in who's a senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations, joins us live now from berlin. yon are welcome to the program, said merkel has been such a fixture in europe for so long. how hard will it be for shops to fill the issues? it will be very hard because my heart, i see she is tre.


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