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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 4:00am-4:30am AST

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no, here at the amazon national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the whole parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin, into hon. these, the top stories on al jazeera, sheridan's prime minister, has announced a return to totter corona, virus restrictions to stem the spread of the only crone variance. more than 51000 people tested positive in the u. k. in the past day. bars, johnson is urging people in england to work from home and is mandating cove in 19 passes for entrance into public vengeance. the announcement comes hours after he was forced to apologize for a video showing his staff, joking about holding a christmas party during last. he is locked down. i think for overwhelmingly the,
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the public see the importance of the, the messages that they are getting by this medium. it is imperfect. we do what we can to explain what we think is, is necessary. i know it's contentious. i know it's difficult and i know that sometimes the messages are confusing. we do our absolute best to make it as, as clear as possible. and we do everything that we can do to protect public health . that's what we're, we're, we're driven by andrew simmons has more on the prime ministers, carver 19 announcement. the tone of this news conference was of a different forest johnson than the one in the commons. he was under attack from many directions, but particularly by from obviously the leader of the labor opposition party kissed armor who performed not surprisingly well with all the meat that he had to roast.
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and he was pushing hard on making the point that johnson should not be allowed to get away with this. he said that his statement in which he announced the inquiry, was not sufficient. it was putting up more questions than it was answers. and in the, the news conference afterwards, it was put to him several times how, how can you really be a moral authority guiding the public? what on what to do when you have acted in this way? or in terms of dodging all the issues and denying this party ever took place. however, he sidestepped that throughout. so we may see a different prime minister spelling out new restrictions on cove it. but he hasn't been able to dodge this. the still a long way to go, it may only have been a christmas party, but it was abusive offensive towards the british public at a time of need at a time of great sadness when many people were dying and still are again
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a fast says president rucker bore a has dismissed the prime minister and government. if all is a wave of protest last month over rising insecurity in the country. and he government must be sworn in over the coming days. the u. s. president says, sending troops to defend ukraine from russia is not on the cards. letting me put in and joe biden spoke virtually on tuesday as concerns mount over moscow's troop build up on the border with ukraine. the u. s. warned. moscow would face severe sanctions if it invades a god. we hope by friday we're going to be able to we're having readings with a higher level, not just more of our major data alive and well to discuss the future of russia is concerned relative go writ large and whether or not
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with along with the highest ranking military official in india is among at least 13 people killed in a helicopter crash. the aircraft came down in the southern state of tamela, ned room defense chief general. the pin were, was his wife and 11 others were killed. one person survived. saudi arabia's crown prince ma hm and been salman is in doha, where he will meet the emir of cutter is part of a regional to him. the mere tweeted, the to disgust, security. instability in the region. the visit comes ahead of the annual gulf leaders summit in re add this month. those are the headlines. the muse continues here on al jazeera. after al jazeera world. you can head to our website in the meantime. ah. ready
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ah ah, my sons close to the arctic circle, none for it's a claim and, and unique environment. it's probably not an obvious destination for someone migrating from the middle east. because if it's remote location, the language and called the climate but none of these deter
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palestinian social activists and political campaigner amar latino. she has made to iceland, who home for over 20 years. and as a politician has become an influential member of the iceland exercise, t ah . and as he thighs london, the lat. through our hub, i look for tommy, from so same an o lead the jeep when any loud smoke by shot i thought when my lord saw lice lun the bond, melissa may in no fee lift on one side. bill offered sir by him. fine. as you find the rat to rod in lord duffy, if she follows, then boucher alarmed you thereby laughed at her bod. been oh,
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slow. ah yeah. mill run. honda, our museum level at the very, very, very slow. gotta buy been fair iceland, mckennan don't pm less. she had that to lean to my for bella duck, i shut my hotel kilo thou lottery the noise thrilling chevrolet ilia, that a sort of follow lead a while. so the struggle took on funding for beauty to ride, banish, theral fee must not so much by danish, the golf buzz. ah, not from sustainment. i was the horn a dumb. tal, a blow, jama, can my best share it though? g anemic, a man dish. i had that's a half in beer say it was school, had done my hadash or that a fee or kenley's mother comes this name. i love phil comes his name. could 2000 my laval iceland be at the right in my fair bez and we look at the shadow. why then interrupted la la, look up in jama. fed,
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they cannot father. a dirty raheem bus will for slip, danny, with their live, but they thought power daily home with jeff to carlos. did i say i mr. mark carlos in missouri is a i thought baseline became melton piss me in. obey mod, dully had natalie hood derushia lula han is a shift with that as a lever height. like a true mustard for a damn tar little must started. martin, bustler, and near bush still could bus 30. may i can my little bill now your credit in north america melbourne. couldn't, but that was mad that met b you can't just are montana coming. can a house club who coming up to tell me? oh yeah, talk specs, have 21 and we have which could oh, has from an empty when will you come across cut him limited and who when miracle was not talk to him, run in modern claims to tell him right now let me
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now. well, my metal studs are my and he can or even the raleigh love that are very busy done on mac and fi azure. now. yeah. me in nevada as nearby. yeah. i'd be year me, silman fellows, sidney my from to lead to say, i'll jama can issued i have been this will and mass in the how a late for had the i thought need that for. how does g i e, a g u dash m a j. it was at the mother in law mosher down national guard. catch. i bought a booth. circular man over thoroughly on cannot be there yet. if the whole love be day at the masses of men in which the mind minous' a dead, an effective neil week, so let ah
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madica's in was so i so so santa low family, tim minear in were missouri blushing, my phyllis annabelle side, the thermometer clone the bon administer, la la la, in lieu of plumbing, lay slend b and i was rude. the janet kirkland as i never was with iceland in min farley yet i was under chris. i lay hold tally window vill iceland pierre, editor, man, man, no fee in dunghill. come on lakeland b and now is that true? honda source thought i would probably you. oh alma command on laptop bonilla, lace lindy from an actual cano nicholas and beck latasha. oh, well on as if that valid than fernado vall that american at the lan side, the cassiano von iowa, had to visit viewed my barrel canada ballard. my bout of julia, man,
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so sorry about here with the replies. i am slow today. all nathaniel hello, fearless adam on the lancer v armless must up. that is, i mean, all the lemon law less than the larvae i knew who is feared i does in awe. commend in the medical when add them in my sherry on 30 in the had the little pie all when draw new. paloma visual command. we found them on it. dolphin 99. not the one santa till. marcella, asian of b. o. iceland, d, a bus in act that in between your whole not again of land know the sub rush. glad to look up. have a bad them my difficult i need as my way on my hooks. i can get him on his day was ha, that daddy mall shot i for tulsa mon. if he it is faster events. if
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thought up news, i must rate the feel a water or close to those. how about a fuel come your make you a adeline to eat born health? not a moral coma till i started a begin got a you know of either or that of horse vardek you meet killer ar? cut left is he owns 2 of hamlet from a lute on gotta you sound familiar with host am a now teams out of also has host of eric moulds. sweaters him a 43 studio masters of old key, but i couldn't allow or something. they had a hotel load on i pad. they might denial and festivals clue. i had originally recline my labella, debra harmon to what i saw mom. oh, oh madame most and mom, mom and that mental and pre blood now is a secret era. hell, moody, it will, he is, lia will be through. ha,
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ha ha ha ha massey is up that go to find that disturb who will jaila any had there? sure. will nellin all or no hey mom new are or for hailey ha slept in. no, been julie, be murphy, not minuscule and shot by old new skill and nick kabe. oh, i had the last year. mm hm. mm hm. been highway in non mild matter are better than hostile, so mr. little lick t drusilla's, lindley lena said, hey, in mando met thought are 30 percent off. but samar said the fellow here, acronis alco taken what they thought a minute out of the school corner off the corner to turn partner. it would go to little. ah, oh, hannah food, thank you, call him all lot of guy faded off. good in it alone. swore someone in some killers
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fuck who is looking to tell crana also up up up on him. liquor off could buy in on hunter a true off. what are stuff like about sex sex? get much when that or sala cloud corner, or get a little from your man. really fit is phil phil. i got a ha corner national are much always something i can now she is to my you csc. iceland, goodness bad phony remain. a concern for bella diaz. and mom and dad, if c s s very strong, low, morton c became the 1st woman here to to speak about a human rights for immigrants and also her women's rights and
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her experience through her life taught us a lot of things. it's very important to hear her voice to educate both icelanders and foreigners, about how we can live peacefully together. ah and ma'am, but there to be a notion of mirage. and of the year old murray and a bay and a dish best, but a la mostella dark cloth menlow janet for iceland. the stuck bubner has herb c a. c . a mccann and gym renella know can in figured out in north africa, janet mosier did launch was up and had been almost amar less em quinn an assault or with tally the health received say i know self in our current, our law door bell a d. m when the hub as an a b. l sent in a corner will emitter optician as an a. b. you tish less filling that battle. amman,
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ill, cynthia, called grace her closeness pin. soon the illusion of susan filling her sean list to my ear. the say, and the rust, the i don't wish to route and actually, oh dear i still in when in nashville, my nurse my, i could add the 3 rotors i'll, you'll wish for their shoe fitness alert. ah, i'm an attorney, me lives in the identity, capital reykjavik, despite being so far from the middle east. she still has these connected with whoever bruce as a palestinian, she has worked to make decision makers in iceland a we're of the issue was in the israeli palestinian conflict. hamden in 9 no less than a load of mother or father. elizabeth would like to
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offer the suffer. i sent through some money into the kia i am from good enough the lawn. can i had the fee in? no, according to his or 5 loose for my land. nice iffy. maniquan thought, bill fairfield butler. my malays lindy, done. with us were a bit of a dollar philistine, could the alarm stop it had the can your dirty fee? oh, kindly shut off from one and no and no one there mentally. so what's all and what can meliss and obey their comment though? literally stand by them. it had they cannot been all effort. oh ok, but he injured them. i know said club berlin man ah, command english, tamar. iceland the mr. bailey shotzel far. i motherland. again,
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9 dellacave injury bit o bad the her said rule while live failure name, a debit card, rattle and move to looked up on a month on to i'm left to 30 as some of the us or hard data. she was that bell have for command. hey, a ship with her leak pest in know 0 love will be day at humphrey suffered mother hartford. not madame melissa. medical ward. oh essentially. oh me 1st i in cannot atlanta show it a little bit in i want to see when comes to getting into oh totally. i don't came on on just the 1 o'clock a fee and my sin opened my bill with the warning i getting a new out of their team. lock it. hey maurice 21 odd people. the fisherman sleep maintenance unique in a say. yeah. so so it didn't because the other one that he seems to get it left if
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i think the class was pepsi chemist much or so not out of it is still an issue. i'm already mm. commend them in certainly columbus hartfield. any control on their ebony. say about the flu. lemme control da da. you needed them to but and i mention so we evaluate a janet. hey val, i cannot with marsha laura or couldn't them as in now could you believe that in a while? is that up to normal for iceland? la daniel cannot, if you had that fear. so when lice, lynn la, jenna dan, no, can my fin haley vac amendment and while mostly the left and why so in the afternoon i'm sad kid monday and it can fiano repeat prolonged if he play lendy and
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tell iceland be in but do tub own and he saw the burying bus it to so there are a battalion, though our top resources are where is the cream? how cell tie la is a normal iceland beer center fan. no marsh. any but the resolution? be a little agenda for with matt about the dangers theory. me oh, come on. i'm the rental. who is who she had that buck there. oh yeah. i mean, not a my limit of i live. feel mister lyle, iceland the command faith dub. with a laugh. i know george is shemelle. bought a boat, a money was yeah, mendoza. da willis. are melina murph in london, lod than medical. my swid. yeah. and he had the la jolla is ill. eliminate that in
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orlando. ha marie, it blessings is that the album and no clue lead the fellows was our mild. so at la b a. oh, must that? the head bay she and a ford fusion dan barris in no humbly land hung to live, then hung the lyla clue home. miss healthy forbid us at top, had this is the ah and has brought up her 6 children in iceland and she consider it's their success to be her single greatest achievement. just one child lives at home. another is a student in britain while the remaining 4 live in war in different parts of iceland. hello and i'm the city land escalator. was there
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some awful esteem on la maintenance to still feel shit, get to hand m scoop of some of iceland palace at monster to sub i'm did i come to nan fidel? oh he, i and i should he kept in to share my straw. burn was stuff was men in me i had thought really alive than dia, or by dan dot com to let then be a house from ala here, from jamal bit. so we did us it to head, but fall that come out of bow, small mesh. oh, well, but gross, so we must that computer sounds that come from sales. smart. hello. that be it, that i'm feelin scotland, when glasgow. oh hi le any wish velma been dia total sweeter heck? duck from sick though. so my reason shall us defend ohio and char. i love our listen in our shop to talk to,
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to do so much to my my landline the some say most of the unfair iceland. best of on a f number de leon, iceland, my bench mailers and overshadow the how a lay me 2nd 9, the me. well, huffman, almost month old, be san arabic thea national day, as well from on our most at balise linda mazunicm till from so saying can 9 d in new lead the i now model said thaw sco mustache. i said at this, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, dollars bid duck into that. if it was then my been had that like with that, he's like, or us yet in lean there from below that go with that that was and hong reductive now high edge did it for, can i? sadly she lou lead in metallic was hob long, bad 1st had the and said green sol, how and he can man with len banassi leak bodily on my from asparsa said bash any as
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you'll see nathan, my hulu, to day if us are sad by lay home and noodle hoss and no land on mine, dominic i did less. mila did us at the fair no effect. the fed dawn would debit made rule in no friend. so santa, we will jam our wheel, sola master. can i be my 2nd? hey, you melissa, that is about a new master that the saw at a bar in militia from the horn. when bit no lou empty meadow where her closer glad recipient then looked abroad. ne will a murderer lee, but none of dollars if d and a heart, then what does her mom feel better connected me to it? they're connected. well they're 5 the dish with. busy landing on my fellow dirty pool that us kathy who drama is she'll act that a drama under perfect. got them drama. oh wilma, he cannot oh, well the mike
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e l feca last american horn jail. ha. or he a better that? fuck get keith by that a so we keep whether we're all on my hear a canon camera allow why a paper so less in my air, but that, that the whole tre. swaim in manila se martha. hello g m ha or bye. was brian the canada kiss. i had a sealed in a coma, lush of others, and ackman yawn all here, sir. hello. i'll airport little of eve should star was your mama and nor can fee as she marla canfield. she motion there was a quite ill alum up, but i've got a quote the can all throughout the e. yes. well my whole cushy the, my uncle, she'll k or under the tucker and no and no,
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he cannot. the hyphen here, the believe you hold for jerome. he would have benefits her figure at the not the glamour in bella, danny and a been this b e. d. and now it not a plumbing, philistine cannot win. miss bailey may pick on any submission done. her men would leave florida, it'll go to bear a laura, a bad italian blue lad for couldn't her though in a highly inland dish? had they used neither nor leon had that. who badmouthed on the letter about to sort the loud asset them for sweet vessel fed lightly he he morrow to feed a will you or to long run about but now issue for his mother. so with her she trailed da da da da da lasha
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with a lesson to me in the end of the grass hut, the new lead lick vitamin been out there when you lead the any method? shadrach? no. norfolk doll, often of a philistine. any. been at the actor in my love, im your hour hour or so from was are out though manila as oh, hank is shianna shuck. see and have a strong little of passion. samantha, any young philistine mazda, platinum, me, her man. no matter. well. well, i'm okay. ah, ah ah, coming up in talk to the milk and dutch women who started as
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a cleaner. and now we're on. is that a multi $1000000.00 business? if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not? a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera december on and just either guitar hose the feet that arab cal a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 world cup people in power investigates the use and abuse of power across the globe, a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace. lori recognized by guarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries, too. in depth explain the portal. showcase is the best voucher zeroes,
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digital content. as the years rolls to a close, we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year. december on a jesse europe, there's a lot more to al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to brighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me, sandra gartman on al jazeera, on this week's thrice a new method of cremation, is helping him to tradition become more environmentally friendly. and we visit a danish community into a taken sustainability to new heights, just over. ready there on the horizon is some,
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so island are officially 100 percent renewable. and so this is it. the energy rate of change on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm emily ang window. how these, the top stories on al jazeera, britain's prime minister, has amounts to return to tartar corona, virus restrictions to spence to stem. the spread of the only con variant far as johnson is urging people in england to work from home and is mandating cove at 19 passes for entrance into public venues. the announcement comes hours after he was forced to apologize.


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