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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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handling and the cane africa direct on al jazeera. ah, oh no, jesse or where ever you are. no. ah, laura's johnson titans, england's covered restrictions just hours after apologizing for a video of his staff, joking about holding a christmas party during the last 2 walked down. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up became fossa,
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as president dismisses the prime minister and government after a wave of protests against a rising insecurity. the impact of climate change in east and africa and new report estimates more than a quarter of a 1000000 children by have died from hunger. you all want to to be safe on facing criticism after a late research document. instagram's chief tells us politicians the ap can help trouble obtains. we begin the program in england, which is returning to title corona virus restrictions as the omi cron very and cast a shadow over the coming christmas period. the prime minister says, face coverings must be worn inside public venues, such as sentiments from friday. people have been asked to work from home if they can, from monday. and so cold vaccine pass boards,
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proof of receiving jobs will need it, will be needed to and to be crowded. venues like night clubs, more than 51000 people tested positive in the u. k. in the past day, and 161 people died. health officials say omicron will soon account for half of cases, but there are questions over johnson's or thorazine. the announcement comes hours after he was forced to apologize for a video of his staff and joking about holding a christmas party. during last he is locked down. journal home has the licensed, deny, deny, deny has been the strategy at number 10 downing street over reports of a staff christmas party last year when they were banned under cobra rules. the government says no rules were broken, leaked video recorded 4 days later, during rehearsals by senior staff for news briefing offers damning evidence to the contrary. i went home,
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old and allan and cheese the season line. all right. this is recorded. inspection policy with a business means it's not just one of those involved has now resigned. it recalled and perhaps eclipsed previous pandemic rule breaches like chief advisor, dominic cummings, lockdown family road trip, the former health secretary mat hancock's office affair, and the prime minister's own failure to wear a mask on a recent hospital visit at prime minister's questions on wednesday for his johnson was under extreme pressure to step up his response. i can understand how infuriating it must be to think that the people who have been setting the rules have not been following the mississippi. because i was also curious to see that. and if you pick up, i apologize,
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i apologize unreservedly to the effect that it is caused up and down the country. and i apologize to the impression that he gave he barely took the sting out of the opposition's attack. for much the, the queen alone, which she marked the passing of the man should be married to for 73 years leadership sacrifice. that's what gives leaders of moral authority to lee the just the prime. and to think he has the moral authority to leave off the british people to stick to the wrong. that question would be put to the test later. at a news conference, baris johnson announced new public health measures in response to the highly transmissible omit crohn variant. i know this will be hard for many people. they include mosque wearing in more indoors settings, guidance to work from home,
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where possible, and the use of vaccine passports in large public settings. it is for the public now to decide if they will listen things by making his statement and offering his apology in parliament bars. johnson will have hoped to move events on in a story that has the potential to do him great damage. the problem is that a new conversation may now emerge, one about the public's willingness to follow new measures in the face of the army, chrome variance, and whether this government has the moral authority to enforce the jona whole al jazeera london south africa has reported nearly 20000 new corona, virus infections. a record seems only crone was 1st detected. it's not yet clear how many cases were the new variance. as only a fraction of the samples sequenced experts believe only crohn is driving a new wave of infections. and the rise in hospital admission to other world news
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now and became a facet president rock, gabor wright has dismissed the prime minister and government. the move follows a wave of protest last month over rising violence in the country. an attack on november 14. so hundreds of fighters don't. mccann, in the north killing dozens of police officers and 4 civilians following that ambush, president bore i pledged reforms to the military and you government must be sworn in over the coming day. nicholas hart is following the story from jacka and this announcement comes as no surprise there was an ultimatum set by the opposition asking for change in the leadership. in fact, so or else there would be more protests that were protest just 2 weeks ago calling on the resignation of president hawk marked kimberly. and it seems with the dismissal of this government critic say, it's him deflecting responsibility for the uptake of attacks just 3 weeks. ago as security forces came under attack from groups affiliated to tied up,
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and when it came turned out that the security forces had done 2 weeks without food ration. there was uproar and national condemnation. there's been an increase in attack in the north of the country. the president has since dismiss 30 or so higher ranking officers, replacing them with younger ones. now, with this announcement of the dismissal of a prime minister is expected that a new government will be announced, a much smaller when the $33.00, a member of cabinet. and this will be done before sunday when ricky fosset will celebrate its independent state. but there is a sense on the streets that not enough is being done by the leadership of foster and specifically the president to tackle the deteriorating security situation with millions of people this place. and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. dozens of people have been killed after gunman set fire to
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a bus in northern nigeria. it was traveling from a village in so coach or state to could during the state. a local governance spokesman says 23 people were killed. but witnesses say, bev recovered the remains of at least 30 in the past year. groups have carried out several violent attacks targeting villages traveling on highways. hundreds of school children have also been kidnapped for ransom in the north of the country and children in east africa, a bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. i'd group save the children, tract malnutrition, across the region. it says this year, more than a quarter of a 1000000 children in 8 countries may have died from hunger. there's been a dramatic rise in severe signs of malnutrition. much of the region has been affected by climate change. eastern kenya, southern somalia and positive ethiopia have drought. well, south sudan has had 3 years of severe flooding. they have caused massive
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displacement and severe hunger. the group says the deaths are preventable and has called on governments to fully fund response plans. let's bringing greg a ram, who is the head of humanitarian response at save the children. he joins us from washington, d. c. thank you so much, greg. more than a quarter of a 1000000 children is a staggering amount of little lives. last. what else? the pot from climate change is contributing to this issue. oh, thank you and yes, it is a horrible number tab over 250000 children die of severe acute bound attrition. addition to the climate crisis, which causes drought and flooding. we have the challenges of coven 19 and the impact it's had on economies and health systems, as well as conflict and parts of the region. all of these make children that much more vulnerable, that much harder to have the food they need. and when they are sick from severe
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cuba, nutrition, fewer than half of them are getting the treatment they need across the stuff. so what can be done in the immediate term and in the long term to help stop this enormous amount of children going hungry? in the very 1st instance, a child who does has severe acute bound attrition needs media treatment. and so what we need across the monetary system is adequate funding for organizations like say the children, local organizations, local governments, you insist. and so that children who are sick, who are at risk of die from simply not having enough to eat. and the disease is a can come with that, that system needs to be funded. and we need to make sure that children who need treatment get treatment. secondly, we need to make sure that there's enough support to families so that they can afford, you know, there's enough money in the system, cash transfer programs so that families have enough deed in the long run. we have to not just worry about the impact of climate crisis in the long run. we need to worry about it today. it's not just temperatures rising over time,
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but we need to understand today the impact that it is having on families on children who are at risk need to address conflicts across the region. and we need a sustainable and equitable solution to covet. greg, obviously the pandemic is dominated headlines the past 12 months, if not 2 years. why does this issue get such limited coverage? was a head in crisis, a child dying and remote areas, some to this doesn't necessarily get the attention that i was think about that parent who in on the 1st instance doesn't have enough food as enough cash to, to, to, to buy an, a food for the family and then when their child is sick doesn't have a place to go to get that treatment for the child. and as a parent myself, i was just devastated by that. but it's a head in crisis. we need to understand that, you know, we talk a lot about cove. if we talk about climate, we're going to understand the human impact of this crisis. and children are dying
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unnecessarily. we know how to treat severe acute mount attrition and the world cannot stand idly by all 250 children die up this past year and are still dying to day and more will die if we don't take action. immediately. greg, 250000 children. can you talk to me about perhaps a personal story that has affected you that hasn't left you in your mind? sure. yes and 250000 big is a big number, but each case is individual case struck by the our staff talking to a woman, 17 old mother, south sudan. simply not enough food to feed her 18 month old son had been getting help. so had beginning humanitarian assistance through programs with the recent floods kept the mat, you know, the deliveries from coming through and so weeks go by and there is no food, there is no assistance. so it's a complex set of problem from the droughts from the floods. and the inadequate
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resources to help that particular mother and that particular child. greg, thank you very much, fair and bringing this to our attention, greg ham, the head of humanitarian response at said that certainly appreciate your time. thank you. still head on al jazeera, the u. s. is in democracy summit will tell you who's not invited and why some critics say america has its own challenges and a new era in germany as social democrat, all of these born in germany, chancellor, taking over from angela medical ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways,
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almost the entire east coast of india brace and for some rain. hello everyone. good to see. let me show exactly what's going on. that ne monsoon become an active again, so that stirring up brain in the bay had been gall and it's moving further toward the west. so the top end and the bottom end of the east coast of india getting rain . some heavier pulses in there for entrepreneurs show, dish and westbank. all that's on thursday. let me show you. friday mostly breaks apart fragments, but another round of rain force for longer and bursts of rain for the mall. d smalley, a high of 30 degrees. speaking about that ne, on soon be more active, are seen the rain steer rate into central southern parts of vietnam. and this is plaguing coachman city with the high of 30 degrees. also for the philippines, down with rain toward the east and central areas. once again, all because of that, ne, monsoon areas of china seen the cloud break up for central eastern portions. nice staying way. lim, with the high 21 degrees. but know where we got that cloud deck thickening up it's toward the northeast of china. a same goes across the korean peninsula. so where we
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see this call, we could see some showers and the potential for snow over a higher ground than all that wet. and when the weather over honcho is now pushed out toward the pacific. tokyo beauty of a day on thursday, with a height of 12. that's it, sir. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always, ah, inculcate a culture of knowledge, openness, imperialism, world wide. i've to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shake ahmad award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and owner translators, and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lulu lou,
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the me. hello, you're watching out here. i'm emily angland, reminder of our top stories this our britain's prime minister has announced or returned to private corona virus restrictions just as the spread of the only con, variance bars johnson is urging people in england to work from home and use mandating coven 19 passes. the entrance into public venues became a foster president. ralph has dismissed the prime minister and government. it follows away or protests last month over rising security in the country. and you government must be sworn even over the coming days. and children in east africa, a bearing the bronze of the climate crisis rights group site. the children tracked malnutrition in eastern kenya, southern malia south to jan and parts of the group is calling on government to fund
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response plan to some breaking news now. and according to hong kong, has just convicted 3 of the activists charged over and unauthorized video. last year. they include a media tie, comb, jimmy lie, you had pleaded not guilty. they were charged for organizing, participating and inciting, others, hong kong band and annual vigil to mazda 1989 p. m, and square massacre. citing the pandemic china impose the national security law last june and cracked down on pro democracy activists. us president joe biden says he will not send troops to defend ukraine from a russian threat president of letting me put in his promising to follow up on talks with washington. within a week. the 2 ladies spoke by video colon. she's day about russia's trip,
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build up on the border with ukraine. the u. s. has warned moscow. it will size economic sanctions in veins, but russian denies it has any such plans. the united states is hosting a 2 day summer with more than a 100 countries to discuss the decline of global democracy. some experts have criticized the guest list, climbing and includes governments with questionable human rights records. it comes and made a slew of state laws, restricting voting rights in the us. kimberly help get reports from washington dc. the images are unforgettable. supporters of former president donald trump last january, attempting to overturn the results of the u. s. presidential election. it rattled a nation that prides itself on being a model for democracy. since then,
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many americans have come to believe democracy is under attack him the u. s. and elsewhere, it's no secret that there is democratic backsliding happening around the world. that's why you as president biden is holding a virtual summit this week to bring together more than a 100 countries to promote democratic ideals like voting and human rights. divide in administration points to threats to taiwan from china and ukraine from russia. as just some of the examples of how democratic governments are being tested, it hopes to rally global leadership to stand up even confront those authoritarian forces. but critics say the u. s. lacks the moral authority to hold such as summit . we directly arm and finance some of the most authoritarian and inch democratic governments around the world. the case that comes to mind over and over again is
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saudi arabia. we continue to sell arms in the millions, billions of dollars to a government that who stated goal. he's not to support that democratic re foundation, the guest list for the summit. housing also re, eyebrows, countries like india and israel has been invited to attend. they've been criticized internationally for their authoritarian responses in kashmir and the palestinian territories. meanwhile, turkey and hungry, both nato allies are excluded. it does not mean that we are invite that every one we're inviting. we're giving a stamp of approval on every democracy is a work in progress. divisions over the 2020 u. s. election. continue led by former president trump, who has still not accepted the results or his defeat. democrats say that sentiment has motivated republicans to change voting laws in some states to
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restrict access to the ballot box and potentially manipulate future votes. given the divisions over what democracy looks like in the us and abroad, the democracy summit will be a task for president biden. will he be able to push world leaders some with their own authoritarian tendencies to take meaningful action to change? kimberly health al jazeera, the white house. let's bring in j, michael cole, who's a senior fellow with the global ty, one institute. he joins us live at via skype from taipei, hello, the j, michael. as we heard in kimberly's package, the summons guest least has raised eyebrows. took us for the significance of taiwan seam buys. well, it certainly makes a lot of sense for a vibrant democracy like taiwan, population of 23500000 people. in recent years,
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i've made it very clear that despite its often exclusion from international institutions, it has tremendous. it can make tremendous contributions to increasingly complex world. and certainly during the quarter, in 1900 pandemic, we have seen taiwan shine on the international stage with its ability not only to respond to the pen demik, but also to strike a, an appropriate balance between the uses of technology uses of artificial intelligence. and at the same time, making sure that human rights individual rights are protected. how tie one's invite to this democracy summit be received by china. certainly china does not, is not please that any event, any invitation that gives the, the impression if you will, that taiwan is a, is
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a sovereign state. but then again we are now. busy in a period where the community of democracies given the challenges that it faces from authoritarian regimes like that in china, simply cannot afford to exclude any significant democracies. they try to come up with a new strategy to counter the, the more detrimental effects of a resurgence. here in regina, like like moscow, like beijing light like pay or on and others. joe, mike, we just had some breaking news earlier in the program about how hong kong is can be did 3 of activists charged over and unauthorized video. just happening of a threat is china to the likes of taiwan and hong kong and their democracy. china is, is certainly a threat. well, as we've seen in recent years, it has practically neutralized the civic space and in hong kong, it is a threat to taiwan both in terms of the military threat that it pauses. it has and
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maintains that it has the right to use force against. i want to annex the democracy which to people's republic of china. i've never ruled by the way, but also has a series of instruments that it uses. ringback hybrid warfare to erodes undermine the effectiveness of democratic institutions, but also to try to convince the taiwanese public and people elsewhere that democracy simply is no longer the appropriate instrument to deal with, with current reality and challenges and the 21st century. well, we appreciate your inside. thank you very much. j michael cole as senior fellow with the global i want institute. appreciate your time. thank you. i said to germany now where there is a change of god. after 16 years, all of schultz from the social democratic party has become the new chancellor.
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replacing anglo miracle, he faces several challenges including a 4th wave of the corona, virus, and security threats. europe is facing at its borders. step, fasten reports from berlin. this is good bye to the woman. many in germany have called with the mother and welcome to the man with the tough task of filling her shoes. shriller does his money all of shows what to fulfill his task as chancellor, after his appointment to robert them by m p. now the so called traffic light, coalition of social democrats, liberals, and believes him get to work. why, of denial? scott, i'm looking forward to the new job, but i'm looking forward to everyone working here and today mark's a good start for a country on the stuff into in charles his hometown, hamburg, batch had all gone, celebrates his special day with a discount for an all of short haircut and little joke from the barbara who happens to be an old friend. they met each other when both are working for the s b day,
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the social democratic party, and toys, there was long for me. it does all of us at dark. why? it's a special day because my good comrade, my very sensitive comrades, been a powerful position as chancellor and i will keep my fingers crossed on the wounded . this isn't really a dog. i can't even explain how special this stays for me life, but it can. i didn't it, glen sholtes will lead to 3 parties. government with the greens and the liberal, f, a pay and novelty in germany. the coalition as a now to the bishop 177 page deal that should modernize germany by speeding up the energy transition and improve welfare provision. but it's the that the 4th wave of the cove has been that make that will need all his attention. first, we need to be able to make the decisions fast. and that also means he has to lead the coalition and not go into endless debates and compromises with half of his
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cabinet posts given to women. shoulds. once we show, he is serious about change. his foreign minister on elaine book of the greens has announced the tough of stance on russia and china. but some wonder if shoals has what it takes to heat internationally. i think his lack of congressman is a weakness. now his, his advisors keep telling us that this is going to be a strong chancellor, that can bring people together and that behind the scenes he is the person that can do that. but certainly he hasn't shown that he can convey and can bring people behind him. germany will find out soon enough because the country takes over the g 7 presidency in january. an important moment for shoals to convince those who still have doubts. all eyes are now on this man on the show as promise a new era for europe largest economy. but with germany in the grip of the course, at 19 pandemic, and tensions and europe's board, us, he storm is off to
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a challenge and start a new dawn for germany. i'm going to merkel, we'll watch it old from the sidelines. it might take a while until germany will get used to that step. fasten al jazeera berlin, saudi arabia's crown frames. mohammed ben selman is in dough ha, where he will meet with the amir of kata. it's part of original to the made. tweeted that the to discuss security and stability in the region. the visit comes ahead of the annual gulf late is summer's in riyadh this month. it's his 1st trip to cut us in saudi arabia and 3 other arab nations enclosed a blockade on the country. back in 2017, which ended earlier this year. the head of instagram is calling on politicians to help regulate social media platforms with noodles, specifying what's expected at a missouri is testifying before us senators, who are scrutinizing the photos sharing apps. impact on children late internal
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documents have revealed. instagram discovered the platform negatively affects the teenagers mental health. now i recognize that many in this room have deep reservations about our company. and i want to assure you that we do have the same goal. they all want team to be safe on line. you know, that isn't going away and i believe there's important work that we can do together, industry and policy makers. and we have a specific proposal. we believe there should be an industry body that will determine the best practices when it comes to what i think are the 3 most important questions with regards to safety. how to verify edge, how to build age appropriate experiences, and how to build parental controls. bud zach prey says the digital director of accountable tech says instagram's calls for an industry body won't make a difference from my perspective, a lot of the announcements instagram has made leading up to this hearing to day are cosmetic fixes to unfortunately, a system that far more broken,
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and at the end of the day we have to step back and ask ourselves, well, how does instagram make money? and i think it's important to look at their toxic business model that at the end of the day is about hooking users for as long as possible to run as many ads as possible. aah on there for you to generate as much revenue as possible. so when they propose a simple fix, like taking a break, i think they do that because they know they have the ability to hook users in lower than back to the platform. ultimately, i think it's incumbent upon government to look at how it is we can better structure . ah, the incentives behind companies like facebook on their rely upon this toxic business models around advertising. ah, hello, you're watching out a 0 m m language. these are the top stories this our a caught in hong kong has convicted 3 of 8 pro democracy activists linked to last year's band seen him in square vigil. they include media tycoon, jimmy ly,
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who had pleaded not guilty. they were, they were charged rather for.


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