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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 5:30am-6:00am AST

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all that at the end of the day is about hooking users for as long as possible to run as many ads as possible. i'm on their feed to generate as much revenue as possible. so when they propose a simple fix, like taking a break, i think they do that because they know they have the ability to hook users in more than back to the platform. ultimately, i think it's incumbent upon government to look at how it is we can better structure on the incentives behind companies like facebook on that rely upon this toxic business model to reference advertising. ah, hello. are you watching out a 0? i'm emily anglin. these, the top stories this, our a caught in hong kong has convicted 3 of age pro democracy activists linked to last year's band, cinnamon, square vigil. they include media tycoon, jimmy ly, who had pleaded not guilty. they were, they were charged rather for organizing,
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participating and inciting others. hong kong banned an annual vigil to mark the 1989 at massacre. citing the pandemic britons prime minister has announced to return to title corona virus restrictions to stem the spread of the army. kron variant bars johnson is urging people in england to work from home and is mandating . coven 19 passes for entrance into public venues. the announcement comes hours after he was forced to apologize for a video showing his staff and joking about holding a christmas party during at last he is locked down. i think the overwhelmingly, the, the public see the importance of the, the messages that they are getting by this medium. it is imperfect. we do what we can to explain what we think is, is necessary. i know it's contentious. i know it's difficult and i know that sometimes the messages are confusing. we do our absolute best to make it as,
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as clear as possible. and we do everything that we can do to protect public health . that's what we're, we're, we're driven by south africa has reported nearly 20000 new corona, virus infections, a record since only kron was 1st detected. it's not yet clear how many cases were from the new variance as only a fraction of samples sequenced. and dozens of people have been killed. the after gunman set fire to a bass in northern nigeria. local governors spokesman says 23 people were killed. but witnesses say they discovered the remains of at least 30 in the past year. armed groups have carried out several violent attacks targeting villages traveling on highways. those are the headlines i am, emily angland. the news continues. he on al jazeera, after witness statement. we are cuz she says he will bring a new form of capitalism. what does this mean?
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we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera? how ah a with
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a that money and not a good to put the nice a with a non you sound good all one day and i said to dawn
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both 90. not in the put them on the money on tonight at all possible. i you to call, i'll be to not chunky . no, a no on la la la. by like, money obviously get though out, dallas leave the deal with nob bar b, m r. more than a lot of people, and it will get by bunger blood lent on that of me got out of the about the binding down, and i am gonna go because on monday, let abilene to lead one on
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a ah, and he will go to rama savvy and randomly yeah, corner, and i had to put a bug, john, go to my toyota, so i be of in the lane at the end of the to name in a little bit ago. i did turn that up on this kid shocked aminada when a young man was killed because he was valid. he batted a woman of an upper god. the community initial got really bored, rises people out there in bubble a
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middle america a high. ah, i mean, with
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her like a property that i know then i need a wait, now i'm going to proceed and i end up with i back i a more you know i, i,
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i love a really, are the glenwood funding, so maybe we're gonna get a really good on the new side from the gas lord along and on. i'm gonna, i wanted to know with a gun i would have got my phone, me out of my body a go daddy was the god the support wanted to go to the monmouth
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a i'm, i'm there. i listen to the weather. why the city here that is, is it the there and i really, i mean if i don't, i think it will tell you that doesn't know how much would i be allowed to go. it may, the obama will lose it in the little window and why it isn't really, i'm older than the one they will not hear. but what that i'm already on is it on by the data, when even on a limited is on now, while a hold of them one in that in
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the they with that being a coil of what i'm going to do on that. i don't know that it would, it would i would, i would yeah, a along on the, at the good a good on the other one off a bit already with them on the what is some of those moto says, i mean we can all on the augusta real now the number
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one. okay. i got a very got it. well what i'll be better off my basically if you got a mom a dad we yeah. that's with mary da graphical. doesn't matter. i love, i was out thought i would wait a good when it gets worse, love your microphone, or if i remember, we give whatever way it is. a bad idea the battle to read about. i'm not always worried what your budget was out bad. i'm grad already did it. i that is to and what are the most, are you getting a little bit? i want to be way is my, i'm sounds like go away and they're going to buy is want to let him deal with that
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as either in the, the lens only but also allow me one of them that he had no mom there about it. yeah . i've been out more lined by to get him out on a good when you go. i don't even i yeah, money that way. when you know that i one that has a little better idea. melissa. o'neil would be in a said to wait a while to when i'm when you're done. oh good. that sounds like a
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new young the last time we won't be in again another. glad to see there's one number that i'm glad to yellow with is about the gabriel. it's angelica in little wonder that there with a log in on my cell. my good going with a with
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a phone on this on. so my, the la guardia one, a america a support, you will and they will be pretty hard to mentor with your thing. marika lama. you on there. one more friendship on the part of your period. dakota, iowa buildable? no. one of the yeah, yeah. we just had the business when the dating was one of the we, i'm up by the, the word little it was at the window rating
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mobile banking in on a landed in atlanta, burnsville bought the 181. scott, my place is so complicated. what is staring us in the face that we don't hold the law and order, but should be, at least in this case, don't find some justice, a id gasket system, that is a problem. and be, and least the screen of while will
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be to let me, let me find it my even in the movie and i'm the one of the let me let you know if you talking about when you're lead processed on. on the bib rooms, i'm going to begin to the very live i'm going the one the now most terry mcauliffe on monday for both due donald and i got it. i didn't, i don't bother up with the numbers that you know,
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below the, you know, here on doing this either you, i think that and then i would go out in any funding because of my time. but maybe i did, but he is still in my box and i thought i did the case on the portable the protest . eric did go, i got it by the government, the rules model of the ship of the city a road bike or one of them all. so you're not available at the united kingdom sale by doing this on either nor cannot buy in upon. i think in a feeling let me lay feeling you to get either sit on it on the double
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i'm the elaina for years. oh yay or nay we there you will you really very that lady of in a bind to know i don't where they are long a large and get are when were they in allison good of only let hungary am a dealer on their gossley are back again cabal, mikey, i don't know, but i'm about my, you the media, that one are on the facebook. ok, or my really accosting. alarm. do. garland design, elementary, comb. no lovely and day on our, on the night to night on plan, the pan. it almost global. you can, we're the and the mental you deny integral what and i doing
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a good ah, like a little form of them will then i will be leaving them in the letter with to 6 people. i was father, jim, the swami and 5 men look at it. i'll call you back. i've been given the death of
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a guy with a with the way i would be in a with a
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new market a . busy guy with a a, a, a,
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a a yet. and i believe you know, did yeah that and the boss with movement and then again yeah, that's it. oh yeah. the mill was so good. and then listen. wouldn't wait and one away alumni. good in the list on the got, i'm going to love missile many items. we're not particularly not obligated to wed see them on linkedin though. you get rid of that was it in dublin announced that lovely nat lydia then abad. that little nun afforded me applied to the load of alabama door, not by the could do when i get them, we're going to go to helena. i'll put it in
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a would be on the number key number put by newton. ok. but that was a demon on of by the lag level. umbrella operate now. a belinda. yeah. that bridge when an f one a wouldn't an event that jordan warner now what an event on the border wrangler. madam ugh! and not old college than when i'm when he gets it. and the bear bollywood and the 11 video dennis warner funding for on was added to leave. or do you want to neil wanted to kind of mud than a year? no, you know as to the beginning yeah, of a form along the way of animal with our friend here that are on the am body of glen animal. what all as id. but the loop morgan law, the law, but on i'm not going to was in my, the and the god the, and the out. i was in the it, the, it out it in the god than am would outstanding where to didn't mo video. never mind them would yet namath them would he had
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a good to do now mighty good one to get in only good, amenable to le gallano vehicle is off or not on the one obeyed dummy lili doesn't i left e n a go on the bar up be lama had a good. i'm a girl almost like got a girl named warner, lana. i mean, i see you all been ah, oh no, you're not the man as when my mom. it a good. i live in a lame as a favor. arthur poll obama. either galena videos, are you the funny chickens is harvey, the con. i am isaac law,
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texas for laven. okay. for glen or the canada. i did come in on the number cities have always been in motion. they have to be, to evolve and adapt of the sab cities all the greatest work of all shooting time, not in a huge city. you try and get this sense of how the world around you behaves. and the way you cannot see with the naked eye, you can feel the has on the back of your neck standing up when you reach the top of that building and got great views. metropolis on al jazeera,
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ah, which is here, where ever you are. oh, the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access peoples most personal data. and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of coven on a jazeera? for the 1st time since the lead up to the 2nd world war, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria rest, and dmitri morocco for to receive a 2021 prize for their courageous contributions to freedom of expression in the
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philippines and russia. in an exclusive interview life from all slow, we'll talk to this year's laurie. it's about the challenges and dangers of doing their job and the significance and protecting democracy. the nobel interview only on a jessia ah, who was in hong kong convicts. apple daily newspaper found a gemini and i and 2 others. i have an unauthorized vigil last year. ah and i on money inside this is out there, live from doha,


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