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i some, oh, slow will sold to this, used lori. it's about the challenges and dangers of doing their job. and it's significant and protecting democracy. the nobel interview only on a just, either, ah, who was in hong kong convicts. apple daily newspaper found a gemini and i and 2 others. ivan unauthorized vigil last year. ah. and i on money inside this is al, does air live from doha, also coming up. ours johnson titans, england's cove restrictions just hours after apologizing for a video of his staff, joking about holding a christmas party during last year's log down. the impact of climate change in east
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and africa and you report estimates more than a quarter of a 1000000 children have now died from hunger. and we all want to to be safe on line facing criticism. after leaks research document, instagram's chief tells us politicians the ap can help trouble. ah, we begin with some breaking news out of hong kong where a court has convicted 3 of the 8 activists charged over an unauthorized vigil last year. they include jailed media tycoon, jimmy ly. they were charged for organizing, participating, and inciting, others on kong, banned an annual vigil to mark the 1989 china gentlemen square moscow. citing the pandemic several pro democracy activists have been arrested since beijing impose
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the national security law. last june. let's go straight to hong kong were joined by the editor in chief and co founder of the hong kong free press, tom grundy. many thanks for joining the program. i believe you had a reporter in court. talk us through what happened in court today? hi marleen. well, yes, it was a short session today about a 100 people queuing up outside people in the public gallery waving and shouting birthday to july, who turned 74. this week already behind bars awaiting a security law trial. outside court, there was a loan protest known as grandma longer shouting cody moxie slogans, and calling for the release of political prisoners. and also lots of course playing closed police and uniform police as well as probation protesters calling for a heavy sentencing. as we know, last year's calamity vigil was banned on covert grounds. usually you would see a sea of people tens of thousands holding candles quietly in the city's largest
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park. but today these 3 po, democracy figures, the only ones who have pled guilty arm were charged with convicted of unauthorized assembly. did you expect this verdict? well yes, this has been the trend over the last year. the judge amanda woodcock rules are todd jimmy lie. didn't have to say in a thing to even in fighter, the very fact that he turned up just outside the park was closed. a deliberate act to rally support for and publicly spotlight the unauthorized assembly. of course, on hundreds, perhaps thousands did show up that day nevertheless. and one of the other activists in court today shall hang tongue, who is behind the alliance. the now defunct alliance that organize this, she was handing out candles woodcock noted, and she said that the barristers facebook post are leading up to the vigil clearly
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makes reference to those that will definitely join her in victoria part night that night and she doesn't specifically appeal or invite people to join her, but she signs off with see you tonight. so that was enough implication, it seems to the judge to convict them today. so me lie, as he say, he's already been in jail for about a year or so he just turned $74.00. or if other protests lead charges he's been in in jail. so what could this now mean for his sentence? well, he could mean the, he's not going to see the light of day in that the number of other charges he's facing could pace life in prison with your the security law charges. as you say, it's going to be possibly over year in prison for him. it's going to be in the new year when he is next and course along with other apple daily executives. he's charged with allegedly colluding with a foreign country to endanger national security among other charges. it will from
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at lee under this this new security law. he could even our safe trial in the mainland, but we'll see jimmy lee, probably one of the most high profile cases in hong kong to fall foul of this new security law legislation. but he's not the only one is he what impact has this case? and the new law add on hong kong pro democracy movement in general. well, this case itself is paul. so it's a, perhaps a wider crackdown on the memory of the 1989 massacre textbooks has been sensitive museum exhibits confiscated, visuals. organizers have been put behind balls and as you can see, this collaboration has been ban, let alone a monument to the gentleman. massacre is under threats, which stands on university hong kong is campus. so it's been about a year and a half. now, all on kong, under the national security law, over a 120 odd activists has been jailed only to i'm,
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i've been put behind bars on the to has actually been convicted so far. but many more set to go to court. i can't many thanks for your time, tom grundy, co founder of the hong kong free press. now england is returning to ty to corona virus restrictions as the only cron there and cast a shadow over the coming christmas period. the prime minister says, face coverings must be worn inside public venues such as cinema's from this friday, people have been asked to work from home if they can, from monday, and say, called vaccine passports, proof of receiving jobs will be needed to enter big crowded venues like night clubs, more than 51000 people tested positive in the u. k. in the past day. and a 161 people have died. health official se omicron will soon account for half of cases. but there are some big questions of
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a johnson's authority. the announcement comes hours after he was forced to apologize for video off his staff, joking about holding a christmas party during last year's locked down. jane ho has a story. deny deny, deny has been the strategy at number 10 downing street over reports of a staff christmas party last year when they were banned under cobra rules. the government says no rules were broken, leaked video recorded 4 days later, during rehearsals by senior staff for a news briefing offers damning evidence to the contrary. i went home, old and all the cheese and the season line. all right, this is, this is recorded. inspection policy was a business associate, just one of those involved has now resigned. it recalled and perhaps eclipsed
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previous pandemic rule breaches. like chief advisor, dominant cummings, lockdown family road trip, the former health secretary mat hancock's office affair, and the prime minister's own failure to wear a mask on a recent hospital visit at prime minister's questions on wednesday, or is johnson was under extreme pressure to step up his response, i can understand how infuriating it must be to think that the people who have been setting the rules have not been following the mississippi. because i was also curious to see that. and if you pick up, i apologize. i apologize unreservedly to the effect that it is caused up and down the country. and i apologize to the impression that it gave he barely took the sting out of the opposition's attack. for much the, the queen alone would she,
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mark the passing of the man should be marked for 73 years. leadership sacrifice. that's what gives leaders of moral authority to lee the just the prime. and to think he has the moral authority to leave off the purchase people to stick to the wrong. that question would be put to the test later. at a news conference, baris johnson announced new public health measures in response to the highly transmissible omit crohn variant. i know this will be hard for many people. they include mosque wearing in more endorse settings, guidance to work from home, where possible, and the use of vaccine passports in large public settings. it is for the public now to decide if they will listen things by making his statement and offering his apology in parliament bars. johnson will have hoped to move events on in a story that has the potential to do him great damage. the problem is that
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a new conversation may now emerge one about the public's willingness to follow new measures in the face of the army, chrome variant. and whether this government has the moral authority to enforce that . jonah a whole al jazeera london drug make advise us as a 3rd vaccine dose is effective against the on the chrome variant 5. then it's partner bond tech, a lab test. so a booster shot office increase protection either has also started to develop an on the chrome specific vaccine which should be available next year. people vaccinated with a 3rd boost generate a robust level of neutralizing antibody against the new highly mutated omicron variant. this is sir combe 14 and a very positive message that we now have a plan that will induce immunity that is likely to protect from
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infection symptomatic illness and severe disease from now across the entire winter season. as we learn more about the seal nurse children in east africa bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, a group save the children, tract malnutrition, across the region. it says this year, more than a quarter of a 1000000 children in 8 countries may have died from hunger, has been a dramatic rise in severe signs of malnutrition. much of the region has been affected by climate change. east and kenya, southern somalia, and parts of ethiopia have drought while south c, dawn has had 3 years of severe flooding of cause mass displayed, placement and severe hunger. the group says the death all preventable and has called on governments to fully fund response plans. greg graham is the head of the
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humanitarian respond, save the children. he says, governments need to provide more funding to support families at risk. it is a horrible number to have over 250000 children die of severe acute mount attrition . in addition to the climate crisis, which causes drought and flooding, we have the challenges of coven 19 and an impact it's had on economies and health systems, as well as conflict and parts of the region. all of these make children that much more of all, that much harder to have the food they need and when they are sick from severe bound, nutrition, fewer than half of them are getting the treatment they need across the stuff. in the very 1st instance, a child who does have severe acute nutrition needs media treatment. and so what we need across the monitoring system is adequate funding for organizations like say the children, local organizations, local governments, un system. so that children who are sick, who are at risk of dying from simply not having enough to eat and the disease is it
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can come with that. that system needs to be funded. and we need to make sure that children who need treatment get treatment. secondly, we need to make sure that there's enough support to families so that they can afford, you know, there's enough money in the system, cash transfer programs so that families have enough to eat. in the long run, we have to not just worry about the impact of climate crisis in the long run. we need to worry about it today. it's not just temperatures rising over time, but we need to understand today the impact that it is having on families on children who are at risk still ahead on al jazeera. while the u. s. house of representatives has banned the imports from china jang region. i have allegations of labor and saudi crown. prince mohammed been salmon visits council for the 1st time since his country located at the gulf, neva in 2017. ah
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hey there. good to see. here's the weather stories. we're following for the americas. it's going to be a full out snow storm for the atlantic provinces in canada, mainland nova scotia, cape breton island, through newfoundland. i think in the zone will see anywhere from 15 to 30 centimeters of stow, especially a for cape breton island. now this energy all started toward the southeast of the us stains have cleared out few showers coastal texas into louisiana. now let's go to the other coast. we've got some rain to talk about for los angeles and san diego may get a spurts of it too, for vegas at 14 degrees, snow through the rockies. and we've also got snow coming at you through the cascades on thursday as well. now for canada, vancouver, it's got a high of 5 degrees. next stop are going to central america wall to wall sunshine, largely across the caribbean, few showers, coasts rica into panama,
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and for the top end of south america, we have seen some flooding toward the north west of bolivia, impacting the past. you're getting up to a high of 12 degrees on thursday. it's been a game changer for patagonia with this front, sweeping through drop in temperatures and come a thorough reba davia. same for bi jablonka as well. just a high of 20 degrees on thursday. we'll see those winds pick up across the river plate region. and now you're up to date. we'll see again soon. ah, ah, ambition, o, artistry, adventure short documentary, spry african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. billy allen, minium village throttle queens. this is when we get to bed or head down and the cade africa direct on al jazeera.
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ah ah ah, you're walking out as a reminder on top stories this hour, jailed media titanium, jimmy ly, and to all the pro democracy activists have been found guilty of organizing and participating in last year's band gentlemen square vigil. hong kong bound the annual vigil to mark the 1989 massacre. citing the pandemic britons prime minister has announced to return to ties to korean of ours restrictions to stem. the spread of the omi quote varies or st. johnson is urging people in england to work from home. miss mandating covet 19 passes for entrance into public venue.
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drop make a finds, a says a 3rd vaccine dose is effective against seal mccolan variance and office increase protection. buys is also started to develop and normally call a specific vaccine which should be available next year. the u. s. house of representatives has voted in favor of banning imports from china's weston shing jang region. over force, labor consents response of washington's pushed back against beijing's treatment of muslim wiggers, which the u. s. says, amounts to genocide to become law. it needs to pass senate and be signed off by president joe biden, the you and says a least a 1000000 week as are being held in counter extreme as extremism centers. engine jang. as the ledge force labor is rife which beijing has denied as b to adrian's ends. he is a senior fellow in china studies with the victims of communism. memorial foundation
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. he joins his from minneapolis via skype. so 428 to one. that's overwhelming bipartisan support. for this bill, are you surprised? no, i'm not surprised. i think it is very much a bar bipartisan issue where the parties agree that something has to be done that forced labor needs to be tackled. unfortunately, there are 2 different bills in the senate and the house that need to be reconciled . so we'll have to see how quickly this could actually over time be put into law. what do you think it's talk? chances are of getting, sorry. well, some voices say that the buying and ministration has some interest to delay this. some voices also say that the state department is interested in a more targeted approach rather than a blanket ban of goods mate and chin young that create a rebuttable presumption that companies basically have to say if we want to import anything made from junk, we 1st have to prove that it's not made for forced labor,
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which is actually the proper way to tackle this. a roughly one in 5 cotton garden, so globally contain costs and all your firms in jang. from a business point of view, this will no doubt impact companies. how much support is that really from companies for this to go ahead? companies have long tried to look the other way. they were not sure what to do about this because dependence on shinji and cotton is huge. it's very hard to the rest from it. companies now are gradually realizing the problem is not going anywhere. and they will have to look for a tentative supply chains. and i believe that has started because companies realize, sooner or later they will have to find a tentative, but it is going to cost them more money. so they've not been in a hurry to really try to push the issue. what is your understanding of what is happening in chin? jang, when it comes to the 4th labor week, is the false labor situation is, is really vast. firstly,
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you half the internment camps. and one of the main strategies of paging is to push people from the internment camps after they've been brainwashed, and re educated, involving some torture to put them into factory work. and a lot of that involves textiles. now a new documents that leaked last week to shin young people's show that she jen ping himself and other government lead us in beijing likely could chung, i actually behind these schemes answer does as a major, major concern, a major human rights violation on an industrial scale where you got to get your thoughts. adrian's ang, senior fellow in china studies with the victims if communism. memorial foundation. thank you. thank you. and it more countries announcing a diplomatic boy cause have the beijing winter olympics, canada and the u. k. followed the u. s. and australia's decision to protest what
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they call china's human rights to be, says, athletes from all 4 nations will still be able to attend and compete in the games. as a country indeed, as many partners around the world, we are extremely concerned by the repeated human rights violations by the chinese government. that is why we are announcing today that we will not be sending any diplomatic representation to the beijing olympic paralympic games this winter. our athletes have been training for years and are looking forward to compete the highest level against athletes from around the world. and they will continue to have all of our fullest support. the highest ranking, military official in india, is among at least 13 killed in a helicopter crash. the aircraft came down just short of his destination, which was a military training college in the southern state of tom in law. do defense,
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chief general pippin rot. his wife and 11 others were killed. one person survived and his being treated in a military hospital to germany now with as a change of god. up to 16 years, all of sholtes from the social democratic party has become the new chancellor, replacing anglo michael the faces of course several challenges including a 4th wave of the current of ours and security threats. europe is facing at its borders. step, fasten reports from berlin. this is good bye to the woman. many in germany have called with the mother. and welcome to the man with the tough task of filling her shoes. shriller does his money all of shows what to fulfill his task. as chancellor says, appointment to robert them by m p. now does so called traffic light, coalition of social democrats liberals, and believes him get toward why of denial. scott,
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i'm looking forward to the new job, but i'm looking forward to everyone working here and today mark's a good start for a country on the stuff in shult hometown hamburg batch had all gone, celebrates this special day with a discount for an all of shawls haircut. and little job from the barbara who happens to be an old friend. they met each other when both are working for the s b day, the social democratic party, and toys, who long for me does all of us at dark. why it's a special day because my good comrade, my very sensitive comrade, been a powerful position as chancellor and i will keep my fingers crossed on the wounded . this isn't really dissolve. i can't even explain how special the stays for me life, but i didn't it. glen sold will lead a 3 party government with the greens and the liberal f, a pe and novelty in germany. the coalition as a now to the bishop 177 page deal that should modernize germany by speeding up the energy transition and improve welfare provision. but it's the that the 4th wave of
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the cove has been that make that will need all his attention 1st, we need to be able to make the decisions past. and that also means he has to lead the coalition and not go into endless debates and compromises with half of his cabinet posts given to women. shoulds wants to show he is serious about change. his foreign minister on elaine book of the greens has announced the tough of stance on russia and china. but some wonder if shoals has what it takes to eat internationally. i think his lack, of course my is a weakness. but now who's, who's, who's advisors? keep telling us that this is going to be a strong transfer that can bring people together and that behind the scenes you use the person that can do that. but certainly he hasn't shown that he can convey or can bring people behind him. germany will find out soon enough because the country
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takes over the g 7 presidency in january. an important moment for sholtes to convince dose will still have doubts all eyes. i now on this man on the shore, as promised a new era for europe's largest economy. but with germany in the grip of the cove at 19 pandemic and tensions at europe's board, us, he storm is off to a challenge and start a new dawn for germany. i'm glad merkel will watch it all from the sidelines. it might take a while until germany will get used to that step. fasten elders, era, berlin, savvy. as government has to spend the 2 key laws that would have helped rear tinto open. a lithium mine, it follows mass demonstrations in belgrade and other cities. over 2 weekends. mining giant has faced accusations of corruption, environmental degradation, and human rights abuses. approach. i saw the biggest challenge yet to president alexander, which faddie rayas crown prince. ma hm had been some man is in doha,
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where he met with the mirror cutter as part of the regional tool. amir tweeted, the 2 discounts, security and stability in the region visit comes ahead of the annual gulf leader summit in re add this month. hash an adult had a, has moved from doha. this is the 1st time, as you said, the other side to compress will habit than sell man is in katara since the blockade in 2017, when people thought that was the biggest political crisis in the region. and people thought that this was just going to further deepen, the political divides between the 2 neighboring countries. sarabia was the leader with a united arab emirates, bahati, and egypt in that particular blockade that was imposed on or cutter. now, earlier this year, the, the mid of cotton and compress part of the cement met in a loaner inside the ravia. and they said, we're setting aside our differences with turned the chapter of the crisis up. we're
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moving forward today when they met at the emerald view and they discussed a wide range of issues, security, diplomacy, regional issues, and also the need for both countries to move forward. there were businessman from saudi arabia alcott, whom at earlier today here in dough, how with the aim of bring him back, their relation to normal. is it likely to happen anytime soon? you know, the brocade left, some scars and those cars will have to take some time to heal. and they're saying that the intentions are that on the look forward to say that being translated on the ground with a stronger relationship between the 2 countries. there will be meeting soon on the 14th of december in the 3rd to capital re yard, where the gcc what block will be meeting. and they're hoping to be able to build bridges and come out to the international committee and say, fly and only the d. c. is having a one voice when it comes to the key regional issues, the head of instagram as calling on politicians to help regulate social media
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platforms with new laws. specifying what's expected as emissary as testifying before us senators who are scrutinizing the theater sharing apps. impact on children leaks. internal documents have revealed. instagram, discovered the platform negatively effects teenagers, mental health. now i recognize that many in this room have deep reservations about our company. i want to assure you that we do have the same goal. we all want teams to be safe on line internet isn't going away. and i believe there's important work that we can do together, industry and policy makers. and we have a specific proposal. we believe there should be an industry body that will determine the best practices when it comes to what i think are the 3 most important questions with regards to safety. how to verify edge, how to build age appropriate experiences, and how to build parental controls. zack press is the digital director of accountable tech and says instagram's calls for an industry body won't make
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a difference from my perspective. a lot of the announcements instagram has made leading up to this hearing today are cosmetic fixes to unfortunately, a system that's far more broken. and at the end of the day, we have to step back and ask ourselves, well, how does instagram make money? and i think it's important to look at their toxic business model that at the end of the day, is bout hooking users for as long as possible to run as many ads as possible. i'm on their feed to generate as much revenue as possible. so when they propose a simple fix, like taking a break, i think they do that because they know they have the ability to hook users in lower than back to the platform. ultimately, i think it's incumbent upon government to look at how it is we can better structure on the incentives behind companies like facebook on that rely upon this toxic business model, surveillance, advertising japanese, belinda has become the 1st fi paying space tourist to visit the international space station in more than
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a decade. this is the moment the hat was opened and you saw coat miss ella entered the overtake greeted by the station's crew. he flew that with his assistant and was accompanied by a russian cosmonaut 32nd flight, took off from a cosmo jerome and catholics town. on wednesday, with the tourists were now spent 12 days in open 20 to jeff. oh, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories, jailed media tycoon, jimmy lie and 2 other pro democracy activists have been found guilty of organizing and participating in last year's bad tellerman square vigil. hong kong ban the annual vigil to mark the 1989 massacre. so i think the pandemic britton's prime minister has announced a return to tight a corona virus restrictions to stem the spread of the micron variant or is johnson is urging people in england to work from home.


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