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blue ah, your child, is it a reminder of our top story? is this our south africa approve the use of the pfizer vaccine booster shots as it battles? a 4th wave of the patent and pandemic? a w a chose says south african case is increased by 255 percent of the past week. england's returning to tighter corona virus restrictions, as the omar con variant cast a shadow over the coming christmas period. but there are questions over prime as to polish. johnson's authority, after a leak videos, showed his staff joking about a holding a party to last year's lockdown fees. pro democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted of taking part in a band vigil last year. media tied to jenny ly is among them more than
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a dozen people would charge for involvement in the event commemorating the chinaman square massacre. the new zealand governments announced one of the world's toughest anti smoking laws. it plans to effectively ban smoking by progressively raging laser. the legal age for buying tobacco products, a level of nicotine and cigarettes on sale will also be reduced. the last set to come into effect. in 2027 critic said the law who boosts the black market for tobacco. smoking is the leading cause of death in new zealand, killing up to $5000.00 people each year. until now. the government's focused on increasing taxes on cigarettes to make smoking unaffordable. last year, a $25.00 pack cost about $28.00. 10 years ago. it was 11, smoking rates have fallen in recent years, but about 13 percent of the adult population still smokes. the rates much higher for indigenous. murray at about 28 percent under the government's plan,
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a task force would be created to help reduce smoking among marvin. don't that asia that al is new zealand associate health minister, she says, vapor being isn't included in the new law because it's considered a safer alternative to cigarettes. there is very strong evidence that tobacco is an extremely harmful and addictive substance. and yet the evidence will have some types, and it's probably definitely a safe road finished. so we're taking a reduction approach by banding to best price will future generations, but making sure for current market quit, there are $4000.00 new zealand just died each year from tobacco and we might take action on it. what made a lot of progress, the cause of that regulation repeating what allows right to quit. so we made the biggest decrease we had in history in watching, right? the last year alone. so we think that what freak out is within reach
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a european population as is seek to make it as i reach. that goal is that we need to take bold action to make sure all parts of the community get there. and because we're not prepared to pass the community behind, among long 65, between the pakistan taliban and the government is ending. the information minister says all on groups need to surrender. it talks to succeed. families of children killed by the taliban. so they're angry about the government so called mainstreaming of on groups. a some, a bunch of reports from chicata and northern pakistan. but you want to give me my name. he asked, did the taliban kill your children? how can you talk to them? this is your 100 at a protest against the government's decision to talk to the markets, funding, dollar bonds. her son was among the 132 students killed at an army public school by the on group in 2014 by 7. say it's the market funding. bonds said it was
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intervention for the military operations in tribal areas. good may, will. does it get simpler though? shawna is now angry at the bucket. finally, government and military for starting negotiations without punishing the culprits of that attack. so get the bose, is she? those are the how do i forget everything? they say 80000 people have been killed. you're not the only one. i sympathize with everyone. but how do i forgot my dad? sorry about miss up kelly. do you this is wrong. they are criminals. how can you forgive murders? the goblin says the state has the right to talk, but the group will have to, in its words, bow its head before the constitution. in addition to releasing a large number of its prisoners, the biggest one, he thought the bonds demands reported the include opening a political office in the end of the country, reversing the merger of tribal areas with the northern cape, the province. and the enforcement of it's version of islamic law and bucket fund
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moves. and my litigations are underway. law enforcement team said they are carrying out operations against what they call criminals and terrorists. this is not the 1st time the government is talking to the pakistan. he thought a bond or t t p, but simultaneously a database is being established to make sure they have the details of the sympathizer, the supporters and the fighters, which belong to the group. now by august on special security department says it's implementing a research based strategy to understand trends of terrorism. this new process it helping the police to carry out hundreds of targeted operations across the northern k p province. which is a border with a lot of on crime and terrorism has a lot of nexus also, they do not have already led him into a structured organization. they keep moving from one, dennis group to the other. we've been able to tabulate, and then give a guideline to our feel units, and they are now going for target operations. but marcus on highest court is not
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convinced the strategy to hold talks is well thought out. it's already something prime minister him wrong hon and the judge has asked him quote, are we going to surrender once again? he was told you brought those guilty to the negotiating table, all the group individuals. and you know, the groups that have to surrender before any box can see the government maintains the pocket time you thought about have safe havens across the border in earnest on the latest, the slide was brokered by the off gone tyler bond, which used its influence with the pockets timing, thought the bomb mobile push a school with the sand to seek of the other. we are acting as an intermediary and we can only try. we will continue to do it so that the talk should reach to a fruitful end in between the 2 brothers or eg foods autonomy as the murky talks that under way shall hon, shows us the stain, who are sons blood on his shoe victims of the buckets timing taliban demanding justice before making deals with who they see as murderers. solemn java down there
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tucker of northern buck. his son, united states is hosting a 2 days summit was more than a 100 countries discussing the decline of democracy worldwide. but some excess of criticized who's on the guest list because they have questionable human rights records can be hawker reports from washington, d. c. ah, the images are unforgettable. supporters of former president donald trump last january attempting to overturn the results of the u. s. presidential election, it rattled a nation that prides itself on being a model for democracy. since then, many americans have come to believe democracy is under attack in the u. s. and elsewhere, it's no secret that there is democratic backsliding happening around the world. that's why you as president biden is holding
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a virtual summit this week to bring together more than a 100 countries to promote democratic ideals like voting and human rights. divide in administration points to threads to taiwan from china and ukraine from russia. as just some of the examples of how democratic governments are being tested, it hopes to rally global leadership to stand up even confront those authoritarian forces. but critics say the u. s. lacks the moral authority to hold such a summit. we directly arm and finance some of the most authoritarian and inch democratic governments around the world. the case that comes to mind over and over again is saudi arabia, where we continue to sell arms in the millions, billions of dollars, to a government that who stated goal. he's not to support that democratic re foundation. the guest list for the summit has also raised eyebrows. countries like
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india and israel have been invited to attend. they've been criticized internation late for their authoritarian responses, kashmir and the palestinian territories. meanwhile, turkey and hungry, both nato allies are excluded. it does not mean that we are invite that every one we're inviting, we're giving a stamp of approval on every democracy is a work in progress. divisions over the 2020 u. s. election. continue led by former president. trump, who has still not accepted the results or his defeat. democrats say that sentiment has motivated republicans to change voting laws in some states to restrict access to the ballot box and potentially manipulate future votes. given the divisions over what democracy looks like in the us and abroad, the democracy summit will be
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a task for president biden. will he be able to push world leaders some with their own authoritarian tendencies to take meaningful action to change? kimberly held it al jazeera, the white house, done me while china is accusing the us. so political manipulation for going ahead with the summits, katrina, you has more from finishing according to beijing. this summit is about promoting us self interest and making sure that the u. s. stays on top of the world stage. now china has many reasons to be angry. one of the foremost is that it was not one of the more than 100 countries or regions invited to attend this summit. and they took issue with that. and they were further infuriated by the invitation extended to taiwan, which china considers a rogue chinese break away province. another participant, they are not happy with is the speaker nathan law. and now he was a former hong kong legislator,
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a well known activists. and he fled hong kong before the position of the national security law. last year now he's been invited to speak about his experiences. he will talk on human rights and standing up to authoritarianism on friday. now, recent days, over the past week staging and its propaganda, state media has been on or the dr. talking about all the flaws of us style democracy and saying that china has its own style of democracy, which is more representative of the interest of the people. but of course us many other per democratic groups and countries would take issue without saying that china routinely denies it. citizens, human rights or basic rights, there is no individual voting and trying to has been routinely criticize or it's a treatment of, for example, muslim wiggers as well as people working in the media. children in east africa, i said be bearing the brunt of the climate crisis aide group, save the children's, been tracking malnutrition across the region. it says this year, more than a quarter of a 1000000 children and 8 countries may have died from hunger,
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has been a dramatic rise in severe signs of malnutrition. much of the region has been affected by climate change. eastern kenya, southern somalia, on pots of ethiopia have dr. 12, south sudan, said 3 years of severe flooding. the disasters of caused mass displacement and severe hunger. the group says the deaths can be prevented. it's calling on governments to give response plans all the funds that they need, or greg grams, the head of humanitarian responses that save the children. he says governments need to provide more funding to support families at risk. it is a horrible number to have over 250000 children, die of severe acute malnutrition. addition to the climate crisis, which causes drought and flooding. we had the challenges of coven 19 and an impact it had on economies and health systems, as well as conflict and parts of the region. all of these make children that much more vulnerable,
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that much harder to have the food they need. and when they are sick from severe acute bound, nutrition, fewer than half of them are getting the treatment they need across east africa than the very 1st instance. a child who does have severe acute bound attrition needs mediate treatment. and so what we need across the monitoring system is adequate funding for organizations like say the children, local organizations, local governments, you insist. and so that children who are sick, who are at risk of dying from simply not having enough to eat. and the disease is a can come with that, that system needs to be funded. and we need to make sure that children who, who need treatment care treatment. secondly, we need to make sure that there's enough support to families so that they can afford no, there's enough money in the system, cash transfer programs so that families have enough to eat. in the long run, we have to not just worry about the impact of climate crisis in the long run. we need to worry about it today. it's not just temperatures rising over time, but we need to understand today the impact that it is having on families on
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children who are at risk that evinced graham's calling on politicians to help regulate social media platforms with new laws specifying what's expected. adam was savvy set to find before us senators, who are scrutinizing the abs impact on children, leaked internal documents have revealed that instagram discovered the platform can negatively affect teenagers mental health. now i recognize in many, in this room, have deep reservations about our company. but i want to assure you that we do have the same goal. we all want teens to be safe on line. internet isn't going away. and i believe there's important work that we can do together, industry and policy makers. and we have a specific proposal. we believe there should be an industry body that will determine the best practices when it comes to what i think are the 3 most important questions with regards to safety. how to verify age, how to build age appropriate experiences, and how to build parental controls. was that price is digital director of
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accountable tech. he says instagram's called for a group to regulate online safety. isn't the answer? from my perspective, a lot of the announcements instagram has made leading up to this shearing to day are cosmetic fixes to unfortunately, a system that's far more broken. and at the end of the day, we have to step back and ask ourselves, well, how does instagram make money? and i think it's important to look at their toxic business model that at the end of the day, is about hooking users for as long as possible. to run as many ads as possible, i'm on their feed to generate as much revenue as possible. so when they propose a simple fix, like taking a break, i think they do that because they know they have the ability to hook users and lower them back to the platform. ultimately, i think it's incumbent upon governments to look at how it is we can better structure. ah, the incentives behind companies like facebook on that rely upon this toxic business model surveillance advertising start had an audi 0. we've got all the sports with
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peter throb. yes, we live here from our special ed cups here in dover. we're here from amman school. we're pretty goalkeeper. i'll help see about why no one else from the country has made it big in europe. ah ah ah ah, ah ah
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ah oh, news. ah. well compelled to do special coverage of a p for arab got the tournament, doubling up as a major, warm up eventful the cutter will cut that next yet. hello. i'm here to say it's
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plenty of schools need for you. as a lympics chief, thomas buff addresses concerns about the beijing winter olympics ball to learn. i failed to make the last 16 of the champions league for the 1st time in 17 years following a 3 know the fee to buy and munich, a blistering century from travis, hey, puts australia and firm control the 1st ashley face against england. and as long prepared for the arab cool, the final we speak to the most famous player, the former go keeper ali. i'll hop see i woke up the gun but 1st to europe way for the 1st time in 17 years. barcelona have failed to reach the knockout phase of the champions league. it will be 2 and 3, you know, in their final group came by by an munich, which means been feca go through instead, boss, or who have reached the last 16 every time it competed in the competition since 2001. now dropping to the rope, a league by and progress also,
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winning all 6 of their matches so far. it's going to be a mom road bed for bosses. new coach chevy mandate. no, no, you're good. keep a good you. reality showed that we were not at the level of find munich, that's the whole truth. we have to face it and we have to recover. we have another competition to play. and we'll start again from there. starting today, we need to bounce back and bring back the barcelona funds where they belong, which is not the rope a leak in another. earlier we spoke to spanish football journalist jim, so lead, who was in munich for the match. she said, this is a disaster for the club and the result of poor leadership in the boardroom. they have lost their players and there is no plan. they are kind of been providing changing. and the idea of what to do, and probably the but management of the big success. let's remember 2015. the esteem one, the travels day, one, the time being leak. and 6 years later they are in this disaster. and they will play for the very 1st time in their history. their republic. yes. so they chevy in
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munich. he said something interesting that this can be taken as a turning point. they had been the recent history, a lot of turning point because that a to against buyer in lives about. and they said it was a turning point as well. it wasn't so that they need to change the clique. i think it's the right manager right now for about lona, he knows the house. he knows the ad much fair to the brands. they're all the represent. sure that you have in that a complicated historical clap. so yeah, they need to go back to the region. this is the, the cod. lemme see where the young players learn how to play football. i think that's the key tool to a keep the style of barcelona, what they call, what we call the dna and try to build from the back tool to try to to be a big team again. you venza swin through to the last 16 as winners of group h. they meet malmo, one know where the go from was
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a ken is 1st in the champ hinsley, the victory maint. you've aged ahead of chelsea who had to settle for 2nd after being held $33.00 away at zenefits saint petersburg, ralph rag make a gave manchester united 2nd string players run out in their game against steam, young boys. mason greenwood gave them the lead, but some put offending at the other end. it meant they were held at $11.00 united were already assured of a lost 16 place though, and still qualify as group winners. taught them 0 per conference league match with rain on thursday has been called off of the cove at 19 outbreak at spurs 8 a bay players and 5 members of staff of tested positive for corona virus which has led to the club. closing they training center spurs are supposed to play brighton on sunday. coach antonio conte wouldn't confirm if they'll contact the premier league to request a postponement every they were having good people with the with gov. it. people
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that the yesterday ah, wasn't to be posted even today he was positive and the we are continued to have a current at with the people that are, are we think that they are, i've negative, but the day after become positive. i think this is a serious problem. every one is obese gave the answer because or i think every wanna or we have family and her why? yeah, i ever to take her, these are, these are disco if another race fe here at the fee for arab cup, but we're building up through fridays quarter finals is a reminder of how they line up to new z and omar 1st up. and later that might host cutter face the u. e. then on saturday, egypt tackle jordan and it's morocco versus algeria. earlier i spoke to former oman goalkeeper ali i'll have see about which country he is picking. to lift the trophy from the start, i said like a chipped algeria to nicea morocco. busy this,
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this for teams, i think they have some good quality players for me. this one of them, it will be, you know, it can be in there are 2 of them to, to do will be in the fido. you spoke about the whole nation casa and obviously the, the home fans. that's always something we see that in football all over the world, the whole nation tends to do well in competition. just looking at the team at the moment. how well do you think cover can do next year? because obviously they would be one of the lower ranked teams. i think for cut out . i didn't think so. to be easy for the commissioner team, you know, to play for the world golf. but i think the already, i guess who said before, they have some good quality players and they have played a lot of friends, good friendly games in europe had in asia. and as a player, you know, wouldn't be played like ation. coverage was a very big push for themselves. you know, the found themself. they have something you know to,
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to come before the world cup for this competition for outcome. even that for, for them is something good you know, to play home before the work up with their own fines. even this competition is not already just for categories. we see a lot of fos from the out of countries. it was, it was something that was great to see, you know, and when we see the game between g area and a chipped with nearly 4 stadium near to 40000 people, it sure how is important to be some good competition here in this area. us out of competition is, is very big for you. we're one of the most famous hello. one of the most famous football is to come from this region, but most certainly from oman. and often what happens is when there is a player who sort of break that barrier, there'll be other youngsters that then come through the system. but maybe at the moment it's free to say that they aren't really any famous omani players playing in europe or any of the big lee. is that something that disappoints you?
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and secondly, how would you say that could be maybe fixed? yeah, of course a disappoint me. no, because i would love to see some of my youngest, you know, to be to show them cell phone to, to play with the big, big level. and if a boy and i think what they do it myself now in mine, i'm a open may offer what academy in oman, and i'm trying my best to do something you know to. since i'm youngest to europe, we have some like 10 players from i want to kind of meet the the went to the national team and 16 and they went some of good clubs there in oman to send good good players to, to a little bit. isn't that easy but i'm sure we in the future. something to come in. great to hear from a legend of the mon football team, a reminder that the current couple players are in for the fee for arab cup co finals. they pay to nivia on friday, australia remaining charge of the 1st session,
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taste against england, travis head, it was the star on day to imprison, smashing the 3rd foster century national history of just $85.00 balls. you finish the book, the de unbeaten, 112. david warner was in decent form. 2 floating just short of the century, australia closed 343 for 7 up the gabba and england dismal batting performance on day one. that is a need of $196.00 bill pension. so sort of thing locker current quite work at what point turns bought over the last couple hours, but i want to contribute to australia and strong winds and i told him an authorization to mornings important again to continue another great diverse trailer . and that's what i'm here today, the head of the international olympic committee, thomas bar, as defended the ios, the handling of the punctuated situation. the chinese penance play has not been public key for weeks after, alleging she was sexually assaulted by
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a senior official in the chinese government, but has spoken to pung via 2 video calls. we all know we're having the same impression and so that we could not to feel her being under under pressure. many people are saying can are there, there are a suspicion. so here and there, it's very easy to, to have her suspicions, suspicion. so you, you can have all reason about and about everything. tiger woods will make his return to competitive gulf next week in his 1st start and suffering serious injuries in a car. crash woods has confirmed. he'll play at the pnc championship in florida alongside he son charlie. it's a 36 hole events which sees major when his team up with a member of a family. and that's all from our reminder about food story. barcelona have failed to make the last 16 of the champions league for the 1st time in 17 years following
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the 3 know the fee to buy and unit will be back in a few hours on for another school update. at 1345, gmc for you that ah news, news, news, news, frank assessments this gracious, please continue to recon lucas shank, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that it was better informed opinions like the whole edition will now be under incredible pressure from the young people, that is one of the most types of things can come out of this critical debate. do
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you think a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, i think, right? it's a really simple question. let's give me a child. once. inside story on al jazeera, cities have always been in motion. they have to be to evolve and adapt of all the sad cities, all the greatest work of art, shooting time that's in a huge city. you kind of get this sense of how the world around you behave in a way you cannot see with the naked eye. you can feel the has on the back of your neck standing when you reach the top of that building and get that great view. metropolis on now to sierra ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. were creepy, even supplied by tradition. doing
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where beautiful possibilities are offered. a diverse range of stories from across the gland. from the perspective of on networks journalists on al jazeera, ah a parallel winter. the u. k. as wanted could see a 1000000 cases of the armor chron cove at variance in weeks. ah, out of there i'm associate, hey, this is out of their life from doha also coming up a guilty verdict with 3 pro democracy campaign. as in hong kong, they're charged with taking part in a band vigil. talks to salvage the iran nuclear deal are just about to get underway
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. will be live in vienna and determined to snuff out.


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