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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, i'm about to send and doha, the top stories on al jazeera, south africa, approved the use of the pfizer vaccine booster shot as it battles of forth, wave of the pandemic. the w i chose has cases have increased by 255 percent in the past week. pharma tamila has moved from johannesburg. if we look at the last 24
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hours have been 900000 over 900000 cases. and i think what is concerning is the positivity rate and that that's gone up to 26.8 percent, which really is about the number of people going out to get tested. a quarter of them are then receiving results, saying that they're positive and i think this is what experts are keeping a close eye on. the what is made south africa sort of stand out in the last couple of days is that the number of infections throughout november and at the end of the 3rd wave had really dropped significantly, perhaps 3 or 400 cases in an entire week. and now we've seen that increase exponentially by 300 percent. and so the is continuing concern around just how the army current by variant will impact the africans and an increase in disease. but the government appears to be taking quite a sober approach, not heightening or restriction levels in south africa. i'm also firing back at the international community around travel band saying that hospitals are in order.
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they're ready for anything that might happen during that 4th wave. and wanting to be cautious, really being concerned about just how severe the variant might be. but also saying we need scientific data to back up the position that we read and then to better understand what's going on. england's returning to try to corona virus restrictions over the coming christmas period. the health secretary is one of the u. k. could see a 1000000 alma khan infections by the end of this month. on comedy taken, jimmy lie on 2 other prominent pro democracy activists have been convicted for their roles and a band vigil to commemorate the chinaman's square massacre. florence louis reports jimmy ly was at last year tenement square rally in hong kong for just 15 minutes and did not address the crowd. the judge said prosecutors had been able to prove his incited others to attend the vigil. lie used to own apple daily,
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a vocal pro democracy paper. the tablet was shut down after police rated its officers and arrested staff under a national security law. some journalists in hong kong say, they are not surprised by wednesday's verdict. this has been the trend of the last year of the judge and under woodcock. rules are todd jimmy lie didn't have to say anything to even in fight others. the very fact that he turned up just outside the park was close a deliberate act to rally support for and publicly spotlight the unauthorized assembly. the judge also found barrister chow hung tom and former reported gwyneth how guilty of either taking part or inciting others to join the event. all 3 pleaded not guilty. 16 other activists are already serving jail sentences for also taking part in the commemoration. hong kong has traditionally held large events on the anniversary of the tenement crackdown in beijing for the 1st time in 30 years.
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please in hong kong band, last year's rally, citing corona virus restrictions. commemorations were also band this year, with case itself is part i would say perhaps a wider crackdown on the memory of the 1989 massacre. textbooks has been censored, museum exhibits confiscated, visuals. organizers have been put behind balls. and as you can see, this collaboration has been banned. last year's band was imposed justice. china passed a sweeping, national security more in hong kong activist say the latest convictions. i. another example of hong kong leaders bowing to pressure from beijing to censure pro democracy expression florence lee algebra talk same to reviving the 2015 iran nuclear agreement have resumed in vienna. that's after last week's negotiations made little headway the u. s. and european participants. the syracuse
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around of not being serious about solving the deal. there was the headlines. the news continues and orders here after witness. good bye. ah ah, oh ah oh. ready ready ready ready ready ready i'm sorry, i don't mean shall fully. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready get deanna bondo jeanine
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the works of log l o to fear for to who the man for 1000000 of for all of these thing is ah quick question here. a now clause cannot do at this with can show cannot. those should does bother because his credit, before you transfer on to new york, men see says,
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a strong order, new york, a fast a bench come with a survey for north. sure. so gone to the next answer, dancing
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her far economy foreign play with america. mark. this is so caught up on the discussion terminated there become quite quite cartier, pomona. just come back to the door. i know dish shall kind of deal is not something we're missing is a cup estimate but not to put mercy. don't what is emptied, vice as volt. she tonnage sean kitchen. good. and that was the the hook in the room. hello, connie was now the one of the for con, look at dish on mobile, joan class on or the near term wanted model for college it. ah, there's a lot more is al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is
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a world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me, sandra goldman on al jazeera. ah, how do you bring the feel of the stadium into your home? by cheering on your team. hearing the rule of the crowd watching it with friends, marvelling at the best plays on the planet scoring incredibly goals. what really makes the big match? great is all those things in the highest definition as they happen. wherever you are. as hale science space to deliver your vision, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ronnie casa needed to
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oakland and development in national shipping company to become a teen, middle east and trade and learning skillfully mcdonald 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato cotton gateway to whoa trade. lou, i'm robinson and know how the top stories on ology 0 south africa approved the use of the pfizer vaccine boosters shot as it battles of forth wave of the pandemic. the w h o says south african cases have increased by 255 percent in the past week. harmony miller has more from johannesburg. what has made south africa sort of stand out in the last couple of days is that the number of infections throughout november


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