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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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cash transfer programs so that families have enough to eat. in the long run, we have to not just worry about the impact of climate crisis in the long run. we need to worry about it today. it's not just temperatures rising over time, but we need to understand today the impact that it is having on families on children who are at risk. ah, just bear with me. so he'll run the reminder of all top stories. the us president joe biden is hosting a virtual summit on democracy and he's warning it's on the decline. more than $100.00 countries are taking part, but russia and china and not invited. both countries denounced the meeting accusing washington the cold war mentality and staking divisions. kevin, how kit has more from washington d. c. given the fact that many of the countries participating have agreed to sort of authoritarian tendencies in some cases,
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the challenge to come up with consensus and some sort of joint statement out of this that can actually be actionable is what everyone is watching and wondering and, and the question really becomes to what can be accomplished by a virtual meeting. still, this is something that joe biden pledged to do on the campaign trail. he's making good on a campaign promise. he's long work to uphold american democracy in the us senate as a vice president now as a us president. and this is something that he is committed to. a little later turbine is expected to speak to ukraine's president vladimir lensky. about the build up, all russian troops of the border button held a virtual summit with rushes. vladimir putin on tuesday. he said he has no plans to invade ukraine. when persons died after 5 broke counsel at the headquarters of tennessee, as large as political party, at least a dozen more have been injured. people trying to escape the hazard party building through windows. now the group ultimately seats in parliament. their own top
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negotiated says to iran is serious about reaching a nuclear agreement with world powers talks of resumed to vienna, aimed at reviving the 2015 deal not limited around the nuclear program and exchange . the sanctions relief crush investigators in india have recovered the flight data, recorders from the chart, wreckage of a helicopter, carrying the country's highest ranking, the general chief of defense, staff, defense stuff, been around his wife and 11 others died in the crash. only one person survived. his eland has announced one of the world's toughest dantes, making all the plans reflectively ban smoking by progressively raising the legal age for buying tobacco products. the level of nicotine and cigarettes on sale will also be reduced. those were the headlines are back with more news and half law to stay with us. witness is next ah, ah,
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a ah and he will go to rama savvy and went down a year corner and i had to quit john, go to my toyota. so i be of in the lane at the end of the to name in a little bit ago. i did turn that off on this kid shocked. diamond nodded when a young man was killed because he was valid. he batted a woman of an upper god. the community, it's an issue, but really boiled rice. is people out there in bubble a
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won't go in on a landed in atlanta 10 but the one day like got my place is so complicated. what is staring us in the face that we don't hold the law in order, but should be at least in this case, don't find some justice. i leave that as a problem and be unleashed this great while. well,
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a a yet, and i believe you know the video id and the political move monoplane. dedicated. yeah, that's it. oh yeah. let them know as well. so is with them listen, wouldn't wait and whatever the alumni the good in the lead on the got i'm going to learn missile, know any i to movie or not particular enough obligated to legislative agenda. you give it that? was it in depth look anonymous? will that nothing? not that video then about that little none of boarding me applied to the load of alabama door, not by the could do. well, i get them, we're going to go alone. i'll put it in
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a wood. and the number key number put by newton up by that was a demon on a by the lag level. umbrella operate now. a belinda? yeah. that bridge when an f one a wouldn't an event that sort of want to know what in a rapidly border wrangler, mademoiselle not o college than one when he gets to the bed bollywood at the 11th. and betty dennis is born of brittany brown with sadie to leave ward, you were to kneel, wanted glenda much than a year. no widow is the beginning. yeah. of a form along the way of in a moment. there are from here that are on the am, but he had gotten an am all what dollars i the but the loop morgan law the lemma. but i'm not, i could, i was in my the and the god the and the out. i was in the it, the it out it in the garden and what are the words edelman, dea number my them would yet now my gum would, he had a good to do now. mighty good one,
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to get in only good, amenable to the guy. the law, not by the way google years are, are not on the one obeyed, done the lyla doesn't. i live in a go and the by with our bill ahmed. good on the go on. was in there like got a girl named yvonne alana. i see you all been ah, oh no, yeah. let me mean as when my mom it again i live in al amos alone in cleveland or the dodge full of watermark. either galena videos, are you the money to produce hardy, really the kind of i am now i less of love taxes for les than on keyboard larry or
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the canada. i did come in on the ah frank assessments. this crisis is continued to weaken a look. i shall go up even though perhaps he believed in the beginning. there have been informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this
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critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. once. inside story on al jazeera, it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brother's home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder. one 0, one east investigates the crimes. and those set to be behind on al jazeera,
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with a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network are now to sierra. ah, you as president has sent to talk to ukraine's leader this hour about the build up a russian military at the border. ah, hello, i'm civil rahman, you're geology 0 life. my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes a perilous winter, the u. k. is warned, it could say a 1000000 cases of the amok wrong cove at variant in weeks also called more urgency


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