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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah, ah, ah, showcase of the best documentary films from across them in a new jersey era. ah, the you as president is said to talk to you cranes leader this hour about the build of her russian military at the border. ah, hello, i'm civil rahman, your child is there alive? my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes a perilous winter, the u. k. is warned. it could see a 1000000 cases of the amok wrong coven variant in weeks, or so called more urgency as well. powers resume talks with iran to salvage the nuclear deal. class we have more on how kat our is partnering with countries across
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africa to provide education, to thousands of children left out of school ah, bottom to the play. joe biden is expected to speak this out to ukraine's president of lauderdale zalinski about the build up of russian troops at his border. on tuesday, the u. s. president had a virtual summit where the russia, vladimir putin, who said he has no plans to invade ukraine. biden has threatened to moscow with severe economic sanctions. if the attack happens, charles ratford is in cash on the in southern ukraine, josephina joe biden expected to call ukraine's president. i mean, what's ukraine's president likely to want to hear charles ways likely to want to hear more support from the u. s. president and from nato
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allies or ukraine's nato partners. i'm, of course there is incredible pressure on ukraine. and certainly analysts are saying that they foresee president biden is having no option but to try and get some sort of concessions out of the ukrainians because of the amount of pressure put on a ukraine. and indeed nato, by president putin. those tens of thousands of russian troops across the board as an analyst saying that they expect a president biden to possibly ask zalinski to at least start some sort of dialogue with the separatists in the dorm bass region. that's something, for example, that zelinski has always refused to do because in the granite governments mind that would give some sort of legitimacy to what they describe as a terrorist organization. there's also speculation as to whether biden may actually put more pressure on zelinski to start implementing the cranium side,
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all the minsk, to agreement, that agreement that was signed in 2015 that both sides, both russia and ukraine, accuse each other of not implementing and and i think also it's fair to say that said that could well be pressure on zalinski for biden, to possibly even pull back from some of the insistence on as immediately as possible and nato membership. and we've already heard from nato members, including, i'd in the us saying that russia has no right to make decisions on behalf of who should join nato and who shouldn't. but so many analysts is saying that the us now should be forcing zelinski to be more realistic because of the situation on the ground air. i think can the general mass it is, is that biden leads to put pressure on zalinski without being seen as conceding to
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watch the u. s. nato and ukraine continued to describe as being russian aggression . and of course, pardon me, charles, for the past few weeks, you've been monitoring the security situation in that contested area. i mean, what is security like at the moment to in your part of ukraine? very mind that the front line or the contact zone, as it's known, is more than 400 kilometers long. and there are daily c spy violations by both sides. and i think it's a, it's being reported as well that we have seen an escalation in the last few weeks, according to the oh, i see that's the one i think the security and cooperation in europe, the monitors these violations just gave you an example on december the 7th, the o s. c, saying that there were around 200 cease violations along the contact zone and around 60 explosions. i mean, that shows you just how fraught the situation can be. certainly according to what
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we've seen in this area is we've seen no obvious sign of a ukranian troops build up. and that said, despite the rushes accusation saying that the ukrainians have out to half their military deployed in this area. ready but as i say, yes, the situation does remain, it's calm, certainly there's no visible sign of it once you move immediately back from the front line. but sir, yes, the situation is tense. one thing though, that is for sure that we can guarantee coming from this conversation, that biden is going to have from zelinski is continued support for nato forces to train the ukrainian army. however, there is one unit of ukraine in on forces that despite being very effective in their battling of pro russian separatists nato says it will not support because of its alleged neo fascist,
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am neo fascist allegiances. and we went down to their training units, their training camp a couple of days ago. and this is what we found that these soldiers are members of what used to be a pro ukrainian government. a paramilitary group called the as of battalion. critics said, as of was a neo nazi group unit, started in 2014 as a volunteer organization and quickly developed a fierce reputation for fighting pro russia separatists. defending the port city of murray awful. in december that year as off was incorporated into the ukrainian national guard. it now has over a 1000 soldiers. you recruit must pass a 5 week basic training course that instructors say is so grueling. only around half get through. walkers offered fairly though christ. i am proud to be a member,
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we are an elite regiment. we have proven ourselves as number one and all the armed services. we are very motivated, even the enemy knows who we are and is afraid of us. the government supplies weapons, ammunition tanks and armored personnel. carriers like this one would around 80 percent of the men's kit and material for this training camp is bought with donated money. it's been 7 years since the as of brigade were incorporated into ukraine's national guard under the ministry of interior. but command is here say that the unit is still struggling to shade a reputation of having far right or even fascist leanings. these allegations, the commanders staunchly deny, but they acknowledge that it's the main reason why nato forces refused to train them. alongside the ukranian army critic say the underlying philosophy of the regiment has not changed. they say it's part of a far right movement,
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bled by this man. andre b litski, who was its 1st commander, and who now leads the national court follow right, political party accused of having links to white supremacist groups. i think it's completely absurd to claim that there is no relationship between the regiment and the broader as our movements. ukraine's primary western allies are all the western allies are very especially now attuned to the issue of members. alright, extremists, in, in the military and any military. and they are very much not keen to be to associated with the as a badge resembles the wolf's angle, which is warned by nazi infantry divisions in world war 2. there's been pressure in the us congress to declare as of a terrorist organization. but the regiments leader says it has distance itself from
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politics and serves the crane in government and people. more couple of the honda you, me, russia propaganda try to discredit us because it knows we combat capable and willing to fight to the end. russia tries to portray us to our western partners is incompetent right wing radicals. we've had visit several times from representatives of nato countries. we want to share our battle experience with them. we could learn from each other. well, okay. oh, but nato says it will not strain these men until the regiment proves it has no links to neo nazis. and that is proving hard to do for stafford, al, jazeera ors of young eastern ukraine. well, the old concave at $900.00 variant is casting a shadow over the coming holiday period with countries across the world stepping measures to contain it's spread south africa as approve the use of the 5, the vaccine. these 2 shots. now the w h o says the country has seen a 255 percent increase in cases in just the past week. while in the united kingdom,
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the health secretary that has warned it could see a 1000000 of common infections. by the end of this month, cases of the new variant have been doubling every $2.00 to $3.00 days. and austria has outlined its plan to make cro virus vaccines. compulsory officials previously hinted at a maximum fine of about $4000.00. those who refused the job. well, dominic cane is in belin. he has moral stories latest measures. there is no question that the austrian government felt when it's an answer some weeks ago that a mandatory vaccine requirement was coming and that a lockdown was necessary. there was no doubt that the wave of covey that was washing across the country was so bad. they felt they have no option. well, today they have presented their proposals and it says that everyone over the age of 14, in austria, who has not been vaccinated by a point in february,
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will suddenly find themselves potentially liable for a fine of more than $4000.00. everyone under the age of 14 will not need to to suffer that penalty. the point is the numbers here, something around about 70 percent of the austrian population has already been vaccinated. at least has had 2 doses of the vaccines that require 2 doses, or one if it's the johnson and johnson vaccine that still is around 30 percent of a 14 year olds. and under make up around 14 percent of society to cut to the chase . what it means is, around $1200000.00 adults have had the opportunity always here, almost always year to have the vaccine and have chosen not to for whatever reason. well, come february, that 1200000 people. if they haven't been vaccinated, we'll start having to pay for it. and it could be up to $4000.00 left me the miller a following the situation from south africa. it has been sort of up and down in the last few days. and when we've spoken to experts have said that, you know,
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shortly after weekends we may have a lag just because of data. we had 6000 new cases on monday, but that shot up 290-0000. in the last 24 hours and 56 people died from covert 19. the numbers are concerning because there is a $26.00 bit st positivity rate. and that means that for the people who are going out to get tested for coven, 19, about one in 4, receiving a positive result. but the government is also saying that hospital facilities are well prepared. and in terms of, i see you that intensive care, that just 6 percent of beds occupied at the moment about 3 and a half 1000 general bits occupied by people over 19 when there are 113000 available. and they also saying that doctor will at least initial data showing that potentially, while this particular varian does spread easily, and they're worried about that it may possibly be miles that than expected. but
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this is very early stages of the 4th wave in south africa. and also looking broadly at the region and what is happening with the variant around the world. there are about a 1000 cases that have been linked directly to all because i did peers at 46 percent . of those cases are from africa, specifically in southern africa. with 5 countries, including south africa, us are leading to a spike in numbers. one person has done it after fly broker to the headquarters of tennessee, as largest political party, at least 18 more have been injured. people tried to escape b and how does party building through windows? it's unclear what caused the blaze. the group holes, the most seats in parliament. now it's been locked in a dispute with trinity as president since july, when he suspended the legislature look when assumed nearly all executive powers. well, still ahead here all the al jazeera uncle's pro democracy movement takes a note to a court,
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finds 3 activist guilty story after the break ah, with some fog and miss to start the day around the golf. hello, everyone. good to see you. so that's gonna be the situation in q 8 and also doha on friday, and then for saudi arabia, we're going to see more clouds float in. so for example, ria, we look at the next 3 days, i think it's going to be fairly overcast on friday. it temperature pretty well where it should be during the day, but look at night time, you should be 11 degrees. we got your pencil then for about 6 to 7 or we'll chill in the air there. same goes for pakistan. that cooler air filtering in toward the hor, $22.00 degrees and i've gone it's don cobble coming in at 11 off to turkey. we've got some storms happen over the aegean into western turkey pretty much stretching
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from its stumble right into on talia. and it was just a few days ago, got some soaking rains in antalya. so more to come all about the heat for central africa jew, but $39.00 bungie $36.00. but if you go bit further towards his south, i've got to point this out. lusaka 36 degrees, that's a new record and you're going to lock your temperature in there for the next few days. the record is $34.00 and you should be at $28.00 degrees. and we do have a lot of active whether you've got to talk about, especially for eastern portions of south africa. so sundry downpours in the cards for the next few days. that sure weather update soon. ah, ah, mother nature's gift. coastal landscapes, a strong infrastructure governance arising are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition
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where beautiful possibilities are offered. movie ah, welcome back, you're watching all does it with me. so robin a reminder, vol. top stories, joe biden will shortly hold a phone call with ukraine's president, ultimately zalinski about the build up of russian troops at the border. biden hell, tolts with rushes vladimir putin on tuesday, who said that he has no plans to invade ukraine. austria says it'll make k v 19 vaccinations mandatory from february. the measure it will apply to people 14 and
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over those who don't adhere to the rules phase fines up to $4000.00 every 3 months . and one person has died and 18 others have been injured after fiber account at the headquarters of tennessee as largest political party, the non parties, the dispute with tennessee as president, since he suspended parliament in july. now iran's top negotiator says to her, on a serious about reaching a nuclear agreement with world powers, the chair of the negotiations. and rick, laura says that all sides have shown a renewed sense of purpose, talks of resume to vienna, aimed at reviving the 2015 deal. now it limited iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. last week, u. s. and european participants accused teheran of not being serious about salvaging the deal. what i use both this morning was for the whole delegation of only they really and one whole delegations,
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very new sense of purpose on the need to work on to reach an agreement from being in the just to be back to life. this is, this is my, my information from, from this morning. it's difficult, it's a very difficult and devil is that are still different positions that we have to marie. this is the gist of the negotiation. we would see how we can, how we can proceed. that's how we kind of funds dosage of ari has more from vienna . they sent him and several shared by the reigning deputy foreign minister ali baba connie who was leading the arabian delegation, was the same as that of the e. u. a foreign policy chief that we just heard from. connie said that the ratings are very serious and they're here for results. and that is exactly what they hope to achieve in the coming days. the joint commission met earlier on thursday and then they ran off to smaller working groups to discuss the details of what iran has proposed to the world powers. the radius put forth 2 proposals last week,
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where they said one deals with how the united states will lift those sanctions that they impose, since they left a nuclear deal in 2018. and the 2nd proposal deals with the arena nuclear program and how iran will go back into compliance. the range of set that will only happen when you can verify that all the sanctions that the u. s. is imposed or lifted in terms of what the international atomic energy agency has to do with all of this. they are the watchdog that polices the j. c. p. o a, the nuclear deal of 2015. and the head of that organization has said that there has been serious issues with iran compliance over the past few months. and that they are very concerned that they no longer have the access that they want to have when it comes to policing iran's nuclear program. for now, the groups here that are discussing how to move forward and hopefully they can come to some kind of an agreement in the next few days and on how to move forward with these negotiations. now the u. s. president is warning the democracy is on the decline, and confronting the crisis is the challenge of all time. tre biden is hosting
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a virtual summit to address the issue more than 100 countries on taking part. but russia and china have not been invited, but countries have denounced the meeting and accuse washington of cold war mentality and stoking divisions. in my view, this is the defining challenge of our time democracy. government of the people by the people for the people can of time be fragile, but also is inherently resilient, is capable of self correction and is capable of self improvement. and yes, democracy's heart, we all know that it works best with consensus and cooperation. busy a winehouse corresponding kimberly elk, it has moved from washington d. c. there's no question that there is an enormous challenge here and given the fact that many of the countries participating have a agreed to sort of authoritarian tendencies. in some cases, the challenge to come up with consensus and some sort of joint statement out of
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this that can actually be actionable is what everyone is watching and wondering and, and the question really becomes to what can be accomplished by a virtual meeting. and this is something that he is committed to, and you heard him talking there about some of the challenges that are faced in particularly in the united states, where he says that democracy works best. when parties that oppose one another can sit down and work together. and there really are very few examples in the united states where that is actually achieved, if anything, the divisions only seem to be more pronounced with each us election. keeping in mind, the images of many republicans tried to overturn the outcome of the 2020 us election on january 6th. so these are the challenges for the u. s. president. he believes that the united states, while flawed, is still the best model of democracy and hopes to lead by example. but given the fact that there are so many inconsistencies between what the president is saying
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and what is actually happening in the united states, whether it's freedom of the press or whether it's the rule of law, given the fact that there is such an equality particularly and do as justice system when it comes to racial minorities. this is the challenge for the u. s. president, so he's moving forward. he's making the case that this can be worked on collectively, even as he acknowledges rather humbly that the united states has its own flaws. will china accused us of political manipulation for getting ahead with the something it's even going so far as to call it a joke. katrina, you house more or what things in got so according to beijing, this summit is about promoting us self interest and making sure that the u. s. stays on top of the world stage. now china has many reasons to be angry. one of the foremost is that it was not one of the more than 100 countries or regions invited to attend this summit. and they took issue with that. and they were further infuriated by the invitation, extended to taiwan, which china considers
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a rogue chinese break away province. another participant, they are not happy with is the speaker nathan law. and now he was a former hong kong legislator, a well known activist, and he fled hong kong before the position of the national security law. last year now he's been invited to speak about his experiences. he will talk on human rights and standing up to authoritarianism on friday. now, recent days over the past week staging and its propaganda state media has been on or va, dr. talking about all the flaws of us style democracy and saying that china has its own style of democracy, which is more representative of the interest of the people. but of course us many other per democratic groups and countries would take issue without saying that trying to routinely denies it. citizens, human rights or basic rights. there is no individual voting and trying to has been routinely criticize or it's a treatment of, for example,
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muslim wiggers as well as people working in the media. so i guess again, education is something that he takes for granted, but it's out of reach for millions around the world. for countries in africa have parliament where they can't all based foundation to provide a primary education to hundreds of thousands of the most marginalized children. between gaping because the story. zanzibar minister of education signs a pledge in the katara, capital, doha, that has the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable children by ensuring that all enrolled in full time primary education in the semi autonomous region of tanza, near some of his kids go, they come from poor families, but if they can make a difference to the lives they might become political leaders, social leaders, or entrepreneurs in the society in the future. and i think that is where we need to understand that for these kids will be sent back to school. they should not be denied. they are primary and secondary education. rwanda, the gambia, angie beauty,
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also partnering with catalyst education above all foundation to fund and support projects that will focus on the hardest to reach out of school children, including those who work in homes, disabled people, and refugees. we have 4 countries committed to go that very last mile to get those last few children back into some kind of quality education. why is that important? it's important for those children. it's important for those countries. but as equally as important to have some beacons to say, this can be done, the un says school age, children are supposed to spend 200 days in the classroom every year. but last year, 59000000 didn't spend a single day at primary school. so how will this initiative help? well, in the gambia, 65000 children will get to go to school. in rwanda,
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it will target 67000 out of school kids. that's 3 percent of its primary age population. in debussy, it will help 35000 children get an education and officials hope it will do the same . and zanzibar, with a $6000000.00 project, the announcement made hair indo hall. com as education above all celebrates reaching its initial goal of getting 10000000 of the most marginalized children into school. but it says its focus now is on identifying and enrolling what it calls the invisible children. the ones who have so far proved hard to reach victoria gate and be al jazeera, doha, hong kong pro democracy movement has been dealt another blow. 3 well known activists are waiting to hear their sentences. i've been convicted of organizing a band vigil to commemorate the gentleman square massacre. florence libby reports. oh, jimmy lie was at last. he has tenement square rally in hong kong for just 15
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minutes and did not address the crowd. the judge said, prosecutors had been able to prove his incited others to attend the vigil. lie used to own apple daily, a vocal pro democracy paper. the tablet was shut down after police raided its officers and arrested staff under a national security law. some journalists in hong kong say they are not surprised by wednesdays. verdict. this has been the trend over the last year. the judge amanda woodcock. rosa tar jimmy lie. didn't have to say anything to even in fighter . the very fact that he turned up just outside the park was close a deliberate act to rally support for and publicly spotlight the unauthorized assembly. the judge also found barrister chow hung tongue and former reported gwyneth ho guilty of either taking part or inciting others to join the event. all 3 pleaded not guilty. 16 other activists are already serving jail sentences for also
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taking part in the commemoration. hong kong has traditionally held large events on the anniversary of the tenement crackdown in beijing for the 1st time in 30 years. please in hong kong band. last year's rally, citing corona virus restrictions. commemorations were also band this year. this case itself is part i would say, perhaps a wider crackdown on the memory of the 1989 massacre. textbooks has been censored, museum exhibits confiscated. the visuals organizers have been put behind bars. and as you can see, this collaboration has been banned. last year's band was imposed justice china passed a sweeping, national security, more in hong kong activist say the latest convictions. i know the example of hong kong leaders bowing to pressure from beijing to censure pro democracy expression florence lee algebra. the new zealand government has announced one of the world's
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toughest anti smoking laws, but plans to effectively ban smoking by progressively raising the legal age for bind tobacco products. the level of nicotine in cigarettes on cell will also be reduced. the law is set to come into effect in 2027 critic say the law could boost the black market for tobacco dot r u. chevrolet's. new zealand associate health minister, she says, vapor isn't included in the new law because it's considered a safer alternative to cigarettes. there is very strong evidence that tobacco is an extremely harmful and addictive substance. and yet the evidence we'll have on pipes is fairly bad. definitely a cipher old finished. so we're taking a reduction approach by banning to that price will future generation. but making sure for current markets to quit the tension. $4000.00 new zealand just died each year from tobacco and we must take action on it. we made
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a lot of progress, the cause of that regulation seating with allowing right to quit. so we made the biggest decrease we had in history in watching, right? the last year alone. so we think the freak out is within reach a european population, as is seek to make it as i reach that goal, as we need to take bold action to make sure all parts of the community get there. and because we're not prepared to lay past the community behind, ah, what does there with me, who run the reminder of all the help stories? he was president joe biden will shortly held a phone call with ukraine's president of lot of his lensky about the build up of russian troops of the border button. how talks with russia, vladimir putin on tuesday, he said that he has no plans to invade ukraine. charles prophet explains, was likely to be discussed.


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