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it's louie princess, the story now. oh, jimmy lie was at last. he has tenement square rally in hong kong for just 15 minutes and did not address the crowd. the judge said prosecutors had been able to prove his incited others to attend the vigil. lie used to own apple daily, a vocal pro democracy paper. the tablet was shut down after police rated its officers and arrested staff under a national security law. some journalists in hong kong say, they are not surprised by wednesday's verdict. this has been a trend over the last year. the judge amanda woodcock. rosa tar jimmy lie didn't have to say anything to even in sight. others very tucked that he turned up just outside the park was closed, a deliberate act to rally support for and publicly spotlight the unauthorized assembly. the judge also found barrister chow hung tongue and former reported gwyneth how guilty of either taking part or inciting others to join the event. all
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3 pleaded not guilty. 16 other activists are already serving jail sentences for also taking part in the commemoration. hong kong has traditionally held large events on the anniversary of the tenement crackdown in beijing. for the 1st time in 30 years, police in hong kong band lost his rally, citing corona virus restrictions. commemorations will also band this year with case itself is part i would say perhaps a wider crackdown on the memory of the 1989 massacre. textbooks has been censored, museum exhibits confiscated. the visuals organizers have been put behind balls. and as you can see, this collaboration has been banned. last year's band was imposed just as china passed, a sweeping national security law in hong kong activists say the latest convictions . another example of hong kong leaders bowing to pressure from beijing to censure
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pro democracy expression. florence li algebra will sell to come this out. china de now says a foss has more countries upon diplomatic boycotts in the winter olympics. and in school, england tried to fight back in the 1st ashes test that australia remained unshaken . take a big lead. ah hey there, good to see. here's your weather. forecast europe, africa on friday. we do have a feet of rain coming down the nor see slamming rate in to belgium. this is a tricky forecast for brussels, though. i do think it will be brain your temperature at 6 degrees, but a swath of snow can't be rolled out. the potential though for some dangerous precipitation and latvia freezing rain risk. this includes riga, your temperature rate around that 0 mark. so the rain will fall and potentially see
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some prism rain as well. it has been nonstop rain toward the top end of iberia, and there is still more common natur on friday. now there are 80 millimeters over 12 hours, and those winds would been up to 90 kilometers per hour. got snow through the alpine region, northern italy picking up about 10 centimeters really top to bottom and across italy. it is unsettled and we've got some windy conditions for the eastern shores of the adria. dixie could see those got up to 90 kilometers per hour. storms have pivot it from one end of the a g n to the others. so this is plug in western turkey really from is sample rate to antalya out of rain to be expected on this weather report in africa. right now. whites and windy conditions to be expected in tunis at 17 degrees, but wall to wall sunshine for cairo with a high of 23 on friday. cea. ah,
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the stories of determination enjoy hey, will allow you to be luck, tao. and the kito gene, ado i remain good listening v i looked it up luca, a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera ah co cater culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide as to reward, merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shape ahmad award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged their role and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches. blue.
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ah, ah ah ah, welcome back. main stories this out. now, the u. s. envoy to iran is saying that his negotiate is already told, direct talks with teheran over its nuclear activity, representatives from the all the well bows are involved in shuttling between the 2 nations camps at the moment. trying to salvage the historic 2015 agreement, ukrainian president rodney zalinski saying he discussed ways to resolve the conflict on the border with russia in a telephone call with his us counterpart, joe biden, and a wolf world health organization advisory panel is saying people with underlying health issues should get a booster vaccine,
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but there is concern that is could reduce the doses available to lower income countries in their fight against the corona virus. r u. s. president joe biden is warning that global freedom and democracy is under threat, saying that confronting the crisis is the challenge of our time. he is hosted a virtual meeting of more than a 100 wild leaders calling it's a summit for democracy. china and russia were notably absent from the gas list. both countries have denounced the meeting, accusing us of stoking divisions. white house says it's working to fund a new initiative to bolster democracy around the world. busy in my view, this is the final challenge of our time democracy. government of the people by the people for the people can at times be fragile, but also is inherently resilient, is capable of self correction and is capable of self improvement. and yes, democracy hard,
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we all know that it works best with consensus and cooperation. busy now, libyans, due to go to the polls and just over 2 weeks time to elect a new president bought. the electoral commission still has not announced a final list of candidates. libby as opera house has called to the election to be delayed to february because of growing dispute over the voter regulations. the poll is seen as a key step to ending a decade of instability. well, jamal benomar is chair of the international center for dialogue. initiatives joins us live now from the united nations. a you, are you certain that this election is going to be held on december 24th for? could it be postponed? there is no certainty whatsoever that these elections will be held on the 24th of this. this, this process has been fraught with many problems. um, 1st,
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um, in the political process really in, in, in libya has never been inclusive and lippy. and let you know, to be led by a foreign actors who tried to mediate in the libyan a conflict. and the are agreements that have been made in or in recent time, ah, or not to be the respected really. um, so it's the international community putting pressure on the libyans to have election so they can take the box on that something has been done or to resolve the crisis. but what we have learned from international experience is that rush selections can often lead to more conflict and instability. and it looks like the libya is doomed if they don't have elections because it is demand for legitimate elections are legitimate to government. but if elections also are held
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while there are fundamental disagreement about the legal constitutional basis for the elections, the election procedures. and so can i told you it could lead to serious. you're suggesting that the alternative should be tear, try and, and resolve these divisions. and the spirits around the procedures in the process for election before the vote is actually held. but mean, how long could that take it could take a long time because there is a, there are serious disagreements here. and the, the problem also is that there is no decent process that is libyan led, you know, that is inclusive. that will bring all the different stakeholders into our conversation leading to an agreement on um, our elections are, can be held. so this is the problem of rushing to elections in a situation where some of the fundamentals are really not resolved. the,
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the question of the individuals that are running as candidates in this election is critical right now, because there's been a lot of re legal wrangling over that and some people being approved and others rejected. and then an appeals process. but how, how concerned are you about a list of candidates, which includes, of course, really for half day who is running in this election despite allegations of war crimes. well, what's a hearing from libyans? is that a very serious concern about some of the candidates? um, but the problem here again is that um, rushing into elections without to having the institutions and the mechanism and the procedures that can manage conflicts over elections is, is what is very concerning. you know, for me, um, you know, its sir,
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the international community basically has been pushing lived in so of election. no, in the arts. you know, there are no real established institution that can manage this kind of disputes that arise from, from, from a problems of elections. you say that the that needs to be the proper conditions on the ground to ensure a fair and free election in the country. that this is essentially being rushed by the international community as a set of bach sticking exercise. but i mean, is that perhaps their way of just abs, allowing the libyans to, to play a greater role in their own country. i mean, there seems to be no indication or willingness on the part of the u. s. europe, all the united nations to deepen their involvement right now. well over the last 10 years, many of the european country as the us,
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some countries of the region have been involved trying to a broker agreements and push for a political process. but the problem is that, um, all these efforts um, um, did not lead dinner to an inclusive political process when they say inclusive, a process that include all the different constituencies in the country and a process in which women also can have a say a come participate so the process over this last 10 years has been marked with a competition. among all these are international actors or lack of coordination among themselves. and the result is that there is no gen when inclusive libyan lead process, and then they internationally push for elections, or there is definitely a popular demand for elections. but a number of disagreements and issues have not been resolved. and now if elections
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are held, they could lead to farther conflict in a stability if they're not held. also, it can be a recipe for more or difficulties in the future. so i have to ask you then, gosh, it's such a complicated situation of the country. what then is the alternative, you're advising the elections or not how, but the absence of elections doesn't bring any more stability in the country because of the foreign involvement that you describe there in the present, says, and mercenaries and militias. that would, i suppose stand, that would impede and dis disrupt any kind of process of bringing at more stability in resolving as issues that you mention. the, the think tank, the tempter and international center for data initiatives. and we are facilitated the a, our discussion among libyan and libyans only libyan experts,
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political legal consensual expert. and they forecast herb herb on the issue of elections. and their conclusion is very clear is that unless the legal constitutional framework is agreed on by consensus, agreed on a consensual basis. unless you know the institution that should manage the selections are given the resources on the support that they need on these elections could create more, are more more conflicts and, and, and more instability. so while there is demand for legitimate government that will come through the ballot box, ah, there is a need for resolving this issues before elections can be held, time is short term that is a date, but even this date is now contested. but unless this issues are resolved, i don't see elections as a panacea for a resolve in the, the, the,
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the libyan crisis. i well, and thank you very much. perhaps we'll have to speak in a couple of weeks time when we know more about what is happening at your mouth. and i'm like owning a staff from the united nations shyness as a growing diplomatic boycott of next years. winter olympics is a foss, canada, the u. k, u. s in australia are not sending government delegates to february's games and paging in protests that china's human rights record. athletes from all 4 countries will still be able to compete. oh, i'm and the way you lie a horrible. i thought it's the same with their officials, come or not. they will see the success of the beijing when her lympics sports has nothing to do with politics or you, you lympics as a grand of it for athletes and sports fans. not a stage for politicians to perform. the united states, australia, britain refused to sign the beijing winter olympics. you in general assembly olympic truce resolution. and they wrote, directed and performed the fos not sending officials to attend. they are standing
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on the opposite side of the olympic family where you museum and is unveiled one of the wild, toughest crackdowns on smoking, banning young people from ever buying cigarettes. a legal smoking age will rise year by year, so that by 2027 and you on the aged 14 or younger will never be legally able to buy cigarettes. critic say the band could boost the black market though, while smoking is the leading cause of death, unusual and killing more than $4000.00 people each year. and till now, the government's focused on increasing taxes on cigarettes to make them on affordable. 10 years ago, pack of $25.00 cost about 11 dollars last year it was $28.00. smoking rates have fallen in recent years. but about 13 percent of the adult population still smokes, and the right is much higher for the indigenous indigenous. maori people at 28 percent under the government's plan, a task force would be created to help reduce smoking among the mary. much
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right now there's a lot of youngsters walking around, smokes enough in regards to getting the smudges. also myself to save more money than i in the people. so one might, well they can just try the right, which i think maybe it's a good idea because it's, you know, they smoke it and it's really hard to quit. so being a smoker, you know, and going for all this i, i know that. so maybe it's a good thing. look, i shiver all in new zealand, associate health minister and says, vapor is not included in this new law because it's considered a safe alternative to cigarettes very strongly that in that tobacco is an extremely handful and addictive substance. and yet the evidence will have on pipes is fairly bad. definitely a cipher old finished. so we're taking a reduction approach by banning to that price will future generations,
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but making sure for currents market to quit. right. since an alternative $4000.00 new zealand just died each year from tobacco, and we might take action on it. what made a lot of progress, the cause of that regulation, restating what allow invite to the quit. so we made the biggest decrease we had in history in watching, right the last year on. so we think that might freak out is within reach a european population, as is seek to make it as i reach that goal, as we need to take bold action to make sure all parts of the community and because we're not prepared to pass the community behind coming up on the news, we've got all your sports needs with jenna. yes. plenty on the way, including a stun wanting from formula one officials. i had a this weekend and championship decide to stay with us where live from our special,
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our cup studio in doha. ah with with me
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a whole ah a bankruptcy a company. this is ours is era live from off special studio during the fee for our cup on debit ass. quentin sports. he's coming out. we'll tell you. he secured the final spot in the last 16 if the champion lea, a warning for size arrivals louis hamilton of miss because f one challenges decider . a c have a sent treat from travis head, helps australia to take a commanding, laid over england in the ashes. and as
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a mom prepared for the arab cut course and final, we speak to them based on famous player, former goalkeeper. allie, i'll happy with more on the hard copy shortly. but we start with formula one, match the staffing and do as hamilton have been warned, had of that championship shut down on sunday. it could be stripped of points for driving in an unsportsmanlike manner. the path collided 3 times this season, and the staff in particular has been criticized for his uncompromising style that level in the drive his championship heading into the final race and abby, debbie that the staff and has more wins. so he would take the title if they both have failed to school points, it's happened in the past, obviously, and i think it's, i'm sure the, the shoots hadn't, haven't done taken the, the, the precautions they have this time around. and, and so i think that's,
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i think that's fair, that they, they do it. i mean, i know what's in the spawning code. so i think nobody needs to be really reminded of that. and i think they can put it in every single race weekend. i mean, there's nothing new newly added. i can't control those things around me. i will, i can do is control what i what i do in terms of preparation and, and al, conduct myself off the last year. i didn't have a lot of hope that we will be sitting here, you know. busy end of end of the season fighting for a title, but i think from the start, you know, we were very competitive. it just feels i cannot accomplish it for me. i don't, i don't look at it as a, as a multiple, always look at every season and every year as you start from ground 0 and you're fighting hunter and you're fighting from, from the moment you start training. as you get into the new years and your training, the focused on a winning overall, you know, we can be really proud of the whole team effort to be, to be sitting here and fighting for this title. i remember cycle. so the fear for
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us. so i know had those experiences and the roller coaster of emotions that you go through. putnam's permanent match against bryce and on sunday has been postponed due to the current of ours out records, which is c 8 of the players test positive. another game that was called off wednesdays and champions the match between after lunch via that was due to having it was played on that instead of the place. and the knockout phase out state for the winner fair out with seemingly creasing 3 in a lab. but after lunch at school, twice to assess up the finish, the spanish side held on. so when a 3 c and secure back and forth from the grades behind manchester, united for a quarter finals. as the thief, i've caught in castle again on friday. we were joined here in the studio by former oman goalkeeper. i'll have the and he spoke to pieces that it's about which country he thinks will lift the trophy. from the start, i said that i gypped algeria too. nicea and morocco. busy this,
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this for teams. i think they have some good quality players for me. this one of them, it will be, you know, it can be in there are 2 of them did. it will be in the fido. you spoke about the host nation covered and obviously the, the home fans. that's always something we see that in football all over the world of a host nation, things to do well in competition. just looking at the team at the moment. how well do you think cover can do next year? because obviously they would be one of the lower ranked teams. i think for cut out . i didn't think so. to be easy for commissioner team, you know, to play for the world golf. but i think the already, i guess we said before the have some good quality players and they have played a lot of friends, good friendly games in europe had in asia. and as a player, you know, wouldn't be played like it was a very big push for themselves. you know, the found themself. they have something you know, to,
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to come before the world cup for this competition for outcome. even that for, for them is something good. you know, to play home before the work up with their own fines. even this competition is not only just 4 categories. we see a lot of fos from the out of countries. it was, it was something that was great to see, you know, and when we see the game between a g area and a chipped with nearly 4 stadium, you know, nearly 40000 people. it sure how is important to be some good competition here in this areas of competition out a region you know is, is, is very big. the, you were one of the most famous phil or one of the most famous football is to come from this region. but most certainly from oman, and often what happens is when there is a player who sort of break that barrier, there'll be other youngsters that then come through the system. but maybe at the moment it's free to say that they aren't really any famous on the play is playing in europe or any of the big league. is that something that disappoints you?
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and secondly, how would you say that could be maybe fixed? you know, of course, that disappointed me, you know, because i would love to see some money and just to be, to show them cell phone to, to play with the big, big level. and if a boy and i think what they do it myself now in mind, i'm a open may offer what i can do me in oman, and i'm trying my best to do something, you know, to send some youngest to europe. we have some nice 10 players from my food when i went to the national team and 16 and they went some of good clubs there in my to send good good players due to a little bit. isn't that easy? but i'm sure we in the future something to come and it'll remind me of how the quarter finals line up then tuesday and i'm on on friday night. hey kat base the
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you a that on saturday egypt to tackle jordan. and it's the best is our area, england's a cricket says have it all. it's a day to salvage the 1st ashes test against australia with day 3 getting underway in a few hours. travis head was the star on day 2 in brisbin, smashing the 3rd fastest century in ashes history of just 85 bulls. shortly after he was rocked, why, why will delivery, which glanced off his gloves and onto his helmets? he was unfazed and finish the day and beaten on a 112. david warner was also in fine touch, but he felt just 6 run short of his century, australia, 343 for 7 at the closest way, and firmly in control with the lead of a 196 site. that's what we'll support for now, before we leave you. a reminder of our top story for me to one ball says one, louis hamilton at mac, the staff, and to keep it clean had of sundays at championship. beside an abbey debbie is now back to mariam in london. lovely,
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thank you so much jemma lot. tiffany is out. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with more of the jays nice for you. i'll see you shawny. ah aah! long with the latest news, as it breaks, governments in the region are using security forces to clamp down on protests, instead of protecting their countries against armed attacks with detailed coverage in the absence of any hard data on how widespread overland they all become variant
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is scientists are urging caution from around the world. political observers argue his government has led a dismantling of democratic institutions. mm. oh, there's a lot more to al jazeera than t read with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me. sandra, got men on al jazeera. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society. as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and
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businesses as they access peoples most personal data and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of coven on a jazeera oh play an important role protecting you in? oh. ringback 2 at your face, m. ah, so we've said, we'll meet at any time in any place. they're the ones who are not prepared to do it . the u. s. and voice iran tells al jazeera it's 10 wrong that isn't ready for direct nuclear talks. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program.


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