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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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you know, you can watch out to say english streaming light on like youtube channel plus thousands of all programs award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. so we've said, we'll meet at any time in any place. they're the ones who are not prepared to do it . the u. s. envoy on iran tells al jazeera to her on isn't ready for direct nuclear tools. ah, no money in sight. this is out there, a lie from doha, also coming up. the u. s. president office, his support to ukraine's lead a during a phone call while russia and says it's not to blame for the military build up on the buddha. at least 53 people have been killed, often overcrowded trunk,
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carrying more than a 100 migrants crashes in southern mexico. and taiwan loses a diplomatic ally. nicaragua says a will now recognize only china. ah, we begin with the raw nuclear talks in vienna. as negotiations get underway there, the bottom administration is wanting to her arm of new sanctions. if diplomacy fails, us envoy for wrong says washington is even ready to hold direct discussions with her on over it's nuclear activity. robert money spoke with our white house correspondent, give me hoke it before leaving for the austrian capital. she started by asking him why the u. s. is still moving to tighten sanctions as the talks are all going. is it helpful to be pushing for that? as you're trying to get a deal, we are prepared to get back into the deal as soon as possible as soon as are on it
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and we would lift all of the sanctions are inconsistent with adjacent to it. but in the meantime, we can stand by and not be prepared for world in which iran may be choosing to delay build its program, try to build more leverage, we honestly have to respond. and so that's what we're doing. we're preparing ourselves for that, that, that outcome. how concerned are you or how concerned is the united states that israel could potentially drag the united states into an armed conflict with iran? we are privileging the path of diplomacy. we think it's the best way. it's best for us, we suspect it's best we're wrong, but iran will have to decide that as president biden is secretary blinking. have both said, if iran chooses regard despite our diplomatic offer to take a different path, then we'll have to use the, the tools at our disposal to make sure that iran does not acquire a nuclear with why should iran trust the united states? so given the fact that it knows full well that 2020 for presidential election could
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bring another president could completely undo any of the efforts you're making right now. this is not a deal that is based on trust. and so it's not, we don't trust it. rains that, don't trust us, and what happens when the u. s. withdrew from the deal. is that around started wrapping up its nuclear program. that's why president biden is back and has given us the mandate to try to get back into the deal, and he would not be extending the political capital making this effort if his goal was to come in and then withdraw. of course, we don't know what a future present will do. we don't know what the future reigning leadership will do, but we think that it's in our mutual interest to get back in to deal with the united states. be willing, at any point to meet face to face with the running negotiators. we're prepared to meet with them face to face. we think it's far superior to indirect negotiations and we're dealing with something this complex with so much look so much mistrust with so much potential for misunderstanding. so we've said we'll meet at any time in any place. they are the ones who are not prepared to do it for their own reasons
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. we think it's a mistake. we think it's a mistake that hurts both of us. we know that these talks are not open ended. the united states has made that clear. what's the timeframe we're looking for? as i've said before, this is a technological clock. it's not a chronological clock. in other words, if they slow down the nuclear program would have more time if they continue, the current pace than time is running out. secretary lincoln has made that clear over and over again. time is running out and we and the europeans will have to conclude if, if a run continues down this path, they have killed adjacent to a, an adjacent play would be no more. we hope that's not the case. we are fully committed to a mutual return to compliance with a j. c 3. we think there's still time to do it. if iran comes back and says they're prepared to roll up their sleeves and do it to around stop negotiator says to her on is serious about reaching a nuclear agreement, but isn't backing down from its demands. negotiations between iran and well palace resumed in vienna on thursday. the official sharing the talk says all sides have
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shown a renewed sense of purpose to revive the 2015 deals. although last week, ron was accused of not taking the talk seriously. what both this morning was for the whole delegation of only the ring in one call delegations renewed sense of purpose from the need to work to reach an agreement from being in the just to be back to life. this is, this is my, my information from, from this morning. it's difficult, it's a very difficult and devil is that are still different positions that we have to marie. this is the gist of the negotiation. we will see how we can, how we can proceed. that's how we kind of funds towards the jabari has more from vienna. they sent him in several shared by the reigning deputy foreign minister ali baba connie who was leading the iranian delegation was the same as that of the e. u. a foreign policy chief that we just heard from. connie said that the rainy's
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are very serious and they're here for results. and that is exactly what they hope to achieve in the coming days. the joint commission met earlier on thursday and then they ran off to smaller working groups to discuss the details of what iran has proposed to the world powers. the rainy's put forth 2 proposals last week where they said one deals with how the united states will lift those sanctions that they impose, since they left a nuclear deal in 2018. and the 2nd proposal deals with the arena nuclear program and how iran will go back into compliance. see when you have said that will only happen when they can verify that all the sanctions that the u. s. as in posts are lifted in terms of what the international atomic energy agency has to do with all of this. they are the watchdog that polices the j. c. p. away the nuclear deal of 2015. and the head of that organization has said that there has been serious issues with iran compliance over the past few months. and that they are very concerned that they no longer have the access that they want to have when it comes to
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policing ron's nuclear program for now, the groups here that are discussing how to move forward, or hopefully they can come to some kind of an agreement in the next few days, and on how to move forward with these negotiations. you as president joe biden has reaffirmed his commitment to ukraine sovereignty in a phone call with its leader, its a show of sports against the build up of russian troops along ukraine's border. however, moscow denies it's preparing to invade its neighbor. i'd and held a similar call with russian president vladimir putin ali this week. and warned of severe economic sanctions if he attacked both sides accusing each other of failing to engage in the peace process. but he, by dish gifts, grammar now with the support of nato countries. ukraine is being pumped full of whitman and keep is building up its contingent on the line of contact in dont bass, the number of sci fi violations which have happened since it was signed. and july 2020 is coming close 290000. the special monitoring mission to ukraine has
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registered the re deployment of heavy weapons, including high caliber artillery and ahmed vehicles to the east of the country. well, that accounts been disputed by the white house at places the blame, squarely on russia. the russians are known for their rhetorical escalations as they are also known for their own ways of providing misinformation around the world and within eastern flank countries. so i think we have to take their own efforts to communicate to their public with a grain of salt. what we know is that, oh, the aggression here is on the russian side. the military buildup is on the russian side. there is a path, a diplomatic path forward. oh, the part of the president, subject of our president's objective and having the call was to convey that clearly that certainly is our preference. but also to convey clearly that there would be consequences. they would be significant and severe and we're going to coordinate with our european partners on that. tall stratford has moved from kirsten in
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southern ukraine. well, presidents and hence gay's office has put out some statements about the contents of that conversation. i'll read out some of the salient points to you that being said, according to lindsey's office, during that conversation, that was said that the u. s. has decided to become an active participant in the settlement process in dawn by us in parallel with the normandy format. now this is interesting because normally full amount that is made up of france, germany, russia, and ukraine has by all accounts, according to most stanley's bin and l. tracy failure since it was initiated 7 years ago. so, and a lot of analysts have been trying to, trying to, to, to, to, to force the point that it is absolutely vital to get the us a bigger role in, in trying to forge a lasting piece piece process and, and settlement to this conflict. so that's very interesting that there seems to be
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certainly some sort of agreement that there will be an increase role for the us in this office. also saying that the decision on ukraine's sanctions and nato depends on the decision of ukraine and nato members. that's what biden said in that conversation was zalinski. obviously, this may not go down very well. it's whole with moscow. we know that obviously, nato nato membership for ukraine is one of the main big red lines for moscow. the white house saying that biden supports the aspiration of ukraine to be a nato member, and says that the aggression is on russia's side regarding ukraine. it's going to be very interesting to see what kind of response comes from moscow in the coming hours and days. at least 53 people have been killed off an overcrowded truck carrying more than
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a 100. my joints crashed in southern mexico on 55 others were injured in the smash in the state base of the passengers, which included children from central america. and we're heading to the u. s. manual republic, following developments for mexico city. unfortunately, accidents like these. perhaps not with such a horrifying death toll 53 people. accidents like these are not on common. what we're hearing from many immigration observers, folks that are paying very, very close attention to changing immigration policies. here in mexico. they're pointing or placing the blame specifically on this bilateral policy that exists between mexico and the united states. that's turned southern mexico and the sort of invisible wall of the united states. it's a policy of containment that prevents migrants from moving north toward the united states. and in turn has created a sort of bottleneck effect for thousands of migrants. are now living in these overcrowded conditions in often unsanitary conditions. and what we're told from
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sources on the ground, immigration expert, folks at the, at the micro shelters themselves, is that when folks get desperate to leave because they're spending 3 to 6 months, unable to continue that journey northward the united states. would they take to the road where they are faced with many, many risks, the face, the risk of being kidnapped, the face, the risk of extortion. and of course, the risk to deadly accidents like the one that we saw play out on thursday afternoon. still ahead on al jazeera will tell you why indian farmers have ended a year long battle with the government of a controversial agricultural new zealand plan to out smoking for good with a lifetime bound, the teenagers of tomorrow. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by capital airways,
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some fog and miss to start the day around the golf. hello, everyone. good to see you. so that's going to be the situation in q 8 and also due on friday, and then for saudi arabia, we're going to see more clouds float in. so for example, re add, we look at the next 3 days. i think it's going to be fairly overcast on friday. it temperature pretty well where it should be during the day, but look at night time, you should be 11 degrees. we get your pencil then for about 6 to 7 earth will chill in the air there. same goes for pakistan that cooler air filtering in toward the hor, $22.00 degrees and i've gone as darn cobble coming in at 11 after turkey. we've got some storms happen over the aegean into western turkey. pretty much stretching from its stumble rate in to antalya and it was just a few days ago. got some soaking rains in antalya. so more to come all about the heat for central africa. ju, but 39 bungie 36 both ago bit further towards his south. i've got a point this out lusaka 36 degrees. that's a new record and you're going to lock your temperature in there for the next few
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days. the record is $34.00 and you should be at $28.00 degrees. and we do have a lot of active whether you've got to talk about, especially for eastern portions of south africa. so sundry downpours in the cards for the next few days. that sure weather up the soon blue weather sponsored by katara always stepped beyond the comfort zone. were assumptions of channel travel to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who lived with probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary use that also a perception witness on a, just the euro. ah,
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the me watching out their minds about help stories this hour. the us envoy for wrong says his negotiate is already to hold direct talks with the wrong. the white house is warning. sanctions remain in place and the u. s. is preparing additional measures if the talk to fail to reach an agreement. us president joe biden has held a phone call with his ukrainian county shift support the build up russian troops. long border also denies its preparing to invade its neighbour. countries accuse each other failing to engage in the peace persia. emergency services in mexico say at least 50 free migrants has been killed in a truck crush. the southern states. 40 say most of the victims were migrants from
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central america and 55 others were injured. nicaragua, the government has said its breaking as long standing diplomatic ties with taiwan. government said in the statement, it recognizes the communist parties, one china policy. taiwan has expressed pain and regret of the decision. any 14 countries in the world now recognise taiwan as a country. bryan, who is the founder of new blue magazine and a writer, a diplomat. he downplayed nicaragua move and says taiwan. unofficial allies, such as the u. s. hold more weight. so that time, in spite interesting because of the summit for democracy that is convened by the, by the administration town and invited despite not being a member of the us. so this is a sign of the us strength of amendments towards taiwan. ivr china has reacted by angrily to that it is not invited. and so this is included, hang back at the us, i think of the show that it is not actually final anything significant. but the
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same time when you see this with no progress breaking relation is i want this timing, it does seem rather suspicious. so what is interesting, i think, is how this will play out domestically in that the pro china opposition. the came t will use us to attack the ruling side ministration. and so the diplomatic allies that towel on has are smaller than it in terms of the size of a population or economy. there, probably a role is to speak up or taiwan international relations from which it is excluded. and this occurred with nicaragua as recently as september, so it does somewhat of a surprise that there is a switch now over in terms of the substantive impact. it does not have a lot of impact on taiwan directly in that way. china would like to see how long have fewer and fewer for our lives. and in this way is a way to diplomatically humiliate taiwan on the world stage at a time in which there is increasing support from taiwan internationally. whether that be from the us, from european union countries or cetera. and so this is a way to work against trends. and so this is
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a way to attack the time ministration that is currently in our potentially affect elections. because sometimes tony is duper, seen the stinking of international space when they do lose the amount of allies over in most cases, how on an official ties with other countries such as what the us food does not actually have formulation. taiwan are more important than d is different allies who do not actually do much except the to speak up or taiwan once in awhile. and these are joshua organizations. but i think china was trying to continue with activity. you as president j bought in is warning global freedom and democracy is under threat. he's hosted a virtual meeting of more than 100 well leaders calling it a summit for democracy, china and russia, when notably absence from the guest list. these countries have denounced, meeting accusing the us of stoking divisions in my view. this is the final challenge of our time democracy. government of the people by the people for the people can at times be fragile, but also is inherently resilient,
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is capable of self correction and is capable of self improvement. and yes, democracies hard. we all know that it works best with consensus and cooperation. busy in several countries are expanding breeze to vaccine programs to contain the coven 19 various infections. this is the world health organization continues to oppose the move. but w h, i says only people with compromised immune systems should be targeted for a 3rd shot and says, the priority should be to get everyone in the world vaccinated. emerging data suggest vaccine efficacy declines after some time, especially amongst all the people for the time being, we continue to support one the need for equity into distribution, our location of scenes and to the use of 3rd doses only on those that we have previously recommended. those that have received inactivated vaccines and those
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that are immunocompromised, which are the 2 groups that we feel should be protected further by a 3rd dose of the primary process. while there's also a warning from the w ha that concerns over the, on the chrome variance could lead to more hoarding effects scenes. over half of all people in the world have now received at least one dose, but that drops the just over 6 in every 100 people in low income countries. since february, the vaccine sharing lines, kofax has shipped 610000000 doses to 144 nations and territories. the goal was to 1000000000 the program sped up in the last few months. banks to donations from wealthy countries on an eas, on exports from india. but if which nations prioritize their own fed doses their fees, this could slow as no supply issue. w h o says one and
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a half 1000000000 dose is all produced every month. the issue is with allocation. the global health chief says 6 times as many based as a given us in which countries every day then 1st shot in low income countries. as we head into whatever the on the current situation is going to be. there is risk that the global supply is, again, going to revert to high income countries courting vaccine to protect, you know, to protect in, in, in a sense in excess there opportunity for, for vaccination then, and sort of no regrets kind of approach. austria has outlined a plan to make corona virus vaccines. compulsory. it applies to people age 14. i'm above those who refuse to get the jobs will be fined. about $4000.00. also has one of the lowest fax nation rates in western europe. and he's 22 people have been
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killed and the latest wave of violence in northern come a ring prompting thousands of people to flee to neighboring chart. residents in this area. say they witness some of the was fighting between fishing. i'm heading communities of access to water on the stairs, left several injured and 4th, and $30000.00 from their homes. so long i assume on the fighting and cosivity has been very violent. we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here. not that with safety, we faced the cold weather and lack of food and our children have not eaten yesterday. we ask for chad, you know, 30 to help us doing otherwise, our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. at least 14 people have been killed and became faso during an ambush on a convoy. government officials say it happened in the tangled province in the north . those kills were believed to be part of the government back. civilian power
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military group comes a day or 2, the government resigned on the public pressure of its failure to tackle violence in the region. one person has died on the fiber account at the headquarters of tennessee as largest political party, at least a dozen more have been injured. people trying to escape and how they parties building through windows. it's unclear want cause blaze. the group home's most seats in parliament has been locked in a dispute with tennessee as president since july, when he suspended parliament, assumed nearly all executive powers but less than 2 weeks to go on to the presidential election in libya. the electoral commission is yet to announce the final list of candidates, the advisory committee call for a delay in the votes with growing differences over voting regulations. the poll is seen as a key step to ending a decade of instability. guessing an education is something many of us take for
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granted, but it is out of reach for millions around the world. that's why 4 countries in africa have partnered with foundation here in castle to provide primary education to hundreds of thousands of the most marginalized children. victoria gay to be reports. zanzibar minister of education signs a pledge in the guitar, a capital, doha, that has the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable children . by ensuring that all enrolled in full time, primary education in the semi autonomous region of tanza, near some of his kids go, they come from poor families. but if they can make a difference to the lives they might become political leaders, social leaders, or entrepreneurs in the society in the future. and i think that is where we need to understand that for these kids were being sent back to school, they should not be denied the primary and secondary education. rwanda, the gambia, angie beauty, also partnering with catalyst education above all foundation to fund and support
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projects that will focus on the hardest to reach out of school children, including those who work in homes, disabled people, and refugees. we have 4 countries committing to go that very last mile to get those last few children back into some kind of quality education. why is that important? it's important for those children. it's important for those countries. but as equally as important to have some beacons to say, this can be done, the un says school age children is supposed to spend $200.00 days in the classroom every year. but last year, 59000000 didn't spend a single day at primary school. so how old this initiative help? well, in the gambia, 65000 children will get to go to school. in rwanda, it will target 67000 out of school kids. that's 3 percent of its primary age
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population. in job, you see it will help. $35000.00 children get an education, and officials hope it will do the same in zanzibar with a $6000000.00 project. the announcements made here in joe hall. com as education above all celebrates reaching its initial goal of getting 10000000 of the most marginalized children into school. but it says its focus now is on identifying and enrolling what it call the invisible children. the ones who have so far proved hard to reach victoria gates and be al jazeera doha farms and india have officially ended a year long purchased off to the government abandon controversial agricultural reforms . party testers blockaded the capital since november of last year. the plans with table to deregulate the markets. the government has now made several concessions that guarantees farmers a minimum price for their produce criminal charges against protesters will also be dropped. based on the pharmacy,
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the government has made. we've decided to suspend our protests home to review, meeting on january 15th from the government doesn't interfere with promises. we could be seen demonstrations now, you gill is an assistant history professor, william patterson university. he says, the protest as achievements will inspire all the movements around the world. the protest was the most remarkable of widespread a challenge to the would be government. the recent noon shows the power of collective action. farmers, workers, their back orders across indian society, successfully defeated the most serious threat to their livelihood. that will be the significance of that. this victory is a defeat for the new liberal agenda, which is this obsession with the regulation and privatization. it's a defeat for a policy to this kind of majority, carrier
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b and for meant in communal trade between community and defeat. for the kind of centralizing for us to be concentrating, our needs to be and depriving of of their right. so i think it's success. it's something that people in india and across the continent and around the world, there's other breeding because it opens up new possibilities for different future governments are invincible until they're not. so movie has kind of built up an image as somebody who never backtrack. i'm going to, once you make a decision final and what we've seen over the year long protest through the bitter cold, through the blistering summer with all sorts of efforts to his credit and legitimize its protest is that people when organized and determine, can challenge authoritarian governments and can succeed. the new zealand government has announced one of the wealth,
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toughest anti smoking laws, and plans to effectively bounce merging. i progressively raising the legal age for buying tobacco products, the lowest set to come into effect in 2027. critics say the law could bruce the black market for tobacco? don't pay you chevron as new zealand associate health minister, she says very thing isn't included because it's considered a safe alternative to cigarettes. they are very strong evidence that tobacco is an extremely harmful and addictive substance, and yet the evidence will have on pipes is fairly bad. definitely a cipher old finished. so we're taking a reduction approach by banding to best price will future generations, but making sure for current market to quit, there are $4000.00 new zealand just died each year from tobacco and we must take action on it. we've made a lot of progress because of that regulation,
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reseating with allowing right to quit. so we made the biggest decrease we had in history in watching right the last year on. so we think that might freak out is within reach a european population, as is seek to make that as i reach that goal, as we need to take bold action to make sure all parts of the community get there. and because we're not prepared to lay past the community behind. ah, this is algebra, these you top stories. iran, nuclear talks in vienna have resumes. but the bod in administration is warned of new sanctions. if diplomacy fails us envoy for wrong says washington is ready to meet with her on over nuclear activity. but to her on isn't ready for don or 8 talks. we're prepared to meet with them face to face. we think it's far superior to .


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