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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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said that american truth can only fall within the telephone with inside story parker, a frank assessment of the div headlines. subscribe now. however you listen to podcasts. ah, i'm only inside and doug, all he is help stories on al jazeera iran nuclear talks in vienna have resumed, but the body in administration has warned of new sanctions. if diplomacy fails, the u. s. envoy, robert malley spoke with our white house correspondent, kimberly hunk it. she started by asking him why the u. s. is still moving to tightened sanctions as a talks ongoing. is it helpful to be pushing for that as you're trying to get a deal? you know, we are prepared to get back into the deal as soon as possible as soon as are on it and we would lift all of the sanctions are inconsistent with adjacent to it. but in
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the meantime, we can stand by and not be prepared for world in which iran may be choosing to delay build its program, try to build more leverage. we honestly. 1 have to respond and so that's what we're doing. we're preparing ourselves for that that, that outcome. how concerned are you or how concerned is the united states that israel could potentially drag the united states into an armed conflict with iran? we are privileging the path of diplomacy. we think it's the best way. it's best for us. we suspect it's best we're wrong, but iran will have to decide that as president biden is secretary blinking. have both said, if iran chooses regard despite our diplomatic offer to take a different path, then we'll have to use the, the tools at our disposal to make sure that iran does not acquire a nuclear with why should iran trust the united states? so given the fact that it knows full well that 2020 for presidential election could bring another president could completely undo any of the efforts you're making
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right now. this is not a deal that is based on trust. and so it's not, we don't trust renters, don't trust us. and what happened when the u. s. withdrew from the deal. is that around started wrapping up its nuclear program. that's why president biden is back and has given us the mandate to try to get back into the deal and he would not be expanding this political capital making this effort if his goal was to come in and then withdraw. of course, we don't know what the future president will do. we don't know what the future reigning leadership will do, but we think that it's in our mutual interest to get back in to deal with the united states. be willing, at any point to meet face to face with iranian negotiators, we are prepared to meet with them face to face. we think it's far superior to indirect negotiations and we're dealing with something this complex with so much look so much mistrust with so much potential for misunderstanding. so we've said we'll meet at any time in any place. they are the ones who are not prepared to do it for their own reasons. we think it's a mistake. we think it's an estate that hurts both of us. we know that these talks are not open ended. the united states has made that clear. what's the timeframe
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we're looking for? as i've said before, this is a technological clock. it's not a chronological clock. in other words, if they slow down the nuclear program would have more time if they continue at the current pace than time is running out. secretary lincoln has made that clear over and over again. time is running out and we and the europeans will have to conclude if, if a run continues down this path, they have killed adjacent to a, an adjacent to a would be no more. we hope that's not the case. we are fully committed to a mutual return to compliance with a j. c 3. we think there's still time to do it. if iran comes back and says they're prepared to roll up their sleeves and do it to us. president joe biden has held a phone call with his ukranian counterparts and a show support over the build up of russian troops along with border. moscow denied it's preparing to invade its neighbour. both countries accused each other, but failing to engage in the peace process. and he's 53 people have been killed, often over crowded trunk, carrying more than
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a 100 migrants crushed in southern mexico with already said mister victims where from central america heading to the us more than 55 others were injured. nicaragua, government has said its breaking its long standing diplomatic ties with taiwan. government said in a statement, it recognizes the communist parties, one china policy. only 14 countries in the world recognise taiwan as a country. as several countries expand a booster vaccine program to contain over 900 varian infections, w h o continues to oppose it. it says the privacy should be to get everyone in the world vaccinated with the essential vaccine shots. okay, those are you headlines. sinise continues here on out as era off to out as air. well stay with us please. ah,
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ah, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah iceland, close to the arctic circle? none for it's a climb and, and unique environment. it's probably not an obvious destination for someone migrating from the middle east because off it's remote location. the language, i'm cold climates. but none of these deterred the palestinian
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social activists and political campaigner, our my latino. she has made the iceland, her home for over 20 years, and as a politician has become an influential member of iceland society. ah, and as he ty sunday, the lead to a hub aloof with sa from so same a no lead d. g to win any lead small by should i done min middle with saw lice land the bottom in the sod name? no fee left on when sunday lawford's submarine fan as you kind of at too bad in the lord daffy if she fell us thin. wish i could, i am headed by lash at her body in oh,
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slow. ah, yeah, milla honda, i will my easy i level at the very, very, very slow. gotta buy been fair iceland, mckennan don't pm less. she had that in lima rebel a duck. i shut my hot becca la, la la, tolerate the noise there, lay chevrolet, india that a sort of follow lead a while. so really start alto can on the for beauty to buy danish, the rel, fee must not so much by danish of elk for much buzz back from sustain winter. was the horn. a dum de la blair jama, can my best shad those g he anemic. i man dish i had that's a half in beer, said was school had done my hadash her that a fee. oh can lisa mall thompson in her left? phil comes his name. good tooth, i'll may laval. iceland. be at the right in my fair beds. i me look at the shadow or by then it's rough. de la la, look up in jama. fed, they cannot father,
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a dirty raheem bus will firstly dad near with their live, but they thought power daily home with jack to carlos did i say i missed him? now callous in missouri is a i thought baseline became melton pissed me in obey mod, dully. i merely hood garage a lula horn is a shift with that as a low lever height, like a true mustard for a dump. a little mustard of martin bustler and near bush still could both settle. marika my little bit now your credit in america, melbourne. couldn't, but that was mad. did mad b jak interest on montana coming anyhow scala. who comes to tell me? oh, your talk stocks after not even a meal which could owe us from an empty. when will he come? a fresh cut and hidden limit of nick and whom a miracle was not. talk to him about in march, not coming set till in granite,
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some costello's collection. i'm in now. well my metal studs are my and he can. or even though raleigh, none of that are very busy done on mac and fi azure. no. yeah. me in no. my law as nearby. yeah. i'd be year me. silman fella. sydney my from su, led jose al jama. ken issued i have been miss miller, mass in the how a late for had the i thought me thus far does g i e s t u dash m a j. it was at the mother in law mosier don national guard catch. i bought a boob circular men over thoroughly on cannot be there yet. if the whole were love be day at the nurses of men in which the mind nurse did an effective, new awake, so let
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ah monica's in was so i sister sent the low family. tim minear, you knew were missouri blushing, my pillars annabelle side, the thought that long. the one of mr. la la la, florine, lou with the plumber. lakeland be analogy with the janet kirkland as i never was your day cindy in min farley yet i would render cuz i lay whole tally when lowville, iceland, etc. man. then no fee in the mail corner less than b, and nor is i withdraw hondas short thought i would probably you. oh, i'll mark kimbrough o math. and in lieu alice lindy from an actual cano nicholas and back on touch. oh, woolen as if that valid and then all of our sit american at the and with that is a man in concise, the kelsey, out of hong ala had to visit. if my dad has mcconnell not ballard, my bad actually are man, so sorry about
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a reply. julia all nathaniel hello theater said them on the lancer v armless must up that m u r lemon law. less than the lobby i knew who he is feared i does in ah, come in, did my new medical didn't add them? i sherri on 30 in the had the little p all been draw new palin. remember him, a visual command. baton lemon. it duffy learned 9. not the one said that they didn't. marcella as an a b o iceland. d, a bus in act that in between your whole not a jana blan, no sub rush colette to look up. some of them might have had think i need as my will . my oxycontin, histone histone was ha,
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though the mold shot i touched mon. if he it is faster, they do thought up news. i must rate the feel a water or close to you. that's how much fuel come your make you an adult to eat. born health, not a moral coma till i started a begin got a know of either or that of horse vardek you meet killer ar? cut left is he owns 2 of hammers from lancaster. you sung filiano with whom am i now team set off. also, artist of eric moulds flooded him. a 43 studia masters of old key, but i couldn't allow or something they had a hotel load on my pet them my denial and festivals. couldn't or had. there's no music, la, la bella, tamia ruba, herman, to what i saw mom. oh, oh madame most and mom, mom and that mental and pre blood not is a secret terra helmet. dia trujillo leah,
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where we throw her. there's no way on my feet. is of that go through, i'm to disturb who will highlight any, had the show will nellin all or no. hey mom new are or for hailey ha slept in. no, been julie, be murphy, not minuscule and shot by old nashville. and nick kabe. oh, i am had the last year. mm hm. mm hm. been hell in wild matter are better than hostile, so mr. little lick t it it drusilla's slend. be lena said, hey, man, matt thought are 30 percent off. but samar said, the fellow here, acronis alco take on what they brought him and him out of the corner off the corner to stone partner. it would, it gets too little. ah, oh, hannah food, thank you call him all lot. as a tough guy faded off, good in it alone,
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swore someone in some killers fuck who is looking for 10 grand nana also up up, up, but known him liquor off could buy in the hands of a true off. what are stuff like about sex, sex? get much when a or sala cloud corner, or get a little. but i'm your man. really fit is phil phil. i got a ha corner national are much always something i can now. she is to my you. csc. iceland, fitness rad phony remain a concern for bella. diaz and mom and i said that if she is very strong grown, malcolm c became the 1st woman here to to speak about a human rights for immigrants and also her women's rights and
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her experience through her life taught us a lot of things. it's very important to hear her voice to educate both icelanders and foreigners, about how we can live peacefully together. and, ma'am, but there to be a notion of mirage in a viola murray and a bay and a dish best. but a la la must start to o'clock menlo janet for iceland, the suck. bubner his herb c a c, or makin and jim renella know can inflict era in north africa. janet mosier did launch was up, men had done much tomorrow. lesson cornell law short or week daily the health receives say, i know self in our current, our law door bell, a d. m when the hub as an a, b o, cynthia naco now will emerald tissue as an a. b a tis less filament battle alon. l
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. santo cool, gray circulation, a pin soon illusion of who's out there in sean list to my year. the sir and the rusty island wished him well. and assuredly, oh dear i still in when in nashville, my nurse my, i couldn't add that. she brought a gyal. you'll wish for their shoe fitness, la. mm mm. i'm an attorney, me lives in the identity, capital reykjavik, despite being so far from the middle east. she still has these connected with whoever booths as a palestinian, she has worked to make decision makers in iceland a. we're of the issue was in the israeli palestinian conflict. humble in no less than a load of mother or father elizabeth. with the
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4th the sufferer. i, sam threw some money into the kia i am from good enough the lawn. can i had the fee in? no, according to his or 5 lists on my land. nice iffy. maniquan thought bill. 50 butler, my malays lindy, done with us. were a bit of a dollar philistine good, the alarm stopped the lead head, the can your dirty fee? oh, can be shut off from. i'm in not an hour there mentally. so what? so what can meliss and obey their comment though? literally stand by then it had, they cannot been all effort. oh ok, but it injures at them. not. no, said club butler man. command english. tamar. iceland, the mister bailey shotzel. far. i motherland. again,
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9000000000 cough injury bill. bad. the her said rule while lou fair, our name, a debit card, rattle and move to look on a month on to i'm left to 30 as some of the us are hard data shows that bill have command, hey, a ship with a leak pest in know 0 love will be day at humphrey suffered mother hartford, not madame milton. medical want. o, essentially o me, if i'm starting cannot atlanta show it a little bit in i want to to see at all times to getting into a team on, on just the one in a class, a fee, a in my city opened this bill with the one and i getting a new out of their team. lock it. hey maurice, 21 odd people, crispin, sleep maintenance unique in a say yes so. so it came out
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a form and he seems to get it left if i think the class was pepsi chemist much or so not out of it is still an issue. i'm already mm. commend them in certainly glen bluff. hartfield any control on their knees. say about the flu. lemme control da da. you need to dump them into that and i mention so it van janet. hey val, i cannot with marsha laura or couldn't m as in now could you believe at in a while? is that up to normal for iceland? la janet, i said why i cannot if you had that fear. so when lice lynn jenna no, could my fin haley vac amendment and while mostly the left and was sold in the afternoon said kin monday and it can fiano repeat. poland. if you play learn
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b and the lakeland b in but do tub own in a bus it to. so there are a battalion though our top resources are where is the cream consult our la is a normally local iceland beer center fan. no marsh. any but there is a little less than be a little agenda for with the math about the dangers theory. me. oh, come on my i'm the my cell. who is who she had that back there. oh yeah. i mean, not a my limit of i live in was still iceland, the command faith dub with a laugh. i know george is shemelle, bought a boat, a model was your amino your door elisha, melina murph in london, lod than medical. my swid. yeah. and he had the la is in a live near betting or land. ha marie,
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it blessings desert the album in no clue lead. the fellows was our mild. so at law b. e o must. at the head bay c and m a ford fusion dan barris, in no humbly land hung to lean than humbler clue home. miss healthy forbid us at top, had diseased the awe and has brought up her 6 children in iceland and she considered their success to be her single greatest achievement. just one child lives at home. another is a student in breton, while the remaining 4 live in work in different parts of iceland.
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hello and i'm the city land escalator. was there some awful esteem on la maintenance to still feel shit. get to friend m scoop also my face. len palace at monster to sub. i'm did i come to nan, fidel? oh he i and i should he kept in to share my straw burn was stuff was men in me. i had w lakeland dia or by dan dot com to let then be a house from ala here, from jamal bit. so we did us it to head, but fall that come out of bow, small mesh. oh, well, but gross. so we must that computer sans that come from sales. smart. hello. that be it that i'm feelin scotland, when glasgow. oh hi le any wish velma been dia total sweeter heck? duck from sick though. so my reason shall us defend ohio and char. i love our listen in our shop to talk to,
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to do so much to my my landline the some say most of the in fi iceland. best of on a f number de leon, iceland, my bench mailers and overshadow the how a lay me 2nd 9. the me, well, huffman almost want or be san arabic thea, nasa, they esla top on our most in dallas, linda nf machine us until from so say any can 9 d in new lead the i now model said thaw, sco mustache are said at this ha ha, ha, ha, ha, dollars bid duck into that. if it was then my been had that like with that, he's like, or us yet in lean there from below that go with that that was and hong reductive now high edge did it for, can i? sadly, she lou lead in metallic was hobb long. bad 1st had the and said jane, sol, how any command was len banassi leak bodily on my from asparsa said bash any as
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well deny any alfabecca lesson more often. horn jail. ha. or he better that forget keith by that a. so we keith, whether we're all in my here and can o'connor. lo and what it is a paper. so let him hire. but that, that data tre. swaim in many let us see what that hello g m ha or bye. was brian's canada. cuz i had a sealed in the coma, lush of others, and ackman yawn all here, sir. hello. oh airport. to tell of eve. sure star was yeah. ma ma, nor can fi a. she, marla can fear she machine was a quite ill, a lung up, but i've got a quote the can all throughout the e la holl,
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cushy the mom call she'll k or under the tucker and no and no, he cannot hyphen ever believe you heard of proof or the wrong he'll would have benefits her figure at the north, atlanta in bella, jeremy and i've been this b e d. and now, in not atlanta, philistine kenneth, when miss bailey may pick on any subdivision, done, her man would be flared, that it'll go to bear in laura, a bad italian blue lad for. couldn't her though in a highly, unless this had they used made then all learner had that who a bad measured on the let that about to shut the loud offset them for sweet 1st or federal? highly hello. he walked here a while you or to long ran about, but then bush with a hick mara. so with her she trailed the deed
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the hood had wanted a shout. oh let me in the grass hut, the new lead lick bottom in been out there when you led the nf shattuck. not an orphanage doll off. no fair fella's thin n bernard the act that are in love him your way. so i'll go so from missouri though . manila was i guess she am a shock. see and have a strong little bashers than ever. any young fellow they met at platinum. miller man. no, admiral. well well i'm okay. lou . ready ah, ah, coming up in time to the milk and dutch women who started as a cleaner and now we're on. is that
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a multi $1000000.00 business stories of determination enjoy? oh, will allow you to be luck though in the kiddos unit you. i remain good listening v . i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera with a get
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a round to him. the boys buyers have struck turkey in recent weeks and also support has how to bring them under control. almost a decade there go west spaniel. glad martin was an exchange student in turkey's booster province. she had no idea. she will be flying planes over turkeys agent, coastline to have come back. wildfires is one of a dozen firefighters who everite from spain to counter fires that have eaten up forest and pastures along with turkeys, a gym, and mediterranean coast in the distance. how to cope does feel their time to buckets for another. go at the fires, though many are now contained,
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others have stubbornly spread due to change in re and aircrafts. how played a white to roll in this operations because they can cover long distances in a matter of minutes, especially in mountainous terrain. a long turkey, salt and coast ah . and money inside and dead, huh. he had top stories on al jazeera, emergency services in mexico say at least 53 people have been killed in a trunk crash in the southern state of chiapas, the ortiz, but most of the victims were migrants from central america. these 22 people have been killed in the latest wave of violence. the northern cameron is from to thousands of people to flee to neighboring charred residents in cuz area say the witness some of the worst fighting between fishing and hunting communities over


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