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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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out of school kids, that's 3 percent of its primary age population, in juicy it will help. 35000 children get an education. and officials hope it will do the same. and zanzibar with a $6000000.00 project, the announcement made hair indo hall. com as education above all celebrates, reaching its initial goal of getting 10000000 of the most marginalized children into school. but it says its focus now is on identifying and enrolling what it call the invisible children. the ones who have safe are approved hard to reach. victoria gate and be al jazeera doha. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. an overcrowded truck has crashed in southern mexico, killing at least 53 people heading for the united states. another $55.00 were injured that a suspect, the truck overturned and hit a steel bridge because it was so of
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a load it. our reporter minute. our palo has more from mexico city. accidents like these are not on common. what we're hearing from many immigration observers of folks that are paying very, very close attention attention to changing immigration policies. here in mexico. they're pointing or placing the blame specifically on this bilateral policy that exist between mexico and the united states. that's turned southern mexico and the sort of invisible wall of the united states. it's a policy the of containment that prevents migrants from moving north toward the united states. and in turn has created a sort of bottleneck effect where thousands of migrants are now living in these overcrowded conditions. in often unsanitary conditions. the latest fighting and northern cameron for access to water has killed at least 22 people. around 30000 people have fled to neighboring chad because of the unrest between fishing and hurting communities. the u. s. state department is called for other democratic countries to expand their engagement with taiwan after nicaragua was government
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decided to cut diplomatic ties with the island. china's foreign ministry welcomed nicaragua was move u. s. president joe biden has reaffirmed his commitment to ukraine sovereignty and a phone call with president vote. m. as in ski, it follows tuesdays virtual summit between biden and russian president vladimir putin, where the u. s. warned of heavy sanctions if russia invades ukraine. the international criminal court has opened an investigation into the venezuelan governments handling of opposition protests in 2017, more than 100 people were killed during months of unrest. farmers in india have officially ended a year long protest after the government abandoned agriculture reforms protested said the laws would have seen them lose the right to have a guaranteed minimum price for their produce. as the headlines, the news continues here on al jazeera, white after one on one east. from the out is there a london broker center to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no
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limitation of the artist by nature. they are person who are most part to of i way way and denise for society is not interested in the individuality the freedom, the spirit of the young pers studio be unscripted on out his era. ah moved you just refuge for the homeless behind its concrete walls, self careers, brothers, home, shelter, nothing but torment and horrible repair or a tomato machine. scottish occasionally thousands were enslaved, raped, brutally bashed,
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and even killed. her mother in law monitoring mutual based upon conjunction with decades, leisure victims are still fighting for justice in this 2 part investigation, one or one east exposures, the horrific crimes committed and those allegedly behind them who found at safe haven here in australia. he suddenly homer passes a day that the no, the woman will you, they go and book it and she to do fill model, what she did a care choice and lose happy days was short lived. look at m e either handbook,
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june in trouble with the law whole package and then up and bought them up to the one. dennis had difficulty in 1992 at 14 choices nightmare began ah, walking home from school, he was grabbed off the street by policeman and accused of stealing a piece of bread that was in his bag. crucial to know little mccormack, the mammal will cover him. lamar, i want to go, could you modern, martha monica to the top target chimney? she the whole king nearly. i appeal, but he says the officer didn't stop there torturing him into submission or sort of book a war audio. the little girl was talking to the camera, killed him cuz i thought a love you want to look at our courses and you look jiji wooded hotel suitable so to insure jiggle. oh, that will yog yeoman chicken on anything that i'm on there?
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who took all younger history? oh, cool. so do it over to the manon building. got all your local nashville, forced onto a truck. troy was taken to the brothers hon. it was 6 years before the 1988 sol olympics. south korea's authoritarian government was gearing up to showcase the country to olympic officials. and then the world a top priority was cleaning up the streets, but onions, human. so in dip of doing all in one on one. this government soon celebrated the brother's home and his work sheltering vagrants. e one assumed in belonging to the equivalent of young cotton hunter able to this hovel and that other 2 orders are to clean the yo yos are smoother. parkman, song is a counselor in the port city of the sun,
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where the brothers home was based with her. well, it was, have other terrible things, a kick, good year old said or get good health, little my little you're caught a little, get him to virginia poor. no, she wouldn't. she she hard to, to get done, put in the puddle. he ended up doing it through the cell, you know, a door if occasion hid the grotesque greed in criminality of the managers. the more people they took in the more money they could pocket blue wall pezora my call could i mean did it hurt? no couple hushing a bumblebee body shrew didn't cook. java muzzle. he according as her. i'm could he, when the couldn't vianza the celestial. he knows her. because it abandoned teens. i only 10 percent of the thousands who were imprisoned and the brothers home were
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vagrants. not one of the 9 survivors, one or one east interviewed, lived on the streets. one don't balk, was 10 when he wandered away from his mother. i pusan train station tv. okay. yes. i was in my apartment already. cut off palm will your toilet and mom her could call me at and it comes up to one that on that i, toddler, 100, all saw park soon. he was also 10 waiting for her older brother at the train station when the police came along, but only because no petition guys are talent, middle name, but i will. i is not on oh bars you like me or body was on her tongue, but that it out all i'm level cookies that isn't i had to i know with and each other tongue or budget telephone number. you're saying no. it was 15 and working at a chinese restaurant, but never returned to his job. after catching
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a train to present to go to the beach. cape was a whole trouble to try to put to you who purchasing the police accused of stealing money. they shoved him onto a truck bound for the brothers home to do the 2. who won't do it all we need to do the payments are going to shoot war. so years of young clay she couldn't put, oh, no one knows a lot come present in blue and you will put on, you could, you know, other mother could he will cut in chick fil from that i'm going to assume what we're doing. a lot gardening
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enable gardening is we wanted to well yeah i the only been, i didn't hear you doing that. no money. so you say, you know your to is around where he got it. well, you got to get your more news or what can run like an army camp. the brothers home was divided into platoons and highly regimented with a brutal hierarchy of command. i wanted more than one to 111 for the younger little 18. when you a piano shipped on each day began before dawn i think it would and then she was. ready going to chew nana she
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finally had your money go don't go on much and get them and get them for their time is going on so they don't need it and i will. ready try touching them in some military training was 1st stop starting with 10 lapse of a sports field who couldn't cobble rich miserably rather from missouri to maria, she showed a loan for more affordable approval to see or another oh, of your mother thought they were involved with up, what is known with them come on and david coleman does announce young. they made us what are what happened in the goal it toward did a good now breakfast was next and tell him how to guide you on data. how you go, you might talk, hold a moment. the government films account is a far cry from the rotten food and tiny portions and survivors recall can get
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a totally ochoa in your policy. go away. so 40 years into court. got your digital ponzio hot sondra or she peter casual. yeah, good. hm. young. who called hampton merchandiser. each member there has agreed to papa chico groman to the tom mangold. any jay towel was rainbow. no, she was ordering cool this week from hunger inmates were forced to work. the brother's home was built with a slave labor more dead or decently warm, took him merely appleton had been lookin' goes, have a good, a nissan to kill them by that other record. what are the health and a lot caught on me, but i didn't. did he who told me to do the pill? do be much icu you so much from norwood had to lead you settlement you young
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attribute, nina, nina, financially during the early stages of construction. when inmate slept in tents, hundreds of thought to have died while motto if they should only go by each one's own good shooter on ogle lawyer who doesn't and may be made even money, give them it. and it seems killing to work sides continued on through the years. it took us up to you is we do a border chart, peers or tell you need to get us to johnson. and he will do more to $200.00 pounds for the chicks. can i to get more put you as a time to hasn't than the term in i, mitchell popped it headed over more coin depends on who was hindered comedy, chunky, to handle the legal and family. the
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brothers home boasted life changing training in factories. but in reality, most inmates were shamelessly exploited. we'll talk with her new get a new book, you know, whether it's in either the man didn't or how come out what all could you to do a little in jeopardy shaker conjecture that he wanted to not she who i'm going to give me so that she found no doubt he children younger than the needle. hardware who catch so cool? well chunk edge, i wish i hadn't done coloma. toma could not quit title well, you know, bottom on in the is it just for the shipper, so they got that. i'm here until they got there. i want you to for the
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hon. johnson creates models and graphic illustrations to expose the abuse inmates endured. dig a young them to look, i mean brutal payment is about. but among jana, just to their own is my home was just 9. when he and his older sister were forcibly taken to the brothers home. or every morning mrs. to would have stayed from her platoon and sneak into his, they got a job, and then not get home tonight are more, come in to look at mach pool. we mental change energy give me, but i will. and touching on those mom moving and
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not to come out in groups, you will have to be choosing sister was eventually confined to the brother's home, mental ward case on a key role painted or how your way submitted and did get a hold of me. she comes in quite good enough that are not a different building scale medical appointments. all can she's on your humble in marco. do you, can you do the connection, lou like her sister fort again. she's incarceration. he was 23 and working. when he was entrapped, the brothers home room, the crew will move out the home or how peggy will strongly
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asked to stop homeless so badly. he was unconscious for a week and left with permanent paralysis couple to some people who bought the car to come to listen to me and says he was labeled as crazy, placed in a mental mood and forced to take an anti psychotic drug for 2 years. clearly, you mentioned in your own to know more for your person or even more lose you to change it so you don't get to you do that. do you have all
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the one in it but i'm not kid. thompson or thompson? i got the privilege and not even the disabled with sped sadistic abuse. ganging, oh, don't kill you on the killed a call. we can go one way because i had, i was on the plate dr. my put a little over my older home. i could be a good fit for him if i could get to me, but inside cartoons, there was no way to escape torture inmates was subjected to cruel,
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collective punishment. and that i'm is, i'm with, i'm more than 20 collision has i'm done with i'm clean. that'll all thought little maxima hold on. good ago, maria. so perverse. the lead is referred to punishments as games. tom nodded all into i'm program is a movement that and then mooney, she picked up world. okay. and the girl told on you gentlemen, check it there in about on the ipad. okay. the what if i'm the located in and there who has been good in what i now mean born on behalf of them and, and i'm a so good. she didn't receive a rushing nicole by bush in our lives tomorrow. he bought a horrible to another so called game was he received all honey the toyota e. pardon will never lisa bomb. she getting better on the on demand and had ramonica
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. you already might have pure you right? could it are so busy? man, we go huddle a total gyms, a quote, tumor time doesn't nickel, yawns, still haunted by hiroshima. session ordered because a boy dropped food on the floor at dinner. a pin was a window for them. who would come on? they go shoes, uncle, my, we send to a young verdant cove. i mean a butch ton with it would be the 2nd murder yawn. would witness a good? okay. goose. go purely blue to pencil paper though from could jody's. all those harmonic will my survive as we interviewed have stories of killings. han says he saw a boy who had an epileptic seizure during a punishment session bludgeoned to death. but if you took none from
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me, you could do me. good luck. dugger 8 times we'll tell you how to put down the closer to use only moving after the repair because i'm in debt. i'm going to put up with an extra period on the lookout for that number. her mother, the man as usual, this monday will so good for me to just go to non when you go, if you are so you don't want other than the one that i'm going to hold on to the google. now some of our renewal due to new so the total due to some in with and joy says he saw even more horrible. come to come to feel them when she checked her. yes. last year you will come. i think it appears
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that you will not be able to do the conjugate loss touch of donald on another mother to get profit to also made for the did. according to bison, counselor, parkman, song, hold on please. her children told us to do a to mean even to do to have we will come me. i think submit me officially 551 people died at the home, but it's believe the true number if my child surviving beatings and torture was one thing. but many inmates will also the victims of extreme sexual barbarity. both she miss all up to get the keys park soon he was 16, the 1st time she was raped by
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a commander so that she could in india, couldn't call. and they couldn't meet east. and also, you know, the, i think it's 100 lives in pilot form. it is more lucky. they will tell you some of the house, couldn't i put on, come and look in the cartoon. and it was only women who played on by superiors a just 14 and only 2 nights after he arrived at the home. joy was brutally violated . none of them and so they don't even care. some booking on i will go pick out an article or no one was in the for the next 5 years. he says he was right almost every night and i jumped in the summer on the internal cataneo cool. natalie was touch contentious of the
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younger one on tv open to the morning. okay. by the way that you know was it will not hesitate to nibble. we'll jump on an on call con, can you get, you cool, honest. so morning patella some to can they promote or some book go elements. just let us submit your own thing. mose night man. last it for years you got a little to say to cut the yoke to move. good survivors say commanders and platoon leaders acted with impunity. from double mall and what do you know what
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those are to logins other milton you call, glean aluminum, pull on his own caching genders. a top humble little uncle told to put her down monica marapoo from returning abuse ma'am. ran into some family or to come to your tv computer. i mean to me getting money. crowd tape runyon and the orders came from the very top survivors contend foreman, military man in boxer park, and coon rule the brothers home with an iron fist. puzzled. and you know, came what a key came. woodcock oil clee bugging. wanted to wanted to rob on interior than clea of to connie jogan. hu human don't buy our mother tongue. go very well and you get does she p don't you don't couldn't with typical daniel? one john bought up, maria could touch, i gotta give you the they may even like north korea's kim dynasty park surrounded
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himself with loyal family or even gonna be a new humans owns when you done that, i mean that will good on there. are you local? do you know, did i put in was hospital room or shootings on a lot of mutilated parks wife lives and soon her brother limb young soon and sister limb in susan's husband to tom john all held executive positions at the home and all claimed to be devout christians, good at the pinnacle of the brother's home site was an enormous church. one also built by inmates forced labor. mcgray got plenty, but one thing, touching today like the church was at the heart of park's tyrannical leadership, according to internationally respected human rights advocate, partly goon. evaluate most of the blue that
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comes in and put the focus on the old address. you know, it's on the punch condom wasn't in your commands or you could get and you just read a little note for under the church was a scene of so called people's trials with those who committed the biggest sin of trying to escape were punished in front of thousands of in my home phone it's petra, 11 thing if they're not on my finger or contain miserable paragraph, think about that. it's okay to come bargain one on one second level appeal coming out is gathered into it. all call me back in month 12 despite the beatings leaching shaken and says he trying to escape 12 times. on his
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final attempt, he almost succeeded scaling the concrete fence only to cut his hands and leg so badly on the glass. on the top he was forced to surrender go piano like okay, you know what i need to her as well. thanks, alicia. i call you guys today, roger was how this us but out about the amok was for the on the actual bottom on it . so they had on the top of that amazon and picked their okay mark on the following morning. the 15 year old was hold in to the church to face trial. all i know so that other qual, delagarza balladry table, we couldn't follow to integer type where this whole sought for the great i got channels for me for this worker, for work with others. mila, and honestly, for longer than i was following, a dancer cassie doesn't move muzzles orange within the
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next week. how the family used religion to profit an escape justice establishing new lives in australia. we track them down here in sydney confronting them about the atrocities at the brothers home. the yes, always of interest to people all around the world. people pay attention to work with on here. and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. with, [000:00:00;00]
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with, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news are live from doha, coming up at the next 60 minutes. mere mark falls silent and a protest against military rule as international concern moms over violent crackdowns by government troops and overcrowded truck transporting migrants crashes in mexico,


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